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The Shine Sandworm

Writer: Teni


Welcome fellow Shinies and shinobi of Seichi to the 25th edition of the Shine Sandworm!


And welcome to the first edition of 2016!


I hope everyone had a great new year, and an awesome year so far (and if not there's still another 11 1/2 months to go)

Those in Shine during the western countdown celebrated in the tavern, ringing in the new year every hour. While I was there partying it up, I can't remember the whole party for...reasons. Needless to say, the bar needed to be restocked.

And although it has been a peaceful 2016 so far for Shine, with no wars and a Shroud alliance that has allowed us to not only invade each others' taverns but import some of the finest salt in Seichi for free, it has not been so for everyone

Before our alliance, Shroud declared war on Konoki which dragged on for excruciating 21 minutes before Konoki felt so defeated and hopeless that they surrendered.
And thus ended the first war of 2016.


There have also been waves of new Academy Students and Genin appearing in the Shine tavern and bringing it to life once more!
To all the new and newish returning people welcome! If you have questions don't be afraid to ask around (and check the manual!) for answers. Someone is always happy to help.

Now for this edition's focus...

War- uhh...


After searching everywhere on the map, I finally tracked Ismira down while sitting in a patch of white sesame on the edge of the uncharted. Before she could run off to the nearest mandarins I asked her for an interview.
So now I present...an interview with Ismira!


Teni: ok so, lets start this interview!


Ismira: -gears up to act semi-important-


Teni: Ok, lets start with some of the basics!

How long have you been playing TNR? And which village did you start out in?


Ismira: since about late July/ early August last year and I was a Silencer to begin with... may explain a few things >.>


Teni: Like what?



Ismira: e.e there's been more than once I've been called a fuhreak... #taintedbysilence4eva


Teni: Haha!

So what brought you to Shine? And what's kept you here?


Ismira: Rakusai was the reason I moved - he killed me during the Shine-Silence war then pmed me asking me to move... sold me Shine like a good used car salesman

and it's the people who keep me there

omg I've tried to run away like twice now

Shine draws me back like a bungee cord

I've since accepted my Shiney fate


Teni: We just can't let you leave. You keep our hospital stocked!

I mean, we love having you around!

Speaking of which, as Shine's herbalist extraordinaire how did herbalist become your calling?


Ismira: I'm one of those weirdo's who actually likes gathering professions - Ismira is actually one of my old WoW toons and she was a herbalist so I thought meh why not continue... found out about the hospital after I'd started e.e




Teni: Herbalist?


Ismira: Hospital stocking

every time it ticks over and I gotta start again I think 'kill me now'


Teni: Well I think many Shinies, and their pockets, say thank you!

Also you've been a big help with our wars since you joined Shine, even before you ranked up to jounin. Any advice for lower exp players?


Ismira: don't be afraid of dying! if you just hide in fear you miss out on lots of fun xD always look for opportunities to help no matter how small you think it might be - every bit helps Shine in some way... and actually through being killed I've met lots more people here too..

oh and learn how to hide behind your ubers in a war #lovethosemeatshields


Teni: Haha, well said. No risk, no gain!

You had a great sabotaging song when you sapped SP. Care to give the readers a performance?


Ismira: *ahem* Sap, sap, sappidy, sap....

it's really very catchy once you get going


Teni: I agree, once you start it's easy to sit there for hours...as long as no one chases you away. Thanks for the performance.

And one last question...what's your favourite colour?


Ismira: blue!!

coz colour is so relevant in every questionnaire


Teni: Are you making fun of me? It's a very important question!

Any last words for the readers?


Ismira: I'd never make fun of you teni... well not all the time xD

And last words... Please wait before you kill me - nothing worse than getting to like 2 secs on a herb and someone jumps you

looking at you for last night Tinmar!

Thank you
Ismi for taking the time to give me this interview, and answer everyone's burning question about your favourite colour.

On my way back to
Shine from that white sesame patch I took a detour through Samui,.

When Kira caught me and stole my bag of marshmallows, I demanded a few quotes for the Sandworm about the final war of 2015. Here's what he had to say.

Teni: I was wondering what your perspective was on the Everyone v.
Samui war?


Kira: Long and boring?


Teni: That's it? XD


Kira: Hrm, I feel that had Samui not provoked the war prematurely you guys would have been much more prepared and organized.


Teni: Anything words for Shine...or the other villages?


Kira: Shine, second best warring village 2015 ^^

Satisfied I let him keep the bag of marshmallows.

As I left he had one more thing to say...

Kira: better luck next time scrubs :P



and now for the results of last weeks POLL!

I asked you all to tell me what war was good for.
And here are the results, in a non .gif form.






Looks like we got at least on Samuian vote here! -points to whoever voted for territories-



And for this week's POLL I want you to tell me...


which offence is the BEST offence?


