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The Lost Sandworm

By: NiferiousKid


Welcome to a look in the life inside Shine, the Sun village hidden in the Sand.

Lets start by Congratulating our Sunakage on retrieving his Forbidden Jutsu…Everyone else…beware…

Also Congrats to him on winning the lottery…

1st Prize: Hyuu wins 329100 Ryo!

PS; Dear Lottery System, you can do better than that…


In other News we would like to pay respects to our MIA comrade Nellis.

Fear not…for we have a few surprises of our own stepping up to fill the plate…

ShadowNinja-Elite Jounin

Doctor-Elite Jounin

Hatori-Elite Jounin


I geuss you all should have some fear…


Ninja Humor

Kid: Mommy why you no let me jump from tall building…Ninjas always land safe

Mom: That’s true but you’re not a Ninja…

Kid: I am to…look at my Profile on TNR…I’m a certified Ninja…

A Fly can fly away,

But a Bee can’t Bee a Ninja



Items On Sale(for those who can’t check the GT often PM the users for the hook up)

Bracers of Regen-650k (NiferiousKid)

Greater Healer Pill-300k (NiferiousKid)

Engraved Tablet-PM to inquire (Milos)

Shine’s Village Weapons- prices vary (Koro)


Word’s From The Sunakage

“Calm down and Gear 4thâ€


This is only the beginning… Be sure to catch us every week for more News via The Lost Sandworm in the dessert…

Shine's resolve is absolute 
 ---> Alba-edit: This is a Power of Love link. I approve this. So hard. Shine through willpower, determination and an iron heart, Shinians.
      Rise up, Praise the Sun!


Shine's Nin-porter NiferiousKid signing off.

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The Shine Sandworm

By: NiferiousKid


Welcome  yet another peek into the life of Shine and what’s been happen…

To start off, I’d like to apologize for not being able to give share with you all last week due to some Real Life situations…yes people…I’m not a NO LIFER…

On to some interested things that has happened in my lack of TNR time, we have welcomed back our MIA comrade Nellis. We also had an incident where whle I was lurking the tavy I learned Kieto was furious for loosing to (Nun of yo Buisness) due to a silly riceball…in his following post he swore he would never let that happen again…(he didn’t know I knew but now he will know…)

Something Interesting…We welcome Strider to the ranks of Chuunin as well our very own UchihaAizen, hated by alot (mostly Konoki) loved by even more have joined the Elite ranks of EJ leaving a lot in his wake, myself included but none the less…we are extremely proud and happy to see him rise in his quest of being UBER…(he isn’t that far tho…rather 0 to 100 real quick)

On the the matter of changes Hyuu was relieved of his Kage Position last week where we had Doctor stepping in to take seat…we welcome him our new Sunakage, on behalf of the Nomads clan…Congrats Gaju-nim.

Ninja Humor

So the funny stuff I have for you all this week is infact a little video…not ninja, but all the bit funny…Enjoy…and give a like if you enjoyed it…^_^

Items on Sale

Shine’s Village Weapons- PM Koro


Words of Advice

You know its you best when you break trying to do it…

Catch us next week for more scoops

Shine's resolve is absolute 

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Shine's Nin-porter NiferiousKid signing off.

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The Shine Sandworm
by Rakusai

Hello fellow Solarians! After a long time of haitus, The Village of Shine's newspaper is back! This is the new edition of The Shine Sandworm!


Shine has a new KAGE!


Yes, Hyuu took the mantle as Shine's Kage as as it tries to return to prominence. I chance upon him while I was eating caviar with champane in a local Shine restaurant. Here's our interview with the Shine's Kage:

Me: So about the kageship...
Hyuu: No comment.
Me: ...
Hyuu Be nice in the tavy!
Me: ...
Hyuu: And by the way, no trash talking in the newspaper!
Me: ...
Hyuu: That's an order!
Me: Yas ser!

Since we were not given the privilege of having an interview with our esteemed Kage, I got an interview with a veteran player from the former Village of Glacier, ShadoClone.

Me: Hmmm.. so its been 6yrs since then. Tell me a few experience u have so far back then.

ShadoClone: I joined the navy a year after. By the time I left at school I was waiting for C2. A few monumental moments were during the installation of the PvP system. Glacier bonded and reacted to the system quickly. 7 v7 teams formed together and also rejoining was possible. That was when Flash Strike was my favorite weapon jutsu. Which leads to the second event. Flash Strike became the first PvP aoe attack.

Me: As an ex Glacierian, do u still remember some of ur comrades-in-arms back then?


ShadoClone: the strongest technique I had bacame invaluable to players like Panama, Otoko, DarScar, and god I remember chain Killing Tekila for joining in cfh fights. Shout outs to Littlegirl, Otoko and Kinkaida.


Me: i see.. it seems you are a Glacier's loyal son.. what were your thoughts when TNR decided to take it out along with Current?


ShadoClone: To see a person leaving has been rough. To be forgotten has been words. I was PISSED. Story wise it makes sense. The two closest villages warred themselves to death and the survivors settled together under a treaty. Most likely some of the more powerful clans had an arranged marriage. I chose Shine because I hated Curruntians and their snobbery of how they counted their stats like it was a final exam.

Me: ok... so if any, except those ex Glacierians whom you mentioned, what are your message to them?


ShadoClone: The tables have turned. Now I bide my time for my final betrayal so laugh while you can because soon you won't have room to say, "B..b..but we were friends."

Me: Wow... that was hardcore. o.o

And there you have it! Thank you for reading Shine's newspaper!

Shine Ads:
Bored? Lonely? Need a new hubby? Come to Shine! We've got blondes, red heads, black heads, punks, ghettos, nerds, and super human ubers to choose from! We also provide interest free housing loans for newly wed Chuunins!  And since Shine village is a forever-tan village, the Daddies and Mommas here are well-tanned! You read this right! WELL-TANNED! Kindly contact KidnapZ for more details!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm
by Rakusai

Hello fellow Solarians! Welcome to the 4th edition of The Shine Sandworm!

B R E A K I N G  N E W S !!!!

I. Samui has declared war on Shroud!


So it begins!
The much awaited showdown between the two rival villages has become official!  

Will Zaky Uchiha and the Shrodians lead its proud village to victory?

Will the Emperor of Samui Kira and his blood raiders make this a quick work of 1 round K.O. against Shroud?


Only time can tell....

II. Double regen
Yes! TNR has given us the much coveted double regen! Enjoy while it lasts!

KidnapZ, Supercell, lightblade and among others are looking for brides or "business partners"! Yes, you read right! We are still open to marriages-made-to-order! Come to Shine, we provide all the love that TNR has to offer!

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The Shine Sandworm
by Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians! Welcome to the  5th edition of The Shine Sandworm!



Shine has a new KAGE AGAIN!
After Hyuu took the mantle as Shine's Kage and then drop it before anyone can say "Zaki, you piece of...." then he jumps with most of Shine's fighting force (save for Koro) off to Samui for a chance to get a piece of the 1st war win in the history of TNR's Core 3.1.

On the 4th day of the war, LonelyShadow rose to the challenge and became Shine's proud 6th SunKage! Congratulations!

His first order of business: Rebuild the village of Shine, and gain and recruit hardcore Solarian Loyalists from all over Seichi!



Outlaws! Outlaws EVERYWHERE!


There are reports coming to Shine that the Syndicates are found one square north or east on every village. We still don't know why they are taking north or east positions, probably Feng Shui practitioners. They sleep, then suddenly robs and then vanishes as if they weren't there. It seems its not only Samui is winning in this war...

1337Yondaime, SuperCell, and KidnapZ, the hunks of Shine are still accepting applicatations for brides. They've got a long line of applicants in their PMs but please, genins does not count. ^_^


Note: The village still provides 1,000,000 RYO for every successful marriage.

The Village is looking for capable miners and herbalist.

People are looking to buy miners and herbalist products.

The villagers are looking for competent avi makers!

Make your case at the local village tavern or at TRoS!

We would like to thank Teni The marshmallow Queen, Enigma the Village Archiever, Jedi Master Focus, Avi~less EtsuoFenrir, Miku (my waifu and the greatest Cheft ever!), The Teleporter 1337yondaime, The Gun slinger Kerito, SHINE´s Steam Phantom Universe and the SunKage LonelyShadow for making our "evolved chat~site" possible. *sniffs*
(catch us at the Rise of Shine)

¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!


Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chief: Teni
Writer: Rakusai

Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi!
Welcome to the 6th edition of The Shine Sandworm!


Breaking News: WAR!!!

The Konokians, who have got nothing else to do with their sorry lives, have decided to declare war of our proud Shine.

As you all may have known, the village has been in a rebuild mode. We have had lofty goals and dreams of becoming a well-established village that Solarians can be proud of. Young chuunins (30M exp and below) are showing up in numbers and take up their professions to contribute. We have been in the process of building up our humble village by sharing training tips, best practices and even ryo amongst the villagers.

To ensure the rebuilding process is without any hassle, the young SunKage LonelyShadow had recently asked for an alliance with Konoki - which they flatly refused and even demanded that all SHINE villagers transfer to Konoki.
Our Kage only replied, "...that the only ones that remain here are the loyalist among the loyalist of Shine."
Two days later they declared war on our proud village.

And NO! Shine will not ask any village for alliance. We will not involve our dear friends from other villages by dragging them from their current village to war for Shine's sake while they have their own war to fight.

However we do welcome, and greatly appreciate, the personal efforts of any individuals against these marauders from Konoki unofficially. Including every former Solarians out there. In behalf of Shine, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Heads up and stay dignified, Solarians!

If we all die tonight, we'll damn well give ‘em a bloody mouth or a bloody nose. Or both! This is NOT the night we die!

We will NOT just let them take what is ours!

We will NOT give in to treachery!

We will NOT bow down to some APES!



SunKage's ABSOLUTE Order to All Solarians:
Do not raid Samui, Shroud and Silence unless its for self defense.
This is our war against Konoki and Konoki alone
and we hope other villages will respect such.

The village of Shine gives 1M to each successful Solarian marriage. Kerito and Teni got 2M all in all. (Cheers!)
But since there is a war going on, such incentive will be suspended until further notice. Thank you :-)

¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chief: Teni
Writer: Rakusai

Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi ! Welcome to the 7th edition of The Shine Sandworm!


After Alba-goddess came down from heaven and made the godly command that "thou shall have peace", The Samui vs Shroud/Silence, and Shine/Samui vs Konoki wars have been concluded. The Sandwom cannot comment regarding Samui's war with Shroud/Silence, all we can say is that both Konoki and Shine fought valiantly for what they believe in.


Kudos so Legendary, Esdeath, Axemaster, Apprime and most especially to Ryuk who fought for Konoki for making things interesting (my apologies to all the other names I have forgotten that gave us headaches during the war! LOL)

On behalf of Shine's Sunakage LonelyShadow, The Sandworm would like to say thanks to DoctorBurben for making Shine's counter attack possible. He was able to organize, attack, and defend the village on its darkest hour. He is indeed heaven-sent to us and our rebuilding of village!


I personally would like  to give shout-outs to the Kage LonelyShadow, Universe, OmiGawd, Tifa, Focus, Kerito, KidnapZ and Zelso for acting as our "swords", and to Teni, 1337Yondaime, CRIMSONNINJA, Ekofunk and Silvess for the updated scouting reports; and to Miku and Kuyascorp for giving up bottomless pools while healing the Solarian Raiders. (again, my apologies to those names who I forgot to mention. Ima give you unlimited heals, so hush hush ;-) )
Teni edit: We would also like to thank Rakusai for his healing efforts!
*Goes back to hide in the editing room*

Shout outs too to our allies outside the village! Since such information is marked as "confidential",  we can only promise you that the Village of Shine will NEVER forget your assistance, and we will show such gratitude in the future!  

The Yellow Map
As you all know, Seichi is getting more and more yellow each day! Will Samui prevail or will its vanquished ninja rise again? The whole of Seichi is watching...


Message Board for Newcomers


Welcome to all of our newcomers! Shine is looking for active players to rebuild Shine. We have a great community, and will continue to work on communicating and enjoying TNR as much as possible. Medics, Perma players at all ranks, and players with professions are needed and appreciated.


