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Amidasu Clan

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Clan Profile











A Black Shiki on top of a Blue circle. 





Scattered throughout Seichi. Currently only Stone Country is allowable for joining. Central is centrally located near TSU. 

Clan Leader:


Daigon Amidasu, the leader of the Clan as a whole, and Division Head of Central. And currently the only division with one head.



Age:  44

Weight: 250

Height: 6'10

Description:  He has a square jaw and permanently squinted eyes that make it look as if his eyes were closed. Wears an instructors uniform, with the stone villages head band worn proudly. Daigon has been an instructor

the second he was old enough to start teaching. The years between teaching at the old TSU and it's refounding were markedly the most depressing of his life. Not being able to shape and mold the lives of the future. Especially with the Blackout keeping all the other nations status unknown. It's been a heavy weight upon his shoulders.


His Shikigami is a giant blue owl named Katsuryoku [Vitality], who has a power to manipulate the alertness and vigor of those under its affects. Very useful with students who want to nod off in class, as well as missions where putting to sleep a target, or filling them with lethargy is a better option than making a scene. His deep oratory voice carries a far distance without having to yell, and is filled with authority. 


Path: Holder of the Way




Division Heads are chosen once one either retires, or decides to abdicate his / her position, are are chose from those who 1) are ANBU and / or med nin, and / or 2 ) made major contributions to the clan and village they were part of. With the Clan Leader being voted in by the Holders of the Way, at the death of the old Clan Leader. A Clan Leader once chosen, was to settle in Central, and take up a teaching / instructor position, contributing to the betterment of the next generation of shinobi, while also serving as (s)he who led the clan in all of its decisions and actions. Both through rules, as well as assigning clan missions. 

Division Heads:  [Current status for all Division Heads is unknown. Finding out their status is for future clan missions.]





Akashi  Amidasu


Age:  29

Weight: 95

Height: 4'5


Description:  Akashi while small for a shinobi his age. Is an expert tactician. Always thinking of moves within moves, and seeing those strategies come to life. And with his love for alchemy the mix of the two leads to some rather interesting pranks. Which he sees as the ultimate tacticians test. Seeing as how a good prank require planning, maneuvering, timing, and skill of the pranker pitted against the prankee.


Of course most just think that he's being mischievous, acting out because of hard feelings about his height. Of course noone calls him out on that, both because of his alchemy skills, and because noone wants to be the next to get 'tested'. He's usually seen wearing a white lab coat with the clan crest sewn onto the back. Silver framed eye glasses, and his Rihui headband resting around his neck. The most noticable thing about him though is his skin. It has a literal golden glow to it, and sparkles in the sun light. In the village of Rihuigakure itself, he helped the local medical nins by supplying them with rare alchemy reagents or alchemical creations from both himself and the clans alchemy techniques. 


His Shiki Kusuri Nabe was when summoned a giant, winged capricorn [sea goat] with a body made of clay and its belly a giant translucent cauldron. It allowed him to create alchemical ingredients, as well as store / use alchemy based techniques. When summoned it's belly would glow wtih a mix of chakra that would congeal within the belly, and be expelled through the mouth. When not summoned, the Jutsu would shoot out of Akashi's finger tips.  


Path: Researcher: Alchemy.



Tonton Amidasi


Age: 19

Weight: 120

Height: 5'6


Descriptidon: Tonton wears at the black sleeveless shirt worn by those who use Rain Form of the Reitekiken, the Clan's special fighting style. A Rihui headband in on her forehead, and a pair ofblack jika tabis. She has fair

skin that is crossed with scars from her many battles, and her red eyes shine with a constant sense of mirth. Even in the heat of battle her eyes don't loose that glimmer, if anything her craving for adventure is what drives her.


This can make her seem reckless, but she's a cunning kinoichi who does, despite rumors to the contrary, think before she leaps. It's just that leaping can be fun. Especially if that leap involves cracking the heads of something in the way of her and her missions. She is a practitioner of both the Clans Martial art, but also has a Shikigami named Brawler. Who supplies her with buffs the more damage she takes, the greater the buff. But is gone either once healed with a few of the buff Jutsu, or once used up with others. 


Path: Archaeologist 





Zuri "Tin Man" Amadasu


Age 34 

Weight: 300 lbs.

Height: 6'1


Description: As a reseacher into augmentations, cyberntetics, and human-puppetry interactions. It's no wonder that he became a puppet himself. Zuri, or Tin Man as he's also known has the body of a chrome puppet made of

various parts. The parts themselves change once he's finished one project and moves onto the next. Although his base shape usually stays the same, standing at 6'1, bald metal head with the Sato Village crest etched into it, and red robotic eyes, that are a mix of technology and puppetry jutsu. 


His most notable skill is the small force of D - B rank puppets he keeps around to help him with his duties. And while most notable Living Puppets have a rather poor reputation, his remained unvarnished, through a mix of keeping the Sato's ANBU and Kage aware of his experiments, as well as having the ANBU present when he under went the change from 45% flesh and blood, to his new body. He himself was a member of ANBU, even if he rarely gained any notoriety other than his appearance and scientific skills. In the field he had an Anbu Mask that in the shape of a crow.


Path: Researcher: Puppets, and technology. 



