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[Academy Student] Kimiko Chizu [Konoki]

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Name: Kimiko Chizu


Nickname: none


Age: 14


Gender: Female


Height: 5'6


Weight: 68.4 Kilograms


Appearance: http://i883.photobucket.com/albums/ac33/timtank/zzzz.jpg


~black hair with blue streaks

~frame less black metal glasses

~Dark brown emotionless eyes and thinned eye brows

~tanned skin tone

~has six piercing in both ears and two tattoos (one is of a black wolf on her back, second one is love & hate in chinease

~Slim body type

~Her casual clothing is usually a short sleeve black and blue plaid hoodie with black jean shorts and black and blue high top converse or black sandles, a black spiked collar which is strapped tightly her neck, black fingerless gloves with metal orbs on the knuckles...


Rank: AS


Village: Konoki


Clan/Organization: Chizu/Uehara


Language: -Common (Konoki accent)

-Konoki Speech (Fluent)


Main/Favored Weapon:



Weapon Name: A 4ft long, yew recurve bow


Weapon Type: Normal


Weapon Class: Bow


Dimensions: 3ft


Weight: 4 pounds





Slot Cost:N/A


Owner: Kimiko


Specialties: Its mostly a normal bow just made from animal bones and steel with black coloring and a hidden laser pointer. It Also has a sharpness so it can be used as a cutting weapon in close range.




Side Arms: -6 Kunai ( 3 in left holder and 3 in right)

-20 Senbon( 10 in left leg holder and 10 in right.)

-12 Shuriken (6 in holder on left leg and 6 in right)

-1 soldier pills (Pocket)

-1 Blood pill(Pocket)

-5 exploding tags (Pocket)

-20 normal arrows ( in qwiver on back)

-20 Iron ball tip arrows (In Qwiver)


Element: Wood


Fighting Type: N/A


Fighting Style: She has a very basic fighting style, Very aggressive and head on. Her main focus is weapon combat being she is skilled in use of just about weapon type. She would most often start a fight with throwing weapons, most being sharp. When she needs to fight close combat she would often use a fast heavy hitting type of style. Her attacks or focused on getting around blocks and defenses. She would mostly use jumping attacks and low strikes aimed for weaker parts of the body like the crotch or throat of her unlucky targets. When she finds a weakness she will often keep using that weakness to hold power over a target.


Her style is also a wide striking style letting her effectively fight more then one target at one time and do a good job of it. One of her favorite finishing moves is to come down on the head or weaker body part of a target with her foot, like a diving stomp or axe kick. She is not the type to play or hold back when in a battle, She would often put all of her abilities out in the open and try to end a fight right away.



- Chakra Control

-Chakra Pool




- Ranged Weapon Aim

- Dexterity

- Melee Weapon Skills



- Pain Tolerance





- Flexiblity

- Speed

- Agility




Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the shinobi academy. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates a simple illusion clone identical to the caster. The clone however has no physical properties and will disperse the moment it is touched.

* Special Notes *

- Bunshin aren't solid. They can't hold/touch anything, which also means, they don't leave foot prints.

- Bunshin dispel on one hit.

- Bunshin can not be used to transfer knowledge; you're thinking of a Kage Bunshin.

- Bunshin can't perform any jutsu. Nor are their weapons real.

- Bunshin produce no sound.

- Bunshin have shadows.

- A maximum of 10 Bunshin can be created at one time.



Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: Henge is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy, and then attack from the back when he's not expecting it. This technique can easily be combined with other jutsu for a more powerful effect, such as with Kage Bunshin no Jutsu [shadow Clone Technique].

* Special Notes *

- The user maintains their weight

- The user can henge into something 1/2 of their size as a minimum.

- The user can henge into something 1 1/2 times bigger then him/her as a maximum.

- Henge is merely an illusion, not an actual shape shifting.




Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: Kawarimi is a widely used and very famous skill among shinobi. The user taps into their chakra and exchanges places with an object of similar weight and size. This is clearly an evasion technique used to dodge attacks; however it can be linked with other jutsu or attacks to create massive damage if done properly.

