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Shitori Shizuka

[Sato] Shiro [Sumiyori, Shin Ai]

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Name: Shiro [Lit: White]


Species: Black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) - Serpent -


Gender: Female


Respective Human Age: 5 years


Length/Height: 1 M/ 3.2 foot.


Weight: 0.5 KG/ 2.2 lb


Appearance: It is named for the black colour of the inside of the mouth rather than the colour of its scales which varies from dull yellowish-green to a gun-metal grey. The inside of the mouth is dark blue to inky black. The head is large but narrow and elongated, with the shape of a coffin. It is a proteroglyphous snake, meaning it has immovable, fixed fangs at the front of the maxilla. The eyes are dark brown to black, with a silvery-white to yellow edge on the pupils.






Personality: Over protective regarding her tamer and mildly aggressive against strangers.


Rank: Genin


Fighting Type: Hidden within Ai's garment, the serpent amuses herself to make quick and precise sudden strikes which would likely take the form of ambushes from such obscured abode, the warmth of her master. Also, it offers the versatility of sneaking in through narrow and guarded locations unnoticed to gather information of most importance.


Element: Suiton


Natural Traits:


-Very fast

-Really strong




Stealth: As the skill implies, there is great emphasis on swift covert approaches for the sake of cautious infiltration, allocation of information and extremely potent assassination. As there is some saying goes, mix the honey with the poison, this is an over specialization.


Strengths: NA


Weaknesses: NA


Shortcomings: NA


History: Not too much could be said about Shiro except being extremely trained by Ai's mother taming it to be her daughter's pet. The job was well done, since the mother already follows the path of the serpent, Shiro was introduced to her master to be, many times through smell and sight of Ai's short breaks from the academy as she visited her home.


Though as Shin Ai ascended the Shinobi ranks from the deep bottom of being a trainee to actually the lowest of them all, a mere Genin herself since after all a Trainee became. Shiro became into her new master's possession and though growing more accustomed to the little Sumiyori's scent and despite the vengeful nature of Pet, the training tampered it's mood to loyalty though it thinks less than more of other strangers though. And as a consequence to such an outcome was Shin Ai always keeping her pet with her anywhere and anytime lest someone gets bitten.


The relationship between the master and her pet is mostly cordial but silent since the serpentine is always hidden under garment. But the Cordiality lies within how the snake is loyal to her master to being over protective while the master herself does the same as well. And so begins their journeys..


Last Pet Profile: NA

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1. 2.5 metres looks a bit too long for a Genin snake IMO. I suggest shortening her length to 1m or something more appropriate.



Deadly venomous and highly toxic poison


Although it is a trait natural of a snake of its species, apparently all poisons have to be applied for. So I think it would be better if you removed that line as it could be misleading.

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