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Simple C4D Signature Tutorial

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(SNRodrigues is the user name I use on kyubichan's forum, where I originally made this tutorial for)

This is a signature tutorial pretty much only using C4D renders.

Here's some outcomes that you can get.









Start with a blank document. I like to make my canvas size 400x120.




Find a render and 1 or 2 C4D renders.





Paste the render onto the canvas, where you think it looks good. I am putting it on the left.




Fill the canvas with black and then use a Lens Flare with 105% brightness and 105mm Prime.




Use the C4D render and duplicate it a few times over the Lens Flare Layer.

Place them where you want and have the bottom C4D on normal.

With the other C4D Layers, set them on Overlay/Multiply/Color Dodge, really anything that looks nice.




With the second C4D render, find a good spot to put it and place it either behind or in front of the render.

I placed mine in the middle.




On the render layer, select everything outside of the render and then right click and "Select Inverse".

Feather it by a certain amount, usually 10-20px is nice.

Copy and paste it and get rid of the original render layer either by deleting it or making it invisible.




Add text to it, wherever you please.




Add a border if you want. I decided to add a 1 px black border, but a really nice border thing to make is: Two 1 px white lines on the top and bottom of the signature and set it on overlay.





Now add a Photo Filter that you think is nice.

To do this, go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter.

Choose whatever filter style you want, depending on what looks better.

Sometimes this makes the signature a lot better, sometimes it barely changes.

For this signature, I used Deep Emerald. (but you can always choose to not add one at all)


And there you have it, a nice final product that's easy to make.




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