Inside Shine:

-The great Konokian migration has been evident in almost all other villages and Shine is no exception. Whether they will make Shine their home or make this another village stopover has yet to be seen. It is noted that the Village of Shine welcomes productive villagers regardless of their former affiliations. We have great expectations of you guys!

-The rebuilding process has been at a steady growth after the war! Young chuunins are taking up trades and occupation; bounty hunters and medics are on the rise! Keep up the good work!

-Notable new faces:
"Fyt meeeehhhh!" Finn, "all-your-BROWNIES-are-mine" Lucy, "Sage" LegendaryMyth, "Too hot for Canada" Axemaster and "Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere" Kinbarii


-Slayerv121 is looking for new spouse. "Must have a thing for bloodlust. Must have a thing for hardcore metal music." -Slayerv121
-"Amedot. Amedot. Amedot." I heard that if you say "Amedot" 3x, she'll appear. I'm still waiting. o.o
-Sausage is NOT an edible dog.
-Due to Finn and LegendaryMyth's marriage they are entitled to 2,000,000 ryo (1,000,000 each). Congratulations! The village will give you the incentive money 3 days after the publish of such notice.

¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs:  Teni and Miku

Writer: Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi! Welcome to the 8th edition of The Shine Sandworm!



Veteran Spot:

Enchii of core2

Sasori of core2

Stealthmoves of core2

The Sandworm would like to give respects to these ubers from the former core. For whatever circumstances they came here, they left a big imprint to this game. If there are still former comrades-at-arms out there who know these guys, please send me (Rakusai) a PM to know their story at least on third person perspective. Cheers!



Inside Shine:


New SunaKage for the Village of Shine

We would like to congratulate the Village of Shine's new Sunakage Koro! As a former Kage himself, the Solarians are hoping for wise decision-making and experience in handling day-to-day village affairs.


The Rise of New Clan Leaders:

Zelso of the Nomads, DoctorBurben of Kazama, Finn of Itami of Kujo, Koro of Mercenary, and Pharos of Anat Akhan have taken over the clan leadership to assert activity and new blood in the Solarian clan. This is a big boost for the Shine's rebuilding efforts in the long run. Kudos!


Marriage Incentive

We would like to congratulate Slayerv121/Syouken, Koro/AhanaxxStar, and Focus/ M0nicaMac0vey as our village newlyweds! 1,000,000 ryo is being handed out to each Solarian mentioned as we speak. Congratulations!


Shout outs to LadyofFaith as our number one sponsor regarding the weddings! She donated a substantial amount of RYO to make this incentive possible. Happy retirement and good luck to your real life doctor profession!

We are still accepting donations for such.

(my leather business and errands are quite insufficient. LOL :-) )



Interested in a profession?

Check this out! It lists all the ins and outs of professions for you. Any players picking up a profession should PM Silvess/Teni so they can add you to the list.


Good luck!

Ekofunk and OmniGawd have decided to go separate ways with the village. It is unfortunate, but we still regard them as war heroes. The village of Shine never forgets it heroes! We wish you guys well and hopefully return as stronger soldiers of the village in the future.




Notable new faces:

"The Ice Phoenix" IceFang13, "Lone Wolf" Josheru, “The Erosion Specialist†Halcyon, and "The Crow Assassin" Koro.
We all welcome you here at the village of Shine!




-As mentioned above, Slayerv121 is already taken. We don’t want Slayerv raging. Believe me, i know. o.o

-There are high demands on herbalist products in Shine. We would like to invite "visitors" to sell their wares at the village tavern.

-The Village are looking for active members for each clans. We will be conducting contests between clans in the future, so please PM your clan leaders for details.



¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni and Miku
Writer: Rakusai

Hello Village of Shine and People of Seichi!
Welcome to the 9th edition of The Shine Sandworm!



End of the Month Interview


Many issues make life absurdly unfair.

Take, for instance, becoming a killer raider. His raiding capabilities are best described by his many monikers, "The Rebel".
"The Rebel" is a direct result of his penchant for always playing the hero. Whether he succeeds or not does not matter; all you want to see is him to try. And boy, does he try. Whether he's burying consecutive kills or gliding towards village after village for kills or defending the village of its enemies; he'll be somebody else's nightmare.

Our interview is with none other than Shine's "The Rebel" Finn!
Spurred by a recent revelation in the tavern, this is a tale we just had to share with you, our readers.

SandWorm: Man! This will be your 1st ever interview with the Sandworm! I bet you're nervous, right? :D
Finn: Actually… No. Why would I?

SW: Fair enough... So toasters! We have heard that you've got a somewhat strange obsession with toasters! What's up with that?
Finn: No man, it’s more of trauma.


SW: Trauma? Hmmmm... care to share?
Finn: Back when I was a Konokian I decided to kick up a conversation with Pana after fighting him and his overly broken panda. We get to talking and making jokes then eventually he brings up toasters.


SW: How was this toaster thing even started? LOL
Finn: "This one time I got my dick stuck in a toaster and whelp before I knew it that toaster was pregnant. The toaster gave birth to a waffle maker so I was like 'nah fuck this I aint payin child support cause that aint mine' so I fled to Canada to snuggle up and live with a moose. Its nicer here" -This started the conversation.
I call him out on being a toaster abuser cause toasters have feelings too ;___; then I threatened to tell Martha Stewart on him so he told me if I talk he'll bash me with a toaster, I decided to test Pana and he literally bashed me with a fucking toaster.


SW: Wow... Some story... So how did Pana bash you with a toaster?

Finn: I'm not even kidding, a notification popped up:

"Pana has smashed a toaster over your head"


SW: O_____O
Finn: Yeah man. So now whenever I mess with Pana he beats me up with toasters.



Inside Shine:



Clan Wars Coming Soon
The Village of Shine will be conducting clan competition. The rules of which will be posted soon, here at our newspaper.


The Village of Shine would like to congratulate our very own DoctorBurben for hitting 2379.35 PvP Exp and in effect getting the Number 2 Most Active Player seat! Keep up the good work Sir!

Marriage Incentive
Due to Shine's MARRIAGE BOOM, Rakusai will have to suspend the marriage incentive. He is officially broke and have filed for bankruptcy.

Shout outs to RedEyes for sponsoring the weddings! He donated a substantial amount of RYO to make this incentive possible! Thank you!

We would like to congratulate the Village of Shine for having more activity in trade! There is a great demand of leather for Armor smiths, herbs for our Chefs, and miners for our Weapons smiths…especially compared to couple months before.  Keep up the hard work fellow Solarians and keep the money pouring!

Good luck!
1337Yondaime had decided to go separate ways with the village. It is unfortunate, but we still regard him as war hero. The village of Shine never forgets it heroes! We wish all our departed heroes well and to hopefully return as stronger soldiers for the the village in the future.


There has been a commotion lately among villagers of Shine on which name should we adopt as Shine's citizens. We would like YOU to vote and make YOUR voice heard!

What do you think our Shine citizens should be called?
1. Shineys
2. Shinies
3. Shiners
4. Shinese
5. Solarians
6. Pana's love children
Kindly click this link to participate:


Notable new faces:
"Tentacles Healer Disciple" CherryMatcha, "A-Alpha" AhanaxxStar, "EL Torro" Suerte, "Northern Fox" Ashe, "Water Bender" Suigetsu, and "Big Bad Wolf" Juugo. We all welcome you here at Shine!


-"Fyt meeeehhhh!" Finn is looking for a new spouse. Must be able to keep up with his "revolutionary cause".
-Skylaka117 is looking for his first ever spouse. Must be gentle due to his virginity. Must be the "one".
-We would also like to congratulate DoctorBurben and CherryMatcha on their marriage! They received 1,000,000 RYO each!



¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni and Miku

Writer: Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi!

Welcome to the 10th Edition of The Shine Sandworm!



Rakusai's Corner


It has been exactly 30days since I took up the Shine's Sandworm newspaper with Alba~goddess' approval, and I could say the journey has been crazier than expected! Shout outs to Teni for her guidance, Miku for her inspiration, and the Shine Villagers who have been giving me fresh ideas and materials! And there's that many sexual innuendos... or basically things that could make people want me banned... but hey, just keep things coming!




The Player Inteview


Taking chances is a case-to-case basis among people. Some do it for the thrill,  others for the chance at a high reward.  People are often either the cautious Bear or the risky Tiger, but for a few its the balance of the two. Regardless, it is all about rising up to the challenge and shining brighter than anyone else.


Our interview is with none other than Shine's Main Man,  DoctorBurBen.


Sandworm: Why did u come to Shine, anyway?

DocBurbern: Idk. I enjoy the peeps in Samui so I should have gone w/ them, but I noticed that they already had enough people they really didn't need another active player. So. Idk. I didn't feel like going to some place that had already been built up. I could have gone to Konoki, but I started there. Shine was more of a unknown place that had been inactive for a while.


Sandworm: So basically, you were attracted of the idea of "rebuilding"?

DocBurben: I guess. Shine was the worst village with the lowest active population. I've always tried to rebuild though. Konoki I was doing it. Then I went to Silence and did it in a Clan. Then Samui for a bit to chill out, but then the war happened and I was leaking SP to Shroud so I left and robbed Shroudies/Silencers and sent the ryo to Samuians. Aaaand now Shine, so. Idk.


Sandworm: is Shine really that bad?

Doc: Whatchu mean homie?


SW: i mean, we cant be a "rebuilding village" forever, right?

Doc: hmmmmm. We kinda can. We have more new players than any other village. And other villages are on their way to end game already. So until everyone is end game, we're still rebuilding. Doesn't make us bad or good. Just states the amount of time we've been active in Core 3.


SW: At this rate... how long? Of course minus the outside factors. lol

Doc: At least a year, give or take. Probably longer, tbh. Unless major changes are made to TNR and we just become elite due to the amount of effort we put in.


SW: So.. at August 2016, Shine would probably become a respectable village? sorry. lol. i wasnt clear

Doc: Raku, we're already a respectable village. We treat our new players better than anywhere else from what I see. We're not Shroud, constantly calling our players peasants. Since Koro left, we're not dealing with some hot head who thinks he's superior just from being here since the beginning. Silence is welcoming as well for the most part. Samui can be welcoming, but not to everyone. You have to prove yourself there. Konoki is, well, Konoki. Shine, idk. We just seem to welcome all players and be more empathetic to them. At least from my experience.


So in that sense, we're respectable. We're open, we're inviting, and we want any player we can get our hands on - so long as they're not a raging twat. Statistically, who knows. It took me 7 months to get where I am, and for some ungodly reason people say that I'm fast or OP - both which are incredibly untrue.


But, if that is any indication, then maybe in seven months we can be seen as somewhat viable in PvP. It really depends on what happens in TNR. If players leave Shine because of the constant raiding that we can't really do much about, or if there are changes in content, events, etc. Everything plays a part in how villages turn out. It's not one player that makes a village, you know? So in that sense, we're only as strong as our weakest link.  I cannot give you a "Oh by July 7th, 2016 at exactly 12:34 PM EST, Shine will be seen as a viable village." Because there's not an exact moment when it happens. So that's why the focus right now is just enjoying each other's company while we build up. Community is always the priority. Make sense?


SW: I totally agree! I just hope nobody is left out on this process. Progress tends to leave people behind.

Doc: I understand that it is frustrating for us right now. But eventually we'll be a decent village because we have a core group that has a sharp focus on what they want done and how, and that just centers around getting people engaged with our community and invested in the real people behind the usernames. So long as people are friendly and enjoy the game together, we'll all prosper in time.


SW: So whats next for the Doctor?

Doc: Same thing we do everyday, Raku.





Our very own Marshmallow Queen Teni (and our Sandworm's editor-in-chief) shall have her own weekly edition in Shine's Sandworm! We expect great things and fresh perspective in her articles! Her first article will be following this very edition of the Sandworm! Check it out at the end!

Good Job Madam! ^_^




CherryMatcha took over Mercenary Clan Leader! Thank you for stepping up! The Village of Shine is expecting great things from you!


Finn is now an EJ! Another addition to Shine's EJ rank, and a  welcome to boon to the game. Keep up the good work!

Team TAKA has been raiding ferociously and earning valuable VFs for the village! Goodness And there are only 4 people there!
Good job guys!