Iburu Amidasu


Age: 19

Weight: 160

Height: 5'7


Description: Iburu is a Holder of the Way in Sato. Having trained since he was able to walk, he has a firm understanding of the Clan's ancestral ways. He along with Zuri was ANBU, but while Zuri was originally a Med Nin,

Zuri had always wanted to be ABU in his Outpost's village, just as he wanted to uphold the ancient heritage of his peoples. He has wild black spiky hair that always looks wind blown, and vivid blue eyes. His Anbu Mask is that of fox.


His Shikigami is Kiri no Haha, Mist Mother. It allows him to create solid objects out of, and within mist. With it he was skilled in not only moving himaelf and others through mist, but in stealth killing. Turning the very mist itself into weapons to entangle, ensnare, and murder his targets. It made him quite the formidable opponent. 



Path: Holder of the Way.





Tora Amidasu


Age: 35 

Weight: 210 

Height: 6'9


Description: Tora is a Taijutsu Specialist. While not ANBU, he was known for taking on dangerous missions and fighting with great ferocity for the safety of Konoki. He had a wide square jaw, an animalistic face, and stark

white hair cut in a buzz cut. He was quite skilled in Heaven Form of Reitekiken, and was a capable fighter. He never took up a Shiki of his own, seeing them as a crutch that a true warrior could ill afford. 


A stickler for rules and regulations, he's also known for his random acts of kindness for the younger shinobi of his outpost and Konoki. Was elected Division Head for the numerous missions he had undertaken for the village and clan itself. 


Path: Archeologist 



Hana Amidasu


Age: 24

Weight: 125

Height: 5'6


Description: She has spiky, crimson hair, and green eyes flecked with silver.  She's known for wearing a shrine maiden outfit with her Konoki headband around her waist. She's a much more lighter and friendlier nature than

her Division Head partner. She was a Konoki Medical Ninja, with a wide variety of plant based jutsu. Utilizing it with her Shikigami's ability to create unique flora out of her chakra for either medical or defensive purposes. With her high level of Ninjutsu, she was able to create entire forests or fields of flowers of her special plant life. 


Her Shikigami's name is ÅŒkina Ki no ChÄ«sana Hana [big Tree Little Flower]. Had a body of a female composed of vines and colored flower petals. Wtih her hair being made of shimmering tree branches. When in combat, or needing to summon her Shiki, she would use her Shikigami's power to produce the seeds needed to grow the specialized plants along with flora growing jutsu, tag teaming her opponents from two sides. Or to double the healing done with her partner.  


Path: Researcher: Plant Life.





Yuki Amidasu 


Age: 23

Weight: 95

Height: 5'4


Description: Yuki wears a white kimono with red trim. Her long black hair flowing down to the middle of her back, held out of her face with a black barrette with a white snowflake on it. Her red eyes have golden flakes within

them. She has a usually sombre and melancholy demenor, while she never was an ANBU or Med nin. She is a skilled Archivist, having tended lovingly to the clans archives, and had gone on many clan and Village missions to retrieve, or tend to various collections of knowledge. From scrolls, to ancient tomes.


Among her many talents were with Hyugaton, her Shikigami creating many powerfu  Jutsu. Shirayukihime [snow White] at its base power creates an ever encroaching field of ice with all that she touches. And with Jutsu, infuses the power of ice into such thing as Ice Fuuin, Preservation Jutsu, and frigid, precise freezing attacks.


Path: Archivist



Shi "The Lich" Amidasu


Age: 167

Weight: 75 lbs.

Height: 5'4 


Description: Shi's abilities long ago were with Necromancy. Before the Living Puppet Jutsu was created, used his Shiki's power to seal his soul and chakra within his own Shiki. Possessing, and animating his body. With the

power needed to animate his form, and he no longer has access to any S Rank Jutsu, nor his ability to access the Celestial Gates. As for his appearance. Without his body length black robe and head gear covering his body. Looks every bit a Semi preserved zombie. With numerous seals on his body keeping his body from rotting. Which dips into his chakra even more.


Is the oldest member of the clan, and as a Holder of the Way, ensures that the clans past and heritage is preserved. His Shiki is named Shi no kasÅ [Death's Pyre], and deals with death manipulation. Was once upon a time a warrior who fought for the safety of the Village that existed during the interm of Hyouga's ancestral home's village before second Grand Exodus of the Amidasu Clan.    



Path: Holder of the Way





Ami Amidasu


Age: 16

Weight: 95 

Height: 4' 5


Description: The youngest of Division Heads. She never got into ANBU as she wanted to, and while something she kept trying for didn't have what it took to become one. Made many advancements in the study of seals, and

the advancement of storage seals, as well as transporting lots of things in very little space. It was these advancements that made her an obvious choice. Her Shikigami BenkyÅ [studious] allows her to make mental diagrams of things she's read or thought of, and make an illusionary hologram of it. Allowing her to create things as well as help others with their own creations. 


She's a mousy little thing, tiny and weak looking. Even though she's a Rain Form of Reitekiken master, and light on her feet. Is usually seen wearing the Rain style's traditional garb of backless, sleeveless shirt, with stretch pants and black Jika-Tabi boots. Carries a sack laden with storage seals that she uses to carry loads of gear to help her in any situation she can think she may logically run into. Her hair is violet with red streaks, and her eyes are turquoise color.


Path: Researcher: Containment and Data Storage Fuuin.



