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Glossy Effect!

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This Tutorial will show you a smooth effect that can be used in almost any image.


Step 1: Get an image

Just get any image, I will be using this one:




Step 2: Duplicate layer

Duplicate the image layer where you want to use the effect on.


Step 3: Gaussian blur

On the duplicated layer use Filter/Blur/Gaussian blur and set it at about 3,0. (but you can experiment with other settings) It looks like this now:




Step 4: Overlay Blending

Now blend the blurred layer with the Overlay blending mode and you will end up with the glossy effect. (if it is too glossy, play with the Opacity a bit OR put the blending mode on Soft Light) Here is my outcome:




This effect can be used in almost any image. It adds realism & smoothness.

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Guest Lynnah

Thanks for this tut. It's very simple and easy to follow!


Thanks again!

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Guest Konoha777

...For even more detail, you can use the burn tool at 35-50% You can see the difference between TGJ's final picture versus the burn tool. (Using the Burn tool is a little tricky, since you need to play with the Layer Input Levels.)


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