Poll Question Hack

We do apologize for the poll site malfunction. We discovered belatedly that people can actually vote more than once in that site. In the spirit of fairplay, we will reset the vote and post it on the next edition. We will also set a time limit for successful votes. Thank you for your support!


Teni Ediit: For those curious, before the sudden spike of spam votes Shiney was in the lead with Pana's Love Children not too far behind. Solarian and Shinese battled for third place and in dead last was Shiner.



ALTs Population Boom

There has been a significant number of alt sprouting inside the Village of Shine. Whether it is used for observation (spying?) or checking out the village itself, we still welcome YOU! We just hope you guys can participate in professions. But regardless, welcome to our village! ^_^



Notable new faces:

"The Dictator" LadyofFaith and "Mini-me Phoenix" RubyFire.

 We all welcome you here at Shine!


Teni Edit: We would like to note that we want to welcome all new people however it is difficult to name everyone! Whether or not your name appeared on the list we're glad you chose Shine as your current home!





  • In behalf of the Village, we would like to recruit Mysterica to our village. She has been camping too long outside, and we wish to embrace her under the warmth of the camaraderie of the village. Yes, we WANT you here!
  • We would also like to place an AD for more ads, as we only have one today. Making avvies? Need to get rid of inventory from your profession? Looking to meet your TNR love? Something else? Let us know!




Lurker Spotlight

with Teni


Hey guys! We have a Shiney new article in the Sandworm, Lurker Spotlight. Where I, Teni, shine  a spotlight on the people and happenings in our beloved tavern. Whether it's a fellow Shinie, an interesting conversation, or just something I saw and wanted to talk about I hope you all take a

to this column and enjoy.

Now without further ado...this week's spotllight....



Recently I stumbled into the middle of a compelling conversation about chimichangas . It was then I realized, I don't know what a chimichanga  is! TheDevilsAdvocate  was happy to enlighten me. So because I love Deadpool and food I decided to share a conversation with TDA  for my first Lurker Spotlight.


For other uneducated plebs like myself, what is a chimichanga?


Chimichangas are pretty much a Mexican style egg roll. They are tortillas filled with meat and cheese and other things. They are usually deep fried and topped with salsa.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting hungry already.
As the conversation progressed I soon discovered that TDA  not only knows what a chimichanga  is (again...I didn't! It was mere legend until this point!) but actually knew how to make them himself.


What skill! Much wow!


So what advice does he have for others who wish to undertake such a task?


Don't overfill. They'll rip.


So keep that in mind if you decide to make one for the first time after reading my article.
Also keep in mind...please send me one. I'm hungry. Or at least take a picture and send it to me.

Well that's all folks!

I hope you enjoyed the flavour of this article.


I need to get back to my lurking...er, I mean research.

Stay active!





¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!



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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Rakusai

Writer: Teni


Hello fellow Shinies and People of Seichi!

Welcome to the 11th Edition of The Shine Sandworm!


Lurker Spotlight
with Teni


It's here! The thing I know you have all been dying to read (or at least waiting in the hospital for)...the second edition of the Lurker Spotlight!


I'd like to start by saying thanks for the great reviews I've received, and a special thanks to Nuktuk and his shout out to me and my fellow Sandworms! Always great to hear from you, and I've got to say I'm a big fan!

Though, I'm a bit disappointed I haven't received any chimichanga pictures yet from anyone...

So without further ado, this week's spotlight will shine on...




This mysterious ninja recently re-appeared in the tavern and so I decided to move my spotlight over to him.

So, after his hiatus what was it that brought him back to TNR?


I've always liked TNR. Its a game that I've been playing for a very long time and have met many good friends. Main reason I came back, was because a friend of mine told me a few other friends were in tavern, so I logged on to chit chat for a bit. Then I was convinced to return, and now I'm here.


Does he have any plans for Shine as one of our EJ, now that he's returned?


Shine will always be the place I will be, whether it dies out or not.


That's great to hear! However Shine has begun to shine bright once more, so lets hope it doesn't die!

However I had another pressing question, due to my tavern research. Hatori prefers to go by “Hatâ€, however I have observed him going by the name “Master Hatâ€.

Master Hat was a joke back at the end of Core 2 and the beginning of Core 3. Hat is the name I like people calling me, unless you can think of some epic nickname.


...and when I asked what the joke was...


If you find out, I have to kill you o.o


I'm just a defenseless chuunin here! eep!


Anyways...moving on...


As I continued to gather research in the tavern I've noticed a certain fondness for Batman (Who can blame him? I love B-man too!), so I decided to ask Hatori if he had any comments on the Bat.

Batman is Bae, that's all that matters.

Not sure if I could have said it better!


I only had one more questions for the Great and Mighty Hat! Where's the hat you promised to make me in the tavern?


I'm still brainstorming on what your masterful hat is, it should be done in the next few weeks, hopefully.



Well I'll be waiting!
Thank you
Mr. Hat for letting me shine my spotlight on you!



Now just a few things before I wrap up.

Thank you
BloodyJester and Kuroshibo for rebuilding the tavern after yet another destruction!
I have lost track of how many times the tavern has been destroyed...


And now for the poll of the week!
This week we have 2 polls! Why 2? Well the first one burned in a pile of trolls so we had to recreate it out of macaroni. When that still fell apart, Ashe created another and gave me the link. Thank you Ashe!

So what should someone from Shine be called?


Click HERE to tell me!



For a little bit of fun and due to all the pokemon talk I've seen in this, and other taverns.

What kind of pokemon are you?


So WHAT are you? hmm?



Have an idea for a poll? Have a burning question you need others to answer? PM me!


And now for a joke! Stolen from Tsumi!


What did one orphan say to another?




To the Batmobile Robin!


Stay tuned for next week's lurker!
Same Bat-time, Same Bat-forum!


As always...

Stay Active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni and Miku

Writer: Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi ! Welcome to the 12th edition of The Shine Sandworm!



Rakusai's corner


Shout outs to our Marshamallow Queen Teni for her own Sandworm version. A resounding success! The Village of Shine appreciates her contribution not only as Sandworm's writer/editor, but also as an active villager. Cheers!




The Player Interview


Rome was not built in a day. It took them hundreds of years to build up its empire and became the envy of the ancient world. How do you build such massive empire? It takes culture, hard work and loyalty. You make events for the people. You train a decent army. You learn from your enemies and be open-minded to what will work and not work, and to what worked in past but may not work in the present or future. You keep the intangibles, such as competent leadership with an iron heart, in mind.


A leader may not be the strongest, but it sure helps that you are beloved by your village.

Let's give it up for LonelyShadow, Shine's 6th SunaKage!


SandWorm: So how long you've been playing with TNR?

LonelyShadow: This core or whole of TNR period?


"You have been a member for 303 days and currently have 303 respect points."


I've been playing since core 1. I quit towards the end of Core 1 I quit towards the end of c2 & I'm still here on c3 even though it's probably close to dying lol.


SW: By the way, how come Universe calls you "Shin" again? I'm sure he already told me that, but i keep on forgetting. hahaha

LS: My name used to be Shinado


SW: Why didnt you use it on this core?

LS: I did, but I changed it.


SW: Personal reasons? hehe.. Anyways, what's it like to be Shine's SunaKage?

LS: It was cool, you guys were pretty supportive of everything besides my decision to step down.


SW: Well... we did want you there on top coz ur the most capable guy to handle the kageship. It was a unanimous decision. LOL. But I guess you were retired on those things before the Konoki war, eh?

LS: Well it was my first time being kage and I just didn't see kage as something that would fit me that well.


SW: Why's that? i mean in our eyes, you did it brilliantly.

LS: Too much attention, a person like me prefers the hidden corners of the ninja world.


SW: An unwilling leader, eh? :P  So as Kage, what do u think should be its priorities?

LS: To motivate ALL the players with 20mill+ exp to raid and help get VF so we can get more upgrades.


SW: Like how many kills per day?

LS: Quotas are stupid; everybody has different luck raiding & most of us aren't that strong either any VF is better than none.


SW: Usually the norm is that 50M exp and above, that's the time you can raid. 20M isn't it a bit... early? :blink:

LS: Did I put 20? LOL I meant 50. :D


SW: LOL. How bout in the village? What do you think is the most important thing in a village?

LS: Good communication.


SW: Care to elaborate?

LS: Just keeping everyone informed on what's going on such as whose raiding, who needs heals, things like that.


SW: You were married before with Esdeath, right?

LS: Oh dear sweet essy, yeah I was married to her on my alt. It all started when I robbed her.


SW: And....?

LS: I don't remember the rest; I just remember all the sweet moments we had together. She was the best slaver that ever owned me.


SW: Would you recruit her here at Shine?

LS: I dont know, I'm not sure if she'll join.


SW: i see... so what's next for LonelyShadow? hehe

LS: I see a dimly lit cave where I will force my body to become more durable in my future.





New Content Team Members!


On August 11, 2015, TNR announced the newest members of the content team! They are Shikayaru, SarahMcGee, Nuktuk, and Shine's very own DoctorBurBen! Congrats guys! The People of Seichi will be expecting great things with your help! ^_^



TNR Party


Bored in raiding? Waiting for pools? Waiting for somebody to heal you from your hospital limbo? Fear not! Evoli made a party room just for you! go to THIS LINK! Just dont forget to register (its free)!  Shout outs to Evoli for such cool hangout! :D


Note: Please be civil to all the people there. They might be the ones who sent you to the hospital in first place!



Inside Report: The Village of Shroud

For some reason, our correspondent reports that Kidnapping is prevalent in the village of Shroud!
Trae kidnaps SinfulGreed by sacking him and putting him at the back of his van!
It is also reported that Bedlam and Calculus2 are conspiring to kidnap a certain Shroudie named "River".
Unfortunately, we still do not know who this "River" is at the moment.



Most Interesting quote from the Shroud tavy:


"I feel like you're the Kramer type of adult :c" -Alba~Goddess to TM

(Stay tune for other villages' inside report. Next week would be INSIDE KONOKI!)


Inside Shine:



Miners! Leathers! Miners! Leathers! Miners! Leathers!


Since there is an armor smith (and hunter) boom here at Shine, there are now high demands of leather, miner and even weapon smith products, specifically, iron armor studs. If you are a villager from Shine, you might want to get into that profession if you haven't chose anything yet.  PM Icefang13, Focus, KuyaScorp, and Miku if you got any. Thank you!




Notable New faces:


"Mad Hatter" Hatori, "Com'mere so I can bite you, don't run" Kuroshibo, "Queen of Waffles" Yumicho, "Fledgling" Janjang, and "Black Flame Fist" Drizzyduurden





- Doctor, one of Shine's former kage, is seen lurking at the Shine village! We want you back Doctor!

- KidnapZ is looking for a new spouse. This is strictly "regen only" relationship. His earthly body is open for negotiation.

- LegendaryMyth is requesting for sponsors regarding her jutsus and Jounin ranking. Any kind of donation is welcome.

- Slayerv121 is also requesting sponsors regarding his hobbies in taking care of his students. His selfishness made him broke, and is looking for generous people who would finance his jutsus and hospital bills.

- Miku, Shine’s new avi maker, is selling her creative wares!  To check her gallery, PM her first. J

-Bloodyjester has lost his left shoe! Please contact him if you find it.

-Vivitarutaru  is looking for drinking buddies to join him for some good ol' tavern fun. Drinks with dirty names largely appreciated.



¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Rakusai

Writer: Teni


Hello fellow Shinies and People of Seichi!

Welcome to the 13th Edition of The Shine Sandworm!


Lurker Spotlight

with Teni


Welcome one and all to this week's Lurker Spotlight!

Please save any and all applause until the end, and keep your arms and legs safely within the ride at all times.

While normally I'd like to write some drawn out intro to wet your appetite, and include some delicious puns, I think I'm just going to get right into the meat of this week's article.


Tavern food!


Every good establishment needs a good menu to compliment the crowds that gather inside. Several Shinies have taken it upon themselves to bring their own flavours to the tavern and share them with anyone who happens to wander in.


First on the menu we have drinks!

Both alcoholic and non alcoholic.


For those fancying something of the non-alcoholic variety we have Silvess' smoothies! Quite often Sil can be seen offering or throwing her smoothies at her victims. Whether they turn their target blue, or cause them to grow fluffy blue wings and a tail, the customer is surely in for a treat.

