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[Mission] Save the People!

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B-ranked mission thread for this. Details in spoiler. I'll aim to post daily/bi-daily, more if possible.


Save the People!
Class: Mission
Rank: B-rank
Details: There have been reports of a local human trafficking syndicate in the Frost Country capturing villagers from small, outlying towns to be used and sold as slaves and worse. They travel via large horse-pulled caravans through unfrequented mountain paths to avoid detection. As a result of this report, the Shimokage and their council has called for action to free the unfortunate people and also to remove the slavers from the world of the living

  1. Free all the slaves
  2. Kill/capture the three leaders (genin-rank outlaws)
  3. Kill the other slavers [optional]


  • Yin's team (a chuunin stealth/taijutsu specialist and another genin ninjutsu specialist) but may be removed if other RPC's are involved.
  • Enemies include 3 ninjutsu-based genin-rank outlaws and up to fifteen grown adult men armed with weapons
  • Approximately thirty civilian slaves





"Jeez, trust that the damn Kawagakure shinobi to turn up late. Probably got lost in the snow or something like that..." the elder chuunin complained, his voice trailing off as he noticed his words falling on deaf ears. The young frost-haired kunoichi he was speaking to was already in her own world. Absent-minded and gazing into the snowscape before them, Yin was elsewhere with the melodic piano tunes dancing in her own head.


"And of all the people I get stuck with, it's this nutjob..." he muttered. Still, he kept his eyes on his surroundings, just in case a surprise tried to get the better of them. One could never know when a shadow would appear from the falling snow. Twirling a kunai around his finger, he continued to wait. It was about time that the other man assigned to this mission would show up.




In the valley below them, a small archaic snow village stood. Rough wooden buildings stood, holding warm and hearty fires in them. Occasionally silhouettes and shadows would dance in these windows, reflecting some activity within. Maybe just not those of the locals. The people who had stood the tests of time and the harsh, biting cold had recently became prey to new criminal threats. This time, the small village was overpowered by a band of slavers, led by a trio of renegade shinobi. Now captured, the people were at risk of becoming human slaves, or worse.


Their fate hung as a question in the cold air. One that the three shinobi, assigned to their rescue mission, would have to answer.

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It was a bit hard to find the meeting place as a) Frost was foreign territory to him and B) everything looked uniform blanketed in snow. Thanks to a good sense of direction and a well detailed map, Akagi was able to find the meeting place but it did take an additional effort with chakra sense to find the rest of his team. Landing a distance away, Akagi hoped they wouldn't attack him on instinct. He did look a bit suspicious covered up more than usual. Being in a foreign environment, Akagi needed to done warmer clothes. What would normally be exposed to the environment in Rikuhi was now covered up with cloth to keep warm. White cloth wrapped around his face while his goggles covered his eyes. A white parka covered his whole body with Akagi's clan symbol sewn at the back.


All in all in was a very suspicious get up which was why Akagi brought out his mission scroll to show he was supposed to be there. Assuming there would be no hostility involved, Akagi would raise his goggles and lower the cloth covering his mouth so that he could speak.


"Apologies for my tardiness. Iwasaki Akagi reporting for the mission."

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Yin noticed a white blur appear in the distance, her eyes picking up on the movement as it headed closer. It was a figure that was a bit shorter than herself, but appropriately dressed for the frigid conditions. Its face was hidden behind goggles and the cover of a snow-laced wrap but it did not seem to approach in any aggressive manner. She decided, that this individual was the young teenage genin from Kawagakure that was to accompany them on the mission. Some weird inter-village co-operation trial, or something like that.


Bouncing to her feet, she covered the distance between them in gazelle-like fashion. Yet, at the same time, did so in a mildly non-threatening manner. After all, she had the natural gift of acting like a Pacifist, for all intents and purposes anyway. Facing the young genin, pink orbs rested their vision on the addition to the team.


"He looks a bit funny, no... Yin-chama?" a cutesy, psychotic fragment of Yin's own mind remarked. The inner monologue was brief, but she did notice that the boy was quite young as he spoke out his apology.


Cocking her head to the side, she peered at him closer, trying to decipher the mystery behind the goggle-less face.


