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[Genin] Leonhart, Zac [Konoki]

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Name: [thread=57826]Leonhart, Zac[/thread]


Nickname: The Cheshire Cat


Age: 15


Birthday: August 23


Gender: Male


Height: 5 feet 8 inches


Weight: 129 lbs









A young blue eyed teenager with smooth, unruly, medium-lengthed hair, Zac has a lean physique. Although it doesn't show much, he has strong muscles and his skin is soft. The boy hasn't aged much since he started going to the university in Nagare, but he grew a few inches taller and gained a bit more muscle. Covering his cerulean-like eyes is a pair of [thread=61567]shades[/thread] that can change opacity on command.


Ever since his shopping spree in Hyouga, Zac is usually seen wearing a black [thread=59197]coat[/thread] and a V-neck white shirt underneath. Peeking out from his shirt is a small faint scar where his heart is when Jane, a young girl, stomped him out of anger. The result? Several broken ribs, as well as a punctured heart. His left arm was also smashed by her. She then operated on him to bring him back to health and although everything is mostly back to normal, what remained was that small reminder to not go into people's dreams without permission. He wears black leather pants along with three interconnecting red and black studded belts around his waist. Wrapped around his right thigh are three black belts parallel to each other and his attire is finished off with black leather gloves and [thread=61800]boots[/thread] meant for stability. Located on his forearms are light metal bracers used for deflecting small objects and keeping his arm protected from strikes. He also has the same type of material on his shins. These are hidden underneath his clothing. Hidden beneath his coat are two pouches that store most of his sidearms.


The headband Zac received when he graduated is composed of a metal plate engraved with the symbol of Konoki and a band of black cloth which is wrapped around the top of his right shoulder.


He has a silver chain necklace with a Griever pendant in the shape of a stylized lion's head over a cross and a matching ring on his right index finger.


Over the coat is a long black [thread=59801]sword[/thread]. It's located on his back, with an open-ended sheath. On the outside of his right leg, a foot-long knife is covered in a leather sheath, brown in color, with a snap-on button to hold it in place. Just outside of the sheath is another pouch for the stone used for sharpening.


When Zac needs to travel, he carries a small black duffle bag worn around his shoulder.




The fifteen year old Konoi genin has a sort of 'wolf' personality in which he tends to not associate himself with other people if he can. He was unusually cold and distant to other people when he was a fresh Academy Student in the University. Now that he has experienced several different things as well as unique individuals, his demeanor towards others have softened.


Because of a certain event, he is now afraid of certain types of people of the opposite sex and as such, will try to disassociate himself from them as much as possible. Zac also smiles a lot more, as his unfortunate surgery changed him internally as well as externally. A small pale scar that runs across his chest is a reminder to not get on a girl's bad side as she can deliver a powerful stomp that can cause a rib to puncture your heart.


Level/Rank: [thread=57686]Genin[/thread]


Village: [thread=22749]Konoki[/thread]


Clan: [thread=22551]Lune[/thread]


Bloodline: [thread=56644]La Lune Entacha (The Tainted Moon)[/thread] (Stage 1)


Organization: [thread=56955]Wonderland[/thread]


Language: Konoi (Fluent), Nagarean (Accent), Common (Accent)


Animal Speech Language: Aves, Sciuridae, Canidae, Felidae, Leo


Sample Text:


"I want to visit the Hokage, don't you?" - 008000


You know you like it, hahaha. - 2F4F4F

"I don't want to go back to the University!" - 0000FF

"Yes, may I please buy ten kunai? Thank you."

"Hello Birdie! How are you?" - A9A9A9

"Stop burying nuts, just eat them!" - 993300

"Doggie wants a bone? Come and get it!" - 8B4513

"Meow? :3 It's Random, I know." - DAA520

Why does everything think that I am.. whatever.


Main Weapon: [thread=59801]Elucidator[/thread]


Side Arms:


[thread=62647]Ivalice[/thread] Sword


[thread=58181]Feather Edge[/thread] Sword


[thread=63161]Dragonfire[/thread] Staff


[thread=62417]Almasy[/thread] Bow


Lion's Claw




The blade Zac wields was especially made for his body type when his father commissioned a rather prominent blacksmith to make a blade for his son. The boy had used this weapon well but neglected to maintain the blade.


