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[Chuunin] Hidora, Rudiker [Hyouga]

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Name: Hidora, Rudiker


Nickname: Kiseichuu-ouji / Parasite Prince, Ruu


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Height: 5'3 (160cm)


Weight: 160lbs (73kg)


Appearance: Rudiker is a young man with fair skin and an androgynous appearance. With long, gorgeous black hair that he wears loosely, and delicate looking features, he's more likely to be called "little lady" before anything else. His physique is also misleading, looking unfit for a ninja. Without closer inspection, he appears to have the body type of an average person who engages in minimal physical activity. This, however, is only until Rudiker flexes his muscles, which is when they're revealed to be rather large, firm, and very well defined - at a balanced point between slim and muscular. His eyes are a mismatched pair of sky blue for his right iris, and crimson for his left.


Rudiker is most often seen wearing a simple white dress shirt that's never kept buttoned all the way to the top, and a short azure blue skirt. Over top his shirt is almost always a black coat with a large fuzzy collar that's always hanging below his shoulders. Beneath his skirt is a pair of shorts that matches in color. Brown combat boots with a cushioned interior and a fluffy, fuzzy lining protect his feet.





Gallant as a knight~




But I'm also pretty bad-ass!




Personality: Rudiker tries to be a gracious young man, but his greatest weaknesses are the flaws of his nature. He is over protective, overly dedicated to his beliefs, yet naive. As such, he is easily excited, and once burning with passion, it is difficult to put out the flames. When all riled up, Rudiker will often make everything he does seem larger than life while giving his actions his all; but never will he intentionally betray the code of conduct he has set for himself, such as to always be forgiving, and never to kill unnecessarily.


Rank: Chuunin


Village: Hyouga


Clan/Organization: None


Language: Hyougaan (fluent), Common (light Hyougaan accent)


Main/Favored Weapons:

-Wire Manipulation

-Shinken: (see spoiler)


This weapon closely resembles a standard katana, being a blade that is moderately curved with a wave style hamon ("blade-pattern"/visual affect). The blade is 18" long, extremely sharp, and little more than an inch wide.The steel it is made from is known as 'Tamahagane', making it very strong as well. The hilt is wrapped in shark skin and white silk, giving it a non-slip and comfortable grip.



Side Arms:

Kunai /x10

Exploding Tags /x30

Smoke Bombs /x05

Flash Bombs /x03

Wire /200ft

Fury of the earth /x01

Of the Yukoto

Ryuusei yo /x02


Element: Katon, Fuuton


Fighting Type: Nin/Taijutsu Dualist


Fighting Style: Rudiker specializes in a fighting style known as "Parasite Weave". This unique style uses ones raw chakra to attack another's body through either physical touch, or a medium - such as wire - just as efficiently as if it were their bare hands. Often effects have a duration period, making them akin to poisons.



-Endurance: Rudiker's body-tissue, skin, muscles, and bones are remarkably dense/solid, allowing him to better withstand harm. This of course works best when he's flexing.



-Chakra Control: Rudiker has such precise control of his chakra that he is able to flawlessly use techniques that take advantage of a smaller, finer medium.

-Speed: Simply put, Rudiker's legs are very realiable when it comes to generating explosive power that propells him from one location to another at speeds higher than the norm for his rank.

-Immune System: Rudiker's body is able to delay the activation of poisons up to and including B rank (for 2 posts). Symptoms are also less severe.

-Pain Tolerance: Rudiker is accustomed to physical pain, allowing him to think clearly and continue to move despite injury.



-Projectiles Accuracy: If he is not holding it, or it's not connected to him through any media, Rudiker has absolutely no control over it; making weapons such as shuriken entirely useless.



-Taijutsu Skill: Because of his high endurance, Rudiker has not been motivated to polish this trait. It remains at a level quite lower than the average Chuunin, and more often than not he can be considered little more than a brawler in unarmed combat. The only redeeming factor is that he is all right with a sword, however, prolonged close-range battles remain a danger.