"Nice to meet you! I'm Yin, the other genin on this team. And this smelly man here is Jozo-senpai. He's the chuunin in charge," explaining as she continued to examine Akagi. She then went to pat her newfound partner on the head several times as the chuunin joined the two with a sigh.


"Thanks for coming. Introductions aside, we do have a situation on our hands and we'll need to figure out what to do. We should probably do this under some cover too." The chuunin was at least two decades on the other two, and maturity ran deep in his words. Leading them to a small covered overhang in a cliff, he proceeded to pull out a scroll which contained a map of the mission area.




"As the mission described, we have a whole village that's been captured by the slavers. Their currently held in the north-west building (1) with several guards posted there, rotating in shifts. The rest are enjoying the spoils of their pillage in the northern buildings (3, 4 and north to these)," Jozo calmly explained to the team his earlier reconnaissance, "the shinobi leaders seem to be holding themselves in the more luxurious quarters directly opposite the large hall (6)."


Still unsure of the most optimal plan, the wise chuunin decided to take ideas from the floor. "We have several options if we want to take them. Ideally, we'll need to do this at night. But setting the buildings on fire may work. What do you think?"

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It was annoying when people pat him on the head like a child. Akagi was a genin already, making him a legal adult in the village. Then again that fact was pointless as senior members could treat their juniors like juniors if they wanted. Still was annoying. Setting aside his feelings, Akagi learned of the two other members of the team from Yamagakure. The chunnin, Jozo would be leading and the one called Yin completed the three man team. Both natives looked more at home in the snow and dressed better for it than Akagi's adapted garb.


Introductions out of the way, the chunnin showed the layout of the village and briefed them on the placement of the enemies and their targets. Akagi bristled a bit at the mention of 'spoils' remembering the last slaving ring he had been on. While this was disguised as an inter-village exercise promoting cooperation, Akagi had secondary orders to investigate this smuggling ring happening. Ever since the last instance of human trafficking had been occurred so close to the Sun Country's capital, a deeper investigation had been started by Kawa. Akagi's objective was to gather intel if this was smuggling was part of a larger plot. It meant being sneaky to the two Yama shinobi but he had accepted the mission with some faith in his abilities.


"Preferably taking out the shinobi trained leaders quickly would lead to the rest of the group surrendering easier. Though that would not guarantee the safety of the prisoners. I am not convinced setting the structures aflame would help. What plan you decide, I shall help carry out."

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"Sorry, I spoke ahead of myself. I meant the fires as a distraction. We will be unlikely to fight them at once and their men together," Jozo contemplated aloud. "However, it does make sense to isolate the three shinobi and remove them from the equation. We will target them first, quietly if possible. We'll head from the south."


"Fine with me. Skip the fire until we need it. We'll strike when sun is gone and they're all in bed. " Piping up from behind the two, Yin acknowledged the plan to target the leaders first. She wouldn't have any problems seeing at night but she pondered whether the other genin would. "Will you have any trouble with that, Iwasaki-san?" her head tilt in curiosity.


If there were no objections, the trio would proceed to stake-out the village in turns to observe the movement of the enemies until nightfall. Given the perpetual winter season that held the lands in its wintry embrace, it would not take long for daylight to fade into darkness.




The sun would be down, but the moon would be floating ahead in a lonely half-crescent to cast its faded light across the snow. As always, the numbing cold would be around. Anyone not suitably covered up, or trained to resist it, would be susceptible to the slowing nature of the weather. Still, it did not stop a final scouting pair from the troup in the valley below to watch for potential dangers. They had made their way up the mountain at a slow pace but would eventually walk back down past where the three were hiding.


Jozo had wanted the unknown genin from Kawagakure to take the last shift on watch. So if things had gone to his plan, the enemy scouts would walk by on a lower ledge, unknowing of the danger that could lurk overhead. They were largely unaware of anything but their desire to return to the warmths of the village huts and the delicious roast meats that would await them. Their axe weapons now held on their backs, they walked by the genin. The position was perfect to take them out quietly.


"So friggin' cold. Not even a damn animal out 'ere. Don't see why we needa be out 'ere."

"Chill. We're going to be back in about thirty anyway. Think of the roast, and the fire, and the entertainment."


They continued walking and guffawing. Whether or not death would be delivered to them was a question to be answered by the person above them.


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