Click Here to tell me!

*Click the "here" to vote NOW





Last week I posted my first riddle contest, and the response was great!
The answer to last weeks riddle was: Senbon
So this week I have come up with a new riddle.

What page on TNR is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
**bonus ryo if you tell me the opposite, which is my favourite place.


Once more the first three people will get 500k each.

Just PM me with the answer and the subject “Pork-chops and Applesauce†and if you are one of the first three people with the correct answer you will receive 500k.

Have a riddle you think would be great for the Sandworm? Send me your riddle and if I use it you shall receive 250k!





Ven is a nab- CRIMSONNINJA

Team Taka is looking for active raiders! Now awarding 5k a kill. PM for more information.- Troyce




That's it for this edition of the Shine Sandworm!

And for the closing .gif...


When Konoki saw Shroud had attacked






And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!




Edit: This week's riddle contest is now closed


Congrats to:



Stay tuned to the next edition where I'll reveal the answer and a new riddle!

Edited by teni
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The Shine Sandworm


Writer: Teni


Welcome fellow Shinies and ninja of Seichi to the 26th edition of The Shine Sandworm!

After a hiatus I am finally back to writing. Some of you may be asking why it has been so long since the last edition, so I found a .gif to summarize what I've been up to.





You want war? You can't handle the war!

A lot has happened since the last edition. So if you're looking for short and sweet this is the wrong paper for you. Sit back, and grab something to drink and some popcorn; you may want to skip the salt, as there has been plenty to go around.

For a few weeks all was calm in Seichi, too calm. So to add a little activity to our repetitive lives Shine declared war on Shroud. Shortly after Konoki thought they would try to secure an easy win and join in, however due to that being a result of a bugged timer, war was promptly removed.


For a long two weeks both sides fought.

I must give a late shout out to Phayde, FallenSaint, Ven, Mange69, Vestige, Sheldonl, Calculus2 and even Phaze for attempting to give us hell.

And one more to GuardianAngel, who neglected the Silence/Samui war to play with us.


After the Shroudies stopped giving us SP from killing them, and it came down to mere sabotaging, Samui joined in the fight and promptly ended it.


During this war Shine continued it's tradition of forgetting sleep exists while sitting late at night/early morning on Shroud, during these times I saw sits of 15+ people! I couldn't have been more proud.

There are too many people to list, so I would personally like to say thank you, those days reminded me of why I enjoy war.


Soon that was followed by another quiet peace time, as we watched Silence attack Konoki before we were able to do so ourselves.
After another two week war that looked as if it wasn't going to end any time soon, Shine decided to step up to help take out Konoki!

However Silence seemed to forget about the bugged war timers that allowed Konoki to attack us and declared war on us less than 10 minutes later in all the excitement and salt.

Once that war was removed Silence promptly finished off Konoki, while trying to destroy Shine with salt.

I suspect they were trying to give us high blood pressure or heart disease.

And with that war was soon taken away until the exterminator takes care of the bug infestation.

RIP war.


In the mean time, Shine has decided to run it's own raiding contest!
Prizes are in my nindo.
While this one began on April 9th, as long as I am kage it will not be the last!
So stay tuned for the results of this one, and the date for the next one!


I would also like to welcome ReploidZero, Koro, Amnesia and all the other migrants to Shine since my last edition!



Between now and then, there has also been several people who have retired from the game in Shine and abroad. Before you continue reading, I'd like a moment of silence for our retired friends. I will not list them, but they will be missed!

-Cue Hunger Game Music-






Now, time for this edition's interview!

This ninja is a long time member of Shine and took me in as a student when I was but a small genin.



Teni: So, for my first question I wanted to get the basics out of the way. How long have you been playing?


Zelso: Well! I do remember I started at core 2. I was like in 10th grade when I was tired of playing pokemon RPGs  so I discovered and at that time Naruto were telecasted on Cartoon Network and BOOM I found it's RPG and got addicted straight.


Teni: I see! So easy to become addicted...have you been in Shine this whole time?

Zelso: Core 2 had some early bad times when I was in Konoki but afterwards I joined shine. In Core 3 it has been shine since the start. My loyalty is like 610 days (cool) . I like the idea of "low population, total badass" kind of village :P


Teni: Makes my 300 and something on this core feel so small seeing that...However, in that time have you had any favourite moments?

Zelso: I have been part of this core from the start, I mean I was there when the ubers played a grand race to 'cap'. Everyone was running, including me. Those times when there was no chuunin were the best. I mean just imagine nellis, kira or even nexilus with genin badges. plus there was this time when my clan Nomads was at the top and we had good members, I mean "all-time killers" in the clan. We had this good system to check inactivity and then we used to make sure we stayed on top by group raids. I am talking about times when I recently became jounin and niferiouskid used to be active.


