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Rain sig tutoruial (PhotoShop)

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1. Open the image of your choice.




2. Make a new layer.




3. On the new layer go to Edit > Fill and choose black.


4. Filter > Noise > Add Noise use the settings below.




5. Filter > Blur > Motion Blur use the settings below.




6. Change the blending mode to "Screen".


7. Hit "Ctrl+L" use settings below.




8. In the layers window, right click on the rain layer you've just created, click Blending Options... and reduce the opacity to about 60 so the sig becomes visible.




9. Repeat steps 2-7 three more times.


10. Make your layers look like this before going to image ready to animate the rain.



Click here to open up ImageReady.




11.Now that you are in ImageReady, duplicate the 1st frame 3 times.




12. Now with the 1st frame highlighted make the layer pallete look like this.




13. Select frame 2 and make the layers pallete look like this.




14. Select the 3rd frame and make the layers pallete like this.




15. Select the 4th frame and make the layers pallete like this.




16. Press "play" on the animation pallete and that is it (you may want to add a delay to each frame to control the speed)!




Playing around with the settings on steps 4 and 5 produce different styles of rain/snow.


To Save, go to File > Save Optimized As...


I hope I have made it easy enough to follow.

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For greater effect, I also say start adding a pixel dot on several layers along with the rain to give out the effect of rain hitting an object. :s

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Guest InfamousOreo

If u have CS3 Master Collection you can animate it in photoshop yourself (i've done it :P)

I can't remember where i found the tutorial but i'll post it here.


Nice tut by the way, didn't know much about the second program though.


Here you are:


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