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[Ex-Silence] Tsuko [Chuunin]

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Name: Tsuko


Species: Wolf


Gender: Male


Respective Human Age: 1 year old


Length/Height: 1 foot both ways


Weight: 8 pounds





Tsuko has dark gray fur and red eyes surrounded in yellow. The inside of his two ears are black just as is his four paws and his belly, he also has a bright brown nose with a tuft of fur between his tail and back with the rest of his body covered in light gray fur but also he has black fur around his face down to his neck.


Personality: Tsuko is what he is a small puppy who is incredibly cute and enjoys life to the fullest but always making sure he is close to his owner as he feels safest and protected from the harsh people in this world while not caring about what his owner does he's just along for the ride until he can do things in battle for real like his father before him.


Rank: Chuunin


Fighting Type: Taijutsu Spec.


Element: Fuuton/Wind




Kinobori/Tree Climbing

Suimen/Art of Water Walking


Inner Focus

Rank: E

Requirements: none

Description: This taijutsu is a result of physical conditioning, making the body resistent to techniques the user performs that would normally cause them nausea or dizziness, such as Tsuuga (Piercing Fang)


Tsuuga [Piercing Fang]

Rank: D

Requirements: None.

Description: Tsuuga is a variation of Gatsuuga, a Taijutsu technique of the Juujin Bunshin style of combat. This version will just involve one individual clan member utilizing the spinning attack. The fast rotation will cause a damaging impact on their opponent or a nearby object when they connect with their claws. While using this technique, the ninja can rotate and strike from multiple angles. The user then becomes disoriented and dizzy after this jutsu.


Rank-C (Fierce Spiral Strike)


Rank-C (Shielding Fang)



Natural Traits: High sense of smell and hearing especially good for hunting a target, very good at seeing in the dark and capable of swimming naturally unless high force is applied to water like rough waves or techniques







Sense of Smell





Mental Reaction







Chakra Control

Pain Tolerance





Chakra Pool






History: Tsuko was known as a secret to Fang and Itami mostly because they knew what trouble happened to weak links and though they hated the weak Fang made sure to make things better, it was the best thing to hide this puppy and it was worth it to protect his son. Long before he joined up with Itami, Fang found Tsuko on the streets of Neo Horizon and so he adopted the puppy under his protection to raise him keeping him safe and alive then at the times of his break from journeying with Itami he would come back to take care of him even though he trained the little puppy to take care of himself when he wasn't around and Tsuko was a fast learner at that small age. When the time came for Fang to tell Itami about his son he feared that Itami would get mad or something enough to hate them but it never happened he actually accepted the puppy into his new family telling Fang that family connections for him was okay with him having this puppy just to keep him hidden or from being discovered by their enemies, and then when one of them perished they would go back to take care of him. It was some time before Itami had the chance to return to the hiding place to pick Tsuko up and take care of him until the day when Fang would return to them which was going to happen as he had an ace in the hole for such a situation but he never told Tsuko about the death of his father just that he would take care of him now until Fang could.


Previous RPC Profile: Link

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Tsuko's Natural traits should be the traits that are commonly found in animals of his species. It shouldn't read "higher sense of smell and hearing than normal shinobi pets" but instead should be

- Good sense of hearing

- Enhanced sense of smell.


And as it is, all his unlisted strengths are average.

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Sorry didn't see your post until just the other day problem fixed


Yes I don't think I want to add anymore weaknesses for now...well you know I should add more drawbacks

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Cuz Kambei...yes Kambei

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Huh ?___?


Looks fine on my end but I'll try renewing it by reposting the link...done but I wouldn't know it still looks fine on my end *shrugs*

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