* Special Note *

- Can only be used up to 3 times in one thread.

- Can not be used to escape a A/S rank jutsu in Tai/Nin or any genjutsu

- Replacements must be of roughly equal size and weight, and nearby.

- You may only switch with another RPC IF you have their permission to do so.



Gyaku Girochin [inverse Guillotine]

Rank: D

Requirements: None.

Description: The user trips the enemy such that he flips over, rolls under the enemy's head, and kicks upward at the enemy's throat or face.



Sougu: Tsuudan [Tool Manipulation: Piercing Bullet]

Rank: D

Requirements: A decent amount of kunai or arrows

Description: This more of a devastating flashy and concentrated projectile attack. The user will shoot a lot of kunai at high speed all together at their target. With such a sudden attack, one that's fast and focused, the user will mostly hit and pin or injure their foe. Note: She may use Arrows.



Sayomi, Kimiko was just a baby born in the village of Konoki, a year after her older brother Timushii Chizu. Kimiko was the child of an Uehara clan civilian who so happen to be her mother and Chizu clan Ninja which was obviously her father. Although her father lived in sato, he would always enjoy sneaking back and forth into the village to see his family. He had custody over Timushii and their mother had custody over her. They lived separate for over 6 years before an attack on the village of sato made her father and her brother come back to konoki to live as a family.


Although Kimiko had lived with her mother she was still apart the family of ninja's despite her being one of the only non-ninja members of the family. She soon felt she needed to try and follow in her dad and brother foot steps in trying to become a ninja as well, so she soon began being trained in secrecy by her grandfather so one day when it was her decision, she could apply for an opportunity to someday join the academy. She and her grandfather had confidence in her being accepted into the academy and train hard so she achieve her goal in being like her father and older brother, she could help her brother, the many ninja of the village, protect her family and the village. She was so grateful that she went and changed her name so she could go under her grandmother's last name who lived in a outlining village of Fire country in honor and respect of what he did.


Sample Post:I stared up at the sun slowly disappered as the it was beginning to set on this hot summers day, could this really be the day I truely leave home? Could I every be a great ninja? Do I pocess skills? Am I strong enough to weild the power within? She stands up from where she sat while she thought about those questions in her head as she picked up her bags off the ground. feeling a bit more confident and ready to head for the academy.Although Knowing her brother from the stories her mother told her about him, who would never approve of her being there in konoki, so avoiding him would not be an option. Could she possibly try to follow in the path so many in her family has already chosen?


It would have been so much easier to stay with her mother where she was safe, cared for and loved, but in the end it would be no fun lying around, helping out in the cafe. What is there to do but take over working in a cafe? She wants to be more in life then work in a cafe, do more, and someday be well known by all. She wants to be looked up to by children and have the skills to protect the weak. "Well thats it then..." She say to herself as she looks up at the beauty of the setting sun as she pushes some of her hair behind her ear. She would then sigh loudly before walking off into the sunset on her way to the road to a new life.


Previous RPC Profile: Here

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Hey, I remember you! Its been a while since I've seen you around, but its good that you're back.


Anyway, first things first:


Go over your main weapon's specs again because you've posted them twice it looks like. Also, I suggest putting it all in a spoiler for the sake of keeping the app tidy.


Also, "Here" is the link to your Previous RPC Profile.


And if you have empty sections, like fighting style or personality, you can just go ahead and get rid of them.

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Sorry, I noticed another problem. This line is in your Fighting Style:

She uses high Chakra control to push her strength past its normal limits. Using good speed and freakish chakra enhanced strength she aims to deal great lasting damage to a targets body.


Kimiko does not have any abilities to increase her strength, nor does she have good speed. Both of those traits are weaknesses of hers. You'll need to either rewrite that section, or reorganize your traits to match.

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No problem~ Everything is good now.




Off you go, and don't forget to stop by the registries to update your link there. You might also want to update the link in your signature.

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