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TNF 3.0: What's Changed

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TNF 3.0: What's Changed


I know that it's hard to contain all the excitement, but you all are going to have to try. The RP section of the forums is almost complete. At this moment, we are only finishing off a few last minute details and preening threads of errors and inconsistencies. It is important to remind everyone however that this is going to be an Alpha release. No resets will occur after Alpha is over, but this being in Alpha means that changes could happen at any time. Please be wary of this as we test our systems and see how they work in active play. We appreciate any and all who decide to join us in the upcoming release. After all, without people to RP a forum RP is no RP at all. The only way that TNF can truly be brought back from the dead is if it is given a chance to do so. With that in mind, to any who are either interested or have already decided to come back, please look over the following list of changes to help acquaint yourself with the new systems and rulings.


I will be delivering the list in the form of Chapters. 1 Chapter per post with each post pertaining to an important set of changes that need to be noted.

With that... here is the first.


Chapter 1: The World






The ninja world of Seichi has changed much since you have last seen it. For those that remember the events leading up to the great event named 'The Upheaval', the end results have been changed. Before, the villages only just barely survived. But you may have asked yourself at one point... what if they had not? The answer is right before you now. Because they in fact did not survive. During the Upheaval, each of the five once great ninja villages had each been destroyed.

The lands of Seichi were torn apart and the people who lived their adapted to the changes around them. Lands ravaged by the natural disasters were soon divided by internal conflict and strife. Some areas fared better then others, and some fared very poorly indeed. Famine, crime, unease and death were a common sight in the three years that followed. The countries once sound and whole divided as new countries were formed and claimed independence. The countries of Earth, Wave, Rain, Snow, Stone and Lighting were formed.


The Shinobi of the once proud villages took to roaming the lands in search of new homes. Many Shinobi set off in groups, taking to different directions and eventually joining other groups of Shinobi from other nations. These pilgrimages eventually settled in new locations, thus the creation of three new villages. Yuge of water country, the village in the steam. Yama of frost country, the village in the mountain. And Kawa of sun country, the village in the river.


The TSU has been of course moved and rebuilt in Stone Country, a country that has been agreed upon by all nations to remain neutral and a place of learning for the young ones. Though, no one village trusts the teachings of their students to any other, so the campus is taught by mainly neutral bandless. A student may also be taught by guest teachers tutors of their own village, but they may mingle with students from others in the common areas.


The story continues at a time of 4 years from the events of the great upheaval. The three new villages are newly created and consist of refugees from all five villages. This does not mean that we will only have three villages because we fully intend to bring it more at a later date. When the population of TNF grows to support more villages, events will be set in place for the creation of an addition. At the start, we felt that three was a good enough number. Pre-existing RPC's are allowed to return to this world, and may be re-created so long as they follow the new systems and guidelines.


The villages themselves are wary with one another. Still newly created, the villages do not have a lot of wealth. The general vibe between nations is tense like a coiled spring, to the point where pretty much anything could snap the tension and bring about conflict. And conflict in fact there would be. With a new War and Peace system there are in fact benefits and detriments to being at war and in creating allies. Some villages may find the spoils of war to be far more tempting then the spoils of friendship. How the world of Seichi develops from here is entirely now up to you.

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Chapter 2: The Characters


First, it is important to explain that rank at this time no longer equates to how much power or strength your character has. Ranks are now fully based in character and only have in character benefits. In order to obtain a higher rank, your character will need to earn it IC'ly. For example, Shinobi ranks are now considered IC promotions with greater amounts of privileges and respect being given to those higher in the pecking order. Missing Nin ranks have been changed in that your missing nin rank is now the rank of the highest ranking crime that your RPC has been a part of and is wanted for. Meaning, in order to be an S rank MN now, you will need to have completed an S rank crime and be wanted for it. If no evidence was left behind of your crime, you wouldn't be in the Bingo Book for it so it simply wouldn't count. Ranking up is essentially optional and no longer essential for character progression.
Aside from the two main Ninja Classifications however, we now have an entirely new one. Bandless, are ninja who are not bound to a village and who are not wanted by a village for crimes. Most Bandless were born and raised outside of a village. A few exceptions are made of course. Such as in the case of the surviving members of the destroyed villages. Some of these survivors choose not to join a new village but rather wander the lands or hire themselves out as they see fit to. Any Shinobi of a Village that is destroyed become Bandless by default until they join another or rebuild the original. A Bandless can still become a Missing Nin if they are caught completing a crime.