Do the mysterious effects wear off? When I asked Sil about her smoothies this was her advice:


Collect lots of Unicorn Magic Milk guys it’s a life saver.


Life saver? Well if you feel like tempting fate and being a walking experiment...Silvess' Smoothies are for you!


Now what about the booze.

What does Shine have to offer?


Well BloodyJester and Vivitarutaru are there for you!


As the newly self-appointed bartender, Jester is always ready to pour you your drink of choice!

His rules?


there are no free drinks and that people need to stop braking the tavy/bar


Agreed! So those who destroy the tavern beware! CoughSlayerv121cough


And what is offered?

Well, I will allow Vivi to explain.


We have a wide variety shots.

The most commonly requested things from our bartender includes Sex on the Beach, or shots Between the Sheets and Liquid Viagra.

The bartenders often recommend their blowjobs, which are nice.


*note: so I don't get banned, those are real names of real drinks/shots. We aren't Silence.


Now, what about the food?

Other than the chimichangas of course.


Well ShadoWind has you covered with her cooking.

How does she describe her style?


I cook in the Tavern as a service. I cook traditional Japanese cuisine with my own little twist.


But wait! Shado is not the only chef I have seen in the tavern!


Our very own, former Sunakage LonelyShadow was spotted making “food†for several of the villagers under LegendaryMyth's orders.

While not part of his delicious creation, he personally admitted to preferring to dine on the souls of children.

I must say, his food deserves much praise.


And of course, on the lighter side we have randomly appearing popcorn for your entertainment needs, and cookies for your IJUST FEELLIKEADAMNCOOKIE needs.


Or if you are like Enishi and are a recovering cookie addict...there are plenty of marshmallows. Ask any Shinie, or those that have stumbled through its tavern doors. Or me, since I am the marshmallow queen and all cough


And sometimes you can find Sausage in the tavern.


So there you have it, a brief glimpse of the food culture of Shine.

But don't go flailing your arms and kicking your legs yet.



We have the results from last week's polls!


Winning with a whole 12 votes is Shinies! Sorry Raku, but the people have spoken. Solarian didn't even come in third place!

In second place is...Pana's Love Children with 9 votes!

And dead last...with no votes was Shinese.


If you don't believe my expert commentary, you can check this link for the results.


And what about the second poll?

What kind of pokemon are our readers?

Out of 15 votes, the winner was a tie!

With water, electric, psychic and dark having 2 votes each!


For full results, click here.


And now, this weeks poll!


Since the Shine/Konoki war, people have come from all over Seichi and have helped us become the village we are today. Whether or not you were “born†in Shine, your dedication and hard work makes you a Shiney!

So, we at the Sandworm want to know, regardless of what village you now live in, what village were you born in?

C1, C2 and C3...wherever you got your start!

Tell us!





Wow, after all this writing I've now made myself hungry! I personally have been craving some Ninja Chicken nuggets. If anyone happens to get their hands on some, please send them my way!

*note: Must be in nugget form.


And finally some words of wisdom from the tavern itself.



Chat System

You cannot post blank messages




I feel wiser already!


As always...

Stay Active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by teni
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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chiefs: Rakusai
Writer: Teni

Hello fellow Shinies and People of Seichi!
Welcome to the 14th Edition of The Shine Sandworm!

Lurker Spotlight
with Teni


Step right up to this weeks Lurker Spotlight! Grab your popcorn, tell your friends and marvel at this week's newest edition!
I'm sure you have all been sitting at the edges of your seats waiting in suspense since this week's topic is:


What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing?

Not according to everyone in Shine! But unfortunately, to some.


With our decision to wage war on Silence has come the unfortunate departure of valued tavern members such as Finn. We will miss throwing toasters at you!


However those who have remained have retained a strong Shiney spirit! Initially I had feared the war would not only kill weak chuunin and anyone in Nexilus' way, but our beloved tavern.

Like the rest of Shine it suffered some down time as people adjusted to the shift in activity, however being constantly camped and raided is nothing new in Shine.


By the end of the week it eventually bounced back and was as lively as ever!


Don't believe me?
What about our new Sunakage?




If the image isn't working click here.



I'm so happy! -sniffs-


In addition Shine has been incredibly supportive with people contributing to the war effort in any way they can. With over four pages of war heroes the support has been fantastic!


Keep it up, everyone!


In the more recent spur of activity the tavern came down with a “Dammit!†epidemic. It started with a Star Trek reference and multiplied quicker than a tribble in heat!

What started at approximately 5:37 server time, according to my records, continued for well over an hour!

Here is a screen cap of the madness that ensued.


Once the “Dammitâ€s cleared up it was followed by two performances from Monty Python's Flying Circus, acted out by yours truly and TheSeventhClass.

Otherwise well-known as MarkedOne, who you may recognize from the Syndicate Truth.


The sketches performed were The Cheese Shop, and The Dead Parrot ending with The Lumberjack Song for the tavern's viewing pleasure.


If you have absolutely no idea what in Seichi I am talking about, the originals can easily be found on youtube.



Hey look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's this week's poll!


Well, actually it's last week's poll results.


Last week we asked our readers which village they were born in. Out of 26 participants the top three results were as follows:

  1. Shine

  2. Konoki

  3. Current


The full results can be found here.


Unfortunately there will be no poll this week due to the war and the fact that my brain hurts.



With that I'll wrap up this week's Luker Spotlight!


This edition has been brought to you by Bad Decisions that sometimes turn out to be OK and Lisanna's /\/ / /\/ _/ /\ which has now been stolen.


And finally, my reaction when I get logged out after typing a well written tavern post or PM




or click here



Have fun and Say Active!





¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!

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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni and Miku

Writer: Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi ! Welcome to the 15th edition of The Shine Sandworm!



Rakusai's corner


People need to realize TNR is a game, and people need to do what gets them the most enjoyment out of it. Whether that's stirring up some craziness in the tavern, hunting other players or developing some genuine friendships here. You can grow good friendships, but some people just get petty and can't seem to separate TNR from what's real...and it's kinda sad when people let the game get in the way of that.


Yes, there is a point where where people can genuinely take things too far. Assholes exist.
Just remember, have fun!


Enjoy the game!




The Player interview

Boxing. The Western Marital Arts. The Sweet Science. When you go for this sport, it demands complete dedication and focus. It is not a mere throw of punches with gloves, but rather a very technical one. It goes without saying that every punch comes from intricate training that could break normal mortals. It requires repetition of countless hours in sandbags, speed balls and miles of running. Every part of the body works, of course and that includes strategies. Shall I throw a straight? A jab? Maybe an upper cut to finish it off? Combinations of flickers or counter punches? These are the things that all these fighters must have been running in their minds as they stimulate in their mental training. Aha the Sweet Science indeed!


Believe it or not, TNR game play is the same thing. Random punches don’t count. Which stat should I train? Which jutsu should I focus? Can the opponent withstand my offense? Is my bloodline a counter to the other? CFH? Even running away is part of the strategy.


The SW is proud to call upon Shine's specialist on the game, "Vaporean Master" Universe!


SW: Oh boy! This interview has been long time coming! Welcome to the Sandworm!

So how long have you been playing this game?
Universe: Well, I’ve been playing for quite a long time now, I started playing in 2009 quitted some time before core 2 sorta ended, and started again on October 2014 Core 3. I had actually lost contact with TNR and one day I decided checking out if it was still there and to my surprise core 3 had been launched, I felt really happy to have the opportunity to play this unique game again.


SW: Is it true that Vaporia is the best offensive BL out there?
Uni: At first I thought Vaporia was pretty crappy, hated its name, but then I realized it was an awesome bloodline that suited perfectly my offensive style. I’m an all offensive Vap player, proud of my bloodline, glad I rolled it. I guess regarding raw power, polarity shifter would be the best option, but Vaporia is pretty awesome.


SW: LOL! Everybody wants Vap now. I think. O.o
Well, if you can change back time, would you still pick this BL?
Uni: If I could change back time I think I would want to roll Solar Soul, always wanted to have lightning/fire nin bloodline. It was my dream, but I settle with vap I’ve grown pretty fond if this awesome bloodline.


SW: What training regimen are you at right now?

Uni: I’m currently training my weap def alternating it with intel training, for all you uber weap chuunin ! I’m coming after you!, especially you SarahMcGee ! lol still have a long way till that to happen.


SW: Hohoho… Guess watch out Sarah! XD What do you think that separates you from other ninjas around Seichi?
Uni: I describe myself as the ultimate offensive ninja! What separates me form the others I guess is my desire to keep hitting harder and harder hehe, I love raw damage perhaps I should have been a tai user. I’m not a fast trainer but I’m a steady trainer so well lots of ninjas have surpassed me but I still stand my ground as one of the strongest ninja around my experience, just looking to have fun sorry for all the bragging hehe.


SW: You seem close with the former Kage LonelyShadow, how long do guys know each other?

Uni: I’ve known Shin-man since the start of C3, we were part of the first loyal members of Shine.  We grew together and became kinda of rivals, always measuring our strength. So yeah we´ve been good old friends since a long time now, I’m really glad to have shin still at my side defending Shine. He always supported me with my crazy “rebuilding Shine†plans.


SW: Well, that’s LonelyShadow for you! Hehehe…While I do my healing spree and all, I observe you, SunaKage KuyaScorp, Zelso and DocBurben been in CFH freenzy lately, is this a team of sorts?
Uni: Oh tag teaming with kuya, shin, burbs makes all the time spent in this game worth it. I love bringing down stronger enemies and I think our combination works awesomely good. We even brought down mighty Titus, pretty proud of our shiney warrior, we are little but mighty and strong spirited.


SW: Who's your idol here as you grow up in this game? Why?
Uni: Hmm my idol here I would have to say Nagarochi, I mean that guy is so OP, he can take down uber EJ´s all by himself. I want to become that kind of Jounin, feared by EJ´s, Jounin and chuunin, the ultimate nightmare. He always stays calm, doesn’t bring much drama into his ninja lifestyle and the few times I got to talk to him he’s been always nice. I want to become that a strong humble Jounin.


SW: Give at least 3 people here you consider as your "rival"?

Uni: Well to start with I will have to name Shinman, he´s been always there with me, always measuring ourselves and had great close battles. Kuyascorp would be my other rival, always close combats, we actually DKO now, I really enjoy battling him. And as my last rival I would have to say Sheele, she has become an awesome rival, we are really close and have been for a long time fighting each other, having epic battles.


SW: Wow… those are the current active ninja’s around! So in all your years here at TNR, what did u learn from this game?

Uni: In all my years here I learned one thing, Hard-work, thats the only way you can achieve something in this game. This game teaches you discipline and setting goals for yourself. It also gives you that peculiar pleasure of attaining your goals and being proud of yourself. TNR has a special type of community unique to this game which I cherish and would like to keep enjoying in the future.


SW: WHEW!!!! Lastly, your message for Shine.

Uni: Shinies we have come a long way since we started rebuilding, the phoenix will rise again! Let’s keep it up! No one will stop us from attaining glory! The phoenix will is in all of us!




Inside Shroud

Nindo Rage Award goes to... GuardianAngel!!!!
Check out the link pls!
Also, we would like to congratulate Azrael for reviving Shroud’s Saint. ^_^





Inside Shine:


New Kage!
The Village of Shine is proud to have our 7th SunaKage of Shine, KuyaScorp!
And at his inauguration, he declared,


“As the New Kage, I would like to start by hosting an event:

1000 ryo per Structures Destroyed

2000 ryo per Structures Healed

-I will honor the current Structure points accumulated

-since the War history disappears when the war has ended I will need help to screen shot the pages so I can tally up everyone’s involvement.  All ryos will be paid at this time

-All donations will be noted and greatly appreciated!

☼ Shine's resolve is absolute ☼

Rise up, Praise the Sun!â€

-KuyaScorp of Shine


As of the moment, we have at least 5 pages worth of heroes who contributed in the war whether destroying the opposing village SP or healing the Shine’s SP. Good job, and we know we can do better!




Looking for a team where you can grow as a raider? Team Taka wants YOU!
Team TAKA is now paying their ANBU members 10k per kill, with a minimum requirement of 50 kills a week.  In order to get the incentive you must get the minimum kills! Please PM either Karin or Suigetsu for more details.



