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[Nagare] Noari, Sariso [Jounin]

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Name: Noari, Sariso


Nickname: Silencer


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Height: 6'3"


Weight: 163lbs


Appearance: Sariso has pale skin, contrasting his fire red hair, his body not really skinny, but not overweight. His hair is generally medium length, with the exception of his bangs, which lightly hangs over his headband, though not enough to obscure the village symbol he usually displayed with Mirage. His green eyes always seem to be piercing through whomever he's look at, as if trying to see what they're thinking.


He wears a black long sleeved shirt, the sleeves open and baggy, extending down to the wrist.

Beneath these sleeves are two armguards which make for his secondary weapon. These are black leather straps tied tightly around his arm and are hidden from view. Atop his shirt is a black leather vest that seems like an ordinary Chuunin flak vest, when in reality it is his Dragonskin Mark I protective vest. His black pants stop short of his ankles, to prevent himself from slipping on his own clothing.


A dark gray belt is wrapped around his waist, the belt housing several small pouches containing various weapons. Around his right leg is a dark gray leather strap, with small hoops with snapping buttons on them, this is to allow him to quickly and easily draw kunai to be ready for use. Strapped to his back using a black leather band is his sword, Chikage, the black oak shaft shimmering slightly in the light.






Bloodline: Sanctity of the Fallen - Stage One


Rank: Jounin


Village: Nagare


Clan: Noari Clan


Clan/Organization: The Manhunters, Knights of the Old Republic


Language: Nagarian (Fluent), Sati (Light Nagarian Accent), Rikuhuu (Thick Nagarian Accent), Common (Light Nagarian Accent)


Main/Favored Weapon: Chikage


Side Arms: All items are held within various pockets on Sariso's belt, with the exception of kunai and wire. Kunai are held in individual sheaths upon his left leg, and four spools of wire are held in each arm guard. Sariso also keeps four pre-tagged kunai sealed within the sealing bracelets on his armor.



- The Mirage

- Hell Binders

- Slagwurm Armor

- 10 kunai

- 12 shuriken

- 10 explosive tags

- 1 soldier pill

- 8 rolls of 35' ft. wire.


Element: Fuuton, Katon


Fighting Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu



- Speed

- Chakra Pool



- Swordsmanship

- Reflexes



- Endurance




- Ranged Weapon Accuracy

- Strength

- Tunnel Visioned (Has difficulty keeping track of more than one foe simultaneously)





Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]

Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]

Kawarimi no Jutsu [Replacement Technique]

Nawanuke no Jutsu

Genjutsu Kai

Kinobori [Full Mastery]

Suimen Houkou no Gyou [Full Mastery]


E Rank:

Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] (Bird) (Canine)


D Rank:

Koe no Mozouhin [Voice Imitation]

Katon: Hotsuba [Fire Release: Fire Spit]

Gyaku Girochin [inverse Guillotine]

Souharigane no Jutsu [Wire Manipulation Technique]



C Rank:

Fuuton: Kaze Senbon [Wind Release: Wind Needle]

Nusumigiki no Jutsu [Eavesdropping Technique]

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu [Fire Release: Mythical Fire Flower Technique]

Sunshin no Jutsu [body Flicker Technique]


-Free Slot-

-Free Slot-


B Rank:

Fuuton: Daitoppa [Wind Release: Grand Blast]

Fuuton: Meimei Fuuyaiba no Jutsu [Wind Release: Invisible Wind Blade Technique]

Katon: Houka [Fire Release: Rocket]

Hiru Bansho: Boka no Jutsu [Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique]

Faerie Fire


-Free Slot-


A Rank:

Meisai Gakure no Jutsu [Hiding Camouflage Technique]

Kazeryuu no Jutsu [Wind Dragon Technique]

Furasshu Sutoraiki

-Free Slot-




Sariso was born in the village of Nagare, his mother, Sarena, a beautiful woman with fiery red hair and his father, Ranji, a respected chuunin of the village. Growing up in the village, Sariso was a playful and well-liked boy, always quick to make friends and play ninja with the other villagers as his brother Larso, six years his senior, graduated from the academy.


