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:: Custom Items Rules ::

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:: Custom Items ::







  • Custom items are a privilege and are not guaranteed to be accepted.

  • You must have an open slot to apply for a custom item that requires one.

  • The number of custom items any individual RPC may have is up to moderator discretion and can be affected by a number of factors, such as weapon-related strengths and jutsu, number of non-custom items and the overall power level of items, possessed, among other factors.

  • The limit of custom items an clan/organization may have is left to moderator discretion and is based on a number of factors, among them being membership and overall activity. Organizations are limited to items of their organization rank and Clans are limited to items of the rank of their highest ranked RPC

  • You may only make items of your rank or lower, with the exception of a single Rank+1 Item / Item effect in certain circumstances.

  • Only Jounin+ can apply for Legendary Weapons/Items.

  • An RPC may only possess one Legendary weapon/item at a time, and only if the RPC does not have a bloodline or the gates, or a Legendary Pet.

  • Items must stick to the user's elements, i.g. you may not have a weapon or an item that sets flames if you do not have Katon.

  • An RPC may usually own several instances of a slotted item without the need for paying a slot. Meaning, if you pay a slot for a custom item you may own several of those items without paying the same slot several times. Usually, only one will do. However, unusually powerful items/weapons may require the use of an additional slot to obtain more then one at moderator discretion. Materials/ores and other such things that may be used to create many types of items instead of the usual one, will be treated as several different kinds of items and require their own individual slot cost that mimics the material in question.

  • Each Item is given a rank and a slot cost, which can be none. Slots are assigned by a moderator on a case by case basis.

  • Items or weapons that were created for the sole purpose of an event reward or that are strictly event related, may not be mimicked, copied or duplicated by any means without moderator permission before the application itself is posted.


Legendary Weapons / Items


Simply put, these items are those with capabilities beyond those of ordinary items. They are a ninja's most powerful allies. They can have devastatingly powerful abilities. They are not allowed for characters with currently existing bloodlines or those that have acquired any of the Celestial Gates. The item must also be granted before-hand by a majority of moderators and then approved by another majority of approvals.


Those Items with abilities greater than an S ranked ability are automatically considered to be legendary and are subject to mod review. Applicants of legendary weapons may choose to either balance their abilities with appropriate weaknesses/limitations or by applying appropriate slot costs.



Legendary pets



If your RPC has reached Jounin rank, then they are entitled to create a Legendary Pet. These pets become the primary pet of the user, meaning all other pets the RPC has are capped at a rank below his or her rank.


AS and Genin Legendary Pets

Same as normal AS and Genin pets except as below.

Chuunin Legendary Pets

At this rank, the pet can learn up to A ranked jutsu. As well, the pet gains a natural passive special ability on par with a C rank jutsu.

Jounin Legendary Pets

The natural special ability becomes more potent at this rank, becoming on par with a B rank jutsu.

Elite Jounin Legendary Pets

Being legendary, as Legendary Pets tend to be, a second natural ability develops. This one will supplement the first, and can be on par with a C rank jutsu


  • Legendary Pets are Legendary Items, and must have the approval of three Head RP Moderators.

  • All Legendary Pets start at AS rank. The exception is when turning a normal pet into a legendary one, in which case it retains it's rank.

  • Legendary Pets can be mythical creatures of normal size.

  • All Legendary Pets can speak Common naturally.

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Item Template:


Title: [item Type] Item Name [Creator]

Ex. [sword] Frozen Lightning [smith, John]


Item Name: Self explanatory


Item Type: Blade, Axe, Armour, Ring, etc.


Item Class: Unique or Special. A Unique item is one that performs a function in a mechanical or purely logical manner, such as a sword that can split into a fuuma shuriken or a music box that explodes when the music finishes. A Special Class item is one that requires the use of chakra or other esoteric means in order to function. Items that require a slot are automatically Special Class.


Item Rank: E-S


Dimensions: Length, thickness, breadth... etc. Please look this up if you don't know.


Weight: Self explanatory


Appearance: Describe accordingly. Colour, material, etc.


Specialties: Anything special about this weapon? Does it conduct chakra? Create an effect? Become reinforced? etc.


Slot Cost: Determined by approving moderator. Leave blank.


Owner: [Mention the owner of the item and provide a link, please.]




[b]Item Name:[/b] 

[b]Item Type:[/b] 

[b]Item Class:[/b]

[b]Item Rank:[/b] 





[b]Slot Cost:[/b] 



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