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[Rikuhi] Egen [Isamu Takeshi]

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Species: White tiger (Siberian Tiger )


Gender: Male


Respective Human Age: 18 Years


Length/Height: The head and body length of a White Tiger is about 3 meters long. The tail adds another 120 cm to the total length and has 115 cm of shoulder length.


Weight: 280 kg


Appearance:Blue eyes, pink nose, and creamy white fur covered with stripes of a chocolate color and a rather large body and for those who have the previlage of seeing a white tiger in the desert they should now that he isn't a tamed one.




Personality: Extra energetic, playful and loves jumping around, he likes playing with his master but not around strangers. Aggressive against anyone except *Isamu, his father and mother and grandparents* he never disobeys his master and loves milk and Isamu's mother home cook meat bun.




Fighting Type: Tai/Nin


Element: Wind [Fuuton]




  • Kinobori
  • Suimen
  • Kai
  • Nawanuke
  • Tsuuga [Piercing Fang]
    Rank: D
    Requirements: None.
    Description: Tsuuga is a variation of Gatsuuga, a Taijutsu technique of the Juujin Bunshin style of combat. This version will just involve one individual clan member utilizing the spinning attack. The fast rotation will cause a damaging impact on their opponent or a nearby object when they connect with their claws. While using this technique, the ninja can rotate and strike from multiple angles. The user then becomes disoriented and dizzy after this jutsu.



Natural Traits:


~White tigers are the biggest of their specie.

~White tigers are very strong.

~White tigers fang has six incisor .

~Like the domestic cat the tiger's claws are retractable.

~A tiger's night vision hell alot greater than a human's.

~White coats makes it difficult for these tigers to blend into their natural environment and conceal themselves from potential prey.




  • Good speed
  • Good sense of smell
  • Good agility
  • Smart



  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Pain tolerance





This small little fuzz ball was born in one of the biggest forest in the Fire Country , his parents were white tigers so he turned to be as white as cream like them...After the first 2 weeks of his life he began to move.


Puny as he was he watch his parents go for hunts, so in most cases curiosity killed the cat but in his case curiosity lost the tiger... he went of one day after his parents went hunting...and after a while of the live in the wilderness he found it very hard realizing he was lost...he wandered of on his own trying to hunt and eat what ever he could fine after a week or more past this little critter started to get weaker and weaker until he wasn't able to move... Some how some one found him and decided to make some profit from him.


My grandparents found him one day in an auction house and this lucky little critter was brought to me as a gift. Inside this small box with allot of holes there he was... the coolest white tiger I ever touched actually he was the first tiger I ever met... He was too weak to move and needed special care at the beginning but after we got along he was the best companion and my first best friend!!


This was written two years ago, and this friend has grown alot.


Previouse Profile: Here

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The fangs of a tiger can get as long as 3 inches, Pretty long still.


On the other hand, I meant the later one. Six incisors.


I have no clue why I included that really, it was long time ago.

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Ok. You may have to wait a bit to get this approved. We're gonna be prioritizing RPCs over Pets, but this should be good to go.

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