Shine Website:

It is our sincerest wish that a website will be made for the village of Shine. This will work as a mausoleum of sorts where all Shineys whether present or future may sign their names and some of their contribution to the village. This project is indeed a heavy burden for those who will venture such, and we are looking for contributors.  Please PM Rakusai or Teni. Thank you!


Shout out for Zelso for contribution for “Shine’s Landscapeâ€!



The Village of Shine, Village of Business?

It is our vision that our proud Village be a healthy environment for doing business.  The village will be creating comprehensive prices of all profession items. In a way, this will protect the buyers from getting overpriced items, and also the sellers from getting short changed. It is our hope that these prices will be respected by all villagers in the spirit of fair play.


Royale Wedding!
The Village of Shine congratulates Slayerv121(The Village’s resident grandpa veteran Sgt-at-Arms) and LadyofFaith(Hi-Hello uber Medic) for their marriage! Woohoo!!! So proud! We are wishing you well! :D


WAR Update:
As you all know, we are currently at war. We would like to congratulate the villagers of Shine of for giving 5pages worth of heroes who contributed at the war. This is gonna be tough on us as days would go, but we know each one of us here are contributing to best of our capabilities. We got a dozen chuunins here who haven't even reached 50M exp and yet contributed either SP destroyed against the opposing village or SP healed in favor of Shine. Is really heart-warming to see such efforts, and we will do our very best to keep it up! We'll use this as a learning experience for the village! Good job guys!

For those haven't killed, sapped or defended the village, we strongly encourage you to join the community's war efforts in any possible contribution.


Just drop by at the Shine tavy for details. Thank you!


There was sighting among Shine villagers that a certain villager was slapped by Alba~goddess using a cod fish. That certain villager got suddenly energized and decided to start writing again for the Sandworm as he almost handed his resignation letter to his editors.







Notable new faces:

"IronMan" Retsumaru, “Grey Back†BishopWolf, “Captain†13th, "Super Rookie" MikeHawk, “Crimson Blade†ENISHI and “Teddy†Isla





- We are promoting https://plug.dj/tnr-room/for a relaxing party for all Seichi ninjas. Shout outs to Evoli!

Go to this link: click here!


¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chiefs: Rakusai
Writer: Teni

Hello fellow Shinies and People of Seichi!
Welcome to the 16th Edition of The Shine Sandworm!

Lurker Spotlight
with Teni


It's here! It's finally here!

This week's edition of the Lurker spotlight. We have an interview, a poll, and of course some “what's what†from Shine's tavern.
After an unexpected leave of absence from writing. I must apologize for my lateness for this article. Something called “real life†became busy, and hectic and long story short I was abducted by aliens that would not allow me to write. But I have returned (probe free) to deliver this near masterpiece.


As you all grasp the edges of your seats allow me to introduce the one whom I am shining my spotlight on this edition. He showed up as a mysterious cat in a trench coat before revealing himself to be none other than Shine's very own Emo_Whiskers!
Being the clever cat ninja that he is, he attempted to dodge my questioning like a well aimed shuiriken. However being well aimed, he failed to dodge and I hit him.


How long has this cat been stalking Shine?



Aw man. D: Already making me nervous from question one!

...I think I've been playing for at least 8 years? The further back you go, it's kinda hard to remember. D:

And an interesting fact! For that entire time, I've been using the deserts around Shine as one giant litter box. ^^ When I invite other cats over for a purrtay! It gets reaallllyyyy messy.


What?! Well, one more defense against raiders I guess.

And staying on topic, what does Whiskers think about the tavern?


Umm. D: Well, I kinda haven't been in the tavern too much, since your last article, actually...so the most I could do is shamefully advertise your Monty Python episodes! XD That was fun.

Oh! Tavern related, they never [serve] any chocolate milk when I order it! Dx I think I'm going to petition the tavern, starting next Februarday!


Advertise more! MarkedOne and I appreciate all the free advertising we can get. And I will be happy to receive any tips from our fans. On the topic of the chocolate milk however, BloodyJester and Silvess do the ordering for our stock, so petition them!

I also noticed that Hatori, who you may recognize from a previous interview, sometimes refers to Whiskers as Master Glorious Cat. What did Whiskers have to say to that?


We are of the Master Glorious Race! He, a Hat, and I, a Cat. :3

One day we were just fooling around with spitting out random titles I believe, and just kinda landed on that one. xD And that's been our names ever since!


is that where the nickname "Master Hat" comes from?


...I think so? xD Glorious isn't in that, so I'm not entirely sure if it's the same or not.


Is this the secret Hat tried to keep from me? If I end up dead from revealing this secret, then you know your answer.

And finally, Whiskers had a few last words for us.

...stayed tuned for my live broadway show, Cats on Back Fences! We'll Yowl to our Heart's Content...! :3 Bad advertising



Thank you Emo_Whiskers! We will all be a little more wary when traversing the deserts of Shine due to your revelations!




Time for some highlights from the tavern!
I played some I spy....and what did I spy?


I spied a Syouken  flipping tables and making faces with emotes



And a CRIMSONNINJA reviving the tavern, chaining posts



And some violent stabbing, instead of chatting





And now three weeks in the making...
This week's POLL!


It is not new news to say that Shine gets raided frequently (aka. ALL THE TIME), and this includes during peace time as well as war time. And throughout Seichi there are no two better known raiders than Samui's Kenshin and SarahMcGee who make frequent stops by Shine to help fill our hospitals and line the doctors' pockets with ryo.


However saying “Kenshin and SarahMcGee†or “SarahMcGee and Kenshin†takes up a few more characters than I feel like writing; and like a tabloid writer I'm feeling lazy. So to shorten the character length I'm proposing a celebrity fad name, and you my valued readers get to chose!


Click here and tell me what you think!




And a closing gif...

how I feel about the Shine/Silence war.




And with that I officially declare this edition finished!

Why are you still reading? It's done!


And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by teni
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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni and Miku

Writer: Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi! Welcome to the 17th edition of The Shine Sandworm!



Editor’s Note
Due to the staggering popularity of the Sandworm recently, and the enthusiasm and support of our villagers,’ requests have been popping up from people who wish to contribute a word or 500. So may we introduce our new Guest Feature column, where the aspiring writers of Shine can make a debut! For our first guest may we introduce LegendaryMyth! Take it away!


Welcome to Myths Head


So many have asked “what goes on in your head Myth?†Well here’s your chance inside the myth that is the legend that is Sage. Or another version since y'all might be wondering what I'm really doing here. You see what had happened was Raku jumped on a plane from the Philippines to Texas, USA, kicked in my door taking up a pose with his finger in my face "Sage, I want YOU for the Shine Sandworm"


And meanwhile in traffic if you are traveling north to the land of Silence you’ll find ninja’s of Samui, Shroud, Syndicate, and even those from the ghost town of Konoki fighting off the sandy ninja’s of Shine while the ninja of Silence hide in the shadows of their mountains with those dang wolves. Lol.


So for my first act of amazingness I give you the “Marshmallow Queen of Shineâ€, TENI!


ME: pokes what cha doing? Like how long have you been playing TNR?

TENI: Since about '07...then I semi-retired around 08/09 logging on every month or so until about a year or so ago. Then I rejoined a few months ago. I don't mind discussing this stuff...but Raku told me you want to interview me and I'm not sure if I'm a good interviewee to start with XD


ME: Dang it Raku! It was supposed to be a secret lol. Shhh… Teni it'll be ok just relax for the polite nurses of the hospital

TENI: Why the hospital? o.o


ME: Cause Samui has the monopoly on energy drinks :)

TENI: I'll just bribe 'em to let me out XD


ME: LOL. So how come you semi-retired in 08-09?

TENI: Can I say I'd rather discuss this off the records since I'm the type that'd rather be in interviewer than the interviewee? :P


ME: So next question..... looks for a script... OH! I know where'd you get the nickname the Muffin Queen from?

TENI: You mean marshmallow queen?


ME: Yep totally lol

TENI: I used marshmallows in the tavern practically from day 1, a carry-over from when I used to play some games on Gaia online. I don't know if it was self-named, or some of my friends who started calling me that....but I just ended up being the marshmallow queen.


ME: ooooo Gaia...... that brings back memories (bandit)

TENI: Coulda  gone back to neopets where I started RPing...but didn't use marshmallows then. As far as I remember.


ME: So Raku said to make this official I gotta ask about current events. So the question on everyone’s mind (meaning the one person who looked past my lame humor :)) How does the Marshmallow Queen feel about the war?

TENI: This war is much better than the last one. I feel like it brought some of Shine together, there are over 5 pages of war heroes....so even if it's a little, a lot of people are doing something. We don't have any ubers, so we get locked down which is our weakness. But even if we're losing, I'm glad we're fighting till the end. It's been fun and we'll bounce back. Shine is full of spirit.


So folks give a huge round of applause to Teni for having to put up with me, and I’ll catch up with y’all another day for this concludes this trip inside the Myth’s Head.

Next week’s feature writer will our very own Zelso, the Teleporter!








As of 2:38AM of Sept 13, 2015 - Shine has lost the war. We at Shine shall not be hypocrites by saying we were perfectly fine with it – it hurts to lose really for a group of competitive persons giving their all.

In retrospect, we got what we want: Quality War Experience. Because of this activity, we became close as a village and almost everyone made sure to contribute in their own way whether in raiding, healing, keeping the armor business going (leather, armor studs, mining raw materials and busy armor smiths), or keeping the tavern/skype group full of encouraging words. Those 5 pages worth of heroes
’ contributions says it all. Hell, this writer was competing with two chuunins who just reached 50M exp (Xaki) and a barely 10M exp (Silvess) for more SP destroyed.   There was never a dull moment in the village.


However, we would like to congratulate the village of Silence for winning the war. No saltiness. No hard feelings. We thank you all for this valuable opportunity.  :cool:


So what’s up with the village during the war? Here’s a glimpse:







In the end, this is the last few seconds of the war:



As you guys can see, it’s not as dramatic as Samui winning the war, but the last few hours was a high testosterone crunch time. While Shine’s Jounins/Chuunins will take whatever’s inside Silence when empty, Silence EJs would swoop from their sapping positions to protect their village. It was a to-and-fro fight. It was a sight to behold. Kudos to both members of the rival villages.


Special thanks to “The Slasher†Omura for helping us in the war, and as well as those who want their contributions to remain anonymous.  (I PM'd Omura regarding the newspaper mention, he was offline; the rest flatly said no.  Sorry Omura. LOL)




It is our pride  to announce that our "Vaporean Master" Universe has took the mantle as Shine's new Kage! Congratulations!



Team TAKA wants YOU!

Do have what it takes to be on Shine’s Raiding killing machine? The recruitment for members into the TAKA ANBU is ongoing!


Vivitarutaru is a great example of potential earnings, having killed 176 people a week and getting 1.76 million as a result. (Press time)

“I wasn't even really hunting the last couple days, its easy!â€, Vivi.




Notable faces:

"Taru King" Vivitarutaru, “Chill dawg! Chill!†Psullivan, “Just-Your-Normal-Ninja†Rimawa, “Super Rookie†Menace and "Just say yes and go with it" Ismira.




Village Marriage:

The Village of Shine would like to congratulate Sky and Ismira! We expect good things from you! Heil!




Rakusai’s Corner

After 10 editions (this is my 11th), it is my regret that I have to go in to hiatus because of my upcoming exams. I may be logging in from time to time, but not as active as before, probably an hour for every 3 days? I'm not sure.


It is my pleasure to work with Teni, my ever hardworking editor who is tireless in checking my grammar and who's also been patient enough to correct my weird expressions/references. :P


Also, to my ign wife Miku who's been very supportive in all of my endeavors here at Shine. I wouldn’t have been here if it weren't for her. It’s like the movie "From Russia with Love", only 1000x better XD

Lastly, I thank the people of Shine where I matured as a player, and to the people of Silence where I first appeared.





- Rakusai is hosting a medic event. As you all know, I will be out for 2months and 3weeks...
                   - The Prize money is 5M Ryo to any Solarian medic who can beat my medic levels (210/250 chakra/Stamina).