Teni: Did you have any rivals?

Zelso: Well I was not enough of a tavern bug back then when I was a genin. You know genin is the time when you meet your rivals. So I never made any rivals at that stage. But there was one time when me and universe used to fight frequently for Clan Leadership. so yeah universe is kinda close to being my rival.


Teni: I see! And since you were my sensei, any sensei advice for my readers?

Zelso: In core 3 we lost sensei boost, so this sensei-student relation became a little dull. So in order to strengthen it I used to give away ryos after spars to my students. And as for the advice, it's just gonna be that as a sensei one should bond with the students and then guide them. No guidance comes without bonding. I know I am a bad sensei still I have some good words to share


Teni: You're not that bad! After all, I turned out pretty well!


And for some random questions, favourite colour?


Zelso: Black. always have been :P


Teni: That's technically not a colour! Buuut I'll let that pass. I'm assuming like many of us you watch or read Naruto and other manga/anime. Any favourite characters?

Zelso: I really like Jugo's character. His dual nature is quite impressive. one time wildlife lover and other time a complete demon  and the other one would be the obvious "all hail prince Vegeta" 


Teni: And finally...any last words for our readers?

Zelso: Oh yes! to the readers, umm well, give time to your loved ones. I know TNR is addicting, but it doesn't mean you ignore the world . and never use bots. it's really bad and illegal. Plus I would like to add don't donate to females only, males deserve the same opportunity! last but not the least, if a female asks you to divorce her cause she loves someone else then DO it, or else someone will remain single for the rest of their TNR careers like me -.- 


that's it :D

Teni: You heard Zelso, folks...that's it!




And now for the POLL!

Last edition if anyone remembers...because I didn't I asked which offense was the best offense?
Well here are the results...once more in .gif form!




And for those that prefer lists?

1st- Taijutsu and Bukijutsu

2nd- Genjutsu

3rd- Ninjutsu

And now for this edition's poll!


When war returns, what village do you think will be the first to declare?

Click here to vote!






Athanasios gracefully requests you all stay in your village so you may one day die to him. C;


ReploidZero is opening a taijutsu dojo in Shine! Are you a taijutsu user? Have questions? PM ReploidZero for his wise taijutsu sage advice. Users of all ranks and experience welcome to train with this taijutsu master.


Amnesia says "Hide yo kids, Kide yo wife." Because he's coming to a village near you!


Are you an armor smith? Can you make EJ village armor?



Do you want to be a Pokemon master? Kougetsu is selling competitively bred pokemon!
PM him for details.


Menace lost his pet rock while playing hide and seek!
It was the rock's turn to seek, and hasn't been seen since!
PM Menace if you have any details!


Shine needs a new courier!

And Koro is willing to pay!

If you or your alt is willing to move and trade between villages and hunt down items, PM Koro!


Riddle Me This




I was there at the beginning of TNR, and was there at the end of Current.

You cannot find me in any other village.

I am always in the middle of battle, and you can find me in the hospital.

What am I?



First three people to PM me with the subject: If I only had a brain and the correct answer get an increased 1 MILLION RYO!

One answer only.
No second chances.
I will tell you if you were wrong.


And as always, if you have a puzzle or riddle you think will be good for the Shine Sandworm, let me know!
If I use it, you get a 250k ryo reward!



And finally my closing .gif






What I think Silence wanted to do when we joined in on the war




...and what Shine ended up doing for the next 24 hours...







I might be late at saying this, but welcome back to the reporting world Arphee!
I will join you in encouraging any aspiring writers to write for their home village! Konoki, Shroud, Syndicate and Samui all need new writers!


Think you have what it takes?
Show us your village's perspective on what's going on in Seichi. Even if your village has a reporter already, talk to them! Maybe they might give you a shot :wink:

And as always...


Stay active and have fun!



Edited by teni
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Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chief: Teni

Writer: Rakusai



Rakusai's Corner


I am very pleased to say after 10,000 years for doing interviews, brainstorming, fatigue from work, and the things that had happened around February to March (whether good of bad), this is the 27th edition of the Shine Sandworm.

I would also like to say thank you for all those who contributed in this article whether with or without their consent. LOL. Kidding.


I asked several people to give me questions for these interviews. Most of the questions made by our esteemed contributors do not know which of our interviewed girls they would end up asking, while the interviewed girls don’t know... much.


Anyone for a box of chocolates? hahaha... (Nervous laugh)

Special thanks to Authiel and teni for the edits. :)







"There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty." -Dr. Steve Maraboli


You may agree with me if I say "it’s in the blood...", however when I say that, I don’t mean by the "bloodline" she possess or the village that she may belong.

It’s always been the blood - the effort she made in this game to become recognized by her peers, to become a force of nature in this game. 


