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Adobe Imageready Tutorial

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How to fade an image into another


1. Open your image in ImageReady. I will be using a black square for this tutorial.





2. In the animation window click the little arrow symbol which is by the cross and a menu should appear, on that menu click new frame.





3. Now paste your 2nd image into that frame. I will be using a red square for the tutorial.





4. Under the two frames is a little button that says "0 sec". This is how long the frame will be shown. Click it and select what you want. I will be using 2 seconds on each.





5. Select frame 1, hold shift and click frame 2.


6. Click the "tween" button which is on the bottom of the animation window.





7. A window will appear. Make sure your settings are like mine, but change the "frames to add" number to suit your image as you may need more or less frames for your one.





8. More frames will appear in the animation window. Select the frame after your first frame, hold shift and select the frame before your last frame. On any of the frames selected change the time the frame is shown to 0 seconds (look above on how to).





9. Now click the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox logo to preview your image.





10. If you are happy with your outcome go to File > Save Optimized As, then choose where you want to save it to.


Well done! You now know how to fade one image into another using Adobe ImageReady!

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Guest Konoha777

Hmm. I believe that Photoshop CS3 has these elements impelmented, so that this tutorial can be made possible using Photoshop. o_o Just a point-out.

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