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[Shinobi/Genin] Yin

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The tale of a young woman who stands at the precipitous edge of insanity. 



Name: Yin
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female

Height: 5'7" (1.70 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (65.8 kg)

Element: Suiton, Fuuton

Languages: Common, Hyougaan, Rikuhuu, Sati and Konoi


Body and facial description - Yin stands at a graceful 5'7" tall with her slender body built around this frame. Though not blessed with a large, or even moderately sized, bust, her well proportioned body is still able to hold the stares of many of the rougher sex (and some of the fairer ones too). Her unblemished pale skin deceptively hides the toned muscles of a kunoichi. Despite the lack of obvious battle-scars on her limbs, her back carries a darker history with long and deep reminders of a world of hurt she has since escaped. Multiple wounds, all of which are now healed, are the only physical reminders of her painful past.


Set atop her lithe build is an innocent and delicate face whose pink eyes betray a deep and haunting sadness. Sometimes the sadness dances the fine line into a fantastical psychotic world. 'The eyes of a lunatic', some would describe them as but somehow like staring into the sun, her gaze holds a quality of both great beauty and danger. Still, on most occasions they may be hidden behind the clouds of her snow-white fringe. The rest of her locks are kept roughly in a ponytail by a simple violet satin ribbon. Not withholding her delicate countenance, Yin could be considered a young beauty in many parts of Seichi.


Clothing - As to match her feminine appearance, Yin's clothing combines several principles of simplicity, aesthetic design and practicality. On most occasions she adorns a simple dress of patriarch hues. The purple dress is topped by a black half-shawl that extends to both wrists. Beneath this garment, she wears a thin underwrap designed to wick sweat away from the body.


Her leggings are unadorned pitch-black stockings made from the same damage-resistant fibres as her upperwear. Covering her feet are hue-less black boots.


Yin does not wear a typical forehead protector, instead opting to place the metal tag on the purple ribbon around her hair.


Class: Shinobi
Village: Yamagakure

Rank: Genin

Level: 14 - [Exp: 0/100]

Ninjutsu      -- C -- +1
Genjutsu      -- S -- +4
Taijutsu      -- D -- +0
Seals         -- C -- +1
Strength      -- C -- +1
Speed         -- C -- +1
Intelligence  -- A -- +3
Endurance     -- C -- +1
Stamina       -- B -- +2
Total Levels Used --- 14
D-rank -- 10
C-rank -- 5
B-rank -- 0
A-rank -- 0
S-rank -- 0

D-rank -- 0
C-rank -- 0
B-rank -- 0
A-rank -- 0
S-rank -- 0

Yin's story began eighteen years ago in the frozen tundras of the Frost Country. Born in Tsurara, a small village lying east of Mount Tenken, the young snow-haired girl lived an uneventful life for the first half-decade of her existence. It was a content life filled with happiness as she was brought up by two former jounin of the Yamagakure. In a sense, Yin's young and innocent personality was born from this period of love and happiness. Having retired to raise their child, the two new parents' joy in life was immense and they spared nothing to ensure that all the needs and wants of their child was met. But, unfortunately, like the most beautiful fireworks, such a story would not have any other end but a tragic one.


Their reputation and long history as assassins, thieves and saboteurs attracted unwanted attention from the outlaws and bandits in the neighbouring country, the Land of Silence. A sizeable bounty was put forward to eliminate the retired kunoichi. The successful claimant was a sadistic illusionist who wrought havoc upon Yin's family on a quiet, unassuming night.


For many hours, the family trio was subjected to unparalleled horrors within their own mind. Deep and dark fears were brought to the surface. Immeasurable pain. Barbaric inventions of the torturer's own warped mind. The mental cruelty crashed upon them in deafening waves as they were forced further into the back of their own consciousness. For what felt like an eternity to the three, was merely a inhumane minute. But in the end, when the sun finally rose, the aftermath was clear: a dead mother, a father whose spirit was broken beyond repair, and a girl whose young mind seemingly looked unaffected. In fact she was still smiling as she grasped at the sleeves of her dead mother.


In time, the damage became clearer. The father eventually recovered to the extent where he could take-over care of his own daughter from the loving neighbours. He would never find love or happiness again, besides the little solace in seeing his daughter growing up. For the daughter, however, it became clear that the memories of that eventful night shaped her. Sweet piano music would play in the back of her mind. Sometimes it would be just her in her room, talking to the phantom five year-old Yin within her own mind. Sometimes the demons of that night would revisit her dreams, awakening her in cold, drenching sweats. But as time passed, she grew to accept this as just a part of her. Little did she realise, that her inability to control her own reality manifested as an unusual knack to alter the very perceptions that others had of this world. Such talent in the art of Genjutsu eventually brought her to the academy to be raised as a kunoichi.


Entering at the age of thirteen, and graduating several years after, Yin was an anomaly to the system. However, at the age of eighteen, she became a genin. It is from here on, that her story is being written...


Previous RPC Profile: Previous chuunin RPC profile here. This is a modern day revamp of the previous Yin.

