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[Shinobi] Dao, Luv Li [Chuunin]

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Ninja Info CardNinjavanish.jpg


Dao, Luv Li



5'5" ft (167.64 cm)

115 lb (52.1 kg)



Luv is fair skinned, five and one half feet tall, and has a body like a whipcord from the all her years as a professional acrobat and shinobi training. Her upper body is tone and her legs are well defined, showing their power, without losing any womanly qualities. Her hair is silver with a healthy sheen; her eyes red and rich with Dao heritage. She is normally seen wearing purple form fitting and black pants. Over this she wears a full length jacket. Typical tabi footwear adorn her feet. On her back she carries a backpack that is kept tight to the back and doesn't bounce around and can be removed easily by her. On her hip is a hip sack kept to the back above the right. Seals adorn the hip sack where she has many of her kunai sealed.



ANBU [bear Division]

HIdden Village in the Steam


Level: 19 [125/200exp]


Ninjutsu D - C - B
Genjutsu D
Taijutsu D - C - B - A
Seals D - C
Strength D - C - B
Speed D - C - B - A - S
Intelligence D - C
Endurance D - C - B - A - S
Stamina D - C - B

D Rank Missions: 10
C Rank Missions: 7
B Rank Missions: 4
A Rank Missions: 3
S Rank Missions: 0
D Rank Crimes: 0
C Rank Crimes: 0
B Rank Crimes: 0
A Rank Crimes: 0
S Rank Crimes: 0

~Pre-Academy Backgroud~

Luv was born between the union of a Dao Clan florist(Father) and a medical-nin from another Clan(Mother). Neither being apart of the shinobi world but aided in their efforts by helping the clan with their needs. When Luv was born she was born sickly, pale white and not crying. Rushed to the appropriate medical facilities she was looked after. For the first month of her life she balanced on the line of life and death. Like a thin tightrope she was balancing on it. It wasn't till the next full moon that the mother, after having a manic attack, stole the child from the medical facilities to take her on a midnight stroll and sing to her in the light of the full bright moon. It was then that she started to get better.

In her younger years she lived outside Hyouga in a smaller village. Her parents had gotten into the trade of raising beautiful flowers that would grow in climate. Many of them herbal in nature as well as poisonous. It wasn't till the age of 9 when she started to really show signs of potential to become a shinobi herself. The day before she was to be admitted into the academy a missing ninja who had heard about one of the rare poisonous flowers came to their combo home/shop and killed the the mother after permanently crippling the father's legs before cultivating all the poisonous flowers and burning most of the rest.

Because of what happened to her parents, Luv would spend the next few years rebuilding the shop and caring for the flowers that had survived as her father ran the counter. Along side of that she also made extra money for them living as a professional acrobat doing shows. She did this instead of going into the academy but on her 12th birthday a representative from the Lune clan would find out about her and tell the family. She was then picked up and placed in the academy.

~Academy Background~

Her life at the academy was easy for her. She was older than most of them which gave her an edge in a lot of areas and graduated quickly because of it. Not only that but she had the added perks of being apart of the Lune Clan. Her tuition was paid for by clan through a scholarship. Many of the students liked her playful attitude and how jovial she was. It was only during one incident that she almost didn't graduate. She was almost removed from the academy, along with almost losing her scholarship for going "over board" with revenge on a student. The student, as a prank, cut up flowers that Luv had been growing. They were a rare arctic flower that only bloomed in moonlight. It held much significance to her being that it was one of the few flowers that survived the attack against her parents. After some research Luv found out that the boy was allergic to bee's. Taking a nest of bees and gassing them to sleep in a bag, she placed the bag under his bed and jammed his door shut in the middle of the night while he was asleep. During the middle of the night the boys screams could be heard as the bees woke up and attacked him. A whistling Luv was seen leaving the dorms with a smile on her face. It was then that many learned just how dark she could be if messed with, however since then she has become less dark and more even-tempered. During her stay at the academy she learned a lot about the Lune and Dao clan, becoming intimately close to both. Having lost her family at such a early age she yearns for the love and connection of family and as such are the only ones who can escape her vengeful wrath.