A year after his brother’s graduation, his father was killed when his squad was ambushed by a rival village’s shinobi, leaving his brother to take care of him and his mother. After a few months, in between his manual labor filled missions, Larso would teach Sariso different jutsu, claiming that they would give him an advantage when he finally entered the Academy. One day, after one such training session, Sariso was returning home, exhausted from the day, when he was cornered by an older boy, a bully, who was in the academy.


Tired and young as he was, Sariso was easily overpowered by the older boy who laughed and threw him into a nearby stream. Kicking and yelling out in vain against the steam’s current, Sariso was quickly pulled beneath the surface, his kicking motion managing to allow a weed to wrap around his ankle, trapping him under the water. Moments after becoming submerged however, he was rescued by his brother, who dragged him to the shore and laid him down on the village bank.


All was not right however. Sariso looked to his left, past his brother to see the bully lying face down in the grass of the stream, his brother, in his rush to save him and punish the bully had inadvertently killed him. Fearing the wrath of the boy’s parents, and that of the Kage, Larso fled Nagare, leaving his brother behind. It has been two years since his brother left, and now it is his turn to follow in his family’s footsteps and enter the academy.


Academy Student:

Sariso's time at the academy only took a sum of three years as he progressed quickly through the classes. During his time there he met a variety of 'colorful' characters, including one from Sato who would become his best friend, despite his clan's dislike of the village. This friendship would cause him to study Sati during most of his free time, hoping to be able to communicate better with (or perhaps impress) her.


Despite the few friends he made however, Sariso also made an exceptional number of enemies, and people he would consider rivals. Near the end of his time at the academy, he was approached by a genin from Sato, who offered him a position within an organization known as the Manhunters. Accepting the offer, he made his way to the nearest recruiter.



Sariso's life as a Genin was a very...hectic one. Between being placed under the charge of an insane jounin, performing missions for his village and training to become stronger, there was rarely a time when Sariso was not doing something. Several notable events happened during his life during his Genin years however.


One such event was his participation in the World Tournament, though he was inevitably defeated in the first round of combat. He attributes his loss to the arena and his desire to keep his word to his opponent, however. Another event that was rather monumental to his life was an assault on a weapons development company that ended with the death of most of the guards and the complete destruction of the corporation.


Thanks to his service in combat situations to Manhunters, and the completion of a rigorous test with two fellow genin, Sariso had been placed as the leader of the Manhunter's Enforcer division. With this new responsibility, Sariso had set his sights to commanding the Manhunters in combat and had thrust him into the midst of the Manhunter/Kemuri war...



Sariso's years as a chuunin were eventful, to say the least. Once more, he had entered into the World Tournament, and again fell at the hands of his apparent bane - Yuki. However, unlike the last tournament, he had made it to the second round! This was likely because his opponent had the skill of a civilian. Beyond the tournament, the chuunin found himself as one of the co-leaders of the Manhunters and the recipient of a plethora of new duties that left him strained between working as a Nagarian and as head of the Sun Country base within the organization.


Over the years, the shinobi took on several missions, and though he had the occasional failure, the shinobi worked diligently to become ever more powerful, spurred on by watching his friends swiftly surpass him through the ranks. Finally, just as it seemed that the rank of Jounin were within his grasp, the demons came. Putting aside his personal aspirations, Sariso fought desperately against the demons that poured into seichi; fighting on the front lines of the first invasion of Nagare.


Beyond that, Sariso was the head of multiple strikes against demonic fortifications, including one notable battle in which he single-handedly recaptured a tower taken by demons, destroying a mountain of a monster in the process. Unfortunately, Sariso was unable to assist the group that had finally defeated the demons once and for all, but the chuunin had heard the tale recalled a time or two, each time the story having grown a little wilder.


Recently, Sariso has started to become far more active within the village, his sights finally returning to the goal of rising through the ranks - this time, his goal is for nothing less than to rival his old friend, Sumiyori, Hikaru - the Ooikage.


Previous RPC Profile: Here

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Just a note that you also have a free S rank slot available to you. You may also want to consider revamping your bloodline. I actually find it weak. Otherwise.


You have slight general weaknesses.


*Half Stamp*

~ Be sure to obey the RPG Rules

~Be sure to update the Population thread

~Be sure to RP your strengths and weaknesses accurately.

~If you have any further questions or comments, you can post them in the RPG Questions and Suggestions Forum

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Huh. I wasn't aware that bloodlines were available for revamps. I may get to work on that then.

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