Tanki-sha Amidasu


Age: 52

Weight: 290

Height: 6'8


Description: She's a muscular Nin-Tai user. not as spry as she used to be, but still practices body building in her spare time and doesn't look a year over 40. Wears the traditional Retekiken Garb. Her white streaked spike red

hair giving her a wild appearance. Other than the laugh lines,and numerous scars she's accumulated over battle that show her real age. Spent her entire life perfecting and working on the clans fighting art. One of the few users to perfect the use of Omnyo Jing, Harmonious Power. There are plenty of jokes and clan legends about her. Like that she could defeat an army by blinking at them; and she can hit so hard that any future children that person has is born cross eyed; That she once punched the earth so hard that it flooded Sato; That she could fight a hundred gorillas, blind folded, with her pinkie toe, and win; It's even said that she could stop time by thinking of nothing but ramen. 


How many of these are simply jokes, and how many are real and how many are just jokes she spread. Noone knows. Mostly since she just answers by laughing uproarously, and also because she's not one to flaunt her skills unnecessarily. But one doesn't live as an Archaeologist as long as she did without having a few tricks up ones sleeves. Or lack there of in her case.     


Path: Archaeologist 




The 4 paths are listed are the 4 main paths a clansmen can take. Listed beneath the description for more information.





Omnyodo, a carry over from before the Age of Myths. Whose arts were compatible merges of the natural sciences with the occult. It is the ground work for the Clan's arts. Including the making of Shikigami, and the Reitekiken Fighting Style. As well as their ability to fuse jutsu and chakra into the body for a wide variety of effects.


R&D, from time immemorial, the clan have been scientists. With a need to discover and create knowledge. The need to know is a great driving force that gives rise to their inventive and creative sparks that drives them as a clan.  


Grand Libraries, From the time they were taught the arts by the legendary Sannin, they dedicated their lives to protecting and safeguarding knowledge. As such before the Great Upheval they had massive sized Libraries, and facilities for creation of various things. It was here that they stored knowledge from each village, including jutsu, culture, and history from the time it first formed. These libraries once held Centuries of texts and creations lovingly preserved.  As of now. Only Central's fate is known it being the Outpost and Grand Library near TSU. 


The libraries themselves are centrally located in the Outposts, and are relatively huge. 



Nintaijutsu, or Ninja Body Arts. Is the fusion of Ninjutsu's chakra manipulation and power with Taijutsu's physical arts acting as a medium. This is the basis of the clan's Fighting Style which is a JÅ«ken, or Gentle Fist, style of fighting. Using deceptively gentle, and fluid movements. Along with chakra infused strikes, at it's base it gives a Knockback Buff, but that pulse of chakra can be molded and manipulated for different effects.






The Amidasu are scientists, protectors of knowledge, and Omnyoji. Onmyodo being a carry over from before the Age of Myth, and before they integrated the Ninja Arts into their ancestral art, for which it was seemingly meant for. Omnyodo was a fusion of  occultism and science. With many rituals, internal arts, and studies, that when they were taught the Ninja Arts they fused the 4 jutsu styles, and chakra control / manipulation with their families arts. 


Before the Great Upheaval from time immemorial, they were known for their Outposts. The Grand Libraries, underground research complexes the size of the library itself. With housing for the clan members, and visiting shinobi. For the most part the clan was and is neutral. With each ninja being loyal to the village they were stationed in. Seeing that the villages collective knowledge and keeping it safe. Were more important than loyalty to any one nation. With their shinobi being beneficial members of society, and their libraries almost indispensable  


And with the training in Nintaijutsu Arts, as well as their ancestral Hidan Arts. They are blessed with great stamina and intellect through hard word and training. Both of which are needed to master the Reitekiken, and fully utilize the clans massive extension of spiritual practices, rituals, as well as ceremonies.


Now. Only the fate of Central is know, it being where members of the clan going to TSU are born into and from. It's massive complex being the only remainder of centuries learning and hard work. With the other outposts' fates being uncertain. Until their clan can be rebuilt, they stead fast to TSU's neutrality, but once remade. They aim to bring up their respective outposts nations to new heights better than before, and ensure the lost libraries, if salvagable, and the clansemen with in them able to be saved, get a new home to enrich and strengthen. 






Long, Lore Version of Clan History:


The Age of Myth:

Back in the oldest of records preserved by the Head Archivists of each generation. It was said they were Omnyoji, a group of individuals who mixed natural science with the occult. Back when science wasn't a thing, and people believed that illness was something caused by evil spirits traveling through the air. The Amidasu studied the world around them, and mixed primitive science with their villages spiritual arts called Omnyodo, or the Way of Harmony. Also known as the Way of Ying and Yang. When the 3 Sannin started teaching Jutsu to the world, the Amidasu saw in it something that has consumed them ever since. The mysteries of the Ninja Arts. The ultimate merger of science and spirituality; of reality and will; of thought and action. It was an art that had so many similarities to their own art, but was so much more. 


Seemingly overnight, the sciences they studied and arts they practiced had new lights shined upon them. The Internal Arts, which while capable of great feats, where still bound to the laws of man. Where replaced with arts that took those arts to super human heights. It was a match made in heaven, and it was something , that as scientists and spiritualists they fell in love with. Even more than their own eyes. But simultaneously something strange happened to those who wielded such powerful arts. 