Ranking  Up
Before we go into detail about ranks, its important to know that there are in fact three career paths to choose from. Firstly, there is the Shinobi which are ninja that live and work for a Village. They are assigned missions by their leader (The Kage) and very militant in nature. Then there are Bandless, men and woman who work only for themselves and who take missions or bounties whenever and wherever they please. Bandless are almost always ninja that were trained outside of a village, usually relatives or a family friend. And lastly, there are Nukenin, what are commonly referred to as missing nin. Nukenin are criminals, murderers and thieves and more commonly known to the world as 'Missing Nin'. The more dangerous and well known a missing nin is, the more likely a village may decide to hunt them down to eliminate the threat, so it is always important to keep this in mind.

Shinobi have a simple ranking system that favors those who earn their positions with hard work and earned trust. Starting out as a simple student at the academy, a Shinobi graduates to become a Genin and is placed on a team to learn the value of teamwork and further hone their skills. After passing the 'Chuunin Exams', a Genin becomes a Chuunin who may then become a Jounin upon proving their skill and competence by passing the 'Jounin Exams', a Jounin would become an Elite Jounin. And only the strongest and most well deserving Jounin are granted the title of Sennin which is the highest position in the Shinobi hierarchy other then the Kage himself.

Academy Student -> Genin -> Chuunin -> Jounin -> Elite Jounin -> Sennin -> Kage

Each Shinobi rank has a minimum level requirement that needs to be obtained before it can be obtained, in addition to requiring the rank before. The higher the rank, the higher the level required. It is important to note that some special ranks also have a level requirement as well.

Genin - No level requirement
Chuunin - At least level 5
Jounin - At least level 10
Elite Jounin - At least level 15
Sennin - At least level 20
Kage - Level 25 (One per Village)
ANBU - Starting at Level 6
ANBU Captain - At Least Level 15
Medical Ninja - Starting at Level 6
Head Medic - At Least Level 15

Bandless have no rank, because they are bandless and work only for themselves or whoever they deem fit to lend out their services too.

Nukenin have a different ranking system that instead of being based on hard work and trust, are based instead on the highest rank of crime that the ninja has committed. By committing an A rank crime, succeeding and leaving some form of evidence that would link the crime to their record, one would become an A rank Missing Nin. This rank directly translates into how dangerous the Nukenin is considered to be by the villages. If a Nukenin does nothing but D rank crimes, then it doesnt matter how strong the Nukenin may be or how talented he might be, he will still always be a D rank Missing Nin. This type of ranking system allows for rank skipping, in that a D rank Missing Nin could potentially rank up to an S rank Missing Nin in one full swoop.

Ranks between different career paths however are non transferable. If you are a Jounin and decide to go missing nin, your rank will only be as high as your highest committed crime. If you have not committed a crime, you will be a D rank Missing Nin. Your previous rank would mean nothing at all. If you were a bandless and you decided you wanted to join a village, you would start out at genin, regardless of how strong you might be. And if somehow, you were a missing nin and your crimes pardoned, you would start out as a Genin. Though, if you were previously a Shinobi before you left your village, your new Kage may deem it fit to restore your old and original status.

Second, each character now has a 'Level'. This level directly relates to your characters strength as it decides what your base chakra pool is, what ranks of items your character will have access to and much more. Most importantly, your characters level will determine your characters strengths and weaknesses. Each new character will begin at level 1 and will cap out at the current maximum of 25. A ninja can level up their character through experience which increase in the amounts required the higher in level they are. Experience can be gained in a number of ways, primarily including missions and crimes. However, experience can also be obtained by participating in events, by NPCing missions and crimes for others, and for simply being active in a given month and posting with other users.

The Level System
Like any video game, levels directly relate to power. The higher level you are, the more powerful you are considered to be. The same holds true with ninja in which as your level grows, so does that ninja's power. And just like a video game, all newly created characters regardless of what kind or where they are from start out at level 1. As your character grows and interacts with the world around them, they will gain experience points and eventually 'level up'. Missions, Crimes and Events are the most common ways to gain experience points. However, experience points may also be gained by simply being active, npcing for others and achieving a 'monthly quota'  of social roleplay.

Based on what level you currently are, you will require a different amount of experience to level up. Missions and crimes give exp based on rank, with higher rank missions and crimes granting larger amounts of experience then ones of lower ranks. As your level goes up, so does the amount of experience you will need to level up once more. With that in mind, it is more beneficial to take higher ranking missions as soon as you are able so that you will level more quickly.

