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Darth Righteous

[Pet] Shane [Kane Kosugi]

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Name: Shane


Species: Golden Eagle [Aquila chrysaetos]


Gender: Male


Respective Human Age: 16


Length/Height: 35 inches//Wingspan 7ft


Weight: 11lbs








Shane is a large raptor hailing from the deserts of the Sun Country. With a wingspan of 7feet it is a sight to behold as it soars in the sky. His plumage is dark brown all over, with the exception of some gold-toned feathers around his head and neck. His feet are yellow just as the beak which possesses a dark tip and are equally up to the task of tearing prey in the grasp.




Rank: Chuunin


Fighting Type: Ninjutsu


Element: Katon [Fire]



[basic] Kinobori [Full Mastery]

[basic] Suimen Hokou [Full Mastery]


Handseals: Digits


Natural Traits:

Powerful Beak and Talons

Excellent Eyesight


Power wings for Soaring



Vision 20/20 x10
















Shane had much like its owner lived its early life in the wild where the only principles were summarized into a cliche 'survival of the fittest'. Right from the moment the bird hatched it had to fight for survival as its fellow hatchlings seemed to be unusually greedy. When the time came to learn to fly the bird failed miserably but over countless trials succeeded. It knew what it was like to be a failure and so when it had only become a young adult and had noticed a diamond in the rough training in the desert it decided to accompany him. By then the Rikuhuu had just cut ties with his village a period that seems so close by but is happened around 5 years ago.


The bird had once been watching the Rikuhuu when it noticed an attractive female avian of a not so distant species. It flirted with the bird however its courting had gone all wrong when a mature male raptor came their way. The fight was a catchy display but not long after it commenced a winner dispatched; the anonymous male. Not surprisingly Kane had noticed this bird stalking him but had at first felt it was a spy at least until he watched the brawl and decided to believe the bird had no ninja training. Ever since that moment the two became a team as Kane showed Shane the way of the ninja.


Last Pet Profile: New RPC/New Pet

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You have allot of combat strengths sir, perhaps you can either swap out over curious for another combat weakness, or add one in?

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I didn't know that mattered. I believe he can have 1 Specialty and 2 Strengths without any weaknesses or shortcomings, so I did that, and then added 2 more strengths [1 Combat, 1 otherwise] and balance those added ones. If I'm not getting the logic right please explain to me...but if this is just your mod discretion then I guess I will do something about it.

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Indeed so.

But as Over curious is a personality trait, its a bit shy from balancing Observant.

Personality traits can usually only balance other personality traits. Traits essentially, have to be balanced by traits of the same general type. It doesn't need to be a primary trait, but it does have to be something just as useful.


Sorry about that, I should have specified which trait I was talking about.

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