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Forum and Game Registrations

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Our email system is borked, and in the interest of not preventing anyone from making accounts until this is fixed, please pay attention to the following:



- If you're tying to make a forum account - 


01. Submit to us a support ticket informing the username of the account you've created and the email attached to it. I'll then validate the account manually.

You will NOT receive a support reply, because while we receive requests, the email failure prevents us from successfully sending a reply back.




02. Ask it directly to AlbaficaPisces if you have an in-game account, or has a friend who has one.




-if you're trying to make an in-game account-



01. If you already have an account and is currently trying to make an alt, just send me the details through your main, in-game. 




02. If you do not have an in-game account (or a forum account); please send me a support ticket, stating your username and email attached to the account in need of validating, and please specify to me whether it's an in-game or forum account. I won't be able to send a reply to you asking which one it is.





Terriator has already been informed, and we're currently waiting on him for the needed forum updates. I'm sorry for the complications, but hopefully they won't be extended for too long.



01/02: This issue should be fixed. If you're still not receiving your email, send me a Support Ticket.

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