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Suggestion Outline

Changes to syndicate as a whole.

What would change : Syndicate

How it would change :  The creation of gangs with x amount of users being allowed. Removal of stats affecting robbing in any way. The ability to scout further in syndicate territory. Rob/mercenary bonuses based on how well a gang is doing throughout say a week or month etc. The ability to repair ones weapons or even create outlaw items that solely increase chances of rob or scout or maybe even special outlaw only armor. Allowing a person to take out their items from storage without being on a village or needing a village at all.

How it benefits us : Would allow players to enjoy syndicate better in general.

Why it matters : Syndicate in it's current state is a complete mess and needs love.

Problems/Concerns : People joining syndicate immediately just to receive these benefits.

Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion: None


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