The nature of chakra changed individuals giving rise to Blood Lines, both those that still persist and the many that have died out in the world, remembered only by the specimens persevered, and records of who and what they were with in the Great Libraries throughout Seichi. They watched, they collected, and they hungered for more. Then something happened that was the tipping point for their clan. It has been recorded as being the most significant event to happen, since they learned the way of the Ninja. They heard the story of the Great Sage.


The Great Migration, and the 4 Paths:


The Age of Myth as it is known know. Was an age where those in their respective villages cared not for the happenings of others. Thinking their family line, and their village would last forever. The

thought of an entire civilization disappearing, and everything they were no longer existing was something that even when most heard of it. Didn't effect them personally thus, not something to fret over. But those dedicated to knowledge as the Amidasu were. The thought of everything, and everyone being gone in an instant, and all that was accomplished gone. Was too much for them to take.


Vowing to both their masters, and to their family name as a whole they dedicated themselves to preventing that from ever happening. To work to ensure that even if an entire people were to be gone, at least all that they were, all that they had. Would not go with them. Thus they split themselves into 4 paths, each one equal, and each one important to the family as a whole. Archivists where in charge of teaching, as well as the gathering, sorting, and preserving of all knowledge within a village, or knowledge created / gathered by the clan. While an over glorified librarian might not be seen as the most exciting of jobs. It was seen as the most sacred of duties one could preform, not to say the job is without dangers, but said dangers are far and few between. 


Archaeologists  at first were interested in finding the city of Horizon, both to see what lost knowledge could be found, as well as giving it as a gift to their masters. Sadly, they have never found it. But they have found many other villages, nations, and even temples long lost to what was history even for them. From there they were known as the adventures of the clan. Going out in the world and gathering knowledge to be safeguarded by the clan.


Then you have Researchers these make up the vast majority of the clan. Inventing, innovating, and enhancing. They before the Great Upheaval made invaluable members of a village. Not only helping their fellow clansmen, but fellow nations shinobi in whatever field they held an affinity for. From alchemy to medicine. From the Jutsu Arts to security. And everything in between. After the Blackout this group has fallen on the wayside as even 4 years later the clan is hoping to break the Blackout and the shared minds of their fellow scientists. 


Finally you have  Holders of the Way these aren't as well followed, or joined. But study and master all the central arts of the Omnyoji. Teaching it to further generations, and when needed protect the clan and the knowledge they store. Utilizing the Internal Arts, the powers of Omnyodo, and the various rituals that make up their clans arts down to bear on anyone who'd harm them or the village they've sworn to protect. 


They are warrior mages, scholarly brawlers, and guardians of those things the clan has sworn to protect. And while not as closely followed, or having as many members within their path. They are the ones who ensure that the clan members learn the Ancestral Arts, and that their cultural identity remains intact. Technically all clansmen have passing knowledge or skill in at least one or two of the Ancestral Arts. Thus are proficient protectors in their own right. They don't hold a candle to the Holders of the Way, who spend their lives not just mastering one art, or being good enough in a few, but train themselves to master all of them. 


It was with these 4 paths. That they organized themselves, and slowly spreadout through the known world. When arriving at a new village they'd make a simple set up. A portion of their clan would dedicate their lives in service to the village they were attached to. As well as keep safe all the knowledge, culture, and everything they were. It took time and effort. But eventually they earned that trust, and original outposts were created. Most of which are long since empty. With the villages they were part of banished out of living memory for most ninja clans, if not all.


The Clan Wars, the Lost Bloodline, and the Second Clan Migration:


In the century between beginning their divine cause, and the Clan Wars. The Amidasu had finally developed a Bloodline. Although it's activator and why it's lost has never been known. It was called RyÅdo Aizu [Territorial Eyes]. What exactly these eyes did is unclear in the historical texts, most of what's written is archaic, and thought to be an exaggeration from the times when Jutsu, and the old arts were new. All that is clear is that one phrase is repeated, "With the territorial eyes, the natures of oneself and the world are awakened. Once awakened, and through the sacred trial set forth by the 3 Sovereigns and 8 Emperors [Chi, Jing, and Shen "the 3 Treasures", and the 8 Elements] one is granted the divine gift in accordance with the laws of their world.". But with that gift whatever it may be, they did many things that even today have never been accomplshed, or replicated. Even in the most weakest of forms. 


But it was during the Clan Wars that the bloodline suddenly disappeared. Before then it was written that they rode into battle in protection of their villages with armies of Shikigami, while others would manifest strange powers, but seeing the Clan Wars opened up a level of war unimaginable at the time, strange powers means little to nothing. It was said that the Bloodline was lost just as the wars began in earnest. Some say it was due to the abuse of their masters gift. That the Bloodline was the Sannin's blessing for the hardwork the clan did on their behalf.  Others say that the conditions needed to open it are finicky, and that it can be understood if awoken one day. While others just think of it as something to research, a nice little project to delve into. Another mystery to solve. And the Amidasu Clan loves a good mystery. 


With the loss of their Kekki Genkai, they gained less notoriety in the field of battle. Each village they served thinking it was a ploy to undermine them, especially since they avoided killing clansmen from other Clan Villages thus regulating them to less prestigious campaigns, or skipping over contributions they made. Something the clan never held against them, seeing as personal standing to be a means to an end, not the end itself. Several generations later when the disaffected clans decided to migrate. The tensions between the Amidasu and the villages had faded from the villages memories, although the had yet to regain the standing or trust they once had among the village leaders.  