The metal that composes the knife blade and handle consists of a combination of steel, chromium, and tungsten to become a blade that had both the sharpness needed to cut through most objects as well as the flexibility and toughness to resist most attacks.


The foot long blade has ridges on the back side used for better grip on the blade while on the sides, three parallel lines act as blood grooves. Engraved on the blade near the handle is a picture of a lion similar to the one on his necklace and ring.


The handle is composed of an outer layer of lacquered black wood and three nickel silver rivets for support.


A small sharpening stone comes with the blade and is located inside a pouch on the outside of the sheath of the Claw.


9 - Throwing Knives



Black in color, these blades serve as his throwing knives in replacement for kunai. They are made of the same steel one would normally find on a kunai, for example. Five are located in a small belt wrapped around his left thigh while the other five are located on the back side of the belt on his waist.


7 - Exploding Tags

2 - [thread=56697]Exploding Tags: Power Hour[/thread]


Located in a small pouch behind his waist, they are relatively different from the normal Exploding Tags ninjas have. These slips of paper are half the size of a regular tag, and the ink used to write on the paper is white in color, to make the final outcome look like a regular small square sheet of paper.


1 - [thread=57744]Fragmentation Grenade[/thread]

3 - [thread=57720]Flash Bangs[/thread]

1 - [thread=19564]Capsaicin Smoke Ball[/thread]


All items listed above except for the Lion's Claw are located in the black pouch with the Exploding Tags behind his waist. The grenade-types are stored in the second pouch just next to the black pouch.


Other Items:


[thread=59197]Midnight[/thread] Coat


[thread=61567]Peek-a-Boo![/thread] Glasses


[thread=61800]Farron[/thread] Boots


[thread=63388]Bottomless[/thread] Bag


[thread=52738]Delicious Mints[/thread] (Inside Pouch)


Eight of Spades Card (Left Pants Pocket)


Small Notebook (Left Pants Pocket)


First Aid Kit:



Gauze Wraps


Pain-Relieving Ointment

Cotton Balls

Small Isopropyl Alcohol Container


Spool of Thread






These items are located in a black kit with a white cross inside of his jacket pocket.



Element: Katon (Fire Release)


Fighting Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu Dualist


Fighting Style: Legs






- Lower Body Strength: Training day and night, his legs have been honed for sprinting as well as long distance running. Zac's legs are also capable of kicking fast and strong.

- Chakra Control: As Zac trained more and more at using chakra, his mind started getting used to controlling his own chakra, giving him better control over it.




- Agility: Zac has the ability to change his direction at the last second.

- Chakra Pool: As Zac trained more and more at using chakra, his body started creating more and he now has a decent Chakra Pool that he can use in actual combat.

- Sight: Zac's vision is better than most people's; he can see a great deal farther as well as see contrasts better. He can also map out an approximate trajectory of an object. Unlike most people, he uses his peripheral vision more frequently, which greatly aids him during fights and noticing detail outside his main line of sight.

- Concentration: During battle, Zac will not be prone to various distractions as much as other people.

- Willpower: Fighting for the sake of his village and family, he won't be brought down easily and in some cases might continue fighting where others might fail.




- Reflexes: Relying more on his mind than instinct, Zac trained his body to react to things he 'can' sense. Although not completely perfected, he still unconsciously moves whenever danger is near.

- Throwing Accuracy: Being mostly a close-quarters attacker, his aim in regards to throwing is not as well as it should be.



- Stealth: Never really having to be stealthy before, Zac's ability in regards to stealth is pretty minimal.

- Fear of Fire: Previous experiences with fire had now made Zac have a slight fear of fire, which might cause him to flinch at the sight and step back unconsciously.

- Impassive: His emotions, however meager they may be, are not usually expressed to other people around him except for family members and close friends.

- Memory Loss: Zac can remember things that happened recently, but do not depend on him to recall anything a month ago. He tends to forget things like names, where he met people, etc.

