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So I've been spending a while self teaching myself, as well as using online tutorials on how to do 3d Art. Where not even a year ago I was utterly atrocious in every aspect of it. I've decided to use this site to push me into actually making things rather than just do little projects here and there while learning. It's not the greatest stuff, still.


*All human characters are from MakeHuman, any alterations / additions to the mesh will be noted if needed.*









I still have problems with the hair, and for the outfit I decided to go with a dark, navy blue. Since black doesn't show any details. At least for now. I have the light as Sun, set at 2, in Blender. 


The clothes where made in both Blender and Maya 2016. 


Once I get done with the shoes and gloves [which I've ran into problems getting the shoes exactly how I want them, so it may be a while before I get the shoes down], or just the gloves and cover the feet. I'll add a cloth and soft body modifier to the meshes. Or possibly give Maya's NCloth a go. Then I'll have Kazue's appearance done. At least until it's time to add on to her, or make her older. 



After that I'm thinking of doing up the 10 Division Heads and the Clan Leader. If I push myself a bit further than I usually do, I could probably whip up any Shiki they have.


Although atm, most if not all are going to be bald. Since I suck horribly at doing hair. Particle Hair I can't style beyond Electric Socket, Flat, or Bald. And bald's easier XD. Polygon hair I have troubles with, and I'm not all that sure of using Mesh Swatches with hair textures added as a nice way of doing hair. 

Still I'll post more when I make more. 

Also any and all item's I apply for I'll be making 3d models of them as well. It'll be good exercise for me ^_^.




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