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Globally Accepted Poisons

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D Rank


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C Rank

Rank: C
State: Liquid
Delivery: Applied to a wound
Effect: The poison, simply enough, prevents coagulation from normal, natural sources. It doesn't increase blood loss directly, but prevents natural coagulation to prevent blood loss until the poison is removed and the wound treated.
Activation: Immediately
Duration: The wounds afflicted with this poison stay "open" for at least 4 posts before they close.
Properties: looks like amber in color and consistency


Shigeki-sei no

Rank: C

State: Liquid/Powder

Delivery: Direct contact
Effect: Through contact with this poison, the victims skin and cells start to a reaction similar to a strong allergic reaction.  This includes symptoms of:

  • Swelling
  • Irritation/Itchiness
  • Potential tearing of eyes forced closing of eyes/squinting.
  • Can be applied to skin and to wounds

Activation: 1 post

Duration: 2 posts
Properties: In liquid form it is clear and viscous, perhaps a little bit milky and clouded.  In powder form it has a faint scent or fern and moss.

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