                   - For the details, kindly PM me. :cool:








Shine Quote of the week:

“We may not be the strongest village, but we are the coolest.†-Barakiel




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!


Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni and Miku

Writer: Rakusai


Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi ! Welcome to the 18th edition of The Shine Sandworm!




Player Interview


Double Dragons. How many guys here at TNR have already been born when the 1980's something Double Dragon became an arcade game? It's one of those "Beat-'em-up" genre where you basically travel as either Player 1 or Player 2 to beat up... well... everything that you see on your path. It’s close to your Metal Slug games in the 90's... What? You still don’t know these games??? (Yeah, I'm old. Screw this, nerds!)


Double Dragons. Mythical beast. Loyal brothers. Whenever you here these things it'll give you some head shaking, then a trail of bodies from here, there and everywhere. Maybe your corpse is one of those, maybe it isn’t yet...


The Shine Sandworm is proud to introduce in this special edition twin interview with Shine's newest Double Dragons Omura and Chrom!

SW: How long have you been playing this game?

Omura: C3, I started mid-September, but didn't really start playing the game until I met Chrom around November. But I've been playing TNR since c1, almost eleven years.

Chrom:  I started last November roughly.


SW: As the other half of Shine's Twin Dragons, how's that working for you? :D 

Omura: Alright, I guess. We've got a lot of experience working together.


SW: how's your new BL working for you, Chrom?

Chrom: It's working fantastically; I've already sorted all the generals out and know how I want to make my rotations when I get my generals and jutsu levels sorted.


SW: How long have you known Omura, Chrom? Are you in real life friends? Most people do think you guys are. LOL

Chrom: Omura and I were partners since day one in the game. As young genin we quickly surpassed many of our fellow Konokians and asked many questions to retain as much information as we could.


SW: How long have you known Chrom, at least in your version, Omura?

Omura: LOL. I've known him for about seven or eight months, give or take. We met in November, when he started playing c3, and we've branched out to playing other games as well. Same as he said.


SW:What training regimen are you at right now?

Chrom: I know the people I want to beat might read this, and I'd rather they not counter it early! XD

Omura: ^_^


SW: Fair enough. hahaha...What do you think that separates you from other ninjas around Seichi?

Chrom: I suppose that I try? Even as an EJ, I push and try to get kills instead of sitting around and complaining.

Omura: Probably nothing. I just do what I can, where I can, and see how far I can go.


SW: From both of your exploits from Konoki, then Samui, then Outlaw, why choose Shine as your new nest?

Omura: I've always needed a clear reason to do something whenever I would look at something. When I was in Konoki, I was the only jounin defender. It was clear to me that I had a role. I lacked that in Samui and Syndicate. I have a reason in Shine.

Chrom: ^ hehehe...


SW: Who's your idol here as you grow up in this game? Why?

Chrom: it was Titus, or Exeria was his name at the time. I was a frost blade executioner and he was too, I wanted to try and do what he was doing at the time (which was having a extreme ability of killing almost any genjutsu user in the game) , but once he left the village I lost all sense of any role models in this game and decided to just try to kill everyone instead. Sadly my bloodline now will mean I can't kill Titus in a fair fight even at end game. But it was a calculated risk.

Omura: Kave-sama. He was the Kage of Silence, my c1 home village, when I first started. He was always a neat guy to talk to and was always willing to help me out when I needed it.


SW:  Give at least 3 people here you consider as your "rival"?

Omura: My rival? Probably Chrom, Note, and Universe. Kuyascorp, if he were still around.

Chrom: Honestly I only had one rival in this game and that rivalry was so grand, I refuse to acknowledge any others. My rival was Arphee, him and I spent 8 of the 11 months I've played this game DKO'ing him. I believe we had almost 25 DKO's. Maybe even more. Just look at the guys Profile and subtract 1 (because he DKO'ed Evoli once) and that's my DKO's with him probably. Give or take maybe two. He had to quit the game for various reasons though. So I gave him one final fight in which he managed to defeat me. So I lost the rivalry. But it was a fun run while it lasted.


SW: What's next for Shine's Twin Dragons?

Chrom: Hopefully catching up to some of these ubers and busting them up. Samui is the main threat, but I'm in no condition to face any of their actually strong people yet. Just today Kira fought me and was hitting solid 350k's each round. Talk about humbling me after I pass my 250 kill logbook.

Omura: Probably going to put down roots in Shine, make it my home. My friend has wanted me here for weeks and all I keep thinking is that I wish I came sooner. ♥


SW:  In all your years here at TNR. what did u learn from this game?

Omura: Persistence.

Chrom: Keep going! Everyone wants to stop at one point or another. But the big thing about TNR is you'll always come back. But the time you missed will cause you to become extremely weak and fall behind. You don't have to play religiously, but try to do at least your EM's and 4-6 missions a day if you can. Avoid over-pooling if possible. You'll find a reason to stay again eventually.


SW: Your message for Shine.

Chrom: I'm going to do my best, I don't have any particular plans for Kage leadership or what not. But I'm now one of the heaviest hitters we got, so I'll do my best to keep some of those scary monsters away.

Omura: Train hard and remember your missions.

Chrom: EJ is expensive. Donate Ryo! Dx




Inside Shine

War. War. And More Wars Q and A.
Comment about the current war?

No comment.
Comment about some Syndicate yapping about something something?
No comment.
Comment about alliance Konoki has?
No comment.
Comment about Shine’s allies?
Thank you so much!
Comment about Shine’s active villagers?
Keep up the good work, guys!



Hospital Stocks:

Village hospital supply has been fully stocked by the ninja players in the village. Appropriate bonuses will be present the the next 48 hours. - We would like to thank Note and Roido for their tireless restocking of Shine's Hospital Supply. Enjoy while it lasts guys! :D



Notable faces:

"Herba-Vape" Note, Flare the "Traveler", Roido the "Blessed", "tracer demon" thedawntreader, "Choco Bar" KitKat, and Chrom and Omura, "Shine's Twin lightning Dragons"


-Shine will be hosting a rap battle contest among its citizens! For those who already signed up (16 of them, whew!), we will be holding elimination round on October 6. It’s a 3 round battle, 5 judges with a letter and time limit. Skype will be utilized for the battle. Good luck to the participants! :cool:

PS. We got ourselves some generous sponsors for 15M take it all for the winner!

- Though you are no longer with us, we wish you all the luck in the world, 1337Yondaime!
- “I just want to say I shall steal your ryo.†– Shantotto
- Shine is still in demand of leather and other raw materials for armorsmith works. Pls contact KuyaScorp, Miku, Focus and other Shine Armorsmiths. Thank you!
- Shoutouts to Slayze, the best mod of the month! :cool:



¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤
Rise up, Praise the Sun!

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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chiefs: Rakusai
Writer: Teni

Hello fellow Shinies and People of Seichi!
Welcome to the 16th Edition of The Shine Sandworm!

Lurker Spotlight

with Teni


It's finally here!


After once more being kidnapped by aliens (see my previous article), I had to spend the next month hitching a ride with some space pirates and paying my way by bartending back to Seichi to deliver the next edition of the Sandworm!
And while I was being laz-... traveling with space pirates I had plenty of time to bake this delicious edition!

So sit back and grab some sake or tea and enjoy!

Now what topic are we starting with this week?
Where is my spotlight shining?

Well, fellow Shinies and people of Seichi may I present one of the lords of Shine...

Lord Ardivan

Seeing him hit on everyone and making avatars caught my attention.
After I sent him flying across the tavern, I turned around and decided to tackle him with an interview.

The first thing I asked Mr. Ardivan, how long has he been around for?

On and off for years. I started playing back toward the end of core 1. Back when you could still put pictures in your nindo and BEE was coveted by all. I've been known by three names on tnr over these long years. This one, DanteDiLuca, and Ojike, for those who remember me.


And has he always been in Shine?


I started out in Shine all the way back in core 1. Though it's moved a bit, I always stuck around. Except for a stint in core two where I went to get tier jutsu.


Wow! Quite a while in Shine.
Now, what about one of my favourite places, how does LordArdivan like to spend his time in the tavern?

I enjoy poking at Syou. She's fun to talk to as long as you don't mind the repeat stabbings. Other than that, just mess around and hit on people regardless of gender. Makes things more interesting. lol


However in addition to poking Syou and hitting on everyone, LordArdivan also likes to share some of his avatar creations with the tavern. So I decided to give him an opportunity to shamelessly promote himself.

Self promotion is all well and good, but I believe my work promotes itself. That being said... I've been making avatars off and on since early in core 2. You want to see examples, head to my nindo for the gallery link and prices. The prices are considerably lower than many of my competition. Syouken, Tael, Vulpix and Menace are some of the many recipients of my labors, for those interested in examples without leaving tnr.


Awesome and finally...any last words for the Sandworm?

Best lock up you girlfriend's, wives and daughters...

Because that means they can't escape when I come to town. xD. Naah'. Hi there, er'rybody. :3

I think I speak for everyone when I say “Hi LordArdivan!†and thank you for the interview!


Since I had been so laz- gone for so long, I decided to hit with a double interview. I decided to tackle Note, to add a little more greatness to this article. However, he easily dodged my attack and this was all I was left with when I asked.

no thank you

Haha I don't like interviews xD








This is a section where I would normally include anything interesting from the tavern.
However due to a giant fat cat killing my computer and losing all my screenshots and notes (I wish I was making that up) this section will remain short.

Not too much to report on.

LonelyShadow has been destroying the tavern and demanding praise.


And because I'm slow at reporting these days, Finn has returned to the tavern.

And as I'm writing Vulpix is professing her manliness!


Also, some notable faces: Kaito and Nobume





The results are in from last weeks month's poll!

For anyone holding their breath, I apologize for the lateness. I will lay flowers on your graves, since you should have died from lack of oxygen by now.
For everyone else, I asked what should SarahMcGee and Kenshin's celebrity mashup name be?

Out of a whopping 46 votes here are the top three choices:

3.Sarashin (22%)
2.KenMcGee (24%)
1.Kenrah (28%)


and a gif for any visual people:




Or click here



And now for this weeks poll!

Since Halloween is drawing close, and it is my favourite time of the year it's time for a costume contest!

I want YOU, yes YOU my readers to tell me what you would like to dress up as.

The top 4-5 suggestions (depending on how many submit) will be next weeks poll.

The reward?

I will draw the winning suggestion for the following Sandworm!

PM me with the subject “Happy Halloween Sandworm†with your costume idea.

Note: Since I will be drawing it and choosing the top entries, anything overly complicated or inappropriate will not be considered.


This concludes this edition of the Sandworm!

I belatedly attempted to find a .gif to accurately portray Samui butting into our war with Konoki.

However the perfect .gif eluded me and I became distracted. So I'll just leave you with this.



Or click here



And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by teni
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sted 09 September 2015 - 12:24 AM

The Shine Sandworm

Writer: Teni

Editor: Rakusai

Welcome fellow Shinies and ninja of Seichi to the 20th edition of The Shine Sandworm!

The article that has been two weeks and 20 editions in the making is finally here! While some interstellar travel slowed down the delivery of the last edition of the Sandworm, this week it was the hunt for the perfect interview that evaded me. Every time I thought I had it, it was gone. Finally, my non existent luck came through for me and I managed to sit Menace down to answer some of the questions the people have been flocking to the hospitals to know about. So, without further ado, this week I shine my spotlight on...



First thing first, I wanted to get to know Menace and his relationship with TNR a bit better. How long has he been playing?


Menace: hmm ive been playing since july, but i did play a little in C1 and C2. I never made it passed

Gennin in C1. In C2 i capped Gennin stats then ranked to chuunin but I was only a Chuunin for

like 3 days in C2. i never raided or got killed and i really didnt experience the game until now, so I consider C3 my actual start xD


And what a new start! Has he been a member of other villages?


Menace: Nope. Shine has always and will always be my home


Now, what about your raiding! Taverns seem to buzz when you're around. How do you feel about people's reactions?


Menace: hmmm well it depends on what kind or reaction i get xD. honestly i dont pay it much mind, i do appreciate the props and all the hate mail, but sometimes it can be pretty damn amusing and hilarious what people have to say to/about me.


