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[JUTSU] Heki Hi (Piercing Ice Technique)

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Name: Heki Hi (Piercing Ice Technique)

Rank: C

Class: Personal

Style: Ninjutsu

Range: Self

Duration: Maintainable at D rank chakra cost

Requirements: Hyouton Element

Description: using the middle and index finger of one hand the user concentrates their elemental chakra around them. The Chakra shapes itself into a dagger almost two feet long, Though it is made of ice it will not melt. The dagger will shatter if the user stops concentrating or stops the flow of chakra to the dagger, Unlike other weapons the piercing quality of this dagger is better than that of metal. If the dagger should be cut by a stronger weapon it can be regrown to its full length.

To create the dagger the user must allocate one C rank of chakra to his fingers, to maintain the dagger the user must keep a slight amount of concentration on the dagger and allocate one D rank of chakra per post after the first. To regrow the blade the user must use one extra D rank of chakra in addition to the maintenance cost.

- Creates a 3' long blade of ice surrounding first two fingers.
- Piercing quality is greater than that of metal daggers
- Cutting quality is below that of metal daggers

Owner: Yonaka Kuuri Hyoujun

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Oh I am sorry about that. I must have misread what Enkou told me. I thought it was only clan/bloodline jutsu that were one at a time when re-applying for all of my old jutsu's. These are the final two jutsu needed for my profile to be completed. 

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