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Dev-domain changes

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  • Alteration of Battle formula.
  • Update on all jutsu, weapons, damage dealing items and bloodlines.
  • Update on Missions/Crimes
  • Update on EM quests
  • Update on AI
  • Update on CFH
  • Updated Stat Caps.
  • Item repair now takes 10 minutes regardless of item.
  • Item description should now show the Type of a weapon, if any.
  • Sliding bars for Training, errands and small crimes, allowing for more specific numbers.
  • Jutsu can be trained through My Jutsu page.
  • Train page can filter jutsu per Element.
  • Clear up Errand/Small crime amount drop down.
  • Preference option to disable Rank up/Level up notification.
  • Preference option to send PM's to Email in addition to user-inbox.
  • Default Logbook page is Active Quests.
  • Ramen Stands increased in cost.
  • Ramen Stands now sell armor/weapons
  • Nindo/PM/Kage Order and any text entry now have a text editor as found in the Taverns. They also have a character counter.
  • Tavern available from Hospital
  • Hospital fully heals when timer expires.
  • Notification when Inbox is full. This notification does not disappear until space is cleared.
  • Global Overview becomes home-page.
  • All instances of Weapon as an offense reference is changed to Bukijutsu
  • Logout Timer now displays in the Stats widget.
  • Respect tab and Diplomacy tab are merged. Any instance of Reputation and Respect has been changed to Diplomacy.
  • Quote has been removed.
  • EM quests for EJ
  • Large amount of bug fixes.
  • Missions reworked, Missions payout is low at first, but increases as you do more during the day. Missions are capped at  8 per day
  • Auto chat can be disabled through preferences
  • Spar filters added.

I should have everything here. If I missed something, I'll add it here.

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Feedback to be taken along:

  • Diplomacy tab available asleep. Running diplo only when awake.
  • Mission streak counter.
  • Show User Strength Factor on Public Profile Page

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NOTE: The changes in the Mission/EM/Regen updates are meant to ensure that people are able to cap 1 off, 1 def, 50% cap 2 defs, and 50% cap generals in 1 year.




Missions and EM Quests Reward Update : SarahMcgee and Nuktuk

·      The new system calls for 8 missions a day with 30 minute cooldowns in between each mission.  The missions will now give incremental gains which vary depending on the difficulty of the mission (D,C,B,A). The rewards are intended to provide 75% of a player’s HP and 50% of a player’s generals. Players will be responsible for attaining the other 50% of their generals through training.

o   D-Rank Missions

1.     55 hp and 3 str/int/will/spd; increase max cp/sp by 25

2.     110 hp and 6 str/int/will/spd; 55 cp/sp

3.     165 hp and 8 str/int/will/spd; 80 cp/sp

4.     215 hp and 10 str/int/will/spd; 105 cp/sp

5.     220 hp and 12 str/int/will/spd; 110 cp/sp

6.     275 hp and 14 str/int/will/spd; 135 cp/sp

7.     325 hp and 17 str/int/will/spd; 160 cp/sp

8.     385 hp and 20 str/int/will/spd; 190 cp/sp


o   C-Rank Missions

1.     100 hp and 7 str/int/will/spd; 50 cp/sp

2.     205 hp and 15 str/int/will/spd; 100 cp/sp

3.     305 hp and 20 str/int/will/spd; 150 cp/sp

4.     400 hp and 25 str/int/will/spd; 200 cp/sp

5.     410 hp and 30 str/int/will/spd; 205 cp/sp

6.     510 hp and 35 str/int/will/spd; 255 cp/sp

7.     610 hp and 40 str/int/will/spd; 305 cp/sp

8.     710 hp and 50 str/int/will/spd; 355 cp/sp


o   B-rank Missions

1.     125 hp and 9 str/int/will/spd; 60 cp/sp

2.     250 hp and 18 str/int/will/spd; 125 cp/sp

3.     370 hp and 25 str/int/will/spd; 185 cp/sp

4.     495 hp and 35 str/int/will/spd; 245 cp/sp

5.     500 hp and 40 str/int/will/spd; 250 cp/sp

6.     620 hp and 45 str/int/will/spd; 310 cp/sp

7.     745 hp and 50 str/int/will/spd; 370 cp/sp

8.     870 hp and 60 str/int/will/spd; 435 cp/sp


o   A-rank Missions

1.     155 hp and 12 str/int/will/spd; 75 cp/sp

2.     310 hp and 24 str/int/will/spd; 155 cp/sp

3.     465 hp and 35 str/int/will/spd; 230 cp/sp

4.     620 hp and 45 str/int/will/spd; 310 cp/sp

5.     625 hp and 50 str/int/will/spd; 310 cp/sp

6.     780 hp and 60 str/int/will/spd; 390 cp/sp

7.     930 hp and 70 str/int/will/spd; 465 cp/sp

8.     1090 hp and 80 str/int/will/spd; 545 cp/sp


The reason for the incremental gain in mission rewards is to push players to WANT to do all 8 missions and with the reduced cooldown, everyone should be able to complete all 8 in a minimum of 3.5 hours. 


