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Public Relations Staff Position Application

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Oh wow, queue the suprised pikachu memes, the PR team is looking for a new addition! 


Lag is gone, server migration is complete and a bunch of updates are being worked on, which means that I have decided our team will get busy this year. Most of you know who I am and who teni is, but for those wo don't - we are the old Advertisement team now turned to Public Relations team of TNR. In reality, we do everything that requires communications and all kinds of them HR/CS action. A high chance is if you have been in contact with TNR on facebook, it was most probably one of us two that have tried to help with an issue that you may have been experiencing.


What we are looking for is someone who can be professional and has no issue with communications and has bright ideas about the future of our favourite game. Creativeness and persistence is key.

To briefly recap, your duties upon getting hired include: Discord communication, In game campaigns, Advertisement planning and also translating information from staff to player language. Bear in mind, mostly we work for free, with the use of mostly is just me being nice.

However, I do love this team and we try to make it a safe space for creative people to get together and start spilling out ideas, and can guarantee the importance of a good relationship between all staff teams - something that has improved as a whole since recently. Ability to talk to the playerbase is top priority, however as we should be the face of TNR communications. Enough about our team now, let's hear about you.


The Ninja RPG Public Relations application form

Username (main):

Alternative account(s) name:

Time Zone/Country of Residence:

Do you have experience with the following social media? (Please delete the ones that don't apply)

Other (please specify):

 In a few words, please tell us why you would like to be a part of the Public Relations team:


 Do you have any skills/experience that would benefit you for this position? (ie. Drawing, design, writing etc.):


In 1-5 paragraphs please write a sample blog post about something interesting from TNR (e.g raiding, tavern, an update you found interesting. Pretend you're posting it on a social media site, have fun with it! Village newspapers are a great source for inspiration, if you are struggling):


Please don't comment below with your application. PM Aelin in Forum with your filled form and don't hesitate to add more that you may think is relevant, we don't bite. If you are paranoid something may get screwed up, you can find me on discord at Aelin#7835 or in game at Aelin to let me know you have applied and on which forum you have pmed me your application.

If you have messaged me on old forum, make sure to have a copy of your application so that you don't get any nasty surprises if site crashes again in future. We consult with Admins on staff choice, however final decision is mainly based on Aelin and teni's judgement. Any application posted on discord will be ignored as this is not the official TNR platform.

DEADLINE: 23/12/2019

For records purposes, we have posted the application here as well.*


Thank you for your application!

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