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[Konoki] Quiver [AS]

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Name: Quil Nagamato


Nickname: Quiver


Age: 10


Gender: Male


Height: 4'10


Weight: 95 lbs


Appearance: Quil looks like a skinny kid, or rather is a skinny kid. He has light brown skin, with shoulder length black hair that he keeps wrapped up, letting two bangs fall to the side of his face, with a black cloth like head band wrapped around his forehead, with a feather sticking out of the back of it. He wears a black sash tied diagonally down the right side of his waist, and normal blue jeans with a couple holes adorned on them as well. Around his waist he keeps a belt, that has two pouches for his kunais and shuriken, and two loops that he can also place his hatchets in. Around his back you will always see his trusted bow, and quiver filled with arrows. He has yellow eyes for some reason or another, and you will normally see two black stripes under each of his eyes, made of paint as well.


Personality: Quils an active guy, he was raised in the woods, so there he could be as loud as he wanted and no one would care. He tends to have a hyperactive attitude towards life, always up for a challenge, and sees the glass half full instead of half empty.


Rank: AS


Village: Konoki


Clan/Organization: N/A


Language: Konoi [fluent] Common [Konokian Accent]


Main/Favored Weapon: 38 inch mid range bow. Made of the finest Oak wood Konoki can offer, its adorned in a fancy dragon crest that goes from one end of the bow to the other. Adorned with a black cloth in the center of it where the user can place his hand in comfort to hold the bow, and a horse hair thread made draw string. It comes complete with an oak wood quiver to house his arrows as well.


Side Arms:

- Kunai x10

- Shuriken x10

- Arrows x20

- Hatchets x2 [Handles made of wood, blades made of stone]

- Explosive tags x5


Element: Wind [Fuuton]


Fighting Type: N/A


Fighting Style: Quil uses a hunters fighting style, primal thinking and ranged attacking is what he's best at. He uses his bow and arrows mostly, prefering to see things from high points instead of low, and his quick movements to compliment the deadly aim he has with it. However, if he feels the need he may just chuck hatchets, or shuriken at his target. His aim is fierce, no matter the weapon he's throwing, as long as he's keeping his opponents at a distance.



- Aim [His aim weather throwing or firing weapons from his bow is his ace skill. For an AS student its top notch, one skill that he will continue to perfect and master as he grows of age.]

- Picture perfect memory [He specializes in being able to just glance at a target and remembering where the target was while looking at another, he uses this skill in conjunction with his aim in order to be able to fire at a target he's no longer looking at, making it a lot quicker to fire at other targets, without having to focus on another.]



- Speed [He's quite a fast kid for his skill level.]

- Agility [He's very agile in the way he moves, able to adapt his movements by whats going on around him, almost without thinking about it.]

- Hand speed [He's quick with his hands, weather its using them to draw an arrow from its quiver to his bow, or throwing a weapon, he's capable of getting it done at rates which most people of his level wouldn't.]



-Chakra control [He's never practiced his control over his chakra much, barely knows how to use it.]



Endurance [He bruises easily, and bleeds pretty heavily depending on the depth of the wound inflicted on him.]












[0] Sougu: Tsuudan [Tool Manipulation: Piercing Bullet]

[1] Animal Speak [bird]






Quil, was born in a deeeeep neck of the woods outside of Konoki. His parents own a family plantation farm in almost the middle of nowhere, where they grow produce such as corn, cabbage, and other vegatables, fruits and plants, and during certain seasons of the year deer meat. He has two older brothers, neither of them ninja because they decided to stay in the family business, their jobs to be hunters. Each of them is an awesome deer tracker and hunter, only on a civilian level of course but when it comes to finding a deer and killing it, there is no one better for the job then them. Its where the big bucks come in, since you can only hunt deer during a certain kind of season in order to preserve their species and let it flurish, its quite a delicasy when that time of year rolls around.


While he was young, the little one frequently traveled to Konoki to drop off their products to shop owners, and of the like to collect payment, as the world should so work. Quil would always enjoy a ride on his big little brothers neck [the middle child], looking around at all the pretty sites to see of the big city [or village] looking at all the people and the hustle and brussle. It always fascinated him, he loved coming here. The best part was when he got to see the ninjas of the village, he loved their headbands, and uniforms the most. Inside of those young eyes was born a dream, a dream to become one.


The day finally came where he was old enough to finally start thinking about his choices in life. 7. Yep. 7 years old. His parents started putting him to work, sending him out on hunting trips with his older brothers, where they then started teaching him how to properly hunt deer. They had to train him to climb trees, analyze deer droppings, recognize migration patterns, and even kill them by way of bow, axe, or even his bare hands. As gruesome as it sounds he loved it, he and his family had to make a living. However he felt that as quickly as he was learning, maybe being just a mere hunter wasn't for him. 2 years passed, and one day at the dinner table he finally spoke up and said to his family he wanted to be a ninja for Konoki, and wanted to join the academy like other kids of his age. Everyone at the dinner table looked at him in surprise that he had thought about such a thing...well almost everyone. His elder little brother wasn't shocked at all, more so shocked that he had the courage to speak up about it.


He told them he didn't want to wait until he was too old, he had already gotten some experience from his two brothers. His father wasn't too pleased about however. He said he didn't want his son, joining the military, fighting battles that weren't his to fight. He didn't want to lose his baby boy in some damn ninja war, his mother started to agree. His elder brother then spoke up, and told them that their hadn't been a recorded ninja war in years, and its about time at least one of them broke the cycle of just farmer. Its quils life, and he should live his dream, or he'll hate himself and them for the rest of his life. After a long talk, and discussion. The entire family agreed. He'd wait a year and work off the money that he'd need to make it through the academy, and he'd visit whenever he could once he joined.


Now here he is, a year later. Arrow'd up and ready for action, Quiver. What will his years at the Academy bring.


Sample Post:


Previous RPC Profile: Will be taking the place of the Character Junichi I was creating...

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Hatches = Hatchets?


Also, Konoki's language is Konoi.



Looks good otherwise. It just needs that background of course~

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You probably have too many projectiles for an AS, but if Deca's fine with it you can keep it.


Also, Konoi needs an accent tag. "[Fluent]" will be fine.

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If the projectile size proves to be too much [just in case deca changes her mind] i'll be glad to lower it down some.



Changed everything else, and added a background.

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Can you label the spoiler that has your jutsu. It took me awhile to find it since first I thought you forgot the section entirely. It would be most helpful.

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