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Village Specific Items And Weapons

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Name: Log Guardian


Rank: D


Class: Village


Size: Approx. 3 Foot tall


Weight: 100lbs




Crafted primarily of seemingly unrefined wood, the Log Guardian design of puppet resembles a simple figure made of tooled wood covered with a carefully shaped bark sheath. It has large clawed arms designed to serve not only defensively, but also offence, the joints of its fingers made to ensure crushing force. Metal plates placed between the wooden core on key points (forearms and lower legs, around the chest, on the shoulders) add to the weight but ensure decent protection to these key areas.




Design: Strength/Endurance



  • Clawed Arms - The Log Guardian design includes heavily armoured arms meant to provide a sturdy defense. In addition, mechanisms within the forearms allow the claws to snap shut with startling speed and strength, similar to the bite of a snapping turtle, followed by a heavy crushing action.

Slot Cost: N/A


Owner: Yugegakure

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