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Dear players,

As of the moment, TNR is unreachable due to an error which we are trying to figure it out, so please bare with us. 


I have also noticed a few questions about it that are repetitively being posted in the bug section. Please note there is a specific guidelines thread you should first read and a bug form you should fill out when reporting. Furthermore, if you see someone has already reported an issue, please don't post the same thing.


Questions such as "Is tnr still down?" is not suited for the bug reports section, so I kindly would refer you to Questions and Comments, with the same reminder that if someone has already asked, to not make another thread about it. 


For further information, please look out for the TNR discord server, along with the official Facebook page for The Ninja-RPG. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience.


The Ninja-RPG Public Relations Team

Edited by Aelin
Game is back up
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