I hereby proudly present the first 3 of 6 of our best female kages, ex kages, or at least being groomed to be one:





the Syndicate Boss


Syndicate is broken. Syndicate sucks. Syndicate is the land of alts and... well... robbers.

"If I can't kill you, I'll rob you. Or die trying!" seems to be their motto. Can't blame them.




What if this is the same outlaw who owns an innocent face, an innocent smile... with her hypnotic gaze, you'll be mesmerized by the narrative in some vampire movie.. BAAM!

Next thing you'll know you ended up in the hospital penniless, broken and... Strangely with a smiling face.

You wouldn't mind, would you? :-)


"Hmm I am loyal to those that are loyal to me. Im very outgoing and silly at times believe it or not loll :)) I am hard working and striving to be the best. I think Im a very strong person but I shouldn't be intimidating loll I can be nice sometimes^^ I just love to have a good time and meeting very nice people~"- Ayane.

Let's see what we got here, shall we? :)


Shine Sandworm Reporter: What can be your greatest contribution to the community?

Ayane: Umm I guess my skills in battle could be my best contribution :-)

SSR: What do you like most about yourself?

Ayane: I like my personality the most^^

SSR: How would you describe your own personality? ^_^

Ayane: Im very silly, outgoing, kind and generous.

SSR: If in one day you've become Terr and be able to change anything in this game, what would be it? (Purr)

Ayane: If I could become Terr, I'd change the population and advertising strategy of the game~

SSR: Like Samui's?

Ayane: Maybe ^^

SSR: LOL. How are you doing with TNR and School? (Note)

Ayane: I am picking up the slack with TNR but I think I am a little strong and school is going really well~

SSR: Are you still learning who you are by playing this game? (Evianon)

Ayane: No I know who I am lol

SSR: Have you ever taken dance lessons? who would you dance with? (lol) (Evianon)

Ayane: I've taken interpretive hip hop classes before and I would love to dance with Sean Bankhead^^

SSR: Talking about a celebrity!

SSR: In this game, do you have somebody who'd you trust your life with? Who and Why?

Ayane: I dont know what tr is xD So I dont believe so.





B Rank Supremacy


"So in Western Civilization, there is a gathering of people during the summer time known as a Barbeque. During this time, dishes ranging from char-grilled meats and fresh vegetables and fruits are served. However during this time, there is another dish that sits among the foods. This is known as Potato Salad. Potato Salad is said to be the most consistent of foods because of dependent it is. It can make a shitty party better. But the power of the Potato Salad is a double edged sword. By being able to raise the atmosphere of a foul party, it does not stand out in an already spectacular party. So therefore Potato Salad is the most consistent dish to be seen at a BBQ


So how does this pertain to Silence Uber Nexilus?

Unlike many of her Top 10 peers she does not she does not stand out. She is not like Titus who is the most aggressive or Kira who has an S-rank Bloodline. But that does not mean she is weak. Nexilus is the prime contender of the title "Potato Salad" due to her consistent ability to be strong without drawing attention to herself." (by Senpai, January 2016)


Need I say more? :-)


Shine Sandworm Reporter: If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?

Nexi: Uhhh... no rules in life. I dunno honestly D: Is there another question? Feels like this isn't a good answer. I'm a boring person.

SSR.: What makes you blush?

Nexi: What makes me blush?

Hmmm, good question. Embarrassing things that people don't usually say or do > x < Being myself in front of people I'm not used to...

SSR: What is "success" for you?

Nexi: Success in what context? Probably doing something that you feel is complete? What you wanted? Your original goal perhaps?

SSR.: Not sure. I guess we get vague questions too. ._.

Nexi: Lol such vague answers... I'm doing terrible haha

SSR: How do you feel about the new battle formula? (Ven)

Nexi: New Battle Formula sucks... and should have probably waited until a new core to implement as it changes everything people who started since the new core understand the game. It's just very... drastic and is more bad than good.

SSR: Before you go to bed, do you think about me? (Note)

Nexi: No Note. Sorry. How come you're making a question here? Makes me wonder who else are making these questions (wonder)

SSR: Sorry, we dont know either. :P

SSR: What kind of guys do you like? (Evianon)

Nexi: What kind of guys? Haha...hmm. Someone who's personality captivates me. Not so much the looks, but someone who has interest that matches, makes me laugh, is fun to talk to and just overall someone fun I wanna be around. Simple stuff. No abs please . _ .

SSR: No abs???? Woah.

SSR: Best compliment you have received? (Evianon)

Nexi: Best compliment received in this game. Not sure if it's a compliment, but there's three sorta. One was Lelouch (Shroud) during November telling me "to go die peacefully please" since I was attempting my best to kill him while he was just destroying me with his Geninjutsus. Another November one when Universe sent me a message on who my Internet provider was, and lastly was when Titus told me I was scary and people feared me. It was... refreshing. I'm not really someone to be feared though ^^;;

SSR: Fair enough :-)

SSR: What was usually your first thought waking up? (Evianon)

Nexi: "Is this reality? How did I wake up? Where am I?" usually. I have weird dreams that are too real lol.




