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OOC: Was pretty bored, so yeah. Here goes nothing.


IC: It has been some time after the mission, and what a mission it was. Migoto’s first real mission with his team, and they had to protect a princess! Talk about something out of the ordinary. Everything went well, never the less. Nobody got really injured, except for the raiders who were supplied by the groom’s father who disapproved of the whole wedding in the first place. Migoto did get minor injuries, but didn’t care. What he found interesting was that he had a knack for medical studies. He didn’t properly know, and isn’t an expert, of first aid. He learned all of his practices by reading books when not in genjutsu training. Genju and Rin, his teammates, were amazed at such a talent, and so was Migoto. He even got a compliment from a woman who was a nurse for the daimyo.


“Gem…I am going to make you proud.” Migoto had walked to the hospital before leaving back to Sato. He wondered and was curious of the whole knack for medical techniques. Was it really natural talent or just dumb luck and should have been lucky that he had done so well.


“I’ve been here multiple times already. One for a mission, one because someone got hurt, and know to learn. But I just don’t know. Do I want to become a medical ninja? My strengths are in genjutsu and chakra control, but I….arrgh!” Migoto was annoyed at the fact that he was talking to himself in front of the hospital. He had to make up his mind.


“Here’s the deal. Even if I don’t become a medical ninja, I can still use the information I learned from coming here and use it as an advantage in battles. Yeah….got it.” Migoto gladly paced his walking steps up the hospital, breathing hard, worried of what was inside. He had to though; it might change his destiny forever.


Inside, the hospital was very busy. Much busier than usual. People were flying left and right, seeing doctors moving from one place to the other, and their nurses behind them. It was very hectic in this building. Migoto just gulped and stepped into the mess it was in.


“Excuse me…?”




“If I may have…” Nobody was paying attention. They were all to busy in their own work to notice this innocent boy. He gave a sad face as he went up to the counter.


“Ms. Excuse me, I am…”


“There you are, thank goodness. We are so busy. We need so much help right now. These ninja, they are always getting themselves hurt. Geez, I get paid to little for this.” She said as she then gave Migoto some scrubs to change into.


“These are for you. I heard that you weren’t coming, but…”


“I think you are mistaken. I am not…”


“Come on! No chit chat. There is four times the amount of patients today. The ninja academy, thing, what ever it is, is having a tournament. Try guessing how many got hurt.” She said sarcastically as she pushed Migoto into a room.


“I need you to take this book and give it to the doctor who is going to operate in room 23A. She is nice, don’t worry.” She finally pushed Migoto to the stairs as they looked high as usual.


“Go to the second floor and turn left. Good luck and change.” The nurse closed the stair doors as Migoto began his confusing journey up to the second floor. He turned left, and found the room.


“I have to tell them that…”


“There you are. Nurse, you made it just in time.”


“NO! I am not a nurse.”


“Don’t be so modest. So what if you just graduated. You were in the top ten percent in your class.”


“No, I am NOT A NURSE!” Migoto said in an angry voice.


“Oh, sorry. We all suspected that you were the nurse filling in for us.” The doctor in blue scrubs said to Migoto.


“No, I was going to ask for medical guidance, but somehow I got thrown into this.” Migoto said his voice much calmer than a few minutes ago.


I am so sorry for this. You see, we are very understaffed at the moment, and today of all days had almost four times the number of patients. We need as much help as we can get."


“Well, I do have basic skills in first aid. I just came back from a mission and…”


“So you are a ninja?” The doctor asked confusingly.


“Yep. A Sato Nin. Names Umeda, Migoto. Nice to meet you….”


“Just call me Jill.” She said in a nice voice.


“Well Jill. I just came back and helped with a procedure with the excess bleeding in the pancreas. I do know some basics. If you need help, I can do things. Just tell me what to do.” Migoto asked in an innocent sweet voice.


“Why thank you. We do need help. You seem qualified enough. So, you have the book right?”


“Right here.” Migoto then pointed to the book and handed it over to the doctor. She thanked him and told him to change. He took his clothes and scrubs to the changing room, where he put on his clean pair. It was a forest green, and it made Migoto feel as if he was a real doctor. He felt a surge of pride lift him and he washed his hands before proceeding.


Seeing that you are not a doctor or a nurse, I want you to read me this book. It will help both of us learn more. And, it could help with your training.” Jill said watching her tools and making sure that they were sterile.


“Okay. So who is this?” Migoto asked seeing this man beside him. He was probably in his mid twenties, and had a body that would make most women fall in love and most men jealous. Still, most wouldn’t see that body since there is a puddle of blood in his rib cage.


