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[Shinobi] Iwasaki Akagi [Genin]

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Ninja Info Card




Name: Iwasaki Akagi

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Weight: 140lbs (63.6kg)

Element: Sunaton, Raiton, Katon, Fuuton

Language: Common, Rikuhuu


Akagi is still a bit short and thin due to necessity. He seems to have black hair but is actually coloured brown in the right lighting conditions. His hair is very messy and unruly so he wears his forehead protector to keep his bangs from itching his forehead and displays that he is a shinobi of Kawa. Black eyes hide behind worn rectangular goggles since he is near-sighted.

He wears a dark green long sleeve undershirt with sleeves that seem a bit too long for him as he can occasionally let his sleeves extended past his hands. On top of the undershirt he wears a dark red windbreaker jacket with a hoodie and short sleeves. The zipper of the jacket splits down a white diamond design on the jacket. The diamond is connected to two separate diamonds at the tips on both sides. A black diamond is located at the back of the jacket, opposite the one on the chest. The tips of the black diamond also meet the tips of the diamonds at the sides. The Iwa symbol is located on the black diamond. He has a tendency to wear the jacket open and closes it during important situations. The jacket has a hood which is used to block either strong winds or harsh sunlight

A black pair of pants joins the ensemble with a kunai holster attached to his right thigh. A pair of closed, black ninja shoes completes the gear.


Class: Shinobi

Rank: Genin

Village: Kawagakure (Ex-Rikuhi)

Clan: Iwa


Level: 18 [175/200 EXP]




D Rank Missions: 6
C Rank Missions: 3
B Rank Missions: 0
A Rank Missions: 0
S Rank Missions: 0



Pre- Academy


Akagi is the first born of two Rikuhi citizens, a civilian father and a kunoichi mother. His dad owned a bookstore while his mom worked as a simple Ninja-instructor before retiring when she married his dad. They continue to run the bookstore which consists of numerous published works. It also consists of some Ninja-related literature but Akagi doesn’t know about that. Thus Akagi’s life was simple despite a few Village Emergencies.

Akagi grew up learning how to fight from his mom whom he often complained about learning a “girly†way of fighting instead of the brawling nature he often witnessed his other friends practiced. Not that he could really complain as he wasn't really that strong. That all stopped however when a man, double his mom’s size, tried to attach her when she was preventing the bookstore from being robbed. In one fluid motion he ended up through the wall of the store… across the street. That was then Akagi learned to shut-up and just listen to his mom.

Growing up in a bookstore made Akagi like to read a lot. Aside from training he would spend his time helping his dad in their bookstore and then read whatever books he came across. His favourite series were usually about tales of ninjas, their stories glorified into exciting stories. Even though he will never admit it, he also loves the parts when the hero or heroines get their love-interests.

A combination of his mom and the stories he read influenced Akagi into having a dream of becoming a Shinobi. Though he still has no idea what to do after becoming one.

He has 2 younger siblings

Academy Days

Akagi started his Ninja Education by immediately diving into what was supposed to be culmination of an Academy Students Schooling, The Genin Exams. With the help of a somewhat eccentric examiner, Akagi took the test and learned how truly deceptive a Ninja’s life could be when the exam wasn’t your typical answer and pass types. Despite the surprise of the exam, Akagi scored high on the exam and passed with flying colors.

But even though he was done with the exam, he still wasn’t finish his education and Akagi continued attend classes. One such memorable class was the one about preparation for missions. There was a lecture and a mission were what they learned was put to the test, supervised by their sensei. It was a ragtag bunch of Students vs 3 rogue Academy Students. This was one of those times where Akagi had to step up and lead the group of sorts. They were able to meet the objectives but only with intervention from their sensei.

Still, Akagi’s whole Academy experience wasn’t just about school and work. This was the time Akagi met some other Academy Students whom he befriended. Chromera, a blind Hyougan with dreams of being a great shinobi. He and Akagi met during the class mission but became friends during a pitstop on the way home. They did a bit of illegal thievery which Akagi hopes to not haunt him in the future.

Tanaka Ai was someone he met during a more relaxed portion of his schooling. She too was blind but from Rikuhi as well which made it easy for them to communicate with each other as Ai had a hard time speaking in Common then. Akagi taught her how to play kickball and was rewarded with a promised friendship of a lifetime. An escort back to her dorms left Akagi embarrassed and confused.

The last event before Akagi finished his schooling was a short spar with a boy named Youta. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Akagi was challenged to a fight on a training ground he was supposed to use. Feeling up to it, Akagi fought until his opponent forfeited. They left on amicable terms afterwards.

Akagi has now graduated and is now looking forward to the beginning of his life as a true shinobi. He returned home a bit to celebrate his promotion and train a bit with his family. He still doesn't know what to do in the long run but has some ideas for the immediate future.

Genin Days, Great Upheaval and Founding of Kawagakure

Akagi's Genin life was a chaotic mess of trying to find a stable sensei and team to furthur advance his shinobi education. There were some sensei's who were nice enough to teach him his Genin Basics. He wished though they involved less on the spot kidnapping and more formal structure. Though learning from these "Lune-y" teachers were always interesting and did leave him stronger than when he started.

Unfortunately, plans for a stable team or even global stability were destroyed when the Great Upheaval came. As part of the shinobi force, Akagi assisted in the evacuation of civilians from Rikuhi and the subsequent efforts to try and restore the village. Kami was not on their side as the lingering effects of the Upheavel ultimately caused the final exodus of Rikuhi's inhabitants. It was a grueling period as travel to refuge included minor bouts of peril but this march through the desert re-affirmed his duty as a shinobi.

