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[Missing Nin] Hytosen, Kagato [B-rank]

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Name: Hytosen, Kagato


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Height: 6'1"


Weight: 142lbs


Appearance: Kagato is a fairly tall, if rather thin man with a somewhat narrow head, sightless gray eyes and shoulder length white hair that's worn back, with the exception of a short braid worn near the left side of his face, upon which a small bell has been securely tied. As for Kagato's clothing, although he cannot see it, the man takes it upon himself to keep it all as pristine and white as possible; sometimes visiting towns solely to keep them that way. He wears a white short sleeved kosode, white hakama and tabi with black sandals. Over it all he was a long sleeved white haori to provide warmth or to generally feel absolutely awesome.


On his belt, he carries a few pouches containing various ninja equipment and a wazikashi within his belt. Draped over his back is his Nadochi, both weapons carried in beautifully crafted black scabbards with decorative gold plating at the either end.


Rank: B-rank Missing Nin


Village: Ex-Hyouga


Language: Hyougaan (fluent), Common (Slight Hyougaan accent), Nagarian (Moderant Accent), Brail


Main/Favored Weapon: Masamune


Side Arms:

- 2x Smoke Bombs

- 1x Light Bomb

- 5x Kunai

- 5x Explosive Tags

- 20x Makibishi

- Ointment

- Wakizashi (24" long blade, 8" hilt, 26" scabbard. Made of fine steel)


Element: None


Fighting Type: Taijutsu Specialist



- Speed

- Strength

- Weapon Skill



- Stamina

- Agility

- Hearing



- Blind

- Chakra Pool

- Chakra Control

- Endurance



- Ranged Weapon Accuracy

- Vulnerability to Sound Jutsu

- Pain Tolerance

- No Elemental Affinity




Henge no Jutsu

Bunshin no Jutsu

Kawarimi no Jutsu

Nawanuke no Jutsu


Suimen Hokou no Gyou

Genjutsu Kai



E/D Ranked Jutsu:

Battou [Drawing Sword]

Karakuri Ken Tentou [Evade and Counter]

Kitai [Anticipation]

Battou Senkou [sword Drawing Flash]



C Rank Jutsu:

Sunshin no Jutsu [body Flicker Technique]

Ude Tsuppari [Arm thrust]

Konoha Senpuu [Leaf Spinning Wind]

Kage Buyou [Leaf Shadow Dance]



B Rank Jutsu:

Tsuiraku Kawa [Crashing River]

Hien [Flying Swallow]

Sightless Perception


-free slot-




A Rank Jutsu:



Missing-nin Jutsu:

Gyakujou no Jutsu [Distraction Technique]




Background: Kagato was born to a somewhat prestigious family of shinobi within the village of Hyouga. Unfortunately, Kagato was also born with multiple birth defects, the most prevalent of which was the child's complete blindness. Beyond that, when exposed to chakra paper to discover his element, nothing occurred, leading to the conclusion that Kagato had no elemental affinities.


Upon making these discoveries, Kagato's parents found themselves mortified at the very thought of having wrought such useless offspring. Growing up within his family was difficult, both because of his inherent blindness, but also because of the severe way in which he was treated at all times. Despite his disabilities, he was constantly berated for any form of failure or shortcoming.


In order to cope without sight, Kagato instead learned how to 'see' in a much different fashion, learning at a young age that everything emitted waves of sound. These sounds bounced off of solid objects, and without the burden of sight upon his mind, he found that, if he should merely listen, he was capable of painting a picture of his surroundings using his mind's eye and ears, rather than traditional sight.


As he grew older, he was sent to the academy in order to become a shinobi. Why? Because his parents clearly thought that the idea of a blind ninja were hilarious. More likely, they wanted to be rid of him. Almost immediately, it became clear to those that instructed him that Kagato had very little in the way of chakra or even control over that chakra. Instead, his body seemed to convert his core energy far more effectively into the more...physical energy requirements.


As a result, it was observed that Kagato was usually superior to other students in both the way of speed and strength. This, coupled with his ability to 'see' through the sound waves created by both himself and his fellows, painted Kagato as one of the academy's most promising young students when it came to the field of taijutsu.


