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Blade Guidelines


The following is a set of guidelines that should be used in the creation of blades. Deviations may be allowed if deemed appropriate by a Head Moderator.


Single Blades:

Academy Students:
Training Blade (2ft long wooden blade OR 1ft long sharp blade)

Genin - Chuunin:
Normal Length (3ft maximum)

(3ft+ lengths permissible)*

- Remember that heavier blades are stronger, but they also move slower.

* Please keep lengths at least semi-realistic (i.e. less than 6ft)



Dual Blades:

Academy Students:
Training Dual Blades (1ft long wooden blades each OR 1ft long blunt blades each)

Genin - Chuunin:
Normal Length Dual Blades (2ft maximum each)

Extended Length Dual Blades (3ft maximum each)
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RPCs with ANBU status are automatically allowed to carry a special ANBU katana (see below).

Weapon Name:
ANBU Ninjato


Weapon Type:


Blade Material and Description:
The blade of the ANBU ninjato is made from a specially treated stainless steel. It has been imbued by some form of mystical chakra giving it special properties depending on the user. The ninjato blade is almost flawless and polished to give it a coat of sheen.


Handle Material and Description:
The handle of the ANBU ninjato is made from lignum vitae before it is covered by ray ski. Black in color with optional gold embroided designs, only experienced sword users are able to wield the ANBU ninjato efficiently.


32" (24" blade, 8" handle) however this can vary depending on the user's preferences.


2 lbs


A standard looking steel ninjaken with a black handle which is decorated by gold patterns running down the side.


The ANBU ninjato has several different special properties that are unique only to ANBU shinobi.

- The ninjato, when inserted into a dead body, is imbued with chakra, will slowly decompose the corpse.

- After using a small amount of chakra, the user can make the tip of the blade glow, giving off a strong beam of light.

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