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[Shikichi] Yoruhime

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Artist: http://sketchychangeling.deviantart.com/




Name: Yoruhime [Night Princess]

Owner: Amidasu, Kazue


Rank: B

Requirements: Shikichi Creation


Size: 3' 6''


Weight: 44 lbs


The size and weight of a 6 yr old. Her skin and 'faux' muscles are made of platinum-silicone giving a life like feel and texture. 


Her hair is a dark color, with a black horn (which can transform into a Kasri Gama (kunai and chain)) on the side of her head, with grey-white skin. Her eyes are pure black with red pupils. Yoruhime wears a dark colored Shrine Maiden outfit with black boots on her feet. The springs and mechanisms that give shape to the outer shell of prosthetic skin are highly wound and developed allowing for fast movements.  



Her forehead has a built in Shikichi Gem that gives the appearance of a diamond. With a dark blue shiki symbol in the center. 





She has a shy personalty, with a minor phobia of being hit in the head from all the times Kazue forcefully put her to sleep while being developed. 


She loves helping Kazue whom she sees as a mother, and can be playful at times, especially when trying to lighten the mood or when bored. 




Design Purpose: She was made to act as an assistant and helper for Kazue. As such she has good speed, strength, and stealth.

Puppets have a number of free Skill Points depending on their rank (C: 1, B: 2, A: 3, S: 4).
Major Skills
- Strength

- Speed

Minor Skills

- Stealth

Minor Weaknesses
- Endurance

Major Weaknesses

- Reflexes

Features: List the puppet's built in features such as weapons or special systems. The number of Features available depends on the puppet's rank (D: 1, C: 2, B: 4, A: 6, S: 8).


- Voice Box

- Shikichi Gem

- Extendable Horn [Variation of a Kusari Gama. With a retractable chain within her skull]

- Fluid network [gives the illusion of life like bodily fluids via pumps and tiny tubes pumping fresh water] [Tears, Saliva, and sweat].

Effect Rank


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You have too many Major Strengths there. A B Rank Puppet only has 2 free Skill Points, which is enough for one and the Major Weakness will give you another 2 Points bringing you up to 4. Right now you're spending 6 points.

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Just to be clear, lots of skills will dilute their potency and with your current weaknesses you will be unable to dodge or take a hit.

Not every Skill needs to be a Major one.

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Moved Stealth and Endurance to Minors.


But yep, I set up so that she would be fast, but unable to dodge, and strong enough to lug Kazue's gear / inventory (without being slowed down) but unable to take a hit (or at least be effected more than normal puppets). 

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