Samui's soon-to-be Empress


“Well, she always claimed to just be a 'weak babi' and said she'd never be strong. But when we started doing wars, she started stepping up big time. I really feel like she is a strong leader in war times, she's very dedicated. And she loves chocolate and pizza.†(Gengar)


Shine Sandworm Reporter: If there is one thing you can do to change this game, what will it be?

Evoli: Fixing cfh since it doesn't work properly anymore.

SSR: Who do you think is the sexiest man here in TNR today and why?

Evoli: Tits! I mean Titus, Mr. OneTitMcGee. That 1 tit so hawt. I wish I was Titus.

SSR: How would you describe your man?

Evoli: He's the prettiest princess of all, and a total derp.

SSR: So... he's Gengar?

Evoli. Yes.


SSR: What is favorite moment here in TNR? :3 (Senpai)

Evoli: I've had a lot of fun times on tnr but I think it would have to be when we beat silence in the Samui v Shroud/Silence war.

SSR: You're a bum and you needs to stop making me participate in wars >:c (Note)

Evoli: Whaaaaat?

SSR: Pls comment on this XD

Evoli: I'm not gonna stop till he's top5 war hero >:U

SSR: What color/design are your nails? (GodAttack)

Evoli: Plain .-.

SSR: What's your favorite word? Least favorite? (Evianon)

Evoli: Uuuh chocolate. Evianon :I

SSR:  Who is your hero here in this game? (Evianon)

Evoli: Yaseen. Dem tools and he was smart enough to get out.





Inside Seichi


Let the raiding tourney begin! Shout outs to Zie aka Zeithos for giving up time and effort in handling the ninja tourney.  This time it’ll be the jounins who’ll be gunning for the gold this time. Good luck guys!

For those who’d be interested, please go to this site:  http://www.theninjatourney.com/

And so it came to pass that Vestige’s Word Association Game was now closed by Pana-god.


Link: http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/topic/48735-word-association-game-killing-time-while-we-all-cant-log-in/?p=569409 .


This is, for me, the most brilliant forum interactive non-whiny, non-salty and non-blamey forum post EVER!

Please PM Vestige for appreciation for a job well done. It is one for the ages :cool:


Inside Shine


I know it is a bit late, but WE would like to thank Koro, Hana, Kaito, LonelyShadow, Kamui, Hyuu, Baam and Jojo for coming back to Shine! It raises our morale as you guys pair with our resident mainstays such as Our SunakageTeni, Troyce, KENSHIN, Raios, Amnesia, Tsukune (our Fulcrum Master), Menace, Universe, Delo, FlameLighterR, Athanasios, Kami, CRIMSONNINJA and others whom I failed to mention at the moment,  and even the stabilizing presence of ReploidZero (for keeping most Shinies in line), Keyla and Pana (yes, even Pana). Shoutouts to Whiskers for healing a bunch and the up-and-coming young Shinies of the game! You know who you are, so keep honing your craft! Keep helping the village into reaching greater heights!

On another note, I am still salty about the Phoenix summon among AS rank players. Yes, the year was December 2015. This thing happened:







And here is a picture from one of Shine's territory battles:


This was minus Kira and Pana.
FYI: PANA dealt the finishing blow on this battle :cool:

Date: May 9, 2016. Photo credit to Keyla




-FlameLighterR, our resident weapon smith, is flexing is arms deal services. Feel free to PM him about any weapon you’d like to order. He sells cheap and give discounts to Neko Neko girls from Konoki Shineys too!
-Join the drive to make Troyce broke!

Team TAKA still kidnapping recruiting chuunins and jounins who'd love blood and cfh chain kills! Join now!

-There is an online petition at among Shinies to bring TakuyaDrini to Shine so please support!

#BringTacosToShine #FreeTaco #PanaIsStillNumberOne
- Teni is looking for marshmallows. You may offer her the sacrifice in the tavern, or through Pms. S'mores and other marshmallow goods also acceptable.


¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm
editors-in-chief teni 

Writer Rakusai



Rakusai’s corner


What? Guess who’s back? Back again. Raku’s back, tell a friend.


Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back,
Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back…
Nannn nananana
Nannn nananana…


Hello fellow Shinies! Welcome to the 28th edition of the Shine Sandworm!




Player Interview

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. That iconic sword slashing, combining it with godly speed and technique, we have the best slasher assassin in the history of the Golden Village of Shine.

But wait, isn’t that more of samurai/ronin technique rather than a ninja fighting style? No worries! There is no rule that would prohibit a ninja using any technique he/she wishes. Using a Kraken jutsu may be used either for killing an opponent or for a s… toy.