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Items [10/20, max C-rank items]

  1. Ninjato
  2. Yin's Reinforced Clothing [C-rank]
  3. Kunai [10]
  4. Shuriken [15]
  5. Explosive Tags [20]
  6. Smoke Bomb [5]
  7. Camouflage Sheet
  8. Lockpicking Tools
  9. Radio
  10. Food Pills [3]

Event Items

  1. FÅ«in no Shirohigi [scroll of White Secret Techniques] [2]
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Jutsu and Abilities


D-ranked [17/20]

  1. Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
  2. Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
  3. Kakuremino no Jutsu [self Hiding Technique]
  4. Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill]
  5. Gansaku Suterusu no Jutsu [Fake Stealth Technique]
  6. Suijuu Kokyuu no Jutsu [underwater Breathing Technique]
  7. Suiton: Shiryoku [Water Release: Sight] (Doujutsu)
  8. Suiton: Suigan [Water Release: Water Gun]
  9. Fuuton: Seiki Reiki [Wind Release: Astral Aura]
  10. Fuuton: Kamikaze Kougeki [Wind Release: Divine Wind Attack]
  11. Stop [Fuuton Ninjutsu]
  12. Utsusemi no Jutsu [Projection Technique]
  13. Suiton: Rokujou [Water Release: Poseidon’s Anger]
  14. Volume Control
  15. Colorful
  16. Myu-jikaru Gokuin [Musical Seals] [special Ability]
  17. Charged Seals [special Ability]

C-ranked [10/10]

  1. Anshi [Night Vision]
  2. Kinobori [Tree Climbing]
  3. Jibaku Fuda: Kassei [Exploding Tag: Activate]
  4. Yami Shunshin no Jutsu [Darkness Shunshin no Jutsu]
  5. Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking]
  6. Fuuton: Kaze Hashi no Jutsu [Wind Release: Wind Bridge Technique]
  7. Fuuton: Sairanto Suteppu [Wind Release: Silent Step]
  8. Fuuton: Fuugekitai Kabe [Wind Release: Wind Repel Wall]
  9. Fuuton: Josho [Wind Release: Rise]
  10. Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu [Wind Clone Technique]


D-ranked [11/50]

  1. Kasumi Jusha no Jutsu [Mist Servant Technique]
  2. Magen: Chirudo Tamashii [Demonic Illusion: Chilled Soul]
  3. Magen: Onsui Tamashii [Demonic Illusion: Heated Soul]
  4. Nodono Kawaki [Thirst]
  5. Saikederikku [Psychedelic]
  6. Look at me!
  7. Thriller
  8. Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] [special Ability]
  9. Internal Compass [special Ability]
  10. Internal Clock [special Ability]
  11. Pacifist [special Ability]

C-ranked [24/40]

  1. Genjutsu Kai [Genjutsu Release]
  2. Nemuri [sleep]
  3. Magen: Moufubuki [Demonic Illusion: Blizzard]
  4. Mizu Kouzui no Jutsu [Water Flood Technique]
  5. Magen: Kokuni Arazu no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique]
  6. Magen: Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: Sly Fellow Mind Technique]
  7. Magen: Jigoku Koka no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique]
  8. Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: Vision of Hell Technique]
  9. Sa Ato Nozomi [Make a Wish]
  10. Torappu Hensou no Jutsu [Trap Disguise Technique]
  11. Me wo Samasu [Waking Up]
  12. Senrigan [Clairvoyance]
  13. Kondaku [Opacity]
  14. Shoshi [bibliography]
  15. Omosa [Weight]
  16. Shi kara no Sasayaki [Whispers from the Dead]
  17. Demonic Illusion: Land of the Dead
  18. Eww
  19. Battle Meditation
  20. Hit Me Baby, One More Time
  21. Just Dance
  22. Lure
  23. Uncanny Aura [special Ability]
  24. Iron Stomach [special Ability]

B-ranked [20/30]

  1. Nemurihane [Feather Sleep]
  2. Hana Saiteiru Nioi no Jutsu [blossoming Smell Technique]
  3. Kashoku no Sousaku [bright Light Creation]
  4. Chien Shikaku [Delayed Sight]
  5. Maukai Yuka no Jutsu [breaking Floor Technique]
  6. Shikketsu [blood Loss]
  7. Chissoku [suffocation]
  8. Kunai Shigure no Jutsu [Rain of Kunai Technique]
  9. Nikuyouyuu no Jutsu [Melting Flesh Technique]
  10. Karada no Rinchi [beating of the Body]
  11. Nise Ansei no Jutsu [Fake Rest Technique]
  12. Magen: Niju Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: Double False Surrounding Technique]
  13. Tsuchi Maborushi no Jutsu [Vision of Stone Technique]
  14. Neko Kibou no Jutsu [Cat Semblance Technique]
  15. Kyouyuu Shiryoku [shared Sight]
  16. Tsuiraku no Jutsu [Falling Technique]
  17. Koori Senbon [ice Needles]
  18. Itami [Pain]
  19. Desire
  20. Internal Map [special Ability]

A-ranked [10/20]

  1. Hana Waza: Bara Azanau [Flower Art: Wild Rose Twist]
  2. Sakashima Sono Itami [Reverse the Pain]
  3. Jibun Teki no Yuujin no Jutsu [Friend of One's Enemy Technique]
  4. Hebi Kubire no Jutsu [snake Constriction Technique]
  5. Koori Torappu no Jutsu [ice Trap Technique]
  6. Shukketsu Tsukimono [bleeding Curse]
  7. Sesshoku [Consume]
  8. Suiyou no Aichou [Mournful Melody of Weeping Willows]
  9. Lust
  10. Photographic Memory [special Ability]

A-ranked [01/10]

  1. Endless Suffering


D-ranked [10/10]

  1. Janpu [Jump]
  2. Dash
  3. Enhanced Sight I [special Ability]
  4. Enhanced Hearing I [special Ability]
  5. Enhanced Touch I [special Ability]
  6. Conquer the Senses: Sight I [special Ability]
  7. Conquer the Senses: Hearing I [special Ability]
  8. Conquer the Senses: Touch I [special Ability]
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Yup, all done. Probably should've said that. Let me know if there's anything that needs fixing.

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I'm happy to go along with that. Let me know if there's anything else.

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