Only once they reached the future sight of Kawagakure, Akagi voluntary joined the beginning shinobi forces, assisting in building their new home. When the village had stabalized enough and Ninja force was ready, Akagi would once again be able to leave the village as a Kawagakure Shinobi. He has no idea what to do in the long run but is focused on the current problems at hand.

Sample Post:

Death, destruction and devastation. This was the scene Akagi was standing in as nature destroyed everything around him. Oddly said destruction was not physically affecting him. The scen abruptly changed as he could see a large group of people in a line march to some unknown location. Zooming in, he could see a child, barely 10 on the back of a boy being carried as they marched. The features were not visible as they were covered by clothes and bandanas to prevent the sand from hiting their faces. Something stirred in the memory of the boy.

A large shadow passed over the group but was seemingly ignored by everyone. Akagi looked up and could only see a winged creature blotting out the harsh sun. A harsh cry emmited from the creature and somehow resonated withing the sould of the boy before a flap of the wings caused the sand around him to fly. Reflexively, he closed his eyes and all he saw was darkness.

Akagi groggily woke up, barely able to remember the dream. He knew what those scenes were and wondered why he was dreaming about such a thing again. Looking at the clock and calendar beside his bed, his slowly waking mind realized what the date was and what was happening later. Also he was late. Hastily getting ready, Akagi changed to his uniform and grabbed his equipment but paused as his hand hovered of the last article of clothing he had yet to wear. A strip of dark cloth with a metal plate attached in the middle. The symbol of a bridge-like object was etched on the surface. Reflecting on what it meant, Akagi tied the cloth on his forehead. After how-many years, it was time to resume his journey once more.

Previous RPC Profile: %5BGenin%5D Iwasaki Akagi %5BRikuhi%5D

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Right Back pouch (7/10)

- Shuriken [10]
- Smoke Bomb [2]
- Water Bottle [12mL]
- Wire: Steel 5m length, 4mm diameter
- Pen
- Notebook, 8†x 5â€
- Exploding Tag x 5

Right Leg Holster (8/10)

- Kunai [3]

Event Items

- FÅ«in no Shirohigi [scroll of White Secret Techniques] [1]

- Scroll of Knowledge
- DezÄtogan [Desserts Pill]

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Jutsu and Abilities


  • [D] Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
  • [D] Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
  • [D] Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique]
  • [D] Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill]
  • [D] Fuuin no Tsukurite [seal Creator]
  • [D] Harigane Gappei [Meld Wire/Wire Fusion]
  • [D] Gansaku Suterusu no Jutsu [Fake Stealth Technique]
  • [D] Koe no Mozouhin [Voice Imitation]
  • [D] Kusai [stinking]
  • [D] Sunaton: Suna no Shitani [sand Release: Under the Sand]
  • [D] Sunaton: Suna Ba-suto [sand Release: Sand Burst]
  • [D] Sunaton: Sando Jamba- [sand Release: Sand Jumper]
  • [D] Sunaton: Daisan Me [sand Release: The Third Eye]
  • [D] Sunaton: Suna Kumo [sand Release: Sand Cloud]
  • [D] Denkyuu [Light bulb]
  • [D] Raiton: Seiteki Shokku [Lightning Release: Static Shock]
  • [D] Internal Compass


  • [D] Heki Hando Aizu no Jutsu [False Handseal Technique]
  • [D] Bu-bu-toiu Oto no Jutsu [buzzing Sound Technique]
  • [D] Kogiiku [Cheap Trick]
  • [D] Chiru [Chill]
  • [D] Monokuro [Monochrome]
  • [D] Saikederikku [Psychedelic]
  • [D] Taitona Supotto [Tight Spot]
  • [D] Tight
  • [D] Pull
  • [D] Push
  • [C] Genjutsu Kai


  • [D] Enhanced Touch I
  • [D] Sennen Goroshi [One Thousand Years of Pain]
  • [D] Chou Oe no Ha [butterfly on the Leaves]
  • [D] Mezame panpan [Wake-up slap]
  • [D] Dainamikku-Entori [Dynamic Entry]
  • [D] Gyaku Girochin [inverse Guillotine]
  • [D] Ashikubi Sui-pu [Ankle sweep]
  • [D] Rakka A-muba- [Falling Armbar]
  • [D] Sougu: Shibu Shuriken [Tool Manipulation: Defense Shuriken]
  • [C] Kage Shuriken no Jutsu [shadow Shuriken Technique]
  • [C] Shadan [interception]

Edited by RyouKachi

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You can remove the alias section, since it's blank.


Also the description on your inventory is a bit misleading since you have Right Back pouch (7/10) and Right Leg Holster (1/10). With D Rank Strength you can have 10 item types total, not per storage location.


Also by Level 5 you would have completed more than 1 D Rank Mission. 5 would be the exact number going by the experience needed.

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You can remove the bloodline section as well as the extra spaces in genjutsu and taijutsu since you don't have access to them. There are also 10 extra spaces you can't yet use under D rank ninjutsu. You should only have 30 of those.


Also, while unnecessary, I suggest you use the

[list=1][*] [/*][/list]
tags to make your lists look like this.
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • etc

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I second the numbering suggestion. It would be of really great help to us because we don't have to count the slots manually.

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Thank you! However, as Blaze mentioned, it is not a necessity. You can keep it the way you want as long as the Jutsu slots tally. :)


This looks good to me and I'll give you my half stamp once 24 hrs are up.

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