It was here that the clan was met with their first hard choice since their first migration, and the subsequent spreading of their clan. eventually it was decided that those who were members of those villages would do their sacred duties. Taking parts of the libraries dedicated to those clans, and their histories, and relocating with them. With a small contingent force of Holders to act as relay messengers between the Hub or the Central Outpost and the relocated clans. Twenty years later when the clan wars finally ended. The Amidasu was there with firmly established routes between each other, they formed what was to be the safety procedures that they have even now. 



First and foremost. Evacuate the young, elderly, and infirm to the Central Outpost. Which had been set up in Stone Country, an unaffiliated land where the nations of the continent met. This was to ensure those who couldn't fight would be out of harms way. As for the young, when they reached of age, would train for a time until they were ready to return to their familial affiliation and serve their nation. If ever there was a time of danger or war.


Second, those who remained behind, would either protect their outpost, or would try to seal it from intruders. Failing that, would do what was needed to survive until reinforcements could arrive. And if possible send a message giving an update on the outposts situation. It is this that has given rise to worry in modern times. Since in four years there has been no word from any of them. 


Lastly and most importantly, is if ever cut off from the clan, or no communication can be gained, go to a local village and wait for a clansmen to find you. 


It was these rules that had kept the infrastructure intact for as long as it did. A series of failsafes to ensure the well being of the clan as well as the Outposts they were members of.


The Blackout:


As the villages each member was assigned to fell into ruin. All communication between them was lost. The old infrastructure that allowed them to keep in contact for the last 67 years swept away. And a tremor offear has swept across all members. For even when the trade routes were destroyed all those years ago. There was at least a whisper as to the situation of the other Outposts. Now, all that is known is that the great villages have fallen, but past that nothing. 


None knowing if the others still exist, or their current condition. It's because of this that for the first time in the Clan's long history that they have went from being the guardians of knowledge for the old villages, and are trying to gain contact with the new Kage's to not only salvage what was lost for that outposts nation, but connect with the scattered clansmen throughout Seichi. The only certainty that exists for the clan is that Central still exists.  


It'll be hard going, but with time and effort the clan will hopefully comeback from it's fall. So far the only Grand Library still in existence is Central, which is located near the Shinobi University. Which acts as a hub for all other Outposts.




Snippets Version:


The Amidasu were once a clan of Omnyoji, practitioners of an art that merged occultism, science, and the internal arts as well as philosophies of the pre-Sage era in the village they were from. Seeing as how the ninja arts seamlessly melded with their own and took it to new levels. They rebranded the Omnyodo Art. They were students of the Legendary Sannin, and when they heard they story of Horizon and Choji the great sage they started on what they saw as their sacred quest.


The preservation, protection, and safeguarding of knowledge. It was from here that the 4 Paths of the Amidasu formed, and the predecessors to the Great Libraries were built. The Path of the Archivist, the path of the Archaeologist, the path of the Researcher, and the Holders of the Way. Each filling a vital role within the clan, and from their home village. Slowly spread to others as their masters traveled. Gaining a foot hold in the other villages. With promises to keep safe and protect the culture, history, and knowledge that village had. As to ensure their future generations would have it with them if they ever needed it.


As time marched on, and the ninja clans migrated to the lands that would be the Great Ninja Villages, so to did the Amidasu slowly trickle down with them. Being among the first to the new villages. Keeping true to their sacred pacts with those clans ancestors. Each shinobi assigned to that outpost would live most of their lives there, acting in that villages interest, using their inventive knowledge to better the village, and above all. Keeping safe their knowledge and secrets from those who'd wish to steal, abuse, or destroy the knowledge of them and their ancestors. 


It was through this semi-neutrality by serving all nations as a global clan that they had little worries, and few problems until the second Shinobi War. Using the safety precautions formed from before the first. Those steps being. In times of war or calamity, Evacuate all elderly, infirm, and young to Central. Thus ensuring those who can't fight are safe. When the child reaches an age where they are ready to serve their family's outpost they are to train till chuunin level of prowess. Then serve their clan.


The second being the protection of the Great Library they are attached to. Using all means they have to keep it safe, or failing that. Doing whatever is needed to survive, until reinforcements can be given, or communication can be sent to state the Outposts situation. Lastly, if one is cut off from the clan, or can't contact them for some reason. Go to the nearest village, and wait for a clan member to find you. 


And there in lies the terror Central feels from what they title The Blackout. There is no communication, and the infrastructure is lacking at the moment to find out what's wrong. Or find out what is needed to relocate the Grand Libraries. Or if the worst has happened, to save the survivors inside the Grand Libraries before relocating. But one thing is for sure. The clan will work to rebuild, and ensure the new Villages receive their heritage back from the ruins of the old world. Those heritages that can be salvaged that is.




The 4 Paths:


A path like in real life isn't set in stone. One will usually drift from one to the other until finding a path they resonate with. But the current path a clansmen is, is what they are listed as each census of the over all clan.



Archivist: For less combat intensive playstyle. Archivists are masters of Fuuin, preservation, precision and scroll based jutsu. They are in charge of looking after records, scrolls, books, and their section of their Grand Library. Usually can be found in a villages record office, communication networks,and libraries. Their attacks are based on making as little collateral damage and precise strikes so as to have little risk of ruining their charges. Not the most exciting of paths, nor the most followed. But one of the most important. Good for intelligent / non-violent characters.