Level 1-5: 25exp required per level up
Level 6-10: 50exp required per level up
Level 11-15: 100exp required per level up
Level 16-20: 200exp required per level up
Level 21-25: 400exp required per level up

Whenever a character levels up, they also gain a 'skill point' to place in any skill of their choosing. This skill point grants the ability to raise the letter rank of any one skill by one. For example, raising your D rank speed to C rank. Leveling up is very important in this way, because a higher level means that you have more skill points to play with. The current level cap is 25, meaning that a character has the potential to gain 24 skill points for each level. In addition, all characters start out with one skill point to immediately allocate at level one, making for the total amount of points a character can obtain sitting at 25. The highest letter rank any one stat can achieve without the use of a jutsu is S.

Third, the 'Strength and Weakness' system has been altered and replaced with a new system that uses the idea of stats but without any numbers. This system consists of 9 stats that are measured by the letter ranks of D-S. Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Seals, Strength, Speed, Endurance, Intelligence and Stamina. At level 1, each characters stats start at D rank and can only be increased further by increasing your characters level. Because for each level your character has, you will be able to increase ONE stat by ONE letter rank. This of course includes level 1, so you would be able to raise one stat right off the bat. For example, at level 3 you have the ability to raise three stats by one letter each. With the cap of 25, you can raise stats a total of 25 times.

Statistically Speaking
There are in total, nin stats that every ninja shares. These stats are: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Seals, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Endurance and Stamina.

This is your skill in Ninjutsu. A higher Ninjutsu rank increases the 'Power Level' of your Nin techniques as well as unlocks the ability to own and use Nin techniques of a higher rank. How many elements your character may own is also influenced by your Ninjutsu stat, with your character being able to own one element at D rank and gaining one additional element for each letter rank after for a maximum of 5 at S. The higher this skill is, the more Ninjutsu slots your character will have access too.
This is your skill in Genjutsu. A higher Genjutsu rank unlocks higher ranking Genjutsu techniques for you to own and use. Additionally, this stat also affects the usage of Genjutsu Kai in that you will only be able to use said jutsu to dispel any jutsu up to this stats rank. Genjutsu is the only stat that does not gain a power increase as its rank increases because the fighting styles is static. The higher this skill is, the more Genjutsu slots your character will have access too.
This is your skill in Taijutsu. A higher Taijutsu rank increases the 'Power Level' of your Tai techniques as well as unlocks the ability to own and use Tai techniques of a higher rank. The Celestial Gates may additionally only be obtained by those with a high enough skill in Taijutsu. The higher this skill is, the more Taijutsu slots your character will have access too. Pet's, Insects and Poisons only take up Taijutsu based slots.
The Seal stat is your skill in Fuuinjutsu. A higher Seal stat however, directly translates to faster handseals which allows for the faster casting of jutsu that use seals in the jutsus creation. This stat has no effect on jutsu or abilities that are cast without handseals. Additionally, the higher in rank your seal stat is, the higher ranking Fuuinjutsu your character will be allowed to use and obtain. The stat does not grant jutsu slots.
This is your characters physical strength. It measures how strong your character is, how far and how high your character can jump as well as the force and speed of any thrown projectiles. In addition, a characters strength determines how much inventory space your character has, as a high strength rank means you can carry more things. At D rank, a character is granted 10 inventory slots and 10 more inventory slots for each additional letter rank gained for a total of 50. Inventory slots are filled per item 'type'. For example, you could have as many light bombs as you wished using one slot, but stink bombs would cost you another.
This is your characters physical speed. It measures how fast and agile your character is as well as your characters reflexes.
This is your characters mental based skill. It not only shows how smart and how great a memory your character has, but it is also beneficial for reducing the amount of training a jutsu takes to learn. For each letter rank starting at C, a jutsu requires 10% less word count then normal. Additionally, the intelligence stat directly reduces how much chakra you use for a technique. For each letter rank starting at C, a jutsu will use 1/5 less chakra (one rank less of the rank below the jutsus rank) to use. (An A rank would cost 4 B ranks instead of 5 with an Intelligence stat of C rank) Also, a higher letter rank in this stat will net your character more languages with one additional language being added for each letter rank increase. (A total of 5 aside from common)
This stat is your characters physical condition. A high endurance profits in being able to sustain and reduce higher amounts of damage and being able to endure larger amounts of pain. A high endurance also benefits in warding away illness and disease and helps clot and close open wounds quicker.
Chakra is used by every and all fighting styles though it comes in many forms. The stamina stat increase how much base chakra your character can use starting at C rank at x2, B rank x3, A rank x4, and S rank x5.