Due to my awesome reporting skills, and some help from Menace and a few friends...here are some snippits from the Silence tavern about his raids:



3:53 AM

Report message View profile Send PM

It's like a morning ritual now. I wake up, do my mission, say hi to menace, pay for my hospital bills, train, share breakfast with menace, pay more hospital bills... Then finally take a nap



3:55 AM

Report message View profile Send PM

You go to the bathroom ans there's Menace. You go to the bank, hi Menace! You check your mail, oh Menace... You take a walk MENACE WOULD YOU LOG OFF PLEASE Then you finally do missions and suddenly Sarah



3:57 AM

Report message View profile Send PM

He a friend now... he always there for you


In Konoki, I saw a proposal from wnxkiller to dub you “Dennis the Menaceâ€, any thoughts about that nickname?


Menace: oh yea about that, ill be back ima go snipe em with my sling shot :wink:

*snipes wnxkiller while akum can do nothing but watch* Menace works just fine ^.^


Be warned Konoki! Denn- I mean Menace is coming for you too!

As some of you may already know, Menace was given his own ANBU, Shine's Blackjack and Hookers. How does he feel about that? Any plans as an ANBU leader?


Menace: i was excited when i was given this opportunity and shout out to uni for that. yes there are plans for the squad. i have been super busy in real life but i hope to get the ball rolling real soon. i want to revive shines top ANBU into an active raiding force.

im offering an incentive to our members, which will hopefully in turn get this squad rolling.

if there's anyone who would like to know more info or want to join just PM me.


And finally, any last words for Shine and my readers?


Menace: Just want to shout out all the shinies who've been raiding lately, keep up the work.

and to all the other villages, ill be there shortly to play some more pin the tail and other

deadly.. i mean fun activities..


Aww, and I'm sure they're all happy to play with you too Menace! Thank you for your time...now get back out there and have some fun.






And with that, I will now bring you this weeks poll!

Halloween has come and passed, and with it the disappointing response to my call for Halloween costume suggestions. Only Syouken dressed as a sith and Vivitarutaru in a costume I cannot repeat here without being forced to edit, were sent to me.

So instead, I bring you the conclusion to Rakusai's Rap Battle, where you the readers get to decide Shine's winner!


For those of you keeping up with Shine's news, a couple week back Rakusai started a rap battle between some of Shine's villagers. He's narrowed it down to these finalists.
With very little information to go on, it's time for you to vote for the winner!


(Who knew I could rap? I didn't even know I was in the contest!)






-We would like to welcome back Link to Shine, After a brief week of exploration and soul searching he learned that deep down in his heart that he is in fact Lonk: Hero Of Thyme. May he begin drool on the hospital patients once again."




Team TAKA is now paying our ANBU members. 10k per kil, with a minimum requirement of 50 kills a week.

In order to get the incentive you must get the minimum kills. -Also we have bitches and cake-


- Lonk looking for Petch

Pm with info

Zoldo also accepted


-Vivitarutaru is looking to buy a Black Invitation, PM him with details or if you are selling.




Before I conclude I would like to shout out to my newest fellow writers NateTC and Ninjgirl! I look forward to reading all of your articles! It's great to see Samui and Konoki churning out more news.


And finally, one more shout out to Kal_El. He knows why.


And that wraps up the 20th edition of the Shine Sandworm!



So I leave you with this closing .gif on how it felt to be a genin.





And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

Rise up, Praise the Sun!

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The Shine Sandworm

Writer: Teni


Welcome fellow Shinies and ninja of Seichi to the 21st edition of The Shine Sandworm!


I have a lot to cover today, so lets make this introduction as short as the most recent war between Samui and Silence. This week we have action, comedy, and drama all wrapped into one article and dusted with some salt gathered from both Shine and Shroud.
So in one word, tasty.

Since my last article, as you all well know, Shine has declared a war on Shroud and won (yes WON). After more than a week of grueling effort on both sides many of us logged on to see Shroud had surrendered to Shine.

I would like to commend the Shroudies on their efforts to make us feel hopeless as many of us woke up to several Ejs and GuardianAngel camping Shine without a Kamui in sight to push them out of our village.

Specifically Phayde, Shikayaru, Koro, Kappjo, Calculus2 , GuardianAngel, SinfulLust, FallenSaint, Paperth and of course Senpai. Without him, we wouldn't know when to end our own early morning raids and go to sleep.

The the war seemed dim early on, however as we closed the gap slowly and but surly the sleepless nights paid off and by the end we were in the lead by as much as 500sp points.

I would like to thank Kamui for leading our early morning raids, and well...a lot of the raids, ending up on top of our leaderboard! Other MVPs include Kuyascorp, Ven, Menace, Note, Ismira, Kaito, Rakusai Kal_El, Vesitge and many people I know I am forgetting. IF you aren't on this list and helped out, let me just say you are awesome too.

Did you make it through all that text?


Thank you to everyone who fought on both sides.
Now here is the biggest group shot that I took of how Shine spent their time at Shroud in the early mornings!





In lieu of an interview this week I put on my fanciest reporter hat, put on an accent and annoyed people until they gave me a quote about the war. Here are what my fellow Shinies had to say:


Ven: I think originally a lot of people thought Shroud was going to win this uncontested. 
Lately we've been giving them a run for their money, and I think by the time it's over people will have more respect for what Shine can do.


LordArdivan: I really enjoy it; sitting in shroud's ramen shop slurping down a hot steaming bowl of noodles. Granted, I have to make them myself, because I tend to kill the shopkeeper, and blow it up after leaving. Aahh, there's nothing quite like enjoying a nice picnic at Shroud's expense.

*Editors Note: While Mr. Ardivan is currently in Konoki, this quote was from before he left


Rakusai: War quote... Wut??? Shroud still doesnt have their OWN newspaper? Damn brain drain.

Also shout out to GuardianAngel, the best defender Shroud has that gaves us endless headaches.

Even though he kills us, he acted like a perfect gentleman unlike cough Koro cough


Ismira: Happy to make the top ten in sp damage... shout out to all the stronger meat shields I hid behind. Highlight... Menace telling me "Ismi you're getting good at this" wipes a tear a proud moment. But honestly the best part about it was the laughs we had as we worked hard together. Luv you my fellow Shineys xx

Oh and the ridiculously late nights... god we're nuts!


Kuyascorp: Shrouds Ej's were relentless and we went with having our motto backwards and it worked! We literally Rised up and Praised the Sun! (waited till everyone was asleep) Then we Resolved and were Absolute (kept our composure and fought together as a village) ^.^


We Shined upon Shroud seemed like it was getting a bit dark over there~


Vestige: I just hid behind everybody else and held a boombox over my head playing Sabotage the entire time. It must have demoralized them, Because Shroud surrendered.



Menace: we may have been outmatched and outpowerd, but our sheer willpower and spirit will never be out done



And finally I decided to snoop around Shroud, wearing an even fancier reporter's hat and clothing until someone finally noticed me. Upon being noticed I flailed and tackled Senpai for a quote. His response?

Senpai: War is like taco bell. As much as you want it everyday, it makes you feel like shit afterwards

Thank you Senpai!
I am now craving some over processed, fake Mexican food.



Now...more news!

It is with sadness  annoyance  I-don't-have-an-adjective-here that Shine says goodbye to Vivitarutaru who grabbed his tent and jumped feet first into the City of Mei, while swan diving into our pockets when we weren't looking.


And another goodbye as Finn ran away from Shine flailing wildly, this time to Samui and promptly disappeared.

We would also like to welcome Myrazin and VashTN who arrived at our village gates the day before war, and are still around!
Myrazin has tried to sell us her autobiography The Land Before Myra for the low price of 10 million ryo a copy. I haven't read it, but I assure you that the regular version is much better than the special edition.




Finally, time for the results of last week's POLL!

I asked you, my readers, who should win Rakusai's Rap Battle Contest?
Out of an astounding 14 votes the top three winners are:

1. Teni
2. Tael (Ven/Lonk)
3. MikeHawk and LonelyShadow


Don't believe me? Prefer pictures over words?

Here is a picture of the results.







*Note I did NOT vote.

Now for this week's Poll

With all these wars, and the rise and falls of villages some of us became nostalgic for the villages that have fallen in Seichi over the years.
So this week I'm asking:

Which village would you want to revive?


Click HERE to vote



Well, that's it for this week's special war edition of the Shine Sandworm.

Join me in two weeks for my next bi-weekly edition when I reveal who Shine will war next wake up from hibernation after three consecutive wars and slap MarkedOne with a fish for claiming that I am a dead reporter followed by Ven's rap submission!


And as a closing .gif
How I think everyone in the war felt at some point or another.






And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

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The Shine Sandworm

   Writer: Teni



It's that time again!

Another Shine Sandworm brought to you by the top reporter in Seichi, Jimmy Olsen Teni, and bringing you all things Shiney. So, you must be asking, what awesomeness is happening in Shine?

Or why do we only hear from you every two weeks? and don't give us that alien story again.

Well, to answer the second question first, I get busy and with things slowing down around here trying to find content to keep a paper as interesting as mine once a week gets difficult. So I opt for quality over quantity. Also the space pirates have hired me as a bartender for a few days a week, and I need the extra cash.

Now what is this edition's focus?


For once things were quiet in Shine.
Really quiet, since several people left. Though later some came back.
After winning our war with Shroud, we were expecting a nice lazy peace time where we could train and hibernate undisturbed.

And then the Fire Nation att-
Samui attacked. because they're a butt



Unable to keep their greedy hands away from our territory, and final unglitched territory on the map, they declared war on us. It lasted a staggering 41 minutes before we valiantly surrendered and went back to whatever else we were talking about in the tavern; leaving some of us wondering if it had actually happened at all.

So naturally, donning my fancy reporter hat from last week, I made my way over to Kuyascorp's kage office. At first, showing off his superior ninja skills, he tried to hide. Eventually he had to admit my reporter's hat was nearly as impressive in its fanciness as his kage hat so he decided to answer some questions.

So, any comments on this “war�

i don't wanna talk about that, but if i got to have that chance again i wouldn't back down... let them earn it the hard way!

Yes! Lets kick them in their Samui-butt! I mean, I agree wise kage.

Any words for Shine?

I'm really thankful for the support of my fellow Shinies and their continued support for me as their Kage...My sights are taking down Samui and their Op~ness but i can't do it alone

Any comments on any future wars? Or do you plan on keeping things a bit more peaceful?


no i'm all for wars... but i want this next one to be epic... epic enough for me to step down happily

Wait...step down?

haha i dunno but if i do that would be the perfect time

Hmm...can I be kage then?

I'll have to discuss it with my board of members :P

So there's hope for me! Or maybe not. I guess we'll see!
So, Kuya-kage-sama, any last words for my readers?


For those readers, lurkers, raiders, healers, bounty hunters, gatherers, crafters, newbies and oldies. Firstly i would like to announce Tristin and I are engaged, yay ^.^. -Secondly-Thirdly and lastly on behalf of both of us we like to wish you all happy holidays.


Thank you Kuyascorp! We hope you two have some happy holidays as well!



And now to shine a little light on the tavern.
Today I bring you a screenshot of my former student telling me how to commit “sudoku†in the tavern.



Please keep all sharp pointy objects away from Pofoman.
This includes pencils.


And now time for the result from last edition's POLL!

Last week I asked which dead village would you want to see revived?

In first place is Current Horizon and Glacier!
With Konoki following in third and very sadly Current is dead last.


Now this week's poll!

With this talk about the past, I want to know during on which core did you first start playing TNR?


CLICK HERE for the poll




-LordArdivan is now selling radiant steel! PM him for details


-Essyr's Courier Service: I source and deliver things if people ask - weapons, armor, mats etc. or just shifting stuff from village to village. Please PM for details.


-And from Wolfpack16




And that's a wrap for this edition.
Today, as promised, I leave you with Ven's I mean...Cringemaster Slim's rap submission and as usual my closing gif.


Layin down wicked rhymes is my forte

So all you chumps sit down, relax, and press play

I'm so ill on the beat it's like I ate an ashtray

And I'll keep on it til it's my last day

So next time you step to me with something to to say

Remember that I chew on weak rappers like horses do hay



Closing .gif

How I picture Samui now that they have all the terrtories



And please remember to tip the newspaper delivery man!