Archaeologists: For those who want excitement, adventure, and enjoy a good bit of survival. This is the path for you. They look for old or lost villages, temples, and ruins. Facing opposing ninja, creatures, and facing the elements. They go out adventuring in the names of their respective village outposts. Claiming new troves of knoweldge in the name of the Amidasu clan and the village they call home.


Researchers: This is the most common path for a clan member. It's completely up to them what they study, or if they want to shift projects. How they go about their business, everything is up to the clanmate. 


and then you have the rarest of paths


Holders of the Way: This path is the holder of the clan's ancestral arts, ceremonies, rituals, and hidan. Teaching it to future generations, and bringing the full wrath of the clans power onto those who'd do harm to their Grand Libraries, their clan, or their village. 


The Most Noble of Arts [The 3 Main Hidan Arts]:




There are 3: 


Shikigami: Are Spiritual Familiars. Think Zanpakuto Spirits, or Persona from Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3, 4, and 5. 

The base form of a Shikigami is Ritaru Shiki. Which releases an Aura. Much like a Shikai form Bleach, or an Aura in RWBY.  After that is a Soul Summons at Level 5.

Which is like a Persona Summon in the Persona series. Or summoning a Zanpakuto Spirit.


Shikichi: A physical Shiki, an artificial soul is affixed to a crystal implanted on an approved puppet. After preforming a C rank Jutsu, a C rank or more chakra is

given to the puppet to "awaken" it. This puppet then becomes mobile, and sapient. Animated by the artificial soul. The puppet goes back to sleep if

the seal / gem is struck, or the chakra runs out [one D drain per post].   




ShikikÅgu: B Rank item or higher. Is a Soul Bound weapon. Similar to a Zanpakuto in all of it's actions. But rather than a Shikigami [which can be bound to this]

which is mostly residing in the user / outside of the physical plane. This is a Shiki who's body is part of any conceivable item. Much like a Tsukumogami


A bit more indepth for those who want it.



Ritaru Shiki [Little Shiki]: This is the groundwork for all Shiki based Hidan fuuins, jutsus, and Soul Summons.


It is steeped in ceremonies and rituals created from the Omnyodo rituals of the Amidasu's earliest history. It's formed by creating a shell of chakra, that is steadily fed a small amount of chakra while interacting with it as if it were an actual being. After a while it forms a body, personality, and becomes a template for an actual chakra entity. Once it's body forms, the second phase happens. It is then either infused with a raw element acting as a generator source for an element, or given a unique jutsu effect that is unique and created by the individual. This step has infinite potential.


Afterwards the elders of the Clan seals it within the user. Since the user created it with parts of their own consciousness and chakra over a period of time. It is bound to the user, and as a cost for using it's power, it feeds off the users chakra. 


As for it's sentience, since it's bound inside the user. It knows nothing that the user doesn't know personally. Although it can talk to or be talked with, inside the users head. 


Sample Effect Examples [can be more or less depending on effect, application reviewer, and other things]:


Elemental Source:


- 16 oz solid or liquid.Or 10 ft. Gas, Plasma, or Fire. At D Rank.

- 10 lbs solid, or 1 gallon liquid. Or 30 ft Gas, Plasma, or Fire. At C Rank.


Jutsu Effect:


- Equivalent to any D or C rank Jutsu effect [Tai, Nin, Gen  Fuuin, etc.].


Unique Effects:


-Such as more chakra strings than normal; things that alter / effect puppets; special ability; ect. 


Physical Effects: 


- Boost a stat, alter the body, Taijutsu / Weapon / Tool effect.


Weapon / Defense: The creation of chakra weapons / armor. The weapons dissipate after leaving one's hands for melee weapons, or after a range of 10 ft [D rank] or 30 ft [C Rank] for ranged weapons. Armor / Defense has the same protective power as normal armor. 




- Any other thing you can think of. 


As you can see there is infinite levels of possibility from user to user. As well as Jutsu that can use the release of Ritaru Shiki. The power released gives off an aesthetic visual effect when it's used. And for more inspiration think of it as a Semblance from RWBY, or a  Shikai from Bleach [but emited from the body rather than from a sword.]


The seal itself is a representation, or the face of the Shiki itself and can be on any part of the body. Once chakra is fed into the seal, it releases it's Aura like power [although the Shiki itself is kept within the user.] 


Here is an example of an approved Ritaru Shiki. 


Soul Summons: Once one has a Ritaru Shiki, and is of a level one can preform a Summoning Jutsu. This hidan comes into being. Ancient clan records state that once upon a time, long ago. Before the year 137 the Clan's Omnyodo Magics gave rise to a great and powerful Kekki Genkai, and with it they were said to have commanded an army of 1000 Spirits, then all of the sudden their Kekki Genkai was lost. As well as all the powers it contained in all but the myths and stories of the Clan's Lore Keepers. But when it became lost, the clan studied to make a substitution with their Omnyodo skills and abilities. Ritaru Shiki, and the Shikigami Arts are the results of their research.


