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Wizardmon Sig Tutorial

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The first thing I did to start this off was finding a nice stock to use.

Here is the stock I used:





Once you found a good stock you like... Insert it in the sig!




Now the colour of my stock didn't match the colour of my render at all.

So I selected two colours from the render and did a Gradient Map with these settings:




I set it to Color at 73%.

It now looks like this:




Now I found a nice C4D and inserted it to the sig.

mine looks like this:




Now insert your render:




Now what I did was make a new layer and Apply Image, then I moved the applied image to the right.

Now take out a splatter brush and erase the applied image until it looks good.




Now make a new layer and Apply Image and smudge it, set it to lighten at 36%. (Optional: If you like you could sharpen this layer once or twice... It is just what you like the most.. I sharpened two times.)




Now I took out the Polygonal Lasso Tool and made little boxes, then filled them with red and then took out a splatter brush and erased a little.




Now make a new layer and Apply Image. Now to make it a clipping mask:

Press Ctrl + Alt + G

Now move the applied image to you liking>




Now I added a few Photo Filters and Color Balances, which I am not going to go in detail about. I'll let you use your own colours.




Now for the lightning.

Make a new layer and Apply Image.

Go to Filter > Render > Lightning Effects.

Put setting like this:




Now after I did this my sides were to dark, so I took a Soft Brush and erased on the side (this is optional).




Now make a new layer, I took a tanish yellow Soft Brush 100px and brushed where lightning was.

Set that layer to Soft Light at 9%.

(optional, you could repeat this step with your own techniques, I did not do this)




Now I added a purple and orange Gradient Map and set it to Hard Light at 14%.




Now add a border and you are done (optional).







Thanks for trying SNRodrigues's Wizardmon Tutorial.

Ripping will not be tolerated.

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