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[Jounin] Vivixar

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Saizetsu-Gardener [Vee-vee-cksar]



6 Feet, 3 Inches

230 LB


Fighting Type:
Ninjutsu Specialist

Shinobi Rank:



[Rikuhii accent],
[Rikuhii accent],
[Rikuhii accent]








>Face: Strong and sculpted with pointed features. Thick triangular jaw with high cheekbones. A 5 o' clock shadow covers his face at all times.

>Eyes: Electric blue

>Hair: Plain
hair with wisps of white that lies flat on his head. Stops just above his eyes. Nice and fluffy, conditioned

>Body Muscle: Looks to be between toned and buff, not yet a six pack but you can see it's there. In short, sexy.

>Piercings: Two vertical industrial piercings, bar on the bridge of his nose,
, surface piercings slightly above his breasts, silver male hoop earlobe earrings, surface piercing on the sternum, and an oral frenulum piercing.

>Permanent body modifications: One long continuous tribal tattoo on the back and sides of his body, if looked at in anatomical position although instead of going up his skull past the neck, they track sideways onto his lower jaw (making small circles resembling eyes around his cheeks) and onto the palms of his hands/feet and fingers/toes as well as circling his breasts. Saizetsu clan symbol tattooed onto the top of his eyelids. Seven mortal sins tattooed on his forearm. Kanji for pride and faith tattooed just under his eyes.


>Shirt: Dark blue, nearly black, underarmor. It contours his chest and goes down his arms where it slowly loosens up to wizard-like sleeves. Past the elbow the underarmor is decorated with beige colored circles in a bulls-eye shape.

>Overwear: Treated leather with slight overlapping pieces clasped with cape and hood. The cape with hood is midnight blue with a beige trim as well as wizard-like designs on the upper half. The cape itself is dotted with many pockets and segments that are buttoned by three overly large buttons to the vest.

>Pants: Tough dark blue jeans made of Magebane Armor

>Footwear: Mercury Boots in the form of typical black boots.


Main/Favored Weapon:


Side Arms:

: The hat bends backwards midway up due to old age. It fits under a hood neatly.

-[thread=49696]Bottomless Side Arm Pouch[/thread]



-[thread=54532]20 Destructo Discs[/thread] in each gauntlet





: Back Pocket

: 40 of these, sealed up in other back pocket.

- 20 Molotov Cocktails: Sealed into his brow piercing. Alcoholic pumpkin juice is the drink.




Chakra Pool









E/D Ranks

[0] Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]

[0] Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]

[0] Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique]

[0] Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill]

[1] Suiton: Shiryoku [Water Release: Sight] (Doujutsu)

[2] [thread=49696]Bottomless Side Arm Pouch[/thread]






C Ranks

[0] Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking] [Full Mastery]

[0] Kinobori [Tree Climbing] [Full Mastery]

[0] Genjutsu Kai


[2] Katon: Housenka no Jutsu [Fire Release: Mythical Fire Flower Technique]

[3] Katon: Kasai no Ame [Fire Release: Rain of Fire Technique]

[4] Kirigakure no Jutsu [Hidden Mist Technique]

[5] Jibaku Fuda: Kassei [Exploding Tag: Activate]

[6] [thread=61808]Ionize[/thread]



B Ranks

[1] Fuuton: Daitoppa [Wind Release: Grand Blast]


[3] [thread=50385]Aero[/thread]


[5] Suiton: Ame Yose no Jutsu [Water Release: Rain Summoning technique]

[6] [thread=55481]Accelerant[/thread]



A Ranks

[1] Fuuton: Mujuuryou no Kiten [Wind Release: Zero Gravity Point]

[2] Arashi no Hinote [Firestorm]

[3] [thread=55177]Hellfire[/thread]

[4] [thread=39015] Inkaten no Jutsu [Flash Point Technique][/thread]


S Ranks

[1][thread=47660]Ibunshi (Suiton)[/thread]



Does the loyalty of clan always come before village? Under any circumstances? Even after my father's crimes? Do his crimes and punishment become mine after his death?


Vivixar was born to an outcast of a father and an embarrassment of a mother. Each day he is haunted by this, knowing from a young age if the news got out he would be ridiculed. He lived along with his mental wreck of a father for eight years before realizing the truth of his birth. His mother was another random loco who thought she was a witch, but was actually a psycho in heat. Of course, no man would be around to satisfy that heat except his father.


His father on the other hand, was actually just looking for plain release, after being banished from his own clan. The crime was domestic abuse, which was going on for years, which finally escalated into murder. After getting a baby dumped on his doorstep by a summon riding a flying motorcycle, his father attempted to raise him but would often go out and get completely smashed then have to be beaten back home after he refused to leave the bars. Eventually, getting the message, he started to take it out on his son, somehow deciding that if his loyalty for his clan couldn't be given through his own life, loyalty for the Saizetsu would be shown through Vivixar. Loyalty to the clan was everything.


Due to being born in Rikuhi, he couldn't exactly stay in Konoki. His father was always getting threats from others and 'messages' for raising such a bastard who was different with every part of his being, from his accent to his voice to his features. Even the few Saizetsu members he did meet treated him as a freak of nature, whether due to his father or the fact he kept getting knocked down and beat in physical fights it was a toss up. As such, he was raised by Johnathon Gardener, just as his mother and aunts were before him.


At age of 12, he attempted to make something of himself. He went into official training, although not exactly regular. Gai Gardener being your Hikage and uncle did give one some perks. As such, his training was suited personally to him. Ironically, the parts he was excellent in only turned him into a realistic version of what his deluded aunts thought they were.


His fathers teachings were hated, but you can never forget what you're taught and what your own character wants you to do. He wanted to be loyal to his clan as well as his village but he had no idea what to do. He could not leave Rikuhi and drop everything just to go to a clan that might not even accept him. As such, he let it be. He had his clan's symbol tattooed onto his eyelids, painfully, as a way to remind himself and others who saw him of his duty, no matter how it be divided.


Having put his own personal dilemma at rest, he could focus on what was important in the here and now, not that what might happen. He studied, he graduated, he advanced, he fought in the war, he advanced again. With or without struggles, it was the journey that made him who he was now. Socially: He was High Mage of Gai Gardener, a villager of Rikuhi and part of the Saizetsu. Internally: He was sometimes happy, others he was between a rock and a hard place.


Maybe now he'll finally be able to get away from this rock and a hard place, all the while maintaining his cheery facade.

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Same background he had before and he'd only RP'd twice since then. That shouldn't even be an issue.


And Safe, since I know you aren't as intimately familiar with the patch as everyone else is by now: General weaknesses means that you are a bit worse at everything you didn't take a strength or specialty in than most people.


Seriously blaze if you just randomly say that to people making their first character (in general or on their first revamp after the patch, as here), you're going to confuse them.


... Wait a minute. Gai is Vivi's uncle, and all of Gai's sisters are around his age. How is Vivi twice his age?

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Same background he had before and he'd only RP'd twice since then. That shouldn't even be an issue.


Uhh, are you serious? It seems like that background doesn't even reach the point in his life when he joined the academy.


Yes, extend it.

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There was no problem with this in the original app, which had this background, letter for letter. It could be explained as so many things. A summon, a jutsu, a freaking glider in henge.

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Hardly worth dwelling on. It('s totally Lobo, isn't it lol) came from the summon world, and it's a mere detail of the background that was probably just thrown in for comic effect. It really doesn't effect anything at this point.


Now does anyone see any other problem with this app?

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