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Easy Fire Tutorial (Noobs come here you may use this)

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Easy Fire Tutorial


OK in this tutorial we are going to make simple fire this will be the results-




Simple, but it is a good smudging practice!


OK here we go but first I got to go over some ground rules:


I used Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Anyone can do this with photoshop.

I do not know about gimp.


Step 1


First make a new document about 350 width and 150 height.

Click D on your keyboard to get the black color.

Now click the on Paint Bucket Tool and fill the background with black.


Step 2


Now get the color White

Go to brushes and get a size hard round 13 pixels.

Now get close to the bottom about 15 pixels.

Start from the right and hold the shift key to get a perfect straight line across.


Step 3


Now its time for creativity.

Get out the Smudge Tool.

Put the setting to 40% Strength and select the: 27 Soft Round brush.

Now start smudging like I did in the picture.


Step 4


Feeling your inner fire yet? Not yet? OK we will fix that!

Now click Ctrl+U on your keyboard.

Put the hue to 38 and saturation to 60.

Duplicate the layer.

Now this is your choice in the layers menu click the down arrow u may choose from Normal all the way to Exclusion.


Hope you liked my smudge tutorial and I hope to see you again! =D

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