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[Chuunin] Sepulchre Hyoujun

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"I will regain control of my clan, even if it takes control of me.



Sepulchre Hyoujun

Twenty Two


6 Feet, 3 Inch

130 Pounds

Ninja Standing:
Chuunin - Medic



[Hyougan Accent],
[Hyougan Accent],
Ancient Hyougan
[Hyougan Accent]





From his snow white hair and crystal blue eyes with the white pupil to his pale porcelain skin, he has the appearance of a perfect Hyougan. His skin is free of any scars or unwanted imperfections, which is only accentuated by his graceful movements, his open coat showing it all off.


He wears a beautiful navy blue Dracula-style coat over his naked torso, lined with red velvet which reaches to his knees. With every single button unbuttoned, a large belt tied around his stomach holds it all together. Underneath the collar is a silvery blue scarf which darkens as it reaches the ends.


Silk pants dyed the same navy blue cover his legs, billowing in Hyouga's cold winds. Underneath he wears black elastic compression shorts, just in case any accidents happen.


He wears regular snow white sneakers for footwear.


In his right ear, he wears three earrings. One rests in his earlobe while the others rest in the same ear's cartilage. The Hyoujun clan symbols hangs from them. Another piercing lies in the middle of the left half of his lip, while the final rests in his tongue. On his right hand he wears a
on the ring finger with another slightly smaller
on his left hand ring finger.





Right Hand:
[thread=52255]Master Sword[/thread]/[thread=52146]Hensetsu[/thread]

Left Hand:
[thread=54379]Ice Shield[/thread]

[thread=54686]Snow Day[/thread] (two on each wrist)

Arms and Legs:
[thread=24596]Wonder Guards[/thread]

[thread=54832]Oni Armor[/thread] overlaid with [thread=55770]Paladin Armor][/thread] (The Wire threading in the Oni Armor is replaced with [thread=54691]Frostweave[/thread], and the utility belt from the paladin armor is replaced with a [thread=54381]Steampunk Utility Belt[/thread])


Belt Contents:

, 5
3 Blood pills(Pouch 1)

- 50 Feet of anti-septic bandages. They reduce pain, swellings, and speed up the healing process of the wound they are wrapped around. (Pouch 2)

- 5 Tubes of Ointment - Medium size. 7 oz.(Pouch 3)

- 15 [thread=54515]Liquid Nitrogen Bombs[/thread], 20 [thread=54682]Flurries[/thread] (Pouch 4)

- 15[thread=51557]Health Potions[/thread]

- 15 [thread=51556]Mana Potions[/thread]




Fighting Type:
Ninjutsu Specialist



Overspecialization: Chakra Pool













Kawarimi No Jutsu[Replacement Technique] [student Basic]

Bunshin No Jutsu [Clone Technique] [student Basic]

Henge No Jutsu [Transformation Technique] [student Basic]

Nawanuke No Jutsu [Rope Untying] [Genin Basic]

Kinobori [Full Mastery] [Genin Basic]

Suimen Houkou no Gyou [Full Mastery] [Genin Basic]

Genjutsu Kai [Genin Basic]

D/E Ranks

[D/E] Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] (Wolves, Bears, Owls)

[D/E] Ha [Edge of a Sword]

[D/E] [thread=51699]Draught of Living Death[/thread]

[D/E] [thread=52255]Master Sword[/thread]

[D/E] Shinshi Ken [immersed Blade]

C Ranks

[C] Hyouton: Otaki Arashi [ice Release: Cascading Storm Technique]

[C] [thread=54379]Ice Shield[/thread]

[C] Doku Ken Dageki [Poison Blade Strike]

[C] [thread=61848]Snowball Bomb[/thread]


[Med] [thread=51556]Mana Potions[/thread]

B Ranks

[thread=54515]Liquid Nitrogen Bombs[/thread]

[thread=44351]Ice Release: Freeze Beam (Hyouton: Aisu Keta)[/thread]

Hyouton: Hyouheki [ice Release: Ice Wall]

Gikyoshin [Chivalrous Spirit]


[Med] [thread=51557]Health Potions[/thread]

A Ranks

[A] [thread=61632]Helping Hand[/thread]



I was born in a cradle of Hyoujun ice, straight from the hands of the Ikenma. I appeared before Sayana and Sephintor as a gift from the night. It was clear where I came from. All these new Hyoujun coming into the clan shame me, but I will spare the children. It was not their fault that their parents were filthy traitors to their people, so I will spare them, although they will work harder to prove themselves. The Ikenma put me unto Seichi not to wreak havoc, but to rule my clan into power. I held the features of leadership but one event happened that they did not foresee. Another branch, the Hanei took control. Oh, I will take my birthright. That trash, Oketsu, the new 'heir', he will pay. Goodnight, sweet prince. I might not have been old enough to realize what I was born for, but now that I do, the Seiei shall rise to their rightful place.