The EM quests will provide the other 25% of the users HP. The reward are:

o   Chuunin: 1085hp and 445 primary EM

o   Jounin: 1325hp between both quests and 570 primary EM, 610 secondary EM

o   EJ: 1680hp between both quests and 755 primary EM, 795 secondary EM


Regen and Increased Caps Update: SarahMcgee and Nuktuk


With the increased rewards, we also decided to increase the base regen per rank and the stat caps for each rank.

·      Base Regen:

  • Genin: 155 regen/minute
  • Chuu: 390 regen/minute
  • Jou: 495 regen/minute
  • EJ: 655 regen/minute


·      New Stat Caps

  • (HP / Off / Def / Each General / EM / pools )
  • Genin: 160k / 80k / 80k / 16k / n/a / 32k
  • Chuu: 1.6m / 800k / 800k / 160k / 160k / 160k
  • Jou: 2m / 1m / 1m / 200k / 200k / 200k
  • EJ: 2.5m / 1.25m / 1.25m / 250k / 250k / 250k



Rank-Up Requirement Update: SarahMcgee and Nuktuk


The new system will allow for a player who trains consistently and performs all 8 missions every day to rank up in the following  time frames.

·      Genin to Chuunin à 7 days

·      Chuunin to Jounin à 30 days

·      Jounin to Elite Jounin à 60 days


The rank requirements were calculated base on the total amount of pools and mission gains a player would have attained in the designated time frame. While the experience requirement will stay the same, we lowered offense/defense/generals requirement to 20% of their initial values so that players have more variability in what they want to train. The new requirements are:


·      Genin to Chuunin:

·      3k in 1 off and 3k in total defenses

·      500 total generals

·      3 mill exp


·      Chuunin to Jounin:

·      50k in 1 off and 50k in total defenses

·      5.2k total generals

·      45 mill exp


·      Jounin to Elite Jounin:

·      150k in 1 off and 150k in total defenses

·      18.8k total generals

·      162 mill exp


Call for Help Update: Shikayaru


The other big thing in this update is CFH. As I’m sure some of you have already started to come familiar with. This is how it works. I wont get into how your Strength Factor (SF) is calculated, but just know that it takes into account your Maximum HP, not your current HP. What does take into account your current HP is the team SF, which you see on the combat page when you are in battle.


This is calculated as

·      Team SF = (Player 1 SF) * (Current Player1 HP/Max Player1 HP) + (Player 2 SF) * (Current Player2 HP/ Max Player2 HP)


Now when you’re in battle, you will notice another dialogue box that says “your RSFâ€. This is the relative strength factor of you and your opponent(s).


·      Your RSF = your SF/ Opponent SF


To determine on what round you can CFH, these parameters were put in place.


If you are the stronger opponent,

·      If   your RSF >= 1.82 your opponent can call on Turn 1

·      If (1.54 <= your RSF <= 1.81) your opponent can call on Turn 2

·      If (1.33 <= your RSF <= 1.53) your opponent can call on Turn 3

·      If <(1.14 <= your RSF <= 1.32) your opponent can call on Turn 4


If you are the weaker opponent,

·      If your RSF <= 0.54, you can call on Turn 1

·      If (0.55 <= your RSF <= 0.64) you can call on Turn 2

·      If (0.65 <= your RSF <= 0.75) you can call on Turn 3

·      If <(0.76 <= your RSF <= 0.87) you can call on Turn 4



If the RSF is between 0.87 and 1, or 1 and 1.14, then you are your opponent are relatively close in power, and Call for Help will not be allowed.


To determine who can answer a call, the max SF is


  • Max SF = (Stronger Team SF) * 2 – (Weaker Team SF)
  • If you’re battling a 4k SF, and you have an SF of 3k, you can call in someone with an SF of 5k or lower (4k*2 – 3k = 5k)
  • Suppose you do call in someone with an SF of 5k, you now have 8k team SF, and you’re opponent will have 4k SF. This makes the RSF 2 for you and 0.5 for your opponent, meaning they can call on the following turn after your ally joins and will be able to have someone with 12k SF or less join (8k * 2 – 4k = 12k)


If you're SF exceeds the Max SF allowed, then the CFH link will not appear on your combat page.


Now of course, this was all in theory, and most likely with more testing, we will have to make a few tweaks to the update, but this is how it was intended to work.



I will continue to update this with more information if necessary, so please continue to check back for further reference.





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To be added before full release:

Bounty Hunter:

  • Selectable ability to sort the Bounty Hunter occupation menu by Name (ascending/descending), bounty value (ascending/descending) and location (ascending/descending)
  • Show experience and level on Bounty Hunter, similar to Surgeon.
  • Experience till next Level indicator.

Reduces gather time by:

  • Level 0-100 -> 10 seconds
  • Level 101-200 -> 15 seconds
  • Level 201-300 -> 20 seconds
  • Level 301-400 -> 25 seconds
  • Level 401-500 -> 30 seconds

Update claimable bounties to
1000+(75*lvl). At lvl 500 all bounties can be claimed.


Placing bounties:

  • Bingo Book is only accessible for Chuunin and higher
  • Can only be done on users that have a negative diplomacy value in a village.
  • Can only be done by users that Chuunin or higher rank
  • Can only be done by and on users within the rank-range of the one placing it.
    IE Chu -> Chuu+Jou.
    Jou-> Chuu+Jou+EJ
    EJ -> Jou+EJ
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