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06 Spirits

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Spirits are mystical animals with human level intelligence; they often adopt human traits such as clothing or tools and are called upon from the Spirit Realm for guidance or aid via the Summoning Technique. Summoners make Spirit Contracts by signing a scroll using their blood; when calling a Spirit they cut the same hand that signed the contract hand and place it on the ground to call the Spirit. Typically summoners will stick to using a single species of animal.

Each Spirit Contract is equivalent to a jutsu of the Spirit’s Rank; requiring training and chakra upkeep. So summoning Winston, a B Rank Dog Spirit, would require ‘Spirit Contract: Winston’. Once summoned Spirits are dependent on the summoner’s chakra pool to manifest and perform jutsu. Spirits grow in power with the summoner and those with the Summoning Skill find that Spirits called by them are particularly powerful and can contract with A Ranked and above Spirits.
A Spirit Contract can be with either unique named entities or with a generic group such as Messenger Birds.

Each Spirit has a number of free Skill Points and jutsu depending on their rank and can learn jutsu of ranks equal or lower than theirs. Higher ranked Spirits are stronger and have greater maximum sizes, with A Rank Contracts being able to be with mythical creatures.

Size Table
The Size Table is only a guideline, the relative scale of the creature should also be considered. For instance, a Large sized snake could be far longer than an elephant.

Size    Example
Tiny    Bugs
Small   Birds, Rats, Cats
Medium  Humans, Apes, Dogs, Horses
Large   Bears, Elephants
Titanic A several story building

Spirit Table

Summon Rank Jutsu Slots Free Skill Points Maximum Size
D           1 Slot      None              Small
C           2 Slots     1 Point           Small
B           4 Slots     2 Points          Medium
A           6 Slots     3 Points          Large
S           8 Slots     4 Points          Titanic
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