Kagato finally graduated at the age of 13 and was placed on Hyouga's Team 15. For the most part, however, Kagato's years a genin flew past him with very little incident. As was common for genin, his team was given small, almost menial tasks rather than any work that would actually prove dangerous. However, he found himself often at odds with his teammates, who appeared to either fear or outright dislike the boy for his differences.


At fifteen, Kagato was promoted to the rank of chuunin. As a chuunin, Kagato proved himself time and again to be a competent warrior, excelling at the arts of assassination and general combat. However, as time passed, Kagato watched with mild concern at the state of Hyouga, as the Aisukage appeared to become more and more unstable over time. At age seventeen, the Kage at last declared martial law and isolated the village from the rest of the world.


Or at least, that is how it had seemed to Kagato. A decree had been issued that shinobi he left the village's walls without express permission would be declared missing-nin, and would be hunted as such. This decree left a foul taste within the chuunin's mouth. Always had he been under watchful eyes - his parents, who watched him for any mistakes. Leering at him always because of his failures, for which he had no blame. The students or his teammates, who'd always glared at him, both disgusted at his defects and envious of his skill.


And now, Hyouga itself was set up as one giant, watchful eye. Ensuring that no one stepped out of line. Enough had been enough for Kagato. He left the village that same night, under the cover of darkness. Doing so would make him a fugitive, he knew, but he could no longer stand it. Freedom was something he craved, something he yearned for, and as the Aisukage tightened his grip, Kagato felt it slip away until he was left with no other choice.


For the next couple of years, Kagato simply spent time travelling. He explored the lush forests of the Fire Country, traveled the plains of the Wind Country. Sailed through the mists of Water and glided over the burning sands of the Sun. Even after he had heard of the defeat of the Kage he'd fled from, he felt no desire to return. He felt as a bird who'd finally escaped his cage would. Free, at last, to spread his wings.


Free at last, to put his own mark upon the world.


Previous RPC Profile: Here

Edited by Decadence

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Explain to me why a ranged accuracy weakness is ok to include when your character is already blind. You'd still have general strengths mind you but I'm curious as to your reasoning.


Also, as a tai-spec you are not allowed to have Gikyoshin [Chivalrous Spirit], as this is a ninjutsu and tai-specs cannot have ninjutsu or genjutsu of their own rank or above.

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Ah, right. The new Tai-spec rule.


Very well, removed that jutsu, leaving that spot free.


As to the ranged weapon accuracy, I thought it'd be worth mentioning due to his Sightless Perception special ability, that grants him sight, but of a different sort.


Though, if you find it overly redundant, I can remove it.

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That rule is not new and does not apply to just tai-specs. It is simply something that has more of an emphasis on being enforced, because it was not caught before.


I find it ok because of your many other weaknesses. Though you may be asked to remove it by a mod. As such...


*Half Stamp*

~ Be sure to obey the RPG Rules

~Be sure to update the Population thread

~Be sure to RP your strengths and weaknesses accurately.

~If you have any further questions or comments, you can post them in the RPG Questions and Suggestions Forum

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It hardly mitigates the fact that should he find a way to overcome his blindness in some manner, he still won't be able to hit anything from a distance anyway.


Half Stamp

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Tsk, Herabec. Editing after your stamps have been given.


While I'm here, could I ask you to remove "No Elemental Affinity" from your shortcomings? It's a weakness, not a shortcoming.

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Hah. It was just to clean up a missed piece of coding. I figured that B Rank Jutsu looked better than ]B Rank Jutsu.


Also, changed. Though damn, having no element is only a weakness?

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That's cool, but you should really say something. Editing after stamps have been given invalidates them, unless it was a change you were asked to make. ^^;;


And yeah, no element is only a weakness now. It's not a big enough deal to be considered a shortcoming considering how easy it is to cover that weakness. This rpc is also a tai-spec, so it has even less of an impact.


But, meh. Kagato still has general strengths. Approved. Any other questions before I move this?

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