- Ethical: He has a set of morals that he follows, one of which is to not kill unless it is necessary.

- Fear of Electricity: Zac has a slight fear of being electrocuted, which might cause him to flinch unconsciously when it occurs..

- Fear of Women: He never had this problem as a kid and most of his teenage life, but when Yukari, Jane, and a few others mutilated his body so much that he needed surgery, he never felt the same about them again.


Jutsu: Genin - 8 Jutsu: [4 E/D + 3 C + 1 B] + 3 Bonus Jutsu





Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the shinobi academy. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This ninjutsu creates a simple illusion clone identical to the caster. The clone however has no physical properties and will disperse the moment it is touched.


Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: Henge is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy, and then attack from the back when he's not expecting it.


Kawarimi no Jutsu [body Switch Technique]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: Kawarimi is a widely used and very famous skill among shinobi. The user taps into their chakra and exchanges places with an object of similar weight and size. This is clearly an evasion technique used to dodge attacks.


Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill]

Rank: E (Basic)

Requirements: None.

Description: This jutsu gives you the ability to easily free yourself from a rope or any other object made from something similar to a rope. This jutsu works merely by inserting chakra into the rope, and requires no hand seals.


Kinobori [Tree Climbing] [Mastery]

Rank: C (Basic)

Requirements: Learned From A Genin Sensei // Chuunin basic.

Description: The user concentrates onto the soles of their feet and coats them with a layer of chakra. Once this is done, the user will then be able to walk up any tree like they are walking up a regular foot path.


Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking] [Mastery]

Rank: C (Basic)

Requirements: Learned From Sensei // Chuunin Basic // Kinobori no Jutsu.

Description: The user focuses their chakra to the soles of their feet and step onto the water. From the surface of the liquid, they would then need to be able to measure the amount of chakra it would take to support their weight along the surface of the water without sinking. Once this is mastered, the user would be able to easily walk on water.


Genjutsu Kai [Genjutsu Release]

Rank: C (Basic)

Requirements: Learned From A Genin Sensei.

Description: The user places their palms together and forms a single hand seal, after which they yell ‘Kai’ or ‘Release’. This can be used on the user, or others (though for others they also need to touch the person), canceling the genjutsu that they are in. However, not all genjutsu can be kai'd out of.

[thread=16583]See Extra rules for Genjutsu Kai[/thread]


E/D Rank: 4/4 + 1 Bonus Jutsu



[thread=62575]Fireshot[/thread] [bonus Jutsu: 8/30/2013]

Rank: D

Requirements: None

Description: The user focuses chakra into their hand and extends their index finger or includes the middle finger. The outstretched finger(s) begin to glow red as it charges. The small two centimeter-thick fire chakra can then be shot out at their target with enough force to leave a scorch mark on wood. Contact with skins would leave the affected area with a searing burn mark.


The speed at which this travels is slightly faster than those of its rank.


Souharigane no Jutsu [Wire Manipulation Technique]

Rank: D

Requirements: Wire.

Description: By injecting chakra into the wire, the user is able to manipulate the wires actions much like a puppet and can control its movements to an incredible extent. This ability does not require handseals.


Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] Aves (Bird) Sciuridae (Squirrel)

Rank: E

Requirements: None.

Description: This allows the user to learn the speech of a specific type of species or species (cat, dog, bird, bug, etc) deviating from the user. Meaning, that this jutsu is needed to speak to any species of animal/insect/reptile, that is different from the user. This is commonly used for pets to better to communicate.


Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] Canidae (Dog) Felidae (Cat)

Rank: E

Requirements: None.

Description: This allows the user to learn the speech of a specific type of species or species (cat, dog, bird, bug, etc) deviating from the user. Meaning, that this jutsu is needed to speak to any species of animal/insect/reptile, that is different from the user. This is commonly used for pets to better to communicate.


Ikimono Benkou [Animal Speech] Leo (Lion)

Rank: E

Requirements: None.

Description: This allows the user to learn the speech of a specific type of species or species (cat, dog, bird, bug, etc) deviating from the user. Meaning, that this jutsu is needed to speak to any species of animal/insect/reptile, that is different from the user. This is commonly used for pets to better to communicate.