-See Personality



16 Jutsu: [5 E/D + 5 C + 5 B + 1 A]


E/D Rank

[0]Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]

[0]Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique]

[0]Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]

[0]Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill]

[1]Souharigane no Jutsu [Wire Manipulation Technique]

[2]Harigane Gappei [Meld Wire/Wire Fusion]

[3]Battou [Drawing Sword]


[5]Aero Hand


C Rank

[0]Kinobori [Tree Climbing]

[0]Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking]

[0]Genjutsu Kai [Genjutsu Release]

[1]Kyoumeisen [Vibrating Sound Drill]

[2]Kyougiri [Vibrating Cutter]





B Rank

[1]Seieiko [Awakening of the Senses]

[2]Boilermaker (Armor)

[3]Chakra Kyuin no Jutsu [Chakra Absorption Technique]




A Rank





It starts with poison herbs under the cradle...


Then under the sheets,

and inside the clothes...


Even in the milk fed to the newborn.


This is how children of the Hidora household are raised in order to one day become assassins with bodies that can tolerate poison, and a chakra system that can poison others. Rudiker was a child raised under these circumstances, living a life that required him to ingest toxic foods that damaged his body in a variety of ways, leaving it only two options: recover and become stronger, or die.


Surviving this lifestyle for 10 years, Rudiker developed an enduring body that strengthened itself through constant tissue deconstruction and rebuilding, as well as a strong immune system, and a chakra system that could be considered partially Dokuton in nature. This physical training was not without its consequences, though. Rudiker nearly went mad numerous times during this childhood that was no different from torture. His only consolation was the visions he often had of a girl who struggled through life just as much as he did. His "soul mate", he called her, and after developing an obsession for this girl, he adopted her perplexing nature. Even as this girl succumbed to her own anguish, Rudiker remained dedicated, and tried to gouge his own eye in order to match the reflection of his dream girl's, which had been injured in combat. Before he could ruin his beauty, however, which was required for the profession he was to undertake, he was stopped.


Before he could be used as an assassin, Rudiker was sent to The Shinobi University for the proper training - much to his own delight, for he'd seen the academy many times in his visions. While Rudiker was no child prodigy, he was able to do exceedingly well, already being comfortable with a great deal of the material. As a Genin, Rudiker was an over achiever. With a strong-willed attitude and an over protective nature, he endeavored to carry the entire weight of his three-man cell on his shoulders, while preventing his teammates from doing anything on a mission he believed they would regret. While they were successful, Rudiker's tendencies were considered annoying, and eventually his team had had enough, and abandoned him. While the decisions he made were ultimately worthy of a promotion to the rank of Chuunin, Rudiker had become a nin forced to ride solo.


Rudiker's personal life had always been obscure. His queer devotion to a girl few believed existed led to several dramatic changes in his appearance, many of which accentuated his rather feminine appearance. From twintails to gothic-lolita fashion, Rudiker remained an oddity among his peers. Despite being a boy, even at the age of 16, he continues to wear the last outfit he'd seen his "soul mate" wearing, which includes a short skirt.

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Alright, I think I'm all finished with my official secondary here.


I think I'm entitled to another language, but I'll put that on hold for now. Also, I'm accepting general weaknesses. The immune system strength may be worded a tad strong, but I attempted to balance it with an extra weakness, so hopefully that's not too much of a problem.


Other than that, please crit away~

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We should probably get some guidelines for immune system strengths like that. *nods*


Y u transvestite?


Y u always have 2 eye colors?


Y u no have something to crit?


*1/2 Stamp*

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I think slightly below average unlisted traits.




population thread, registries and other stuff.

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Except she has 2 more strengths than weaknesses, along with her weaknesses and shortcomings not being quite as good as her strengths and specialties. So slight is an understatement. She has general weaknesses, not just slight general weaknesses.

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They're the same thing, guys. You either have average, general weaknesses, or general strengths when it comes to unlisted traits. There aren't any in-betweens.

General Weaknesses: If you possess more strengths than acceptable weaknesses, you will possess General Weaknesses. This means your unlisted traits are slightly just a bit lower than the average nin. Again, not drastically so, but just enough to figure out who is stronger, faster, ect in comparison to someone else with the same as a strength or weakness.

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