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[Konoki] Carl [Harukatsu, Mishun][Revamp]

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Name: Carl


Species: Squirrel


Gender: Male


Respective Human Age: 5 year


Length/Height: 1 foot (30.5cm)


Weight: 18oz (510g)


Appearance: -Small little squirrel. fur that appears as a grayish/black mix, with its head mostly brown, and a white underside. beady black eyes, little nose and ears, and whiskers. Its paws (hands and feet) end in claws, and it has a bushy tail. Your average tree squirrel. Wears a tiny little forehead protector on a headband on its head, that was made for him by Mishun's mother.






For the most part, Carl is a very laid back and nice squirrel. However, as most squirrels they are not to be made fun of, due to their short tempers with such things, and are not to be underestimated by there size. The last time a genin made fun of a chuunin's squirrel partner, he ended up getting his legs swept out from under him, followed by the squirrel grabbing him by an ankle, spinning him around, and throwing him head first into a tree, and then leaving scratches and bites on 72% of the genins body. Or at least that is how the story goes...


Rank: Chuunin


Fighting Type: Ninjutsu


Element: Fuuton



-Kinobori [Tree Climbing](not that he needs it to climb a tree, but...)

Rank: C

Description: The user concentrates onto the soles of their feet and coats them with a layer of chakra. Once this is done, the user will then be able to walk up any tree like they are walking up a regular foot path.


-Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking]

Rank: C

Description: The user focuses their chakra to the soles of their feet and step onto the water. From the surface of the liquid, they would then need to be

able to measure the amount of chakra it would take to support their weight along the surface of the water without sinking. Once this is mastered, the user would be able to easily walk on water.


-Fuuton: Renkuudan [Wind Release: Drilling Air Projectile]*

Rank: C

Requirements: None.

Description: The user inhales a large amount of air into his chest and then slams his fist into his chest to expel it. To strengthen the attack, the user will imbue chakra into the air. When expelled, it forms concussive spherical projectiles capable of inflicting large damage.

*Due to his small size, the size of this jutsu is squirrel sized, but the overall power is not decreased*


Handseals: He uses his front paws, to do these.


Natural Traits:

-Skilled at climbing trees

-Enhanced sense of smell and hearing

-Sensitive enhanced senses(smell and hearing)

-Squirrel sized strength(in other words little)

-Sharp teeth and claws



-Intelligence- He is pretty smart, especially for a squirrel. Smart enough to know to generally stay out of harms way and let Mishun take the brunt of the forces. He even has a tamed human who ferries him around to interesting places, feeds him, and lets him sleep in his bed. Oh, that human thinks he is Carl's master... Sure, lets go with that... He can play along... *winks one of his tiny eyes*


-Speed- Best way to stay out of harms way, move fast and get clear of danger. Being a foot tall also helps, much smaller target to aim at, especially when it is scampering around at high speed.




-Sense of Smell- Who needs a ninja dog, when you've got a squirrel with a smell factor of over 9,000! Who cares if that is a meaningless and vague statistic, it sounds cool!




-Sensitive Sense of Smell (More vulnerable to pungent odors, inhalation of smoke, and gaseous poisons have an addition post added to their duration)



-Endurance- His little squirrel body is just not made to take a lot of damage. Who knew getting rid of defense to make you faster made you more susceptible to damage? Oh wait, everyone?


-Pain Tolerance- Carl likes to think of himself as pain averse... He likes to keep clear of it... That being said, when he does run smack into it, it tends to take the feet out from under him quite easily... Which is saying something when you have 4... Now if you will excuse me, I will be curled up in a ball in pain for the next hour, due to this paper cut...



Carl was born into the ninja squirrel family, a little known ninja animal, that is not often used. They live in trees, mainly throughout the Konoki and other forests, and if you hear odd chittering sounds, and see small movements in the corner of your eye, you are probably in ninja squirrel territory. They are known to help lost travelers, and those in need of help, however they are also known to randomly pelt travelers with nuts and other hard objects for no reason at all. It is best not to anger these animals, as there fury is renowned as some of the worst in the ninja kingdom. They have there own acorn book, which is filled with all of the shinobi who have wronged them in some way, or impeded in there territory.


Carl and Mishun met one day, as Mishun wandered through the Konoki forest. On this occasion, along with many others, Mishun lost all sense of direction, and was completely lost. Taking pity on him, Carl led him out of the Konoki forest, and back home. After several other occasions were the same thing occurred, Mishun and Carl became friends, and Carl taught Mishun the language of the squirrels.


As time passed on, they became closer and closer, and each saved each others lives several times. As there bond grew, they spent more and more time together, and it was not uncommon for one of them to spend weeks at the others home. (This being more odd when Mishun lived in the forest for a week, sleeping in Carl's family tree) During this time is also were Mishun learned he had a affinity for Mokuton, and had a deep connection to the trees.


Genin Years: As time went on, Mishun and Carl became ever better friends. They seemed to be two of a kind, each one making up for the others flaws. Carls intelligence made up for Mishuns lack of it, and his drill insructor like ability to keep Mishun focused as he got distracted helped out constantly. Also, Mishuns larger size and fighting ability made up for Carls small size, not to say that Carl could not fight, he was a good fighter in his own right, only held back from being as strong as Mishun by his smaller size.


Also, Carls abiltiy at scouting and using his senses made up for Mishuns deplorable abilities in such things, since Mishun was average in sight, had no sense of smell, and was not so good at hearing. However they spent almost all of there time together, almost to the point were it was creepy.


Those who expect Carl to be weak due to his small size, will be throttled by that same thing which they doubted. though he may not be as strong as his enemy, he is crafty, and knows how to hit his enemy were it hurts, and how to use his surroundings.


Last Pet Profile:[thread=43162]Carl[/thread]

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I've gone through this and don't see anything wrong. He has average unlisted traits.


The squirrel gets a


::1/2 Stamp::

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