Aves - A9A9A9

Sciuridae - 993300

Canidae - 8B4513

Felidae - DAA520






C Rank: 3/3 + 2 Bonus Jutsu




Rank: C

Requirements: None

Description: The user gathers chakra into one of their limbs, whether it be a fist, or even the user's feet. Flames surround the limb for a few seconds as they condense the chakra even further. Then, making a powerful swinging or kicking motion, they shoot out a fireball at their target. The fireball is similar to the Powerful Fireball Technique; however, the size of the flame is noticeably smaller.


This technique does not use handseals and instead takes the time required to 'power-up' the jutsu.


[thread=58441]Quick Strike[/thread]

Rank: C

Requirements: None

Description: This type of style has been used by many swordsmen in the past. The user pulls out their bladed weapon while pulling back on the sheath. They then quickly strike their opponent in a speed so fast the movement seems blurred to the opponent.


[thread=58060]Flash Step[/thread]

Rank: C

Requirements: User must have strength in Speed and Agility.

Description: Focusing stamina and building up power into the user's legs, the user waits for an attack to occur. Just before the moment of impact, the user unleashes the pent up energy and quickly pushes off the ground, moving in any direction. The speed that they move at is at a higher speed at what they can usually move at, but this uses more stamina than what you would usually use for sprinting.


This technique takes some considerable concentration just to pull it off, and doing it repeatedly is something only a very adept ninja who has had countless experience using the technique could do; this puts a lot of stress on the joints in your legs as you move. Because of that, using this technique several times in a row can damage your legs in the long run. The approximate distance the user moves is about two steps width apart.


The opponent would have a really hard time keeping their eye on the user as they move. Speed is the most important aspect of this technique and will affect the speed at which you move at. The user can only dodge attacks that could have been dodged by the motion anyways.


This can be used to dodge and quickly counterattack the opponent.


[thread=63089]Flame Cloak[/thread] [bonus Jutsu: 12/29/13]

Rank: C

Requirements: None

Description: As the name implies, this wraps the user with flame in a spiraling manner, providing small protection against bare attacks with the hands or feet. It may also light a person's clothing on fire if it stays within the wall of fire for a while. The Flame Cloak can be sent to any individual part of the body instead of the whole body as well, which reduces the amount of chakra needed to maintain the jutsu. For example, cloaking your whole body would use the whole C rank amount of chakra. Cloaking an arm or a leg would only cost a D rank amount of chakra. Maintaining this technique will drain at the user's chakra if left on.


Zairyou Sousa no Jutsu [Material Manipulation Technique] [bonus Jutsu: 5/01/13]

Rank: C

Requirements: Sewing Needle.

Description: A sewing based jutsu, using a sewing needle, and feeding chakra into it the user embeds invisible chakra threads into fabrics with the needle by any means. As the thread enters the fabrics it slowly infects the materials with effects chosen by the user. It can harden fabrics, increase the weight, constrict, or even cause it to move somewhat like a puppet, and able to use either one or more of these effects at once depending on the skills of the user


B-Rank: 1/1




Rank: B

Requirements: [thread=58060]Flash Step[/thread]

Description: Usually learned after learning the Flash Step and mastering it, the user focuses stamina as well as chakra into their legs and lets it build up before releasing it.


The speed of this technique surpasses the previous technique's Flash Step by a short amount, enough to create an afterimage of yourself. The distance you travel almost doubles in length, extending from the two-step sprint to a four-step breadth. Because of this, there is more control of where you end up in the whole perimeter.


The side-effects have been somewhat lessened as the user now has a basic mastery over the technique.







A small boy at the age of fourteen, Zac was born and raised in the country of Konoki. Both father and mother had sacrificed themselves in a battle seven years ago when a group of rogue bandits had ambushed them on the road and started attacking. His mother had taken Zac and ran away towards Konohagakure while his father stayed back and defended against the bandits. It was a futile attempt, sadly, and the father was stabbed in the stomach and the mother was beaten and taken away by the bandits.