“Can you diagnose him?”


“Um…he has a lot of blood.” Migoto nervously stated to Jill.


“Seriously, what is wrong? You are acting already. You can’t do that.” Jill demanded that he would diagnose again.


“He had a lot of bleeding from his ribcage. And by the looks of it, it could be broken as well. Maybe we can recreate his ribs, and then find the spot of major bleeding.” Migoto then looked at the book of the human anatomy.


“By the look of his body, the Vertebrosternal ribs on the top left seem to be the one that is broken. As well, there is a lot of damage to the costal cartilage in all the areas. God, where did he go?” Migoto asked the doctor Jill.


“I..I..was on a mission.” The man said, coughing up blood after he was done. Jill told the man then to be quiet. He was going down with anesthesia. He slowly fell asleep and then they started to work.


“Um according to the book, the verteborosternal ribs, are the “true” ribs. They connect trough flexible cartilage links to the sternum, or breast bone. And, the costal cartilages of eight, nine, and ten join with one another and ultimately with the seventh ribs’ cartilage; these three do not connect directly to the sternum and are called vertebrochondral ribs. With pairs eleven and twelve, they are known as “false ribs”*.” Migoto then showed the picture to Jill as she then began disinfecting. She had then been done and thanked him for the review.


“What I think we must do is take the 12th thoracic vertebra and Vertebral rib and use them to help connect the other Vertebrosternal “true” ribs.” Jill said as she begun cutting into the skin and meat of the man. She went past and saw the rib cage, or the mess that was left. The man was in a mess alright. Most of his ribs had been broken, and he had several bleeding areas. This was going to be a quite hard surgery.


“Migoto, I need you stat. I don’t think he can survive if I do it alone. You just read the book, you should now know what to do. You can do it.” Jill said telling him to come. He went slowly, nervous as ever. He closed his eyes as he received his scalpel.


“Okay, wha…what do you want me to do.” Migoto answered nervously.


“See these pieces of left over cartilage. I’m guessing that in battle, they broke into pieces and pierced him in his External abdominal oblique, Rectus abdominus, and his Rectus sheath. This is why he is bleeding badly. I want you to take them out with a scalpel or what ever it takes. Make sure you control the bleeding as well. I will cut and make false copies to be places and glued into his ribs. He won’t have the extra two, but his ribs will function properly.” She said getting her saw out. As she began her part, Migoto started his. He first had to stop all of the bleeding. He took a drainer and started to drain the area all around him. After that was done, he began using the forceps and scalpels to take the pierced cartilage. It wasn’t that hard but, that’s when it began to get worse.


“…He’s going into cardiac arrest…What?” Jill then swore under her breath as she got her defiberators out. She told Migoto the watts, and when ready…






“Clear…good.” The ninja was back with a normal pulse. But, still what stumped them was why he had a cardiac arrest when the heart was fine.


“Migoto , check the heart. You know what to do, right? I will take care of the ribs.” Jill said in a commanding voice. Migoto nodded and began the dissection of his upper body for the heart. And what he saw made him go wide eyed.


“He…he has a huge piece of metal stuck in his left ventricle. It…looks like a piece of kunai.” Migoto stumbled back a little in shock of what he saw. It was something that didn’t and shouldn’t happen. He was fine, his body didn’t show any signs of injury except his rib area. How come he had something this big go unnoticeable.


Shit. Great, more work. Migoto, I am almost done, just be careful and get that thing out now!” Jill was fixing the ribs as she spoke. Migoto took his forceps and carefully went into the heart, and took out the piece of metal. It left a huge mark in him, and there was blood going everywhere.


“He has a whole in his heart because of that. I think we must suture him up.” Migoto recommending his idea to Doctor Jill. She agreed and Migoto began stitching the heart back up. As the heart was done, everything went smoothly there after.


------------------------------after the operation-----------------------------------------------


“So that’s what happened. It’s a shame really.” Jill said in a sad tone.


“They didn’t notice that at all. I guess they were in a rush, but still.” Migoto continued the conversation.


“Yeah. Well, he is doing much better now. I have to thank you for everything Migoto. Without you, I wouldn’t have had such success.” Jill remarked in a high happy voice. Migoto just giggled and blushed a little.


“Well, I must be going. It has been…a blast!” Migoto then walked away from the operating room and outside the hospital, relieved that he is finally done.


OOC: * All information according to my rp was from a book I read. I give credit to the book, Digital Atlas of Human Anatomy

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