This summons takes the Shiki one made with Ritaru Shiki and gives it a body, and as one increases ones power so to can one increase the range and power of the Shiki one possesses. Although one of

it's slots must have the Aura it gives the user as one of it's Jutsus. [uses the Summon Application. Race is Shiki-no-Kami; Weight is 0 [since it is formed from chakra, and all of it's strength, mass, and power is derived from Chakra]; and it's Language is your native language.].





This is the Jutsu for it. It takes up one Component Slot from a D or higher rank approved puppet. And allows for it to have a personality. 




Reitekiken [spiritual Fist]: This is the fighting style of the Amidasu Clan. The Practioner of this art constantly cultivates chakra within the body, keeping the muscles, bones, and tendons infused with low levels of

chakra at all times. Similar to storing chakra in the legs to preform Janpu [Jump], but instead, that stored power is used throughout the body in close quarters combat. And by utilizing a gentle looking, and fluid movements, the user hides their prowess until they strike. Each form of this art builds off the simple premise, of merging chakra with one's body [spiritual and physical] and utilizing it's power for combat.


Has 5 Forms. Which are analogous to a belt / progression system.


Earth Form: Channels chakra through the body infusing chakra and jutsu effects with physical combat. At it's base form it gives a maintainable knockback buff.


[The next four to come as I get to the level to build them.] 




Tour around the Outpost:


All outposts have the same basic layout as to prevent any visitors or members of other Outposts getting too lost.



Grand Library and Research Center:  Is centrally located in the outpost. and able to be seen from the main path. It's a large sized building with fusions of ancient and modern Seichi architecture. With stone bricks on the outside with an ornate slanted roof. On the front entrance is a map showing the museum, library, shop, and other sections of the Grand Library. While the access to the Research Center(s) are shown. What is where is not as a way to prevent theft of research. With the Research Section itself being a mix of organized chaos and a labyrinth that can confuse even those who live there if they don't know exact routes.


Residential Apartments: There are two long, and wide, two story apartments on either side of the Grand Library. These places are where Shinobi and Visitors rest and reside in while in the Outpost. While usually the apartments never reach full capacity, they are built big mostly in preparation for Clan Reunions [different village every 10 years], as well as for many visitors to ensure that many needs could be looked after. 


Amidasu Training Center: These are special schools for Amidasu shinobi. While originally, and most recently until the reformation of TSU, was used to teach Amidasu Shinobi the clan's collective knowledge and prepare them for their future within the clan. It's also where Amidasu who wish to go for Medical and ANBU training can go to study. As well as training for various paths that they wish to get ready for.


Crystal Gardens: A shared collection from the Pre-Migration era. A group of Crystal Statues depicting various Amidasu Shinobi, as well as relatively recent collections of various crystallized chakras from members of the Amidasu Clan members who sacrificed themselves for the greater good of the Amidasu Clan, with modern Amidasu Crystal Artwork of cultural significance making a smaller portion of the collections. The size of the gardens vary in size between Outposts, distance wise usually falls within the medium distance range.   


and finally


Reitekiken Training Yard: A massive yard for where Amidasu train in Chakra Gong, and their Nintaijutsu Fighting Style. Groups of clansmen usually break into smaller groups with each group practicing with those of their level. As well as those who are just going there for group exercise rather than combat training.


Connecting all of these is a main road which branches off to these 5 main areas. While some areas might have new features, or different sizes of one place or another, or even a different set up of one of the main areas. Once you know what is usually where. It's easy to navigate. 




Rebuilding Goals: 


At one point in time the Clan had a massive infrastructure. As Safekeepers of Knowledge, their clans has shinobi as members of every major village, and their Grand Libraries held knowledge since before the death of the Sannin. Now all seems lost and the Division Heads of those outposts have gone dark. In order to bring the clan back to it's full glory and become a Global Clan once again the following goals need to be met [in Character Missions, RP, and tasks].


1) Restore the Grand Libraries / Village Outposts. [With the blessing of that nations Kage, findout what happened to the Grand Libraries of the great villages near them. Salvage what can be saved [defeating any ninjas who may be trying to steal said knowledge, defeating overtaken Libraries, whatever may come your way. If anything], and relocate them to a new outpost two miles away from the Village.]. [0 / 5]. 


2) Along with 1. Try finding out what happened to the Division Heads, and surviving Clansmen [if any]. Get the survivors to relocate to the new Outposts. [1 / 11] [10 Division Heads [statuses: Unknown], and the Clan Leader [status: Alive.]. 


3) Establish Outposts in the Minor Nations / Lands. As well as new Grand Libraries for them [Central will supply books and materials to start up one]. [0 / 7]. 




4) Increase the Reputation and standing with each Country. Both through the invented Jutsu's, Clan member's prowess / strength, inventions, and deeds. If your Clan member can reach Kage status even better. Although if being a leader / Kage would detract from your character's studies / pursuits then that part is completely optional. Also if achieving Kage / leader status. One must put the good of their village above that of the overall clan. Although one is still expected to protect their nations knowledge and secrets, from those who would steal, abuse, or destroy it. 


[Current Reputation with each nation is at neutral. As for as Central knows. Each nations will be represented when In Character interactions happen.]



Join Requirements:


1a) Must contribute to the Clan by creating Clan Items and / or Jutsus. At least 1 creation per Ninja Rank past Academy Student.


1b) Must either learn the Clan's Hidan [Ritaru Shiki [Little Shiki]] and / or Fighting Style at Level 1.