Crying out at the loss of his mother, Zac went back towards the location of where it all started and saw his father lying on the ground bleeding to death. Seeing his son, the father had crawled towards him and, taking off his necklace, put it in Zac's hands while saying his final words, "Your mother and I both love you Zac. Live strong.. and be proud.." Minutes later after the attack, a group of Konoi ninja found the little boy sitting next to his father crying. They quickly took the boy and went to the orphanage, and he has lived there ever since.


Being emotionally damaged, he was mostly in isolation and stayed away from the other children. He remained this way for the next five years. At the age of twelve, he was adopted by two rich members of society solely on the basis that they needed an heir. As he was sent away from the orphanage, he remembered his father's last words in his mind and has looked into the sky from then on. Two years have passed since then, and his adopted parents have decided that he should learn to become a strong person. Wondering about ways on how he could do that, they finally decided to send him to The Shinobi University.


As he pondered on this particular thought, he went to his usual secret place to think and decided to stay there overnight for the very first time. When he woke up, he remembered that he had a Ball to attend; there, he met a rather cute teenager around the same age as him. Several prominent ninja whose names he did know were there also. One particular person was Yukari of the Lune. She was rather crazy and unique when he met her a second time, just outside the village. She had a very peculiar hobby: collecting shiny items. He had to fight one of her summons and ultimately lost consciousness. This encounter pushed Zac into becoming a student at the University.


Academy Student:


Soon after being accepted into the Shinobi University, Zac received a letter from an anonymous person, telling him to go to Hyouga and meet this mysterious benefactor. He had nothing better to do and decided to go, which may or may not have been a bad idea. As he approached the castle, a green-haired boy came up and snatched him into the castle, binding him in chains. This person was later known to him as Yuichi. The rest of the occupants were mostly as crazy as he, except for one person, who was the one who requested him to come over. He got out safely, after sparring a young boy named Z. Zac won the match, but felt terrible, as he knew that it was he who actually lost.


When he finally got back home, he felt exhausted after the long trip and fell asleep. Feeling refreshed, the boy decided to go to the University in which he would soon train at and met Lumiere once again. Unbeknownst to Zac, she was trailing closely behind him the whole entire time from the house. They joined together and ate at the Cafeteria as he began feeling hungry once again. Lumiere asked about when they first met, and Zac tried remembering their first meeting. It was awkward at first, but the tension soon passed and he even brought her to one of his favorite places outside of Konoki. He then went to the library after they parted ways at the Cafe so he could learn more about chakra, as he was oblivious to it at first.


Luckily for him, he was able to stay at the library for some time, and the Genin Written Exam was coming up. He got a very good grade; with just one mistake, Zac was satisfied with his results. Soon after the exam, the Konoi had a class about Elements. Their teacher was one younger than himself, and the classmates that attended this class was far from perfect. They all seemed to know each other, which suited Zac since he didn't want to interact with them. The class ended rather awkwardly and the boy had to take another class soon after. He was surprised when one of the classmates from before, a girl named Ahiru, showed up. This new class was about teamwork, and the teacher made the students spar against each other.


Around that time, the World Tournament was held in Hyouga. Zac was competing and his first match was against two students, one female and the other, male. Their names were.. forgotten within his memory but he remembered that they had both surrendered, which made him win that round. He was pretty disappointed at the fact that no fighting had been done and was sent to the next round. He had to fight a genin, an actual shinobi, this round. Zac was hard-pressed, as all the combinations he had used failed. It ended with a rather dramatic close-combat fight, where his victor, Katsuo of the Nomura, won.


When he came home, he took a small detour in the forest of Konoki, where he started resting and eventually slept in a small clearing. He dreamed that he was a hawk, flying above the land of Seichi, visiting each of the countries in turn before heading off into an unfamiliar area where the land of Silence was located. There, a house came into view. This building was decrepit and old, and gave off an 'otherworldly' feeling as the dream ended. Ever since then, every time he slept, a figment of that house came into view, as if it was something important that must have been discovered. He had no idea what to make of these dreams and continued his life as a student like usual.