So returning to the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, what does it take for one to become a battosai?
Let’s find out from our resident master, Kage Kenshin of the Village of Shine!

Shine Sandworm Reporter: When did you start playing this game?
Kenshin: Oh maaan, wayyy back in core 1. It must have been 2005. I was in middle school at the time. xD

SSR: That’s quite a long time ago. It is very surprising that you’ve been around for some time. I always thought you were here for just over a year.
Kenshin: I was around as much as I could be in my adolescent years. And was even more active in core 2. lol I remember that my iPod touch was the way for me to get online back in the day when I was in high school.. xD But then again, TNR fatigue exists. I went on hiatus many times, but I just keep coming back.



SSR: A core 2 player? Interesting! Care to at least tell us some few stories during your core 2 time? Where you also using the “KENSHIN†in game name?

Kenshin: kenshin7 was my main's name. KENSHlN actually used to be another player in core 1 that I looked up to. He had Blue Blade Eyes and I remember feeling like that was the coolest thing ever. xD He was Kage and OP back then. Then he got banned and I decided to take on that name once core 2 opened. Nothing much to say about core 2. The clans I repped hardest during that tenure was Black Dragon Clan onto Colossal Dream onto Forbidden Spirits. Remember when clans felt like they had more meaning? I was also Kage of Konoki at some point. (konokimon in heart?) xD


SSR:: You grew up in strength pretty much methodically. I heard you now get DKO’s and even wins from those players who were regarded as traditional “power housesâ€. Any comment from that?
Kenshin: Reaching endgame was my goal for so long and when you finally beat those people that used to chain kill you on demand is probably the most satisfying part of TNR there is. xD I also wanted to be more like Nellis. Always wanted to have a name that carried the same weight as the powerhouses. Know what I mean?

SSR: Of course  :D

SSR: But seriously, what does it take to become a battosai like you?
Kenshin: Hard work and a diet of marshmallows and coffee! ;~;

SSR:: In some respects, I guess there can only be one battosai here at TNR. J


SSR:: You have been as Sunakage for a long time now, what is your vision for the Village of Shine?
Kenshin: I want us to become a strong village that supports one another. And I think we already do that quite well. But we need to teach the newbies better. So that we can pass power from my generation onto the next.



SSR:: Awesome! Lastly, your message for the Village of Shine?

Kenshin: You know you make it when you got the one and only Raku  interviewing you!

Now rise up, and praise the sun!








The Rise of Shroud?
As most of Seichi ninjas know, Shroud has taken a lot of refugees from Silence and has blended in the Shroud society magnificently. Their recent winning of nearby territories is a testament of their seamless teamwork.

Salty Village no more? Probably. A threat to the current power balance? I am not quick to judge, whether in favor or against, for Konoki has yet to make a counter-attack and Silence has yet to respond.

How about Samui? YellowFlash is probably the last of the old great Samui dinosaurs who once roamed the earth some 10,000 years ago. With him gone, the Samui vs Shroud rivalry is dead.

And Shine? We are still debating whether or not red or gold will be the best color for Big Poppa Pana’s Temple Shrine. Koro might disagree, but he’ll be joining either the red team or the gold team sooner or later… soon… soon….

But then again, kudos to the Shroudies, especially to Aelin for reviving the Shroud Saint newspaper! ;-)




The War feature nearing completion?


With the battle system being repaired/rewritten/tinkered/improved/destroyed/repeat left, right, back, front and center, its only logical that the NEXT BIG THING WILL COME. Will it come? Definitely! When exactly? Nobody knows… it will come like a thief in the night…







Kage Kenshin needs you!




Yes, our Village Kage, Uncle Kenshin is looking for participants for the STI program!

Want ryo? Well, help us help you!!!


You will get paid for your stat progression measured by exp!

Chuunin - 600k for every 4 million exp passed

Jounin - 600k for every 5 million exp passed

EJ - 600k for every 6 million exp passed


Check the Kage orders and message KENSHlN or teni to sign up today!



Call for the Motherland!


All former Shinies please return to the village!
We welcome our returnees Koro, Kendo, Silvess and Shruiken! Whether they came from another village or just returned to playing the game, everybody is more than welcome!






- Koro is connecting our people by professions.  There has been a demand of meat, some minerals and over-all ingredients and resources for armorsmiths and weaponsmiths. If you need some help, you can PM Koro for help.


- Rakusai would need help in setting up a Shine website so as to post a mirror announcements by the kage, general information, etc. Whether it’s a general website or a forum, I would be glad if we can make this work. Its main goal is... a S-E-C-R-E-T. I would appreciate if you guys would PM me in game, TNR forums or skype if interested.



¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Writer Rakusai

Editor-in-chief Teni



Greetings Shinies and the rest of Seichi!

Welcome to the 29th edition of the Shine Sandworm!



Rakusai's corner


Well, it has been quite awhile since Aelin challenged me to a death match news reporting challenge. But seriously, this challenge is really difficult as I am struggling to get any good content.


But fear not!!!

I have re-connected to my old "Pana's International Spy Service" (P.I.S.S.), and they all pledged their renewed loyalty to our cause - to provide me crazy rumors information about what's in and what's out of Seichi.


...and wait, there's more!


As we are trying to lit the fire within us, we are open to recruitment!




If you think that you are spy worthy and willing to address our idol "Big Poppa Pana", then you are half-way to become one of the great army which is P.I.S.S.! Please pm me via skype id rakusai14!!!


We would love to hear from you!





PS. The official Shine Sandworm banner brought you by Aelin.
Aelin - more than just a brand! Aelin! 





The Player Interview


An Angel. What's not to like about angels? They maybe a  messenger of bountiful blessings or a harbinger of death. If you're religious, it could be something else, but here at the Village of Shine, we are contented that we have on our own version of such.

You need help on your TNR plays? She's there.
You need some some quick humor so as not to forget to laugh in a dry busy day? She's there.
You need someone who can listen to you even if things get personal? She's our lady.
And oh, she's also known as our ONE AND ONLY MARSHMALLOW QUEEN!

Shine Sandworm Reporter: I guess it comes to a point that you'll have to interview your own Editor-Chief for the longest time... how do you feel about this?

teni: We go back to almost your first paper! I think it was coming. Might need to interview you at some point, haha

SSR: im pretty sure there's no rule against it, yes? XD
teni: I don't think so. We kinda make the rules at the newspapers.

SSR: ...unless Alba or Fooze makes an edit XD

wait, is Fooze even alive at this point? LOL
teni: No, there's a whole new PR- Advertisement team now XD

SSR: hmmmm.. wait, you're part of the Adver team, right? Does this mean you're now the new Fooze? XD
teni: Yeah. I'm claiming the Pterodactyl of the new Fooze Megazord though.
SSR: calling dibs for the Pink Ranger part XD
teni: Exactly ^_^ I even have my own morpher, plays the music and everything.

SSR: if you got a vid bout teni saying "It's Morphin time!" and then the iconic Pink Ranger transformation, I'd definitely dig it XD
teni: Haha....nobody gets to see those o.o

SSR: So... it has been awhile since you've been playing TNR and it is safe to say that you're a certified veteran (not old, just veteran in this game), can you give me at least 5 memorable moments you have here while playing this game? :D

teni: Hmm...Let’s think...


teni: Ranking up to chuunin and a couple days later Legendary and Konoki attack Shine. and spending sleepless nights keeping the tavvie alive and scouting.

Taking over the Shine tavern with MarkedOne and reciting the entire Monty Python Cheese Shop skit, while people got confused about the lack of cheese in the tavern. Then doing the dead parrot skit.
Robbing the pants of Kira with my alt in the Samui all out war
Taking down ReploidZero while he was AFK with Nyssa, Ismira and Kuyascorp before CFH was fixed.
And also Senpai vs. Me/Ismira and Nyssa
and Nick Cage (come on, its NICK CAGE!)
There's tons of other moments, I've got a long memory. And I'm just going with c3 here. C1 and early C2 is fuzzy.
Hard to choose though, cause Nexi vs. Shine when we attacked Silence was definitely memorable and fun. Getting the Konoki tavern to keep making bee puns when visiting on my alt was also fun. Lots of stuff ^^


SSR: welcome to the memory lane :P  but I can see that all of it are fun times  :D

teni: TNR can be full of drama, and sometimes there's some toxicity....but there's reasons we're all still playing. Aside from being hopeless addicts.

It can be fun!


SSR: can't argue with that. o.o/

If there's an in-game best memorable time for me for you is when you became kage the first time.

teni: Aww, thanks <3

I couldn't believe it...barely 120mill exp when I grabbed the hat and kept it for much longer than expected.

SSR: yeah! You hold on to it like... hmmmmm... 6mos straight? LOL
teni: Just about I think...till Kenshln decided to try it on and see how it looked.
SSR: 120M exp as kage is probably the youngest one in the game since the dawn of core3 (was Yaseen the 1st kage ever? Not sure)

and having the confidence of your peers is even more impressive :wink:
teni:  I have no idea who the youngest is, but there were a few lower exp kages since me that held it for a bit ^^

SSR: We have noticed that you've been busy in life (your tnr activity is somewhat dipping), what's been making you busy lately? A new love, I suppose? XD

teni: Haha....no. I'm chronically single and haven't found a cure yet. But with spring the weather has been a bit nicer, so I've been playing a game called "real life". Graphics are great, game play is a bit slow though.  But i'm still around on TNR more than you think! I'm just that good of a ninja, you only see me when I want to be seen.