Perhaps the word born should not be used. It might imply that I have relation to that filthy Sayana. There are some still that refer to her as my mother. How Sephintor could not see that Sayana was a future traitor to us, to our family, to the clan? Oh, Father. Out of all the decisions in your life, why did you make this one? So many things would have been different if Sayana did not leave or Yonaka was not born. Yonaka might as well have never been born, as dead as he is to me.


The Hyoujun Palace held such wonders for me before I grew up. What kind of home is made of ice, or as I later found out. Playing through its halls, hearing my voice reverberate through its corridors, it was heavenly to say the least. I spent many hours just bouncing different rocks off the walls, just to hear the different sounds they made. Regular quartz, diamonds, sapphires, they were all available in the palace, you just had to look. My childhood years were only too fleeting, passing by in what was a blink of an eye by my history. I spent my days stuck in those halls, when I should have been mingling with the common folk, those not of the Hyoujun. Oh, they couldn't know of my lineage. It would be their job to bow down and do my wish but they don't know of it. The times when the Hyoujun will be great have not yet come. I made associates, not friends. How could I grace them with being my friend when they have done nothing to deserve it?


Once in a while, I would see this other Hyoujun, obviously not as pure as me because of the shade of his blonde hair. I asked Father about him of course, why a commoner would be inside the Palace. Here it was that I learned, one of the greatest discoveries of my life, about the genes running through our veins, the changes that go through all pure Hyoujun. My 'early puberty' had probably already taken effect, the effects just unnoticed because of my natural features. I would probably notice that other side effect when I left Hyouga. Perhaps I will one day, just to see what the tainted Hyoujun go through. Along went the history, which turned into studies. The subjects passed by, me absorbing the knowledge like a sponge. I grew very interested as we came to the part where the switch of power came in the branches. Here my feelings for Oketsu blossomed. The law be damned, he broke it first, taking my birthright from me.


I met Kanna, this white rose entering my Palace. She was truly unlikable, a venomous flower, a real bitch. In a way, she did remind me of my younger self, to be completely cliche. The thing of greatest irony now, the thing stopping me from actually forming a good relationship, was blood. Out of all things. How could one of royal blood form a companionship with one of the Chuei, those commoners. Then she started to take those lessons, learning about the arts of a Shinobi. Although I did have some respect for her, I could not let one of the Chuei surpass me in anything. I started learning shortly after she left, refusing to go to The Shinobi University. Father taught me what he knew, although now I realize it was not much in the grand scheme of things. I did not know of Kanna's progress once she left so I had nothing to compare myself to. It can't be said that I tried awfully hard. I suppose it was around this time that Yonaka spawned the demon-child.


Along came Miyuki, another one of those half-Hyoujun. I had to feel pity for her, having her Hyoujun family suddenly sprung on her. I spent a few days with her, trying to help her become accustomed with the clan, our history, our info. Not much more was done.


Then it came, the assault, the invasion, the war, whatever you want to call it. They came in horde, demons from the other realm, the test that the Ikenma forced upon us. Pass I did, as I sliced through the hell-spawn with Hensetsu, leaving a trail of sweat and blood in my wake. This was no act of God, as those commoners screamed, or an invasion, but a test! The oldest rule in the book was proven true: Only the strong survive. Except that there was an exception this time around, the strong protected the weak. It should have been that only the Hyoujun survived, but other clans did, as well as the regular peasants. Why? Was this only the first test, the obstacles to my rule?


Alister. Alister Choiseul. He saved my life during that test. Without him, I would not be telling you my history. I was struck down, the hell-spawn about to bite out my throat. I would have brushed him off as a slave serving his king, but you just can't do that to someone who has saved your life. I had a few drinks with him and one thing led to another. We became good friends and I learned a lot about him. He wasn't the commoner I thought he was at first. Not just anyone owns a castle, ya know? Years have past since I first met him and he looks the same as the day I met him. Where do you put an ageless man into your history?


Time has passed and nothing yet has risen up to stop my rise to power. Perhaps it won't be something large but hidden in the small challenges?


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You have far too many potions/pills/bombs I think.


I suggest halving the number of civilian pills, mana potions, and chakra potions to start off with. Probably reduce the number of ointment tubes and nitrogen bombs as well. The bombs are B ranked after all and it seems odd to carry so much ointment around, even as a med-nin, though perhaps less so.


Also, you have general weaknesses. Your unlisted traits will be considered below average.

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