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[Konoki] Lightning [Leonhart, Zac]

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Name: Lightning


Species: Panthera leo


Gender: Female


Age: 2 months




Head: 7 inches

Body: 1 foot 3 inches

Tail: 1 foot


Height: 1 foot


Weight: 5 pounds


Appearance: Young and fluffy, the cub sports a golden coat over her small frame. Specks of brown fur dot her head. Easily small enough to carry in a person's arms, Lightning is a cute baby with pink pudgy paws.


Personality: Still a young lion, she displays the normal baby personality alongside a wide margin of curiosity. She likes to explore whenever possible and catch small animals when available.


Rank: Academy Student


Fighting Type: Taijutsu


Element: Raiton [Lightning]


Natural Traits:


- Teeth


- Claws




- Speed




- Agility




- Clumsy

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Do your research bro. Choose an age where the animal's species can walk already but just started or something. So like when it runs, it loses control and balance if going too fast or something. Once you get the age, it should also have the rest of the measurements.

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