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Daft Punk Tag Tutorial

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1) Open a new canvas. I chose 400x120

Now take a colour from your render and black for 2nd colour and make a radial gradient



2) Now using the line tool make three, 2px lines



3) Add the render, and filter- distort- ripple

Use settings, 999% and set to large. You can do twice of desired



4) Add the render again set it to normal and 90% opacity



5) Using a 150 px soft brush create a light source.

A few clicks is all it needs



6) Using a circular vector brush (you can download them at deviantart), brush the circles at the opposite side of the render.


Then make a new layer and apply image. Create a clipping mask (right click the layer you just applied image to and select: create clipping mask, move around the layer until you get something you like



7) Add the render again and put it as the top layer. Do another ripple and erase parts you don't like and any ripple that's on the render.



8) Now make a new layer, apply image and go to filter- distort- displace and select another tag you made and click OK. Erase all the parts you don't like.



9) Now add some white dots using the 9px and 13px soft brush



10) New layer, apply image and do another filter- distort- displace and erase parts you don't like



11) Add two photo filters, I used warming filter and and underwater filter both stock settings



12) Add some black scanlines, make them go with the flow of your tag. I made mine go from bottom right to top left. Lower the opacity if needed, I set mine to 15%



13) Add some sparkle brushing. Brush some black and some white. Erase any brushing that's on your render and any you don't like



14) Using the burn tool, burn some parts of the sig



15) Now for the text in a calm spot of the sig make 4 3px white squares. Add text beside the right upper square in 10pt size. Make the text the same colour as a colour from your render. Beside the right of the text make the same 4 squares but this time the same colour as your text. Now add your name in white, 14pt size



16) Add more photo filters, using any you want, it's your choice.



17) Make a new layer and apply image. Go to filter- sharpen- sharpen. Erase any sharpening that it too much; and lower the opacity if you feel necessary



18) To make an outline of your render, make a new layer and add your render to it and place that layer on top. Move your render to a side and using the magic want tool select one side of your render. make a new layer and select it. Go to edit- stroke and make a 1px white stroke. Go back to your render layer and make it invisible (click the eye). Lower the opacity to what you like, I used 100%



19) For the last step make a new layer and click Ctrl + A to select the canvas. Go to edit- stroke and make a 1px white stroke



Now you're done!

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