Near the end of his student career, his sister Lumiere had suddenly popped in to walk him home.




One day, after becoming a genin, Zac was walking back home from the University and stopped to rest at a clearing he found while he was an Academy Student. It was here that he decided to take a small break; after all, the Konoi weather was hot and humid and the day was almost coming to a close. When he slept, he dreamt he was a hawk that flew above the land of Seichi. The hawk past by each country and finally past Rikuhi into the unpopulated area of Silence. The boy saw a small house that would later be known to him as the Slumber Party. He soon awoke and thinking that that was just a dream, walked back home. The boy would not realize the important meaning of this dream until later on.


Soon after, he received a small letter that informed him on the newly formed genin team led by Mishio Aiko of Konoki. Arriving slightly late, he met his sister Lumiere again as well as two new people: the shaggy-haired dog of the Aiko, Dafuq, as well as the jounin leader of the team, Mishio. They did a quick spar session against the ANBU jounin in which their lack of strong teamwork worked against them. They then separated after a critical injury to Davak's back.


Zac interested in the Sati flora since becoming a genin, went to a deserted small island. Three people suddenly appeared on the island who did not seem to take notice of him at first. The series of events that transpired afterwards led to the unfortunate boy to get cast into a dream-like world where everything was red and yellow as well as being stomped almost to death by a young girl named Jane who was obviously a few years younger than he was. Unconscious after the beating he received, he was carried to the Lune mansion in Nagare by the one person who had affected his life the most in the latter years of his life, Yukari Lune. He was performed on by the girl who stomped on him as well as a newcomer by the name of Yuki and was successfully brought back from the brink of death. He now sported a 'bad-ass' scar over his heart that usually peeked out from his clothing.




Previous RPC Profile: [thread=57826]Link.[/thread]

Edited by ZacDesu
Jutsu Learning 12/29/2013

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Did 'ya make sure you read through the guides? You've got at least 10 strengths, which is effectively going to make each strength be very, very weak in terms of potency.


I recommend spending more time reading through everything and moving this to WIP for now.


Some extra stuff I'm noticing while you're editing:


Poison Resistance that increases duration is not a valid weakness. A weakness to genjutsu that increases post duration is not a valid weakness.

Being hit by electricity makes everyone flinch. That's what it does.

Edited by Yuki Aisu

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You're not an AS, so you don't need a sample post.


I think most of your lesser strengths/weaknesses should actually go into their respective areas. Willpower is definitely something that should go into the strengths section, for instance. (The dreams and smiley face ones can stay, for instance... Not too sure here. If you don't want the 'lesser fears' to actually be true fears, I recommend not listing them as 'lesser traits', but rather just listing them in personality or something. ^^;;)


Could I convince you to drop the number of explosives slightly?

Edited by Yuki Aisu

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I'll move the lessers, but I don't really have anything to put for personality, which in turn will become short.


I'll take down one since you said slightly, but I was wondering why because my previous genin profile had 10.

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You should have been counting the frag grenades as well.


I'm not going '10 e-tags only', I'm going '17 explosives, discounting the smoke balls, doesn't seem to make a lot of sense on this character'. o.o;


But yeah. My concern is mainly over how many things you have that go 'boom'.

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This might be a nitpick, but technically, there don't exist any "lesser" S/W's.


Social/Personality would be a better fit. And they effect you as per normal. Listing them in a separate area doesn't mean they effect you for any less than they normally would. For example, on my profiles, I put social/personality type traits in their own section-mostly for organization purposes. However, they still effect everything as they normally would. There isn't anything "lesser" about them. o.o


Besides that, there is just one thing left. Stealth as a Shortcoming. Typically speaking, Stealth is more of a Weakness due to its conditional nature. I highly doubt its validity as a Shortcoming. The only way I can see Stealth as a Shortcoming is if everybody automatically knew exactly where you were just from existing. Which really would be a Shortcoming. But a traditional Stealth weakness isn't anywhere along the lines of Shortcoming territory.


Besides that, though, everything looks legit. Nice work~

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24 hours for any final edits. Repost before then if you're fine with it as-is.

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