2) Level 1 Must have a C rank in either Intelligence, Stamina or any of the Jutsu's [Gen, Nin, Tai, Seals].




3) Help rebuild the clan in a particular village / country. Once a new outpost is rebuilt, that nation will be available for future clansmen to join as. [Look above at the Rebuilding Goals above, for







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Clan Weapons and Items




WA-L  [D Rank Poison.] This poison is a local weak analgesic. Causes numbness in the afflicted area. 


- JutsuShot D1V4 [D Rank Weapon]. This is a pistol that shoots out balls of D rank chakra. It's bullet speed fires at slightly faster speeds of normal projectile weapons do to the size and shape of the weapon. But reloads at the users D Rank Jutsu casting speeds. 


- Amidasu Senbon: Throwing Pens. A mix of senbon, and writing utensil. 


- Shoge Hooks: A versatile chained weapon, with one end a mix of Kunai and Kama. The other end a weighted ring. Fighting use similar to a Kusari Gama. 


- Henka Blades: Similar to Mana Khemia 2's Et's weapon. Is a Battle Hoop that collapses twice. Once into a bow, and another time into a Sword. Allows for a wide range of combat and battle tactics.


- (F/T) Throwing Cards: [D Rank Weapon]  Compatible with Tags / Clan Fuuin, and Card based Jutsu. Naturally they are blank, metal cards [a 52 card deck]. Has a Jutsu effect allowing the wielder to call up to 10 cards to the hand.

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Fighting Style:



  • Reitekiken: Chikei. This form discharges chakra from a melee action to deal a Knockback effect.  




D Rank:


  • Sora Miyage [sky Present] [4.0 version]:: A kick that causes the target to travel great heights or distances Ala Janpu [but caused by a kick]. Kick itself does little to no damage, the actual damage is caused by what the target falls on / crashes into. [An kick that causes the target to go into an uncontrolled Janpu [Jump]].
  • FÅ«jin no Okurimono [Wind God's Gift] [4.0 Version] :  A powerful kick that sends an opponent spinning. Creating a powerful vortex. Has a chance of drawing in the attacker into a counter attack.


C Rank:


  • Demonstrate Your Might [4.0 version]: Allows the user to lift, push / pull, 1 metric ton of weight.  
  • Gekitai Suru [Repel] [4.0 version]: Uses Reitekiken: Chikei's knockback discharges to create a shield around the user repelling things that come in physical contact with them.


B Rank:


A Rank:


S Rank:





Shikijutsu [servant Arts]:



  • Ritaru Shiki: D - C rank Chakra Entity (can be of a higher rank. But starting ones are usually D-C rank) ,can grant any Jutsu Effect / Source that's accepted to the user. While sentient, being bound inside the user only knows what they know. This technically could have a Taijutsu, or Genjutsu effect, but is primarily Ninjutsu in nature. And when activated [by running chakra into the seal], usually gives a visual aesthetic appearance to it's use. Requires an equal rank in Seals and Ninjutsu in order to use as per Fuinjutsu Rules.



http://www.theninja-...f-cell-genesis/  This is an example of an accepted one. [C Rank: Biological Manipulation Shikigami].



"Long". And drains 1 D rank of chakra per post, when awoken. The puppet goes back to "sleep" if it's seal / gem is struck with a solid blow, or if it's given chakra runs out.





D Rank:



  • Deep Relaxation [4.0 version]: A versatile D rank Jutsu. Causes the target to feel a sense of Deep Relaxation [like a mix of a full body chakra massage, and deep meditation.] [D Rank]. Last either a thread, or until the target gets anxious / stressed. So it varies between targets, and situations.




C Rank:




B Rank:


  • Shin Masu m I [New You version I] :  Able to alter and change the physical appearance of a living being. Cosmetic only [any additional limbs need to be apped and accepted in order to do anything other than hang loosely on the body].  [b Rank].




A Rank:



S Rank:

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Important Update: [Official Shikichi Q&A Post]:


[This post came about actually from me asking questions about my creations limitations (since I didn't want to abuse the gift that is a Shikichi). Knowing that such things might pop up from others. I decided to make this post dedicated to answering things and pointing out limitations of the Shikichi Creation Jutsu, and series of Creation Jutsu's that pop up / need clarifying.]




- The jutsu Shikichi Creation requires the shinobi to know Sign Language as a language in order to communicate with the Shikichi below C rank puppets. [Well for them to communicate back to their wielder. It's possible that the owner not need to take up a language slot for Sign Language if they don't want to communicate with their non-voiceboxed puppets.]. 


- In order for it to talk [verbal communication], a C rank Puppet [minimum] is needed in order to install a voice box. 


- A Shikichi has the sense of sight and hearing as it's standard senses. A B rank Jutsu is needed to upgrade the Shikichi Gem [component] to allow up to all 5 Senses. Then an A jutsu on top of that to upgrade the gem to allow up to all 5 senses and the ability to cast Jutsu [that the user knows].


and finally


- More than the base cost of C Rank chakra can be given to animate the puppet. But it uses 1 D per post to keep awake. The puppet goes to sleep when their chakra runs out. [For the B rank upgrade it's 1 C per post to keep it awake, A rank has 1 B rank per post to keep it awake.]


If any more clarifications are needed, or any questions about a Shikichi are asked. I can answer them, or ask someone who can answer them (to avoid confusion or loopholes that might need patching up).

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