SSR: a great ninja indeed!

(on a side note, I think I am the one not being around lately. oh well. my bad XD)

teni: Yeaaah you're gone more than me XD

SSR: I... I'll try XD

SSR: What's next for our Marshmallow Queen?
teni: I take over the world?

SSR: I don't see why not? XD

SSR: Finally, what's your message to the village of Shine?
teni: Rise and Shine! New, old...we gotta get out there and make Seichi remember why we're the greatest :wink:
We've been quiet for too long.

SSR: thank you so much for the interview  :P 
teni: Anytime :wink: 

Kudos to our Marshmallow Queen!




The Seichi World News


War feature!

Combat Overhaul Update <-click here

And they say I'm crazy for saying "war feature will be next!" Bah!


Koala's been working like crazy making day into night and night to a day (and the content team) for making things possible. Am I being too far-fetched saying war feature would be the next to be worked out?! Only time can tell.



Konoki... aiming for world domination?

One of my P.I.S.S. associate sent me his contribution fresh from Konoki's tavern, and guess what?





RIP ReploidZero. Konoki will miss you.




Shine News


Shine is awesome. Period.










- Silvess is looking for a punch bag to be used for her therapy. Please PM her for details.

- Ryukon is opening a Wrestling Ring where ninjas can learn..er... wrestling! If interested, please PM him for details!

- Keyla is on the hunt of her sardine spaghetti thief! She puts one casserole of the said spaghetti in the Kage Office' refrigerator and somebody took it!  Please PM her if you know any information regarding the matter! Please help to get Keyla justice for the spaghetti!

FLASH UPDATE: After some investigation, some cat paw prints are found in the crime scene with blue hairs!


- Are you sociable with a pleasing personality and is looking for a job? Search no further!

Boredom is in search for a new nekko maid! If you have what it takes to be Boredom’s personal neko~neko maid, please PM him for details







¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Writer: Teni


Welcome fellow Shinies and shinobi of Seichi to the 30th edition of the Shine Sandworm!


Hello! Can you hear me? I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to read. To go over everything.

The medics were supposed to heal you, but they haven't done much healing. I said hello from the Shiney siiiiidddeee! I hope you know that I have tried!


Yes. Anyways.


Welcome back, to me and to you! Can you believe it's been this long since the last Shine Sandworm?

Anyways, you're here for the news and not for my rambling.

May I present-



Since the last edition of our paper, it's been fairly quiet on the Shiney front.
Our Kage hat has floated between Koro and ReploidZero, with Ozai and Veil wearing it for a little as well.
Without war, things have been relatively....peaceful.

Recently however, Shine has had a sudden turn in activity!
A chuunin boom has occured. Junior has been at the top of the charts!


We've also had some oldies relapse return!
Old familiar faces include DarkScarOdaboiHatsuharuEcaflownE and others.



if you wanna buy rare gems, sparkling, illustrious, majestic pieces of rock that can be used to craft the sweetest piece of armored ass you can possibly find in all of Seichi then I, Jojo, am your man! Comes with the fastest order completion and free of delivery charge!

You really, can't, miss it



Looking for a new avatar? One of our avatar masters has returned!
Check out DarkScar's nindo for gallery and prices.

Are you a guy? Are you single?
Check out Phantasma!

He's single and ready to mingle!
And perhaps looking for a house.
PM our eligible bachelor or just send a proposal!

And now some words from our village cat:






Last....edition I asked which village people thought would be the first to attack if war returned!
Silence won that poll.

I wonder if we will ever find out?



Now for this edition's poll!

If I write again in the near future, which Shiney should I interview?

Click HERE to vote!
(the red link up above. Do it!)



~Riddle Time!

I swim with chickens, pigs and cows,
and I have long golden hair,
Come and find me right now
You'll feel better, I swear

For the first THREE people, I'll give a nifty prize of....1 million ryo!
And you only get one shot, so make your guess count.
PM teni with your answers!


Closing .Gif



And that says it all!

Remember to tip your newspaper delivery ninja.

And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!


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Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chief: Teni

Writer: Rakusai



Rakusai's Corner

Sound check!
Sound check!
mic check!
mic check!


I'd probably write a rap song or a diss track, but I dont think my older would oblige. LOL

So how are you guys? Its been awhile since we got into the forums (wow! it works! its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalive!!!).

Its my first time in many months (or was it years?) since I logged in the game.

The notification for the C3 Anniversary Event seems has gone ballistic, but it still something.

Hey! Who's still in here on August 2019? :ph34r:





(see attached. image)



That's all folks! Till next time!





shortest news ever. 


¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

August 2 2019.jpg

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