It was also where she met Squishy, her beloved pet Kangaroo Rat. Either resting on her head or shoulder the two were never seen apart. Many days they could be found just on the edge of the east forest side of TSU reading books on flowers and herbs while squishy forged for nuts. One day found a seed from a great Ash tree that seemed to be warm to the touch. It was clear that this seed had some importance and she could almost see a aura of chakra about it...no feel it. Squishy of course didn't want to wait to find out what it was all about and decided to just eat it. Before Luv could stop him he swallowed it whole. Unfortunately for the poor little guy he found himself sick for weeks after that and at such a young age it was dangerous to become so sick. The seed fundamentally changed him completely screwing with his chakra system. It was no longer possible to figure what element he had with any sort of test and if he tried to use chakra it become exceeding taxing. Because of this Squshy had to focus on other talents in order to fully cope and still stay effective as a shinobi pet.

~Genin Background~

It wasn’t till she graduated the academy that she became a bit of a traveler. She'd go see a man, who was at this point an older brother, Uehara, Aizen. He gave her much guidance and training, teaching her how to fight and the general genin basics and not just her but helped Squishy develop his jumping and speed and general physical attributes. During this training Azien helped her capitalize on her skill with motion, spinning and her ability to perform Tsuuga like none other.Around this time she was adopted into the Uehara family, now being a woman to a family of 3 clans. In her off time she would go to the different nations and just walk around as a commoner. This traveling for several years aided in helping her lessen any accent to her speech. After being adopted into the Uehara family, Azien requested that she go live in Sato in the Hidden Village since she didn't have any true home and didn't have any real allegiances to a country. She didn't know why but she owed him much being her first real mentor so she heeded his request have moved there to become a citizen. The only thing he would say on the matter is do not mention my request and always remember that Nagare is your home as well.

Before moving to Sato she was given a mission while still affiliated in some way with Frost Country. It was here she was put on a temporary team made of several genin to go investigate a mansion invested with a demon. While she didn't know much about demons she did her best to aid the group. They were successful in the mission but they all were left with even more questions and so much was left unanswered, Luv believing that they didn't get the real threat but just a guard dog of a demon.

One reaching Sato Luv was integrated into the genin ranks. Many didn't know her there since she wasn't from Sato but they seemed to welcome her with open arms. It was here that Luv met two interesting people. Kazuma and Saber. Together the formed a team and went on their first mission together where they transported a sloth of a man who was a nobleman to a meeting. They were also given the unlikely job of having to drive the man insane during the mission. While Luv wasn't of much help there, Kazuma was. Unfortunately Saber was knocked into a coma during the mission but somehow they were still able to succeed.

Several months later during more time and training Luv was contracted to go investigate a beast that had shown up near the coast line thanks to the workings of bandit. During the mission she discovered the bandits hide out and the strange beast. A titanic monster, purple in color with horns. Something she'd later find out to be called a behemoth. Due to some pour judgement and lacking intel she failed the mission. Having done so well solo on a C rank mission she wasn't horrible punished for the failure and in the end still was able to save the village from future attacks from the beast and kill most of the bandits.

Once returning home Luv took some time off to contemplate her life and role in the world. Deciding enough was enough she scheduled meetings with the ones leading the revolution, two Daimyo by the names Jackie Chun (Hyouga) and Jarvis Suterusu (Sato). After having to tirelessly travel between Mr Suterusu and Mr Chun, striking land deals in exchange for loyalty, Luv was eventually contracted by Mr Suterusu to assassinate Mr Chun with poison in exchange for land rights and a treaty. Luv finding the deal more than fair took the large Island off Sato that had very little settlement with hopes of making it a new base of operations. After concluding her business with Mr Suterusu, she would take her leave with the open invitation to perform more jobs in exchange for weapons and construction help for the island. However this was all done for naught due to the untimely demise of the island during a world wide cataclysmic event that buried that plot of land deep under water.

