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Water Ripple (((( ))))

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1. First, open a new file with the dimensions 400 x 400 pixels and reset your colours (ctrl+d) then go to Filter > Render > Clouds.


2. Next, go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and use the settings Amount = 40, Method = Spin, Quality = Best.


3. Now, go to Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief and use the settings: Detail = 13, Smoothness = 10.


4. Now it's time to make it look like water using the chrome effect so go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome and use these settings: Detail = 6, Smoothness = 2.


5. Finally, we just need to add some colour, so press Ctrl+U to go to the Hue Adjustment Settings and change the settings to: Colorize, Hue = 205, Saturation = 25, Lightness = 0. That's it!

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Nice outcome, I don't really know how much it looks like water lol but I like it. Though I decided to take it a step further.




I decided to create another layer and did Filter > Render > Clouds on that layer.


Then the Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with the same numbers as in your tutorial.


Then Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief using the same numbers as in your tutorial.


Then set the blending mode to linear light and created a new layer used Image > Apply Image.


Then added the color using the same method as above.

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