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Combat Overhaul Overview

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Over the last few months, I’ve dedicated most of my time to the reworking of the combat system - this includes a new tag system, a new battle system, and integration into the rest of TNR as it stands.  With how close we are to the start of our Beta Testing phase, I thought it was time to go over a few things regarding the state of this update and what still needs to be completed before it’s ready to be launched.


Part 1 - Tag System


I: Definition of a Tag

Progress: 100%


With the tag system being entirely rewritten, this aspect was building a template for all of the new tags.  This defines the very basics of what a tag is.


II: Management of a Tag

Progress: 100%


Management of a tag includes its application, it’s progression in life, and finally it’s death.  A tag on its own doesn’t do anything - this makes those tags actually function properly.


III: Tags Themselves

Progress: 100%


Quite simply, this is the collection of all of the tags.  This defines what jutsus, armors, weapons, items, ect can actually do.  From basic damage tags, to elemental tags, these are what gives battle its life.  Only a few more tags remain, and those will be written during the implementation phase.


Part 2 - Battle System


I: Battle Management

Progress: 100%


The Battle Management aspect of the new Battle System is, quite literally, what manages any and all battles.  This includes the creation, the progression, and the completion of all combat scenarios.  This aspect is completely finished.



Progress: 95%


This is the page that you will interact with during combat, including your new summary page.  Most of this aspect is complete, with functionality at 100%, however I still have plans for a few more additions  before the final launch.


Part 3 - Integration


I: Conversion to the new Battle System

Progress: 100%


During this phase of the overhaul, I’m working on making the switch from the old system to the new system for all of the different battle types.  This is a very quick process and only takes about a half hour for each battle type, making this stage go fairly quickly.


II: Definition of the Different Battle Types

Progress: 100%


This is the stage in which the different battle types start to act differently from one another (including spars, pvp, ai, ect.).  There was a lot of framework that needed to be done in order to make implementation of these different battle types easy.  The actual definition of the individual battle types is currently in progress.


III: Construction of the new battle history system

Progress: 100%


IV: Hooking into the Event/Mission/Quest/Task systems

Progress: 75% ~waiting for validation during beta


In this stage, I will be slowly working on making the “task” systems understand when things have happened. For instance, the logbook needs to know if you’ve won a spar, or have won a certain amount of PvP battles.  This will be the final aspect of implementation and the development for this will likely occur during beta testing of the rest of the system.


Part 4 - App

Progress: 0%


In this stage, I will be teaching my self how and making the app do.




PvP Exp Overhaul: 100%


Battle Formula balancing and overhaul: Pre Beta 90% (final checks need to be made.)


SF replacement with DSR: 100%


Overhaul of CFH: 100%


Performance Optimization: ~100%

Further modifications will likely be made after release.

Modifications might be made based on the performance of the system during beta.


staff tools: o%

battle history reporting

battle history report handling

admin panel updates

event panel updates

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