Since becoming a genin over the next two years before becoming a chuunin she began, over time, to fundamentally change her fighting style during her travels, missions and exploits. With the vanishing of her mentor and trainer Azien, she had no ties to the Uehara clan or the secret missions Azien had planned for her anymore. Because of this she stopped training in taijutsu and started to focus more on genjutsu, stealth and long ranged fighting. In turn she completely abandoned what she knew in favor of these changes. It complemented her elements more and her tracking abilities. Luv even went as far as to go through training to turn her mastery of motion into mastery of motion in a different form; agility. Squishy also would train diligently in the practice of stealth, capitalizing on his small size and speed but lost his impressive stamina in the process. With Luv's nose, Squishy's hearing and their stealth abilities they had refined themselves more into what they believed a true shinobi should be like.

Life would seem fine for Luv until a cataclysmic event that shook her world to it's very core. Not only her world but the world of all shinobi and the village. Frantically scraping by everything she could to save as many lives as she could before the village was sunk down into the ocean. It was here that Luv also lost her beloved and trusted companion Squishy. A loss that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Previous RPC Profile:

Dao-Lune, Luv Li

Edited by RyouKachi

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Jutsu and Abilities

D Rank [14/30]

  • Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
  • Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
  • Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique]
  • Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill]
  • Kakuremino no Jutsu [self Hiding Technique]
  • Suijuu Kokyuu no Jutsu [underwater Breathing Technique]
  • Suiton: Jouka [Water Release: Cleanse]
  • Suiton: Shiryoku [Water Release: Sight] (Doujutsu)
  • Suiton: Kihou [Water Release: Air Bubble]
  • Fuuton: Naishoubanashi Kaze no Jutsu [Wind Release: Whispering Wind Technique]
  • Fuuton: Seiki Reiki [Wind Release: Astral Aura]
  • Stop
  • Fuuton: Torikkuyashi [Wind Release: Trick Palm]
  • Fuuton: Kaze no Purusu Kougeki [Wind Release: Wind Pulse Attack]

C Rank [10/20]

  • Kinobori [Tree Climbing]
  • Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking]
  • Anshi [Night Vision]
  • Kyougiri [Vibrating Cutter]
  • Shunshin no Jutsu [body Flicker Technique]
  • Hogo Seiru [Protection Sail]
  • Fuuton: Renkuudan [Wind Release: Drilling Air Projectile]
  • Fuuton: Josho [Wind Release: Rise]
  • Kirigakure no Jutsu [Hidden Mist Technique]
  • Suiton: Teppoudama [Water Release: Bullet]

B Rank [1/10]

  • Jibun Konzetsu [self Eradication]

D Rank [10/10]

  • Heki Hando Aizu no Jutsu [False Handseal Technique]
  • Hitotsuoki Sentaku [Alternate Choice]
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Look at me!
  • Toriburu Bijon [Triple vision]
  • Paranoia Wan Shotto [Paranoia One Shot]
  • Magen: Chirudo Tamashii [Demonic Illusion: Chilled Soul]
  • Magen: Onsui Tamashii [Demonic Illusion: Heated Soul]
  • *Special Ability* Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] - Reptilian

D Rank [28/40]

  • *Village Jutsu* Trick Shot
  • Battou [Drawing Sword]
  • Battou Saya [Drawing Sword Scabbard]
  • Battou Senkou [Drawing Sword Flash]
  • Ha [Edge of a Sword]
  • Karakuri Ken Tentou [Evade and Counter]
  • Sougu: Hishiou Taka [Tool Manipulation: Souring Falcon]
  • Sougu: Shibu Shuriken [Tool Manipulation: Defense Shuriken]
  • Sougu: Tsuudan [Tool Manipulation: Piercing Bullet]
  • Ametsuchi Rendan [Heaven and Earth Combo]
  • Inner Focus
  • Dainamikku-Entori [Dynamic Entry]
  • Kitai [Anticipation]
  • Chou Oe no Ha [butterfly on the Leaves]
  • Tsuuga [Piercing Fang]
  • Rakka A-muba- [Falling Armbar]
  • Yaen Hanewaza [Monkey Flip]
  • Dash
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Smell I
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Smell I
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Sight I
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Sight I
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Hearing I
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Hearing I
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Touch I
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Touch I
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Taste I
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Taste I

C Rank [23/30]

