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OK, this tutorial is for noobs who try to find the answer to the following four questions:


How do I put my render on my signature; How do I upload brushes; How do I blend a render; and how do I make a border?


The_Great_Jounin's Tutorial for noobs



In this tutorial I am going to explain how to do some very elemential things that most people do not know when they start out with photoshop.



Question: this tutorial says to put my render onto my sig. How do I do that?


To answer this, we are going to assume you have both your render and your signature open and set to restore down.


Making sure you have your render selected, and not your signature, maximize it and press ctrl+T. This will bring up a transform box around your render.


Making sure you are holding down shift, drag the corners of the transform box towards the center until you deem fit.


In your tool box, there is a lovely little tool called the ‘move tool’. It is located at the top right hand of the toolbox.


Select it, and a box will come up saying, ‘Do you want to apply this transformation.’


Press the button that says ‘Apply’.



Now you have done the ‘hard part.’

Using the aforementioned move tool, place it over the now-resized render and click.

Drag it onto the signature canvas.



Question: I just downloaded a brush pack. but How do I get it onto photoshop?


Open up photoshop, for starters.


In it, you will see three tabs at the top right hand corner. They read, ‘Brushes’, ‘Tool Presets’ and ‘Layer Comps’.


Click on the one that reads ‘Brushes’.


Right next to the ‘Brushes’ text, there will appear a small arrow. Click on that, and find the option that says ‘Load Brushes’.


Find the location of the brushes you have saved and upload them.



Question: How do I blend my render?


There are several easy ways to blend renders. I am going to mention one that is used most often. It is called ‘Feathering’.


To Feather your render, you must first have the layer with your render highlighted in your layer box.


Now, select the ‘Magic Wand Tool’ in your tool box. It is located right underneath your move tool.


Left click on the part of the layer that has no render in it.


Now right click on that same part. A menu of options will come up.


Choose the option that says ‘Feather’.


Another box will come up that says ‘Feather radius’ and a spot to type in a number. 20 is good to start off with.


Click OK.


At first it seems like nothing has happened. That is why you must now press ctrl + x.


And voila! Render blended.



Question: How do I make a border?


Well this one is a bit easier.


Make a layer above all the other layers in your layer box.


Leave it empty.


Now, brandishing your magic wand tool, left click in the empty layer.


As a clarification of this next part, your foreground layer will determine your border colour. I suggest that you choose two alternating colours and put one in the foreground colour box and the other in the background colour box.

(The colour box is located in your tool box)


For instance, white is the top box and black in the bottom one.


Now we can move on to the next step.


Go to Edit > Stroke.


A box will come up, with your foreground colour in a box beneath an area that reads ‘Width'. Next to this is a place to type.


Type in ‘3 px’ and hit ‘OK’.


Now go to your background colour box, and you will see an arrow pointing to both of them.


Click on this.


Now to Edit > Stroke.


Type in ‘2 px’ and hit ‘OK’.


Now go back and click on the arrow again.


Go back to Edit > Stroke.


Type in ‘1 px’ and hit ’OK’.


Select the magic wand tool and click inside the marquee dots to get rid of the line.


You now have a border.




This concludes this tutorial. However, the techniques mentioned here are strictly basic. Make sure to mess around with photoshop and come up with different ways to do these same techniques.



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It can be difficult to understand how to install brushes, so I will explain another way here:


First, download the brushes you want. You can get some good ones from:




After you download the brushes in Photoshop, go to Edit > Preset Manager.

Then make sure it is set to brushes, click "Load" on the side.


Locate where you downloaded them to, for Firefox default is Desktop.


Click the .abr file and it will load. Click done, and you're ready to use your new brushes! -thumb up-

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