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Photomanip tutorial

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Welcome to this tutorial. Today we gonna remake a close-up photo. I used a picture of Karima Adebibe for this manip.


So; we are going to start.

First; you search a good close-up photo of the model/people that you will remake, if you use the same picture as me. Duplicate the render. DO NOT DELETE YOU ORIGINAL PHOTO! During the remake of this picture; you are going to duplicate the original render a few times!


Step 2: in your layer palet choose the duplicated render. Click on D to reset the color palet. Go to Layer; choose New Adjustment Layer and then Gradient Map. Now the render is grayscale. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels and play with the intensity of the light of the picture. Choose your own settings.


Step 3: duplicate the original render again and replace the layer to the top of your layer palet. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and use a feather of 30 px. Select the right side of the hair of the model as close as you can (-> picture 1). Click on Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse the selection. Click on Delete to remove the selection. A part of the brown hair of Karima is visible now; you see?




Step 4: duplicate the original layer and replace the layer again to the top of the layer palet. Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool (feather of 30 px) and use it to select the sides of the hair. Inverse the selection and delete it.

Repeat this step again and again; up until you have done all of the hair. Use Ctrl + E to merge the hair layers.


Note: I have left the hair clippings on the left and the hair on the left bottom of Karima black. But that is just my own opinion; just follow your own feeling.


Also do the same with her lips. Select it with the Rectangular Marquee Tool (feather: 20 px) (-> picture 2); inverse the selection and delete it.




Step 5: we are going to change a few little things. First I see a little bit of hide through Karima's hair. Select the Clone Stamp Tool and retouch that piece of hair; until the hide is invisible. Next: the lips are too visible. Change the opacity to 73%.


Select the Eraser Tool (E) and erase the sides around the lips. (-> picture 3) On that way; you remove the pink hide around her mouth. Do the same step around Karima's hair. So, now we have a gray face again, red lips and brown hair. I also retouched her left eye; I have made the eye a little bit whiter.




Step 6: duplicate and replace the original layer twice. Put them above the original render. Select a layer; go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare and use the bellow settings (-> picture 4) or choose your own settings. Select the other layer and put it above the flare layer and call it Flare 1. Go along the left side of Karima with the Polygonal Lasso Tool (feather: 30 px) and select the full background roughly (-> picture 5 and 6). Select inverse and delete it. The flare light on the face is removed now.




Step 7: hm; the picture has too less colour. Duplicate the original layer again; replace it above the Flare 1 layer. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (Feather: 30 px) again and select the background near to Karima's eye and her mouth (-> picture 7). Inverse and... Well you know; delete it. You now see a part of the blue background from the original render.




Step 8: finally you make a border around the picture; write some text and your photomanip is finished.



My outcome:


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