And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by teni
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The Shine Sandworm
Editor-in-Chiefs: Teni
Writer: Rakusai

Hello fellow Solarians and People of Seichi! Welcome to the 23rd edition of The Shine Sandworm!


Guest Writer

Since all of you know I am no longer a Shiney, this is probably my last time writing for the Shine Sandworm...
So cheers! I should probably take over the Silence Seeker Newspaper! (joke!).
Anyways, we have a here a legit Shiney who submitted eons ago about the Village of Shine.
Let's all give it up for Zelso!




Shine: Village Book

Hey! I am General Zelso of Shine. I am usually undercover for some reason by village authorities so most of you must not know me. Anyways I must not tell you much about me. I am here to tell you about the rich tourism attraction and their historical linkages with our village. However, this issue will mostly consist of the history of Shine.


Blessed under the scorching heat of the Sun, surrounded by blazing winds, dust storms and scattered droughts: Shine. Yes! Shine is a fire village and has its grounds on deep deserts of divines once known as the “Graveyard of Dunesâ€.


Shine was surprisingly found by a merchant group. Merchants used to travel through a path favorable and less tyrant to them which is now known as our village Shine. These poor merchants were constantly hunted down by thieves and Desert Pirates. Their men killed, children abducted and goods stolen. Thus, in order to counter these thieves they trained few of their men in Ninja Art with knowledge stolen from Glacier village. These men were then stationed in areas where the caravan was most endangered. This band of ninjas helped the merchants to travel safely hence improving their lives. Soon the recruitment in this band of heroes increased and grew year after year to produce what we have today called Shine. Similarly, those desert pirates grew and learned Ninja Art to become Syndicate.

Some rough history though.


This is a picture of Shine village snapped from an elegant angle.  There is a small oasis in this village which marks most of its water supply. The Black Market is located on the other side of the oasis. The huge dome is actually the Battle Arena and the tallest building is the hospital.  Shine has a terrain advantage as it is naturally defended by cliffs and hard rock hills from two sides.


Shine’s Black Market. Explains all the skulls and thorny sticks. This picture was snapped when the market was closed though. It usually opens for small hours from evening to well before midnight. This is one lucky market which never gets caught because the Government actually supports them. I know I should not be telling you this but most of our Village Funds are earned from the shop rents of Black Market. So we cannot dispel our major source of income. 





Tourism Spots around Shine include; Red Sand Ruins, White Sand Ruins, Gladiator Gate, Grass Wall, Moonlight Castle and the famous Altar Castle. 
I will be explaining each in every single issue of The Sandworm. Until then!



World War... or is it?
Its basically a "he said/she said" kind of thing. 
Whether there's a conspiracy or not,
whether the updates come or not,
whether Mr. Trump wins or not,
I would like to address at the end of the day
We train, we chose our groups,
we compete, we kill.
No point of complaining should haves or could haves.

Rather than complaining at the tavern,
we should either be raiding or healing.
Or do some profession work. ('tis very lucrative. As long as you know people, that is :P )
Whether you get productive or not, it is ALL up to YOU.

(In case all things fail, get a kitten or two.)




Inside Shine:
The Village of Shine is proud to greet our new SunaKage Teni!
All hail our Marshmallow Queen!

It is my honest belief that she'll bring  balance to the force honor and greatness to the village of Shine!
Mr. First Gentleman is seen around Seichi lately wearing an ear-to-ear smile while raiding actively. :D





Everybody is looking for fed sellers. All over Seichi lack those.





¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

Edited by Rakusai
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The Shine Sandworm

   Writer: Teni


Welcome fellow Shinies and shinobi of Seichi to the 24th edition of the Shine Sandworm!


It has been an eventful few weeks so I am keeping this introduction short. While some of you may be wondering why there was another Sandworm so recently after my previous article, I sadly wish to inform you that our resident healer extraordinaire, and former reporter, Rakusai, recently packed up his medical supplies and moved to Silence and wished to leave us with one more piece of writing. All I have to say is good luck, and good luck fighting Ippo for a spot in the Silence Seeker!


Now grab your popcorn and if you don't have any stop by the tavern to get some, and enjoy.


This edition's focus...

WAR! Again..again.


Seriously, I should just rename this “The Shine War Reportâ€.


For those of you not keeping up with the past few weeks, here is a recap.


A few days after my last edition there was a sudden alliance formed between Shine and Konoki. Before anyone had a chance to stalk each others' taverns war was declared on Samui. After a long week of fighting bravely Shine was defeated, followed by a week of rest as neither Konoki or Samui (enjoying their regen boost) felt like fighting.


Shortly after Samui started pummeling Konoki, Silence decided they wanted a piece of the action and jumped into the fray. After a strong and valiant fight, Silence was knocked out and Samui turned its attention once more to Konoki.


Not wanting to be the only village left out of the war Shroud declared on Samui who ignored them until Konoki was finally defeated. With Konoki out of the way Samui stormed their favourite punching bag Shroud, without even taking time to breathe, and within a few days the war was finally over with Samui losing!

I mean winning. Samui won.


Between the fighting I managed to pull GodAttack and Evianon away from the Hunger Games war for a group interview shortly after Silence declared war.
I sat them down in some nice comfy interviewing chairs on Skype, pretended I was on a talk show, and recorded everything.

Cue applause





Teni: Ok, well the first thing I wanted to know were your thoughts when war was first declared with Konoki and Shine flailing their arms towards Samui?


GodAttack: Well on the Konoki side for me at least, I was just playing and then bam we're at war.


Evianon: I haven't experienced any post-update war. So I had little opinion. Also didn't know how serious the villages were. We learnt all the circumstances only after we set up a common skype chat. My opinion was they are trying. That's what I liked. Desperate attempt but brave one. Heh little did I know it was misplayed move. On other hand, it led to something bigger, a huge effort to take Samui down and so I see it positively.


Teni: @GA Were there any reactions on the tavern that went on when that happened that you can remember? Were people for war at all, or completely against it?


GodAttack: More or less people were surprised that we attacked them, seemed like most were against it.


Teni: @Evi Were there any reactions from Silence at first? Or not much of one since Silence wasn't officially at war...yet


Evianon: yeah I think silence's tavy was making fun of them a little, I noticed same in samui' tavy. Gengar was like "not sure if srs or troll"


Teni: What about after the war continued a bit longer and after Shine was knocked out...any changes in how people felt about the war in your villages that you noticed?


GodAttack: I think their view changed once they seen that we had allies in our war effort and that we weren't standing alone against Samui.


Evianon: At start I was one of few silencers who tried to defend Shine by sniping lower xp players preventing them from sitting and not risking losing any sp but I was doing this without any real hope it matters. Later I noticed Shine and Konoki are actually doing a great job at taking Samui's SP down. I could name the players but they know who they are and so do we. And sometime around that time idea of Silence/Shroud following up on them came up. Not saying we thought we would win, but we saw a glimpse of hope to make a change. Also we didn't want Shine and Konoki to feel like their effort went to void. So we were basically decided we would go in at first good opportunity.

Also we didn't know how the whole alliance/war system works, so things were quite complicated but the goal stayed the same


Teni: What about your thoughts since Silence joined? Do you guys feel more hopeful? Or just riding it out to see what happens?


GodAttack: We held out against their assault pretty well, and Silence joining made us more resolute. But like Evi said we were really clueless about the intricacies of the war system.


Teni: I think we're all kinda clueless, and trying to work with what we can the best at this point XD

Any notable people you guys want to point out?


Evianon: I should go to villager's lists so I don't forget anyone e.e this way I surely will so Id rather not lol

I didnt see how shine heroes or konoki heroes tables looked but I can tell that menace and scorpi were definitely beastly

oh and akum


GodAttack: Yeah Akum is doing great in this war, also great at making me look lazy he's got more than 4x my SP destroyed. I wonder if those chuunin kills really make that kind of difference.


Evianon: cant forget akum


Teni: Is there anything you guys want to say to Samui?


Evianon: Surrender plox xD


GodAttack: lol Evi, I joked with Titus about Samui surrendering to us. They didn't go for it. v.v


Teni: And finally any other remarks about the war, want say anything to other individuals or say anything to the other villages etc?


GodAttack: The last war we had I surrender to them, I believed taking them on was an unsurmountable task. I had envisioned a mass effort like this but I thought it was far too grand of dream to bring to fruition. It's truly amazing to stand together with all of you. So know whatever the outcome of this war may be, it has been my honor and you have my gratitude.


Evianon: I think the chances of Silence+Konoki to finish and win this are almost nonexistent, the only chance would be if Shroud was able to follow up after Silence is done, but that's probably not gonna happen because Samui SP is too low for that apparently. We'll see. Either way, I want to thank everyone who took a part in this on skype and even people out of skype groups. I've noticed you guys ^^ Samui opposition has very little to no tools on how to handle Samui's top 8 Ejs, top 5 Jounins or top 3 chuunins. This means the wars are very onesided and we have to do things like bounty hunting to villages, spying with alts, suiciding with alts to prevent cfh, batleholding, and more. And all this under sight of super fast Titus, Kira or Kenshin which makes it even more difficult. We can't sit in villages, out of 24 hours Samui is siegeable for maybe 1 hour total. But despite all this, even players who are very weak combat wise have tried to do their part and for that I commend them.


Evianon: wou wou wou I wrote this much? xD


Teni: haha, yes you did write that much :P

Thanks guys, that's pretty much it for my questions unless there was more you wanted to say.


GodAttack: Well I would say I hope you get an A on your paper but this isn't school, so I hope you get lots of hits on your thread.


Teni: I hope so too, and lots of likes on this post. Hint hint.


Since the war ended after this interview, I'd also like to give my own honorable mentions to Senpai and Ven who I witnessed standing against Samui for Shroud during those final days of the war.

I'd also like to congratulate the newest Sunakage, Teni who took the hat shortly after Shine fell.
With the risk of revealing my inner crazy person I stalked Teni until I could get a quick comment from her.

Like a true ninja, she hid from me while I searched her out until finally I found her lurking in a mirror.

Teni: Finally, I managed to track you down! Any comments for the Sandworm?


Teni: Haha yes, took you long enough to find me. I'd like to thank Rakusai for his comments in his last Sandworm entry. Other than that I'm excited to add a new hat to my imaginary collection. I may not be the strongest, but I hope to help continue Shine's rebuilding effort and want to thank everyone for their support so far! You guys are awesome! Now I got to get back to some very important writing I've been procrastinating...so uhh...may the force be with you!

Thank you Sunakage Teni for managing a few words for the Sandworm!


Now for the last POLL!

Last time I asked what core you started playing TNR on?
Since my .gif had such a great response, I will show you the response in a .gif!




1st. Core 2
2nd. Core 1
3rd. Core 3

or click here for the results.


This week's POLL!

War...what is it good for?

Click here to tell me!

Click the "here" to vote



Need to talk to someone strange, i'm your guy...kinda! -Axemaster


Team Taka is now recruiting active raiders PM for a kidnap! - Troyce


Someone stole my sweet roll and now all the guards of Shine are making fun of me for it. I'm paying 20m ryo to whoever brings me back my sweet roll. D: < - Omura


Are you a tavern hobo? An active raider? Or sometimes consider yourself a nice person? Shine wants YOU! All it costs is a bit of diplo and we will stamp you on the forehead with the label of SHINEY.

Spaces are unlimited, join us today!





I'm going to try something new. I'm going to try to post a TNR or ninja themed riddle or a puzzle and the first 3 PEOPLE to PM me with the correct response will get a nifty ryo prize of 500k!

This week I'm going to try something very simple simple.

Cat's fear me, ninja don't.
Students use me, Chuunin won't.
What am I?
PM me with the subject "S'More's Galore" and the correct answer and if you are one of the first three you will win the prize!

Got an idea for the next one? PM me and if I use it you will get a nice 250k payment.

And finally my closing gifs...

How the war felt when Shine was still fighting

How the war turned out

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for whenever I manage to write the next Sandworm!
In the mean time, please join me in waiting for, and supporting, the other villages'  and syndcate's newspapers' (and yes, I'm talking to you too Konoki and Shroud!)


And as always

Have fun and stay active!




¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤

     Rise up, Praise the Sun!

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This week's riddle contest is now closed

Congrats to:



That was quicker than expected!
Stay tuned to the next edition where I'll reveal the answer and a new riddle!

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