  • Konoha Gufuu [Leaf Hurricane]
  • Shadan [interception]
  • Tounyuu Dageki [Throwing Strike]
  • Houshou [Crushing Fist]
  • Kage Buyou [Leaf Shadow Dance]
  • Konoha Daisenpu [Leaf Great Whirlwind]
  • Konoha Reppuu [Leaf Violent Wind]
  • Konoha Senpuu [Leaf Spinning Wind]
  • Konoha Shofu [Leaf Rising Wind]
  • Oshiromai no Taki [backwards Waterfall]
  • Shou-Geki-Shou [Rising Impact Palm]
  • Daburu Sunappu Kikku [Double Snap Kick]
  • Taren-Panchi (Multi-Punch)
  • Asshou [Pressure Palm]
  • Double Dash
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Sight II
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Sight II
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Hearing II
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Hearing II
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Touch II
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Touch II
  • *Celestial Gate* The Gate of Opening (é–‹é–€, Kaimon)
  • *Celestial Gate* The Gate of Healing (休門, KyÅ«mon)

B Rank [16/20]

  • Ichi no Te [First Hand]
  • Hien [Flying Swallow]
  • Shishi Rendan [Lion Combo]
  • Tsuiraku Kawa [Crashing River]
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Sight III
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Sight III
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Hearing III
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Hearing III
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Touch III
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Touch III
  • *Celestial Gate* The Gate of Life (生門, Seimon)
  • *Celestial Gate* The Gate of Pain (å‚·é–€, ShÅmon)
  • Misuriru no yoroi [Mithril Armor]
  • Muon no Ken [silent Fist]
  • Jougan [Pure Eyes]
  • Khellendros

A Rank [9/10]

  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Sight IV
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Sight IV
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Hearing IV
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Hearing IV
  • *Special Ability* Enhanced Touch IV
  • *Special Ability* Conquer the Senses: Touch IV
  • *Celestial Gate* The Gate of Limit (æœé–€, Tomon)
  • *Celestial Gate* The Gate of View (景門 , Keimon)
  • Gen'ei MirÄju
Edited by RyouKachi

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Not quite done with this as I'm still finalizing the jutsu slots and items.


1. How do you obtain the gates?  I'd like Luv to be a gates user over re obtaining the Lune or Dao bloodline again. I was given permission to have both by the previous owners back when the site was still active but would like to take a different route this time. I can't find any rules on it other than just that the first gate takes a C rank slot. I added them onto my jutsu list in the meantime.


2. Slotted Items. Do I need to app those if they won't have any abilities? Like can I make my swords C rank for the durability and they take up C rank taijutsu slots?

Edited by ChocoboCharm

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Please remove the Lune moniker from your profile. It no longer exists. The bloodline is a different matter however and can be discussed at a later date. It can be the same BL as before (tweaked for the new system of course), however it will not have the same name.

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Removed it. I wanted gates over Bloodline unless you're allowed both for some reason? If the bloodline gets recreated that would be great.

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It is possible to get the gates and get a bloodline. However, while not especially clear at the moment, I do believe the gates do require training and can't simply be added to your abilities with the global jutsu promo. Espcially since the Uehara, Shin RPC lists them separately. Do you have any previous gate trainings you can use?

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I couldn't find any rules on if they require training or how much (if they require more than normal or not). Also I wasn't sure on the rules since we are able to start off at higher rank and someone of higher rank might have done training already or obtain bloodlines, etc. If it turns out you do have to do training first I haven't done that kind on this site.


Being that this is alpha/beta it would give us a chance to playtest their power level and see if they need altering or not.

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- Under alias, correct spelling of 'obtained'.

- In the inventory, what do you mean by "Duel Wakizashi"? Did you mean "Dual Wakizashi" for two Wakizashis? If so, you can put "Wakizashi [2]".

- You can remove the Organization section if you aren't part of any yet.

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NItpicks are fine. I nipick when I do criquites all the time when I do mod work.


Also slight tanget. I asked if Enkou could make a rulilng on the gates since there are no current rules on them on when and how you can take them. She said she could after work today, if she doesn't pass out. :)



Edit: Removed Org and Alias section since she has neither. Also corrected weapon listing in inventory.

Edited by ChocoboCharm

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