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TNF 3.0, Welcome Back.

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TNF 3.0, Welcome Back.


*Cue motivational music*

It's been a good long while since TNF has had it's last post, though it was dead long before even that. Many said it would never rise again, but here we are. Thanks to the hard work and effort of the a whole slew of people... and code monkeys, we have done the impossible. We have brought TNF back from the nether, ripped it away because we refused to just let things go. We, the people of TNF, are obsessive like that. We cling to the memories that we have made and the connections we have forged. And we will make new ones! Probably, hopefully. Because all that is missing here now, are the people. Because TNF can never be truly brought back unless people let it. [/size][/size]So as this is the very first news post officially of the new TNF, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to anyone who has decided to come back. Thank you to anyone who has never been but decided to try their hand now. Thank you to anyone who is even thinking of making a character just to try. Thank you to anyone who is keeping TNF alive in their memories.
With that.... we would like to welcome you to the new age.
It's important for everyone to know, that some Major things have changed. The entire world that you used to know, has been altered. Four years have passed since the time you last step a metaphorical foot into this world. The events from the great 'Upheval' have been slightly altered, the villages did in fact not survive. The lands, ravaged by the great natural disasters that plagued this lands, became riddled with famine and internal turmoil. From conflict, several new countries were forged, the territorial lines altered. New villages were created and a new faction of neutral ninja roam the lands. Tension is strung high and with the rewards great, the possibility of war hangs heavy on the horizon. And that my friends, is just the beginning. The systems have changed with the full purpose to maximize the fun and to minimize the stress for everyone involved. Ranks are now purely optional with the rewards being completely tied to the RP. A promotion might net you a greater amount of respect from your peers, the ability to teach a group of Genin or even a place on the council to contribute and have a hand in the shape and fate of your village. It is important to read all the guides before stepping into this new world, for so much more has changed then meets the eye.To those just joining us in the game, it effects you little. But for those of us coming back from the TNF of old, you may be asking what you need to do here. Adapt and assimilate? The answer is in fact very little. The templates for character creation are very similar to the old ones, and in fact, you can even copy and paste that information from one to another. However, it is important to remember, that anything in the archives prior to this release has been moved to the 'Historical Archives'. Using the search feature in the appropriate areas (some files got accidentally placed in the wrong areas) all of your old applications can be easily found. Those, will sadly need to be re-applied for. This includes clans, bloodlines, weapons, items, ect. Anything applied for previously accepted, will need to be applied for again.
Returning Characters
- The 4 year time skip does not mean you have to age your character four years if you choose not to.
- Returning players retain the ranks of their previous 'character slots' and can create an RPC for each slot while retaining the same rank and gaining a boosted level to start with. See the chart below for further information.
- If you are bringing back an old character, you will be allowed to add as many global jutsu to your character as you have slots for.
- If you are bringing back an old character and re-apply for a jutsu that they had already trained in the old TNF, you may use old training posts or quote them in a flash back to avoid any further training. (Your Choice) This however, only applies for those characters that actually trained said jutsu IC'ly and have posts to prove it.
- Characters who used to be Medics or ANBU retain their rank. This excludes being Captain or Head Medic, which must be applied for.

- Ex ANBU Characters may keep any ANBU jutsu that they already had on their profiles, regardless if they choose to join a new village or not. This also extends to other special ranks such as Kage.

- You can only apply for old creations such as jutsu, items, ect that were originally created by you or that you have permission to apply for. If you have a special case, please bring it to a moderators attention for a decision.

- Clans, Organizations and Bloodlines are considered to be 'owned' by the one who applied for it last. Those that are being re-applied for must be applied for by the one who owned it or who has permission to do so. If neither are available, any member of that clan/org may apply for it in their stead. HOWEVER, if the original owner comes back, or someone with the permission from such, they reserve full rights to reclaim ownership and revamp the application as they see fit to.

- Requirements for active clan members for the creation of clans, organizations and bloodlines can be ignored if you are bringing back something previously accepted.

- In the character creation template, returning members can enter in a number of missions or crimes in the template of however many you wish up to a set amount that is determined by the rank of the character you are remaking.  After all, we don't expect you to remember and find each and every mission or crime that character has ever done.


If your character you are creating was equivalent to this rank, you can fill in an amount of missions or crimes UP TO the numbers listed below. Meaning, if the character was a Jounin, you can use the Jounin numbers listed even if you are creating the character as a Bandless or a Missing nin.


Academy Student: 1 D rank mission


Genin: 5 D rank mission

Chuunin: 10 D Rank Missions, 5 C Rank Missions

Jounin: 15 D rank Missions, 10 C Rank Missions, 5 B Rank Missions, 2 A RAnk Missions

Elite Jounin: 20 D rank Missions, 15 C Rank Missions, 10 B Rank Missions, 5 A Rank Missions, 2 S rank Missions

Sennin: 25 D rank Missions, 20 C Rank Missions, 15 B Rank Missions, 10 A Rank Missions, 5 S rank Missions

ANBU Captain: 25 D rank Missions, 20 C Rank Missions, 15 B Rank Missions, 10 A Rank Missions, 5 S rank Missions

Kage: 25 D rank Missions, 20 C Rank Missions, 15 B Rank Missions, 10 A Rank Missions, 5 S rank Missions

Level Boosts for returning characters
Academy Student - Level 1
Genin - Level 5
Chuunin - Level 10
Jounin - Level 15
Elite Jounin - Level 20
Sennin - Level 25
Kage - Level 25
ANBU Captain - Level 25
New Player Promotion
For those users who are not returning with a previous character and are brand new to these parts, they may create one Level 5 Genin/C rank MN/Bandless instead of the usual. Users are only normally only allowed to create Academy Students until they obtain Genin rank for at least one of them, this Genin will not count towards that.

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