Stat Interactions
Stats are categorized by the letter ranks of E, D, C, B, A, S and SS in order of importance from lowest to highest. The higher the letter rank, the greater the skill you are said to have with that one particular area. All stats start out as D, which is comparatively equal to the average human civilian, and can reach as high as S and SS. S rank is classified as Inhuman, think for example of Tsunades Strength or Shikamaru's Intelligence. SS goes one step beyond that, being legendary in its own right. E rank is weak and sickly for a civilian, a stat reaching this low is extremely debilitating. The main purpose of these stats is to help show the difference between two or more characters in relative strength and to aid users in RPing their characters realistically and responsibly. The highest letter rank any RPC can have in any stat without the use of a special stat increasing jutsu is S rank. You will not be able to increase your stats past 'S Rank' by leveling up, regardless of your reason.

E Rank // D Rank // C Rank // B Rank // A Rank // S Rank // SS Rank
Weak // Civilian // Average // Talented // Gifted // Inhuman // Legendary

When comparing one of your stats with another characters, the larger the difference in letter rank between your stat and theirs the more skilled one is said to be in that area then the other. If the letter ranks for that stat is the same, so is their comparative skill.

When calculating damage given or taken in specific, if the attack's main stat (Taijutsu or Ninjutsu respectively) is higher then it's targets endurance, the attack is said to do more damage then it would do normally with an increase of a half a rank in power for each letter rank of difference. If the attack's main stat is lower then it's targets endurance, the attack is said to do less damage then it would do normally with a decrease of a half a rank in power for each letter rank of difference. And of course, if they are the same, nothing changes at all.

In terms of speed, the higher your speed stat in comparison to the rank of the attack you are facing, the more likely you are able to parry, block or dodge it. Other options may exist via chakra, but we are talking physical interaction instead. With an equal amount, your chances are good but nothing is certain. It will be up to you to RP a realistic and fair way of getting out of taking a hit. Please do not assume that because you have high ranking speed that you are neigh untouchable as true as it may seem. It's important to remember to try and be fair.
Non jutsu related attacks such as for example, a close combat attack with your fists or a thrown kunai, usually use the strength stat against the opponents endurance in the same way as jutsu. However in terms of damage, attacks done without chakra are treated as -1 in rank in terms of strength. For example, someone with A rank strength would have the power of a B rank jutsu in his fist when he punches someone in the face and the force behind a throwing star would be comparative to a B rank jutsu.

These three systems work together to create an environment that allows for creativity and diversity. No mater how you build your character your build should allow your character to benefit from it no mater what stats you choose to specialize in. The system is built in such a way that even at level 25 you will not be able to max out or have S rank in every stat, so it is important to choose carefully. The only weaknesses your character has are the stats they choose not to raise up.

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Chapter 3: Character Template


Because everyone asked, they shall receive.




Character Creation Template

Thread Title:

[Character Class] Characters First and Last name [Character Rank]

Remember that your character class is either Shinobi, Bandless or Missing Nin
[important] Character Profiles are divided up into three posts. The very first three posts of the thread in which you post your character application should be these three and nothing else. Make sure you copy and paste the templates exactly how they are. When you are finished filling out the templates, the notes written in to help you along should be removed.


[center][size=7][b]Ninja Info Card[/b][/size]
[img=Insert URL for RPC Picture Here][/center]

[b]Name[/b]: Your characters full and REAL name please.
[b]Alias[/b]: Any other names your character go by are listed here. Such as nicknames or personal titles.
If you don't have any, this section can be removed.

[b]Age[/b]: How old is your character?

[b]Gender[/b]: What gender is your character?

[b]Height[/b]: How tall is your character?

[b]Weight[/b]: How much does your character weight?
[b]Element[/b]: Remember, you only have one element per letter rank in Ninjutsu. (For a max of 5) At D, that means you have only one.
[b]Language[/b]: All ninja start out with Common and gain one additional language for each letter rank in Intelligence.
This means at D you can have one other language aside from common and that at S you could have common and five other languages.
You do not have to take your country's native language, however it is usually more beneficial to do so.
[b]Appearance[/b]: A written appearance please, no pictures here.
Please place pictures at the top of the post in the correct area for them.
Please go into detail on how your character looks without going into detail on clothing.
You can describe what they normally like to wear, but please remember that we need to paint a proper picture in our minds.
If there is not enough information to visualize what your character looks like you will be asked for more.

[b]Class[/b]: Shinobi, Bandless or Missing Nin.

[b]Rank[/b]: This only applies for Shinobi and Missing Nin. Please see the appropriate guides for more information.

[b]Village[/b]: If you live in a village, then please state which one.
If you used to belong to a village, state which one with an Ex- in front of it.

[b]Clan[/b] If you do not belong to a clan, this section may be removed.
If however you are, please provide links to the profiles in the index.
[b]Organization[/b]: If you do not belong to an organization, this section may be removed.
If however you are, please provide links to the profiles in the index.

[b]Level[/b]: All new Characters start out at level 1.
Remember to put how much exp you have and how much you need in brackets. (Example: Level 1 [0/25exp])
Also remember that at level 1, all characters start out with D in every single stat.
Level 1 characters may choose one stat to raise to C. Remember, only one.
Instead of replacing the letter D with C however, the letters should be listed side by side. (Example: Stamina: D C)
Don't fret too much on which stat you raise, remember that you can raise one stat by one letter rank for each level you gain.

[b]Ninjutsu[/b] D
[b]Genjutsu[/b] D
[b]Taijutsu[/b] D
[b]Seals[/b] D
[b]Strength[/b] D
[b]Speed[/b] D
[b]Intelligence[/b] D
[b]Endurance[/b] D
[b]Stamina[/b] D
[b]D Rank Missions:[/b] 0
[b]C Rank Missions:[/b] 0
[b]B Rank Missions:[/b] 0
[b]A Rank Missions:[/b] 0
[b]S Rank Missions:[/b] 0

[b]D Rank Crimes:[/b] 0
[b]C Rank Crimes:[/b] 0
[b]B Rank Crimes:[/b] 0
[b]A Rank Crimes:[/b] 0
[b]S Rank Crimes:[/b] 0

[b]Background[/b]: This is your characters story.
Please provide at the very least, two paragraphs for this. More though is usually better.
Describe what your characters childhood was like, perhaps why they decided to become what they are now and how.
Basically, this background should detail everything important that happened from the moment they were born until now.

[b]Sample Post[/b]: If this is your first character, please type up a small post for us using your new character.
If this is not your first character, please remove this entire section from the application.
Your post should be a minimum of two paragraphs of five sentences each please.
This allows us to get a better grasp on your style of writing and for you to get to know your character before you start out.

[b]Previous RPC Profile[/b]: If this RPC had a profile previously, you must link it here.
If you are replacing a character, you must link it here instead.
If you are doing neither, please remove this section from the application.


Remember to include quantities in tags. (Kunai [5])  
Pet, Insect, Puppet, Poison and any other custom application listed will need to have a functioning link.


[center][size=7][b]Jutsu and Abilities[/b][/size][/center]
[b]Bloodline[/b]: Please link to the indexed application if you have one. If not, this section may be removed.
All level 1 Characters start out with three D ranks of each style (3 Nin, 3 Tai and 3 Gen) without having to train them.
Any additional jutsu however will need to be trained.
Remember also that jutsu slots are classified as either Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu.
All jutsu you will learn and all items paid for with a jutsu slot will be one of these three.
Please list each jutsu and slotted item in the correct area. Provide links as needed for any and all custom jutsu.
Clan and organization jutsu should link back to the clan/organization profile.



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Chapter 4: Bloodlines and Celestial Gates


Bloodlines have been changed up a bit from what everyone used to know. Instead of having stages, Bloodline now consist of one 'Base' ability. This ability is the main feature of your bloodline and all Bloodline jutsu's will branch off from this one base ability acting as individual stages all their own. This of course means, that the sky is the limit when it comes to bloodline versatility. So long as you can connect the dots from point A to point B and justify logically why the two are related you can make pretty much anything. Anyone will be able to own a bloodline, and there are opportunities through the RP to obtain MORE then one bloodline through transfusion if it is done properly. An RPC at the same time does not have to have a bloodline, and will not loose anything from choosing not to own one. Bloodline creation, will also never be closed. Instead, they have requirements for active clan members. (Obviously waved for returning members)


The Celestial Gates are available to anyone who has a high enough Taijutsu Stat to unlock them. The gates are unique in that they are the only type of buff that can buff more then one stat with one jutsu use. The gates have been altered so that they no longer have a post duration, and many of the drawbacks that they once had have been removed. Save for of course the last gates ultimate one.


The concept of 'Legendarys' as a whole however has been entirely removed. Why have one, when you can have them all. The system now is built around the idea that given the proper build and enough effort, you can make your character into whatever you want them to be. In this case, you can have a bloodline and the gates should your RPC qualify for them. When we eventually have Sage Mode, if your RPC qualified for that you could be a Sage too. Or really anything else. If you wanted a gate using Sage with a bloodline, high ranking Genjutsu and healer skills? Go for it! The only limitations you have are how you build your stats. But there are so many possibilities and combinations out there that almost everyone will be sure to find something they like.

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Chapter 5: Custom Creations


Custom applications no longer belong to the person who created them. When you create a custom, they are either for the global listings, for your clan, for your organization, for your bloodline, or for a specific character. Customs created for a specific character are given the classification 'Personal'.




Creations labled as 'Global' are added to the global Weapon and Item or Jutsu Index. Upon acceptance the creation becomes available for immediate use for everyone. Global creations are the only type of creation that can be applied for in mass.

Creations labeled as 'Clan' are added to that clans Weapon and Item or Jutsu listings. These creations are only available to be owned and used by the clan that they are created for. Though, they can be obtained from clan members who are willing to part with them.

Creations labeled as 'Organization' are added to that organizations Weapon and Item or Jutsu listings. These creations are only available to be owned and used by the members of the organization that they are created for. Though, they can be obtained from organization members who are willing to part with them.

Creations labeled as 'Bloodline' are specific in that they actually require the bloodline or use the bloodline. Because of this, Bloodline specific creations can only be owned and used by those who own the same Bloodline.

Creations labeled as 'Personal' are weapons, items and jutsu that are created for one specific person. This is the ONLY creation type that may include a 'can only be used by' or 'can only be learned from' requirement and other such requirements related. Any creation that is labeled as 'Personal' is created for a single RPC. Just because you created a jutsu for your RPC that does X does not mean you yourself own the concept itself. If the RPC that owns the creation was initially created for becomes inactive (6 months of inactivity), the RPC dies or is manually replaced, the moderator staff reserves the right to add the creation to the global listings.




As a general rule, if your application is not 'Global', you will only be able to have one application up in both the 'Weapons and Items' and 'Jutsu' creations sections per user. (Not RPC, per user) This includes Clan, Organization, Bloodline and Personal. If your application is Global however, you may post them as often as you like. After all, sharing is caring. When applying for a custom creation, customs can and will be compared to the global listings. Customs are a way for everyone to be unique or to have something special to them (To their clan, bloodline, ect). There is no difference in power between globals and customs. Customs must also be of your own design, and cannot be from any cannon Naruto manga or anime.




Users are allowed to create as many RPC characters as they wish to. However, please only submit one RPC at a time. When one has been approved AND used for the first time, another may be created. Please refrain from submitting character after character with no intention of using any of them. This wastes everyone's time, including the staff who take the time to approve them. Instead, only keep as many characters as you think you can handle.


All newly created RPC's must start out at level 1. If a user does not have a genin or higher ranked RPC, they will also be required to only create 'Academy Student' ranked Shinobi RPC's. Once genin rank is obtained, newly created RPC's may be created as Genin instead if so desired.


All newly created Missing Nin characters must start out at D rank. Characters that are created as Missing Nin will be expected to have been caught in a D ranked crime. That means that you will be considered alive and at large. If you want to do crimes but live off the grid, consider being a Bandless instead. Once C-rank missing nin rank is obtained for the first time, newly created Missing Nin RPC's may be created as C-Rank instead if so desired.


Characters that are not used 'actively' within 6 months will be considered to be inactive. There is no actual physical requirement of x posts per month. But know that if your character is not used for long periods of time it runs the risk of being moved to the 'inactive' section of the forum. Inactive characters cannot be used until moved back by a moderator. Moderators reserve the right to add any 'Personal' jutsu or item created for the specific use of an inactive RPC to the global listings.


Users may replace a character with another character (and thus retain the same level) only once every 6 months per character. This is your one free opportunity to replace. Any user who wishes to replace a character before the 6 month period is up may do so with a reduction of 10% of the characters level rounded up. This includes characters replaced via means of willing or unwilling death.

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