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[August 28th] Mission/Crime Reminders

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Mission/Crime Reminders

Hey everyone! This is just a quick reminder to everyone that things have changed quite a bit from the previous model since there has been allot of confusion floating around for the past week. For example, we no longer have a dedicated 'NPC' staff. We have Narrators which handle lore and events of all shapes, sizes and kinds. If you want to NPC a mission or crime of any rank, you can now do so. I highly recommend doing so as it is a great way to gain experience for leveling. The higher the rank of the mission or crime, the more experience you gain. Please see this guide for more information, although I will quote some important tidbits below.


NPCing a Mission, Crime or Event
Anyone can NPC a mission or crime of any rank. It does not matter if you have experience, if you want to NPC then go for it. All you need to do is post in the mission or crime application saying that you want to NPC. Yup, that's really it. After that it is up to the creator of the application to allow you to NPC for them or to request someone else. Events however are a different in that they require permission from a moderator to NPC rather then the creator of the event itself.


You can also NPC your OWN threads, but only up to B in rank. Any mission or crime that is higher in rank then B will require someone else to NPC it for you. You will not gain NPC experience if you NPC your own thread. You may additionally, only be in one solo mission or crime at any one time per character, regardless if you NPC it or not. This includes other characters that you own, meaning you can't try to group several of your characters together to try and avoid this rule. If you want to be in more missions/crimes at once, go join others. Group missions are fun and rewarding in this way because there is no limit in how many group threads you can be in at once.

NPCing a mission, crime or event nets you experience for each and every thread you finish. Note, that the thread must actually be finished with a success or failure and an incomplete will net you nothing.

NPC Experience Given
D Rank - 25 exp
C Rank- 25 exp
B Rank- 50 exp
A Rank- 100 exp
S Rank- 200 exp

You will not gain experience for a mission, crime or event that is deemed to have been far too easy for its rank and the participants levels, so please make sure that you are making sure that the mission or crime is challenging enough.



Events are classified as any mission or crime that involves more then a small group of RPC's. Such as for example, something that would effect an entire village or perhaps a large area of a country. Some events have restrictions on who may join, such as an event in which missing nin are invading a village. In such an event, the thread would be closed to only RPC's of that village and any Missing Nin who wished to try. Most events however, are generally free to join by all. Events share the same experience pay out per rank as missions and crimes.




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