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Basic Item Index

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Basic Item Index

Distinctive knives originally made from sharpened trowels. They can be used as melee weapons, throwing weapons or as versatile tools. A ring on the base of the pommel allows for items to be tied to them.

One of the ninjas most iconic weapons. Shuriken or ‘throwing stars’ are small four bladed throwing weapons with a ring in the centre for gripping or tying wire. They are lighter than kunai making for better projectiles and can be thrown in arcing motions by skilled users.

Needles that can be used as stabbing or throwing weapons. Once used for acupuncture senbon lack power but can be lethal in skilled hands. Lighter than shuriken, users can carry a fair few.

Fuuma Shuriken
Large shuriken that offer much more power than their standard counterparts, but are far heavier. When not in use they can be folded for easier portability.

Explosive Tags
Specially prepared paper notes marked with an explosive seal. Explosive tags can be thrown or stuck to a surface, exploding on impact or after a set number of posts (trigger must be stated on use).
Due to their destructive power and the difficulty in preparing them only a few explosive items can be carried on your person (5 at Genin, 10 at Chuunin, 15 at Jounin). Explosives focused characters may receive more.

Reels of thin steel wires used for all sorts of traps and trickery. Note the length of the reels in your inventory.

Food Pills
Small pills that can provide a day’s sustenance but leads to health problems when consumed in excess.

Water Pills
Small pills that can provide a day’s hydration but leads to health problems when consumed in excess.

Soldier Pills
Powerful stimulants that keep the user alert and awake despite fatigue but leaves them utterly exhausted once the effects wear off.

Small weapons with four thin points spaced so that one point always faces upwards when dropped onto a surface. Caltrops are scattered over an area, piercing the feet of unsuspecting victims.

Metsubushi are hollow black eggshells, filled with ground pepper dust. When shattered they scatter the dust over a small area, causing great pain and irritation to the victims eyes, nose and mouth for 2 posts.

Smoke Bombs
Palm sized spheres that release a cloud of thick smoke over a medium area for 2 posts.

Flash Bombs
Palm sized spheres that explode in a blinding flash, leaving victims blinded for 1 post.

Boom Bombs
Palm sized spheres that explode with a powerful bang, leaving victims deafened for 2 posts.

Stink Bombs
Palm sized spheres that release a foul gas, overwhelming the victim’s sense of smell for 2 posts.

Gas Bombs
Like smoke bombs, gas bombs release a cloud of the user’s gaseous poison for 2 posts.

Sealing Scroll
To carry larger items ninja make use of special scrolls in which items are sealed, to release them the user unfurls the scroll with the item appearing in a puff of smoke. Each scroll can store multiple small items like shuriken or a single large item like a human sized puppet. Items still count towards your inventory limit regardless of whether or not they are sealed, so don’t expect to carry hundreds of items this way.

Weapon Scroll
Certain jutsu call for the use of ‘Weapon Scrolls’ sealing scrolls specially prepared for these jutsu. You cannot access their contents outside of using the jutsu for which they are prepared. You must state what jutsu the scrolls on your profile are prepared